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Top 4 Dusk to Dawn Solar Flood Lights – Modern Lighting Solutions for Your Outdoor in 2023

Dusk to dawn solar flood lights are all the rage these days, and with good reason. With the solar technology available today, you can get high-powered beams from floodlights solely powered by the sun.

You can leave them all night at the highest setting, and you won’t have to worry about an expensive electricity bill. But are all solar-powered security lights or floodlights building the same? Will you get your money’s worth for any build or brand you buy?

The simple answer is no; not all solar dusk-to-dawn security lights can deliver the same quality, durability, and high-powered beams.

Some may not be as good as others, and you might not get your money’s worth. I have mentioned the best dusk to dawn solar flood lights on this page that pass a certain (mentioned in the buyer’s guide below), which can help you choose the right light.

List of Top 4 Dusk to Dawn Solar Flood Lights

Name of
Flood Light
ImageWaterproofEnergy EfficientPrice
Engrepo Solar Flood Lightdusk to dawn solar flood lightsYesYesClick Here for Price
Gebosun Solar 60W Solar Street Light2.2 7YesYesClick Here for Price
Lineway Solar Lights Solar Flood Lightsdusk to dawn solar flood lightsYesYesClick Here for Price
LEDMO 200W Solar Flood Lightsdusk to dawn solar flood lightsYesYesClick Here for Price

1. Engrepo Solar Flood Light

dusk to dawn solar flood lights

ENGREPO flood is one of the finest floodlights on our list. This floodlight has a built-in photoelectric sensor to turn the light off at a specific time. The optical convex lens lampshades help to diffuse the light better.

Each solar light has 80 LEDs. The maximum lumen can reach 1500LM. Two solar lights can cover up to 2154 sq. ft area. You get an evident and sharp viewing experience at night. The battery capacity of the floodlight is 12000 mAh. For its compact size, it is the best dusk-to-dawn solar flood light on our list.

The brightness these 100 W individual lights provide is almost the same level as the brightness provided by a 150 W floodlight. It saves you a lot of electricity and reduces your bills.

There are two additional features apart from the ones mentioned below that are worth mentioning. First, you can turn off this light’s automatic switching on/off using the remote control.

Secondly, the cable connecting the solar panel to the floodlights is short. This helps minimize wire degradation, especially if the floodlight’s wires run through the ground. It means that less maintenance is going to be needed over time.


  • The 6V/25W polysilicon solar panel can convert up to 20% of the sunlight into electricity. It takes about 6 hours to charge the 12000mAh battery fully.
  • You can adjust the working hours to your demand by remote control. Brightness regulating features gives you an extra choice to save energy.
  • Intelligent control chips help to adjust the output power when the battery capacity decreases. It helps to prolong the lighting time.
  • High-quality die-cast aluminum and PVC resin-made solar lights, aluminum alloy frames, and tempered glass solar panels tolerate rough weather.
  • The maximum lumen count is around 1500LM.
  • It covers a 2154 sq. ft area at once.


  • Huge battery capacity
  • Strong Solar panel construction
  • Covers large area
  • Die-cast aluminum construction


  • Sometimes it switches on at the wrong time

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2. Gebosun Solar 60W Solar Street Light

GEBOSUN dusk to dawn solar flood lights are famous for their power efficiency. This 60W LED is integrated with a solar panel.

It produces 6000 lumens to light various places like gardens, garages, warehouses, and swimming pools. The color temperature of the emitted light is 6000k.

Large battery capacity gives 10 to 12 hours of backup. Strong optical convex lens lampshades help to diffuse the light better. The Gebosun dusk to dawn solar flood lights cover an extensive area of its surroundings.

It improves your overall security system, and light for general purposes like get-togethers and driveway lighting can also be achieved easily.

The Gebosun is one of the best dusk-to-dawn solar flood lights on our list for its all-around performance. The 6000K corresponds closely with the visual properties of natural daylight.

This type of natural light cannot be found at night. That is the reason why the 6,000K is so valuable. It has an overall pleasant effect on the places it falls on, and the ambiance in which the floodlight is placed looks changed.


  • A considerable 12000mAh battery gives you ultimate satisfaction for security. The high-range light beam covers a wide area.
  • 60W solar security floodlights need 8 hours to charge under bright sunlight fully. Lithium-ion batteries last very long.
  • 100% solar power gives you the best power efficiency for this floodlight. You can change the intensity of the light according to the area’s demand.
  • Pole mounted and all accessories are included with the package. It can light up 19*32 feet of space from 16 feet of height.
  • Durable light that requires very little maintenance throughout its lifetime.


  • 100% energy saving
  • Huge battery capacity
  • It takes less time to charge fully
  • Auto on-off feature
  • All accessories included


  • It looks more like a typical street light, although it has a wide variety of functions

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3. Lineway Solar Lights Solar Flood Lights

Lineway dusk-to-dawn solar floodlights are one of the best innovations of modern technology. This light comes with different features that are all helpful regarding the security of the place for which you buy the floodlight.

All kinds of properties like homes, industrial sites, and playgrounds can be illuminated with a large number of lumens (1100) that this light provides, and trespassers won’t feel easy once you activate one of the three motion sensor modes of this floodlight.

Lineway dusk-to-dawn solar floodlights are durable and can be installed quickly, saving users time and effort. The body of the solar panel is made of metal & glass material.

When it comes to dusk to dawn-solar flood lights, the solar panel is an essential component that plays a significant role in powering them.

The high-capacity lithium battery that the solar panel comes with does the primary charging of this light and can store a lot of charges to ensure that the floodlight remains functional even during days cloudy weather or rain seems to dominate.

For its low price, we choose it as one of the best budget dusk-to-dawn solar flood lights from our list.


  • 6000mAh battery capacity gives you a long time serving. 6V/12W solar panel produces enough electricity to charge the battery.
  • 10W solar flood light, 3/6 hours timer, 88 dual-head LEDs, 1100 lumens solar-powered LEDs light up your yard, pool, fence, etc.
  • Three stages of motion sensors enhance the brightness when motion is detected. This feature comes in handy because of the rising demand for security.
  • The lights come with all accessories like mounting screws, connecting cables, climbing stands, mounting brackets, etc.


  • Waterproof and durable3 stages of motion sensor
  • Dual headlights


  • To operate through the remote control, you need to be close to the floodlight

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4. LEDMO 200W Solar Flood Lights

LEDMO is a renowned brand, especially in manufacturing high-quality floodlights.

Generally, users face issues after they have installed floodlights in the form of flickering, flood lights’ motion sensors giving up, and several others that force us to question the promising nature of these floodlights, as shown in the pictures.

However, the LEDMO remote control solar-powered floodlight is a brilliant floodlight that satisfies its users by providing a good amount of light and a good quantity of it.

This high-performance light illuminates an area of more than 3150 sq. ft, which is more than enough for general lighting. Anyone can control this light from a 49 ft distance.

There are three modes to regulate the light. The lights contain 400 pcs LEDs with a max of 10000 lumens. The photoelectric sensor automatically turns the light on/off at dawn or dusk.


  • It takes only 4-6 hours of charging time required on sunny days—a grade polycrystalline solar panel transfers 18% sunlight into electricity.
  • 39000mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery gives longtime backup. Battery performs at optimum temperature, safely, and stable.
  • Anyone can control this light from the 20-26 ft distance precisely. The 3 stage modes give optimum satisfaction according to your demand.
  • Die casting radiator helps to insulate the heat continuously. It helps to conduct the light at the optimum temperature.
  • All the accessories come with this package. So, no need for an extra cost to buy accessories.


  • Power-efficient
  • Large capacity battery
  • Take little time to charge
  • Alumina heat sink
  • High-quality double core gives structural regularity


  • A bit costly

Buy LEDMO 200W Solar Flood Lights on Amazon.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Dusk-to-Dawn Solar Flood Lights

1) Light Intensity


A low-quality solar-powered floodlight will be suited for outdoor use and deliver light – but it won’t be that bright. For outdoor lights, especially security lights, you want your floodlight to be bright and strong, enough to give visibility for at least 100 square feet while also lasting throughout the night.

That’s why it is vital to check light brightness, measured in lumens, on the product. The common lumen rating for solar-powered flood lights is 300 to 800 lumens. For outdoor floodlights, especially for dusk to dawn solar flood lights, at least 1000 lumens are recommended, so choose wisely.

There are a lot of solar-powered floodlights in the market today that can deliver even as much as 1500 lumens at a reasonable price using two solar lights connected to one panel, so choose wisely.


2) Coverage Distance


There’s a lot of talk about lumens and brightness earlier in the article, but what does it mean when it comes to practical use?

The lumens will tell you how bright your solar-powered lights will be, which means that it will also tell you the area that it can illuminate in pitch darkness, a factor that is very important to consider when buying security lights.

The minimum coverage for dusk to dawn solar flood lights should be at least 100 square meters of bright light. Note that this coverage should be in pitch darkness without the ambient light of nearby street lamps or alternate house lighting.

That’s because the whole idea of getting solar-powered security lights is so that you will still have lighting during a power outage or a blackout to deter any thievery or break-ins.

It’s an independently powered light source you can rely on when all else fails. For this purpose, it should be reliably bright within the acceptable coverage area (100 square meters) for at least ten hours, bringing us to our next topic.


3) IP Rating


Do you see labels like IP65 or IP67 on outdoor lighting products? IP, in this case, means ‘ingress protection,’ and it is the accepted international standard for measuring how waterproof the electrical enclosures of a product are.

When choosing dusk to dawn solar flood lights, choose products with an IP rating of at least IP65. It will withstand the strongest of rains and gusts of wind.

To achieve an IP65 rating, the product must withstand 12.5 liters of high-pressure jets of water from a nozzle delivered within 15 minutes.

It guarantees that your solar-powered floodlights will be durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements and last for years, even longer than regular floodlights. That is the general process of determining the best dusk-to-dawn solar flood lights from the below-par ones.

If the outdoor solar floodlights or security lights do not have an IP rating of at least IP65, don’t buy them. They will likely wear down due to outdoor exposure and won’t be a good investment.


4) Solar Panel Efficiency


Solar panel efficiency depends on how much sunlight can be converted into electrical energy and saved in the battery.

For example, a solar panel with 15% efficiency will take longer to save sunlight into energy, especially on cloudy or overcast days. In contrast, a solar panel with a high-efficiency rating can save more energy faster on sunny days and still save enough energy despite taking longer on days with less direct sunlight.

For dusk to dawn solar flood lights, I recommend at least 20% for solar panel efficiency to ensure you can get 10 hours of uninterrupted bright lighting even on minimal charging. The last thing you want is for your security lights to fail you halfway through the night.


5) Warranty


As with all products, especially for security lighting, always check and double-check the warranty. Products only offering seven days of return or exchange could be better. Well-established products should also have well-established warranty services and support.


These dusk-to-dawn solar flood lights reviews were meant to make the whole buying process of the modern dusk-to-dawn solar flood lights easy.

So, there you have it, the quick guide to the most critical points of buying dusk-to-dawn solar flood lights.

There are slight differences in most good quality solar security lights. Still, the advantages far outweigh any issues you might experience when buying and installing these outdoor dusk-to-dawn solar flood lights.

Solar-powered lights are more energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and sustainable and also great long-term investments. If you are already checking how to find good quality solar-powered floodlights and are considering investing in them, then you are already on the right track.

I recommend investing in solar-powered security lights because of the long-term return on investment and the added protection from power outages. The trick is knowing what to look for when shopping for high-quality and high-power solar lights. 


Are solar-powered flood lights any good?


Yes, solar-powered flood lights can be effective for outdoor lighting, utilizing solar energy to illuminate areas without relying on electricity.


What does dusk to dawn mean on a floodlight?


“Dusk to dawn” means the flood light automatically turns on at dusk (evening) and turns off at dawn (morning), providing continuous lighting throughout the night.


What’s the difference between a floodlight and dusk-to-dawn light?


A floodlight provides intense, broad illumination, often manually operated. A dusk-to-dawn light has a sensor that automates turning the light on at dusk and off at dawn.


How many hours do solar floodlights last?


The duration varies, but quality solar flood lights can last around 8-12 hours with a full day’s charge, depending on factors like solar panel efficiency and battery capacity.

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