How to wire the security lights in a few simple steps.

Homes and personal offices are private spaces, so they’re supposed to be free of any public intrusion. And nowadays, when our homes have also turned into workspaces, they are loaded with computers or laptops, scanners and different machines alongside all the costly equipment and expensive toys that now define our free hours. These things have turned our homes into an easy target.

Wire Security Lights

So how do you get secure against any intrusion and theft? The only reasonable answer is the security lights on your entrance doors and loose ends where you think the thieves who are just opportunists will find a way. So here comes the point, how to wire security lights?

How To Wire Security Lights?

The problem with installing and wiring these high tech security systems is that they’re quite costly to install. Obviously, you’ll have to pay a considerable monthly monitoring fee as well.

So why not try it yourself by following these easy steps?

1. Remove any existing fixture at the desired place

First, put out the power to the current light circuit from the central electrical unit. Following this, remove the support screws holding the old fixture in place, and remove the old installation. Ensure that the power of the primary circuit is off and then disconnect the wires of that fixture.

The wires coming from the connection box on the wall might be connected with other cables. If that’s the case, then leave these wires connected.

2. Reconnect the wires of the new security light fixture

Check your fixture to be waterproof for sure as the security lights are fixed outside. Although most exterior light fixtures are waterproof, recheck that the selected model is favorable to wet locations.

Reconnect the wires by stripping the insulation of the new cables to about 3-4 inches. Twist these wires onto the existing wires coming from the wall and the connection box. Connect the black wires to the black ones, and white wires to white ones. Secure each end of the fixture with wire nuts.

3. Install the new fixture in the place

Place the new installation onto the wall or the connection box placed. Make sure to put all the wires inside correctly. Tighten the screws of the facility by a drill driver, but make sure not to over tighten them.

4. Program the fixture according to your needs

The installation of whatever security lights you have placed needs some settings according to your goals. Open the cover board on the security lights’ base and adjust the light settings. Most of these models of lights have high, intermediate, and low sensitivity settings. For example, for maximum security, select the top option and further accordingly. There is also a time settings option, which determines how long the light will be active, which generally ranges from a few seconds to several minutes.

After programming, makes sure to test it using tape as they light up as they sense motion within their range.

These security lights placed outside are fixed in series and work from a single junction box so you can attach as many as you want following the same steps. We hope this article will help you understand how to wire security lights accurately!