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7 Best Outdoor Security Lights - Beginner’s Guide & Expert Reviews 2023

Security lights are used for a variety of purposes. These lights are applicable in general outdoor lighting, home security, workplace lighting, home décor, etc.

On this page, we are going to go through the best outdoor security lights reviews specifically, and how these lights can be used not only to add a protective security layer to your house but also the benefits that come along with them.

There are a lot of factors that come into the minds of users before they buy security lights. Sometimes, these factors can leave the users perplexed and cause analysis paralysis, which eventually leads to no buying decision ever being made.

My job is to interpret those factors that affect the security lights’ longevity and performance. Therefore, making it easier for you to quickly make a buying decision.

List of Best Outdoor Security Lights

Name of
Security Light
2-Way TalkPossess Motion SensorsPrice
Arlo Lights – Smart Home Security Lightbest outdoor security lightsYesYesClick Here for Price
Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam2.2 5YesYesClick Here for Price
Lithonia Lighting OLFL 14 PE BZ Adjustable LED Floodlight3.3 5NoNoClick Here for Price
SANSI 36W LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights4.4 6YesYesClick Here for Price
Sengled Floodlight Camera with Motion Sensor Light5.5 5YesYesClick Here for Price
RAB Lightingbest outdoor security lightsNoYesClick Here for Price
LED Dusk to Dawn Area Lightbest outdoor security lightsNoNoClick Here for Price

1. Arlo Lights – Smart Home Security Light

best outdoor security lights

This is one of the most effective security lights present on the internet. It is completely wireless, therefore, saving you time and energy.

The Arlo IP-65 waterproof security light has some great motion sensors to quickly detect any movement on your soil. You will receive alert notifications on your smartphone in a matter of seconds once any suspicious activity is detected.

Whether you are at home or anywhere else, you are always going to be able to make changes to the motion sensor security light’s settings to meet your needs, through your smartphone via the Arlo app. This makes the Arlo security lights extremely easy to control. Furthermore, you can connect a camera to the existing Arlo lights to receive high-quality live footage on your mobile from anywhere.

Security lights play a huge role in keeping your house secure. The Arlo smart security motion sensor light detects danger before damage occurs to your property. This makes the Arlo security light vital to your first line of defense against burglars.

Essential Features

  • Motion sensors detect any wrong activity and startle the trespassers by shining light on them.
  • IP-65 waterproof security light.
  • Adjustable beam width, brightness, color, and much more, all via your smartphone.
  • Receive alert notifications on your phone upon detection of any activity on your property.
  • Easy installation without any wiring.
  • Lights can be linked with a camera for receiving footage.
  • Alexa-compatible security light.

Buy Arlo Lights – Smart Home Security Light on Amazon.

2. Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam

This is one of the most valuable motion sensor lights in my list of the best outdoor security lights. With its 1080p camera, not only can you view high-quality live footage in detail, but you can also review the events that occurred in the past that are of certain importance to you. Just connect your smartphone or PC to this floodlight and access the footage from anywhere with convenience.

Use the two-way talk system of the outdoor motion sensor floodlight to send and receive messages from the visitors outside. This feature also allows the users to prepare a warning message for anyone trying to encroach on your property. After hearing the siren, the trespasser will evacuate within seconds if not minutes.

Security lights like this one provide brightness to their surroundings while also taking care of all the security needs of the area in which they are installed. Hence both the lighting purpose and the security purpose are fulfilled. The adjustable motion sensor zones allow specific areas of your choice to be protected as well apart from the generalized surroundings.

Essential Features

  • Adjustable motion zones to take care of specific areas of your choice.
  • Two-way talk system to make communication with the visitors easier than before.
  • High-quality footage of floodlight’s surroundings is accessible via smartphone, tablet and PC.
  • Siren can be triggered anytime through your smartphone.
  • Night vision ability allows better protection at night.
  • Good source of security + brightness.

Buy Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam on Amazon.

3. Lithonia Lighting OLFL 14 PE BZ Adjustable LED Floodlight

This security light has a luminous flux of 900 lumens. The LEDs work together with the light sensor to reduce excess energy wastage. In this way, you are going to reduce your electricity bills significantly.

Install this security light without wasting effort and watch as it shines in your outdoor regions with its high-quality, harmful radiation-free light. With the high-quality LEDs installed, this light requires very little to almost no maintenance to function. This is especially useful when given the period of usage of the floodlights, which consists of years.

This weather-resistant security light offers good protection against rainy weather. This removes the need for additional protection of this best outdoor security light against penetrating water molecules. Of course, water molecules are detrimental to any type of light, Security lights need protection in the form of an IP rating and that works great, keeping in mind the weather that surrounds these lights.

Essential Features

  • Long lifespan.
  • The sensor detects light levels by switching the light on/off automatically.
  • Saves electricity as compared to halogens and CFLs.
  • Good source of brightness at night
  • Works tirelessly without requiring much maintenance
  • Offers good security for your property.

Buy Lithonia Lighting OLFL on Amazon.

4. SANSI 36W LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

The Sansi LED is a weather-resistant dusk-to-dawn security light that is capable of working tirelessly in the outdoors. This bright security light emits 3600 lumens of light, making it suitable for use in offices, houses, and other areas that require a large output of light.

Different places have different needs. This security light comes with 4 working modes to suit a large range of places that all have different lighting requirements, respectively. The 36W energy-efficient LEDs are a perfect replacement for halogens because they produce the same amount of work for a lesser cost.

Coming to security, the Sansi LED light can detect motion occurring up to 50 ft away. Upon detecting motion, the intense beam of light startles anyone thinking of trespassing on your property. In these types of situations, security lights like this one play an important role in deterring intruders. Worried about the rainy weather that exists all year long? This ETL-listed floodlight does not get flawed by the rainy conditions so easily.

This is the #1 security light for your house.

Essential Features

  • ETL listed weather-resistant flood lights.
  • A bright source of light for the external environment: A Lumen count of 3600 is sufficient for most of the areas.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Easy installation.
  • The long motion sensor detection range makes it difficult for burglars to carry on their activity stealthily. Thereby, improving the overall home security. 
  • 4 working modes are included for different environments.
  • Energy-efficient LEDs save a lot of electricity as compared to halogens.

Buy SANSI 36W LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights.

5. Sengled Floodlight Camera with Motion Sensor Light

This is a simple, yet brilliant security-led light bulbs. Its wireless antennas enhance the signals coming to your phone/device so that you can receive high-quality footage of your surroundings without any interruptions. The 140-degree wide view range allows motion sensors to detect activity occurring at far-out places. This makes trespassing on your property difficult.

In the modern world, modern sensor lights are getting equipped with more and more features. This is important when the security needs of the areas are constantly increasing. This light is a good example of a perfectly evolved security light. Receiving high-quality footage, talking through the smartphone to the visitors at the door, deterring criminal activity, etc. is all possible through this versatile security light.

Keep your loved ones safe by always keeping an eye on potential threats even if you are away. This can be done simply by connecting your smartphone with these outdoor motion sensor lights.

Homeowners are always looking for smarter options when it comes to security. This is because no one wants to compromise on his/her security standards. With the Sengled security light, much can be achieved just with the installation of one piece of this light.

Essential Features

  • Alexa-compatible security light.
  • 2-way talk system to make communication with the outsiders easy.
  • Motion sensors are present to deter burglar activity on your soil.
  • Weather-resistant for withstanding rainy weather conditions.
  • 1080p camera shows high-quality footage.
  • Sends alert notifications on your mobile.
  • Good source of security.

Buy Sengled Floodlight Camera with Motion Sensor Light on Amazon.

6. RAB Lighting

Another great security light to be on the list of the best outdoor motion sensor lights is the RAB LED adjustable floodlight. These adjustable lights have a motion detection range of up to 30ft. It can emit 1664 lumens of 4000K light. This is simply bright enough to illuminate most of your outdoor regions. The dual heads of this security light further increase the detection field of view for the motion sensors so that no clandestine activity from the burglar’s side continues in the light’s presence.

You can freely let yourself and your loved ones wander outside without the fear of any sort of danger. Once this light is set up and ready to work, it is going to take care of your security all by itself.

You also don’t need to worry about the floodlight getting wet because it is made to withstand tough rainy weather conditions.

Its bright white light allows you to perform all of the outdoor activities without causing stress to your eyes. This light fulfills security + brightness needs and is one of the few lights that provide value to its customers.

Essential Features

  • The long motion sensor’s range means fewer opportunities for trespassers and burglars to step inside your property.
  • Harmful radiation-free light emitted.
  • A bright source of light.
  • Easy installation.
  • Extremely long lifespan.
  • The light sensor turns the security on/off automatically.

Buy RAB Lighting on Amazon.

7. LED Dusk to Dawn Area Light

This LED security light emits 12,000 lumens of light. If your area’s lighting requirements are not met by conventional security lights, then this is the security light to look for. The fine-quality LEDs emit a good quality of light ushering a great visual environment in its vicinity.

Different activities throughout the night can be carried out under this light’s influence. When it comes to lighting up larger areas and fulfilling their security requirements, a lot of lights fail to meet that area’s visual requirements. This can be partly blamed on their structures.

What this light has to offer is a mounting arm along with a pole to not only emit light but also spread it along distant areas. When this light is perfectly mounted on a surface, all you need to do is watch as it functions and provides superior-quality light to its surrounding areas.

This outdoor security light with a long lifespan is suitable for use in many locations since it is weather-resistant, does not allow insects to degrade its structure, and has proved out to be a valuable asset for its users over the past few years. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Essential Features

  • Extremely bright source of light with a lumen output of 12,000.
  • Photocell for turning the light on/off automatically.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Good source of security for bigger areas.
  • Withstands wet conditions.
  • Do not let insects or bugs denigrate its performance.

Buy LED Dusk to Dawn Area Light on Amazon.

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying the Outdoor Security Lights

The Purpose

Whether it is your home that needs a bright source of light or your office’s security that has left you worried for a long, you must have a basic idea of why you need security lights in the first place.

Once you know why you are buying the security lights, it becomes an intuitive task to identify what sort of features to look for in a security light.

Be it the brightness, motion-sensing range, the color temperature of the lights, or the camera type of the security lights, you are going to know what the deciding factor is, once you identify the purpose of installing security lights.

Weather Resistance

This is a well-known factor but also the one that gets overlooked the most. While buying security lights, people often get so immersed in the pretentious features that come along with the security lights (like color temperature modifications and the shape of the lights) that they forget this one essential property, that is holding them back.

The outdoor light installation is different from the indoor installation. When lights are installed outdoors, they are going to get exposed to a diverse range of weather conditions.

This makes the weather resistance of these lights a crucial factor in governing their overall success in these types of environments. So always check for the weather resistance of these security lights in the form of an ‘IP rating’ mention or a simple mention in their description.

Motion Detection

When you are buying outdoor lights, especially for security purposes, motion detectors, apart from many other features, are the first things that you should look for. It is only through motion sensors that you will be able to detect any unnecessary intrusions into your property.

What these simple sensors do is that they highlight the area where they detect any unusual movements/activity going on by shedding light on them. In this way, the trespassers get startled and quickly contemplate moving out of your property

Now, the good security lights will be the ones that will not only offer motion detection features, but they’ll also allow you to set up custom motion zones for the areas that you think are receiving less security even under the influence of security lights.

Smartphone Connectivity

In this day and age of technology, any electronic device can be connected to a smartphone. Old security light systems were constrained to PCs when it came to connectivity and providing live footage.

Now, the modern security lights offer high-quality live footage through your smartphones and you can also view the footage of past events.

The Wi-Fi connectivity of the security lights with your smartphones is a must if you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the working of your motion sensor light and if you want to receive important alerts upon any unwanted entry.

So, you can choose security lights from the list mentioned on this page that offer these features.

Best Outdoor Security Lights Reviews: Conclusion

So hope you enjoyed going through the best outdoor security lights reviews. These outdoor security lights, due to their positive customer reviews, superior performance, durability, and many other factors made it into our list of the best security lights.

These reviews will help you make important buying decisions. You will notice that these lights are of immense value to your house’s security. Confidence is the key to success and these LED lights will forever change the way that you look at your house.

Add more warmth and comfort to your surroundings by merely installing these security-led lights. Your house’s overall security matters a lot these days. Light sources combined with motion sensors are one of the top things that modern technology can offer. 

Because light sources alone cannot serve to function and provide security all year round. That’s why we move towards security lights because they provide us with the comfort of security and brightness.

Motion sensing is an amazing feature that also allows us to save energy as the light turns on only when needed, thereby saving us electricity costs.


Who makes the best-LED security lights?


Many reputable brands produce high-quality LED security lights. Some popular options include Ring, Arlo, Philips Hue, and Heath Zenith. The best choice often depends on your specific needs and budget.


How many lumens is good for an outdoor security light?


A good range for outdoor security lights is typically between 1,000 to 2,500 lumens. Lower lumens are suitable for small areas or accent lighting, while higher lumens are better for larger spaces or increased security.


What is the best wattage for outdoor security lights?


LED security lights are energy-efficient, so wattage isn’t the primary consideration. Instead, focus on lumens. However, for reference, 10-30 watts for LED lights and 70-250 watts for traditional halogen or incandescent lights are common ranges for outdoor security lighting.

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