5 Top Vintage Wall Sconces with Switch (2021-Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)  

Vintage wall sconces with switch come in a variety of styles and sizes to serve different purposes. They act as secondary light sources that can light up all the dark places and enhance its beauty. Vintage wall lights not only brighten the area but also give it a classic yet graceful ambiance.

Do you want to give your rooms and hallways a comfortable feel and ambient lighting? Let’s take a look at the top 5 vintage wall sconces with switch so that you can pick the right match for your room. But let’s first see the key features you must search for in a wall light before buying one.


1) ArcoMead Vintage Swing Arm Lamp Wall Sconce with Switch


This wall lamp has a swing arm that can be rotated in multiple directions to direct light where you want it. This feature makes it a perfect fit to be used as a side table lamp replacement in bedrooms. It will take less space than a table lamp but will give enough light to light up the area.

It comes with a 66 inches (167.64 cm) long plug wire that you can plug in an outlet or use hardwire based on your preference. The cord has an on/off button to assist you to use it easily. A variety of bulbs such as LED, E26 incandescent, light changing bulbs, etc. can be used in it. Its black shade and bronze-colored head give a vintage feel to a room.

Notable Features: 

1) This vintage wall lamp is made up of high-quality metal.

2) Bronze socket to connect with the power supply.

3) The canopy’s diameter is 4.7 inches.

4) Black color gives an industrial feel.

  • Rotatable swing allows the user to change the direction of light.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with mounting accessories and a manual.
  • Compatible with halogens, LEDs, Incandescent bulbs.
  • Best suited for indoors.
  • Can't be used as a primary light source due to low amount of light.

2) NOXARTE Vintage Brass Wall Sconce Lighting Compatible With Switch


This beautifully crafted wall sconce gives a Victorian vibe when mounted on a wall in the living room, bedroom, or any other place. It has a milky white glass that prevents light flash and any harm to the eyes. The high-quality glass is resistant to high temperature so you will not have to worry about getting your wall lamb damaged with the use of a high voltage lamp.

Any kind of bulb, like LED, incandescent, etc. of power up to 60 watts can be used in it. Hardwiring of this wall fixture allows its user to have a wire-free appearance.

Notable Features:

1) High-quality brass and milky white glass are used for its construction.

2) Its height is 29 cm, width is 12.5 cm, and depth is 25 cm.

3) The vintage style of this wall light is Art Deco.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Fully dimmable; light intensity can be reduced.
  • Made up of durable and dependable material.
  • Non-dimmable.

3) Pathson Vintage Wall Sconce with On Off Switch

This vintage wall sconce with switch is a perfect combination of modern and vintage style. It will match well with the décor of any modern home or even a cozy restaurant. Different kinds of bulbs can be easily adjusted in it. It is comparatively larger and may require a 20 to 30 m2 area to fit in a space.

There is a twist switch present on the lamp holder. You can turn it on and off with a wall switch as well. It can be easily assembled or disassembled making it very suitable for those who move from place to place often. Its base is 12 cm in diameter and constructed of quality metal which increases its durability. Its clear glass shade can brighten up any dark room easily.

Notable Features:

1) Clean brushed black finish adds to the design and beauty of this wall sconce.

2) Its diameter is 14.2 cm, height is 26 cm, and the rod length is 17 cm. Everything is well-balanced and in accordance with the ideal proportion.

3) The fixture angle can be adjusted up to 180 degrees. 

  • Clear glass shade to give warm and comfortable light.
  • Easy to install.
  • Has a decent price.
  • Comes in black color only

4) Pauwer Industrial Vintage Plug in Wall Sconces Set of 2 with On Off Switch 

Pauwer wall fixture has an industrial vintage style that suits well with modern homes. High-quality brass and iron are used for its construction. These metals are resistant to damaging rust making the fixture long-lasting and durable. It comes with a long cord so that you can plug it in a socket or hardwire it as per your needs or convenience.

This general-purpose wall sconce can be installed in a kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, or a restaurant. You can also change the direction of its light to adjust it according to your needs. A variety of E26 base bulbs can be adjusted in it. Its black metal shade makes it great to be used when you need light in only one direction.

Notable Features:

1) Its material is resistant to rust.

2) It has black shades made up of metal.

3) It comes with a 140 cm long black cord.

4) The fixture has a switch on its base.

  • Reasonable price as compared to other expensive vintage wall sconces.
  • Quick installation
  • 2-in-1; can be hardwired or plugged in.
  • CRI is less than 80.

5) 2 Pack 1-Light Hardwire or Plug-In Industrial Vintage Wall Sconce with on/off Toggle Switch

Out of all the vintage wall sconces with switch enlisted here, LIUSUN LIULU Wall Sconce has the most affordable price. The great thing about this wall sconce is you can either use its wire to plug in an outlet or hardwire it for a wireless and clean appearance. Its wire has a dimmer switch to increase or decrease light intensity.

This cage wall lamp is constructed of hard-wearing metal and ferroalloy that helps it to keep the shape intact. It supports all E26 base bulbs of power up to 60 watts and voltage up to 120 volts. Its vintage style goes well with every room whether it’s a bathroom, powder room, kitchen, or hallway. To save its users from any trouble, the manufacturers provide a 2-year warranty with every purchase.

Notable Features:

1) Its cord is 63 inches long and has a dimmer switch.

2) Its length is 5.7 inches, width is 5.7 inches and height is 6.29 inches. 

  • The light intensity can be adjusted
  • Has a heat-resistant bulb holder
  • Comes with warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • No con

Factors to Consider before buying Vintage Wall Sconces with Switches

Both stylish and functional, sconces are one of the most versatile light sources in architecture. They can be purely decorative or they can act as lamps, depending on placement and need. Let us help you choose the best vintage wall sconces with switch to help liven up any room in your home.

To make sure you purchase the right wall lamp, it is essential to know what its basic features are that you must consider before purchasing. To assist you to choose a more suitable wall sconce, here is a simple buyer’s guide.

Vintage wall sconces with switch

Different Kinds of Vintage Sconces

Vintage sconces are a great way to make a room go from drab to stylish in a snap. You can place a couple of sconces on your wall for added detail or just one sconce to act as an accent piece for the overall design of the room.

While the main divide is between upward facing sconces and downward-facing sconces for vintage wall sconces with switch, there are also a couple more styles that are available in the market. They are candle sconces, lantern wall sconces, and wallchieres. Candle sconces are a very specific style and is often used to flank a hallway mirror, though admittedly these are going out of style.

Lantern wall sconces are usually used for outdoor lighting, to add symmetry to the main doorway or to an outdoor archway. Wallchieres are considered statement sconces and are very similar to a stand lamp because of its larger than usual size, but it’s great as a one-piece statement decor, usually for a bedroom.

For indoor vintage sconces, the main choices are between upward facing sconces and downward facing sconces, or a combination of both.

Upward Facing Sconces vs Downward Facing Sconces

When it comes to style and decor, there’s a wide variety of sconces and it all depends on your personal taste and the interior design of your home. However, when it comes to the practical uses of scones, there are exactly two choices that you need to consider – upward facing and downward facing.

Choose vintage wall sconces with switches that are upward-facing if you have high ceilings or vaulted ceilings, if the ceilings are painted a light color, or if you want to highlight details on the ceiling like maybe some artwork or a unique architectural piece. The upward-facing sconce will deliver a nice ambient and diffused light that will draw eyes up, which will also give the room a larger feel.

When should you choose a vintage sconce with lighting that directs both up and down? When you are placing the sconce in bare walls, to brighten up an otherwise dull area. These sconces are also great for stairways or hallways with no furniture.

One Sconce vs Two Sconce Placement

Sconces are great for adding a touch of style to a room but too much can also be overbearing, especially if it’s an iconic piece like a vintage wall sconces with switch. As a home owner, when should you consider getting a pair of sconces or sticking with just one sconce?

A pair of sconces is great for accentuating artwork or mirrors or a wide wall. For example, a great way to spruce up a bathroom is to place two sconces beside the main mirror for subtle lighting but also to add a touch of style. If you have a wide wall in your dining room, you can flank the bare wall (or maybe an art piece) with two sconces to liven up the aesthetics. Use a pair of sconces if the symmetry works.

On the other hand, if you have a single table by the entry way, a single sconce above it can add a touch of elegance while also calling attention to the area. It’s also a great way to call attention to something that’s special, like an antique piece of furniture.

Which Type of Bulb is Best?

Most sconces are available with LED, incandescent, CFL, halogen, or even color changing bulbs but for overall cost-effectiveness and durability, we would recommend LED light bulb. They consume less energy and last much longer, making them the cheaper choice despite being more expensive upfront. They are also inherently dimmable (though this is also available for other bulb options).

Our second choice would be halogen bulbs which are basically incandescent bulbs but with halogen gas in them. Despite its tendency to run a little hot, it delivers great quality warm light, it shines brighter than incandescent bulbs, and it uses up less energy too. However, it’s a little more expensive than incandescent bulbs but are cheaper than LEDs.

Power:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Vintage wall sconces with switches usually have three power sources. Some are battery operated. They need batteries to function properly, but they are only suitable for small areas that do not require much light.

Some wall lamps come with cords that can be directly plugged in sockets. Their wires may or may not have switches with them. Lastly, there are wall lamps that are hardwired. They are directly connected with the electric system of a home. People who like wireless appearance prefer this kind of wall sconces. 


When purchasing vintage wall sconces with a switch, it’s also important to keep the ease of installation in mind. Check whether it matches standard electricity boxes and if it ready for direct installation. There are also some plug and play options in the market that can make installation a lot easier.

Most modern sconces, even those with vintage styles, will have modern conveniences so it’s likely that they are moderately easy to mount and install but it’s always better to check before purchasing.

Size and Placement:

Size is also an important feature that you should consider before buying it. Choose a size based on the area where you are going to place it. For instance, it can be placed above a vanity mirror, on the sides of a window, above the nightstands, etc. If you are buying it to use above the nightstands then it should not be too large to cause hindrance.   

Conclusion:                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Choosing the right vintage wall sconces with a switch is about style and utility. Choose upward facing sconces for highlighting the high ceiling or choose downward-facing sconces if you want it to double as a lamp. For creating ambiance on a bare wall, choose a sconce that goes both ways.

More than choosing the right style, also consider the practical side of sconces. Consider which bulb will best suit your needs, from the more expensive but cost-effective LED lighting to the slightly cheaper but effective halogen bulbs and even the adequate incandescent bulb. Balance the need for style and practicality.

Whichever choice you make, you’ll soon find that vintage sconces are an excellent and tasteful way to infuse style into any room.