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Remote Spotlights for Trucks - Buyer’s Guide & Expert Reviews 2023

For most truck owners who are off-road enthusiasts, getting off-road lighting is an essential add-on for your truck build.

If you’ve already decided on getting spotlights for your truck, the next question is which off-roading spotlights are best suited for your needs. What makes some mounted spotlights better than others?

Most of the spotlights use LED chips. Remote spotlights for trucks come with wireless remotes that can be used to change the direction of light. If you too want to make your driving experience more convenient and secure then remote spotlights for trucks are a must.

To help you make the best decision, especially in the crowded market of off-roading upgrades, here are the top considerations for when you’re buying remote spotlights for your trucks. 

List of Best Remote Spotlights for Trucks

Name of
Security Light
Remote ControlVoltage/VPrice
SUPAREE Control Searchlight1.1 8Yes12-24Click Here for Price
Golight 30515ST Stryker2.2 7Yes13.8Click Here for Price
AUXTINGS 360 Degree LED Spotlightremote spotlights for trucksYes12-24Click Here for Price
LED Light Bar EDITOP 22 Inch 120W4.4 8No12Click Here for Price

1. SUPAREE Control Searchlight

1.1 8

Suparee spotlight has a vast application; can be used for truck lighting, off-road driving, mining, hunting, and construction lighting. It has a magnetic base that gives it a strong grip while traveling fast on bumpy roads. 

You can easily change the direction of its light and adjust it according to your needs. Its wireless remote control gives it an up-and-down rotation of up to 120 degrees and a left and right rotation of up to 360 degrees. The color temperature of this light is 6000K which makes it perfect to be used at places where bright light is required. Its strong light can help you detect objects at a distance even in a dark area. 

High-quality and durable glass is used to send a bright and high-intensity spotlight. Its operating lumens output is 5,000 LM which exhibits that the light has high brightness.

Notable Features

  • Suparee spotlight is 10 inches in height, 9.6 inches in width, and 11.3 inches in length.
  • Its construction material is waterproof, explosion-proof, and anti-dust.
  • The direction of light can be adjusted with a remote control (120 degrees up and down, 360 degrees left and right).
  • This LED works on 24 volts and 50 watts.
  • It can transfer light up to a distance of 200 meters.

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2. Golight 30515ST Stryker

Golight is a remote-control light manufacturing company that has been producing similar industry-standard products for decades.

Golight spotlight produces a high-intensity bright light of 544,000-candela value. Its base is magnetic, making the attachment of the spotlight on the truck surface secure and easy. You can rotate this searchlight in multiple directions to focus on distant objects present in different directions. It can be rotated up to 370 degrees from left to right and 135 degrees up and down. 

It comes with a wireless remote control to control the light direction and other features. This durable and effective remote control can be operated even from a distance of 80 feet. It has a wide range of applications. 

Notable Features

  • It comes with a remote control, its holder, and an LED lens.
  • The Golight spotlight requires 2-AAA batteries to operate.
  • Its height is 7.5 inches, its length is 7 inches, and its width is 7.35 inches.
  • Its manufacturers send it with a 5-year warranty.

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3. AUXTINGS 360 Degree LED Spotlight

Auxtings spotlight can be used to see objects at a distance of up to 200 meters making it a suitable light to be used by truck drivers to light up their path at night. The base of the spotlight has a strong magnet in it. This magnet attaches the spotlight securely to the surface of the truck. The use of a magnet makes this spotlight portable which means it can be attached and detached based on the need.

It comes with a wireless remote control which makes its usage more convenient. You do not have to manually change the direction of the light or turn it on and off. Remote will handle this all. The operating lumens output of Auxtings spotlight is 5,000 LM which shows it produces bright light to make dark areas visible.  

Notable Features

  • The color temperature of this LED light is 6,000K which makes it very suitable to be used on trucks at night. 
  • It can illuminate the pathway up to 200 meters.
  • It is 9 inches high, 7.5 inches long, and 8.5 inches wide.
  • The direction of light can be altered due to 120 degrees vertical rotation and 360 degrees horizontal rotation.
  • It works on 10V to 30V voltage and 50 watts power.

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4. LED Light Bar EDITOP 22 Inch 120W

Editor combo lights are suitable for a truck that is required to travel long distances in extreme weather. It has a proper heat dissipation system. Many heat sinks on its backside allow the dissipation of heat when light is in use for a longer period. The construction material, aluminum alloy, also allows efficient heat release.

It is waterproof and scratch-resistant which can be used while traveling during extreme weather conditions. The light bar is 22 inches long and has three rows of LEDs. Around these chips, there are beam reflector cups that make sure light travels the long-distance and stays wide in its range. It is mounted on the truck with the help of adjustable brackets.

You can change the direction of light without worrying about opening its parts all over again.    

Notable Features

  • These LED lights produce bright light that has a color temperature of 6000K to 6500K.
  • The construction material of LED light bars is diecast aluminum which makes it resistant to scratch, dust, and water. 
  • Its operating voltage is 12 volts and its power is 120 watts.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Buyer’s Guide on Remote Spotlights for Trucks

Build Quality

When you’re thinking about buying add-on lighting for your truck, you need to consider the quality of the build of the lighting. A tough off-roading vehicle needs a tough and durable lighting system to go with it. It needs to withstand the outdoor elements and the rigors of a full-on 4×4 off-roading adventure.

Those babies need to be scratch resistant and the lenses should also be entirely durable. You don’t want to lose your lights just because you hit some low-lying branches.

Let’s face it, branches and some falling rocks and stones are going to hit your lighting system while you’re off-roading, one hundred percent. If it breaks or gets scratched on impact, then it’s not going to last. That’s your money down the drain.

The base of the off-road lights should also be strong and stable so that your lights don’t fly off at first impact. If the base is not strong enough, you’ll end up losing those lights. Or worse, you’ll get caught in a bad situation where you’re off-roading with low visibility in difficult terrain.

Another important aspect to consider when inspecting the build quality of your potential off-roading lights is how water-resistant it is. Make sure that it can at least withstand a direct stream of high-pressure water so that strong winds and torrential rain will not be an issue.


For just about all off-roading lighting upgrades, from spotlights to floodlights and everything in between, the market standard light source is now LED or light-emitting diodes.

It has now replaced HID lamps as the leading market choice, but let’s still draw a comparison between the two just in case you’re still on the fence.

HID or High-Intensity Discharge, also known as xenon lights, have replaced halogen lighting as the standard for most car headlights in the market today.

It has a wider color spectrum and its light beams have infrared which helps melt snow and ice while driving. It also has the added advantage of being around longer which means the technology is better understood.

However, LEDs are becoming a fast choice for most car enthusiasts, especially for off-roaders. For one, the LED doesn’t have the warm-up period that HID needs – it delivers one hundred percent brightness as soon as you turn it on.

It also doesn’t get as hot, unlike HID which does warm up when used. That’s where the bulk of LED’s value is derived from – the cooler it is, the longer it can stay functional.

But there’s another reason why LED is so highly favored for off-roading vehicles, whether they’re used for floodlights or remote spotlights for trucks. LED lights can take a hit and keep on working.

They are durable, they are excellent for rugged use, and they aren’t affected by cold temperatures. LED lights are also favored for safety and emergency lighting because they just don’t break easily. Do you know what demographic also loves lights that don’t break easily? Off-roading enthusiasts.

Wattage of the Remote Spotlight for Trucks

In this regard, LED remote spotlights for trucks have the advantage again. Because LED lights use less energy, it lasts longer which means that you will get your money’s worth in the long run.

With less wattage, LED lights can also deliver higher levels of brightness, which means you’ll get lighter while using less power. A 12-volt or 24-volt LED lamp would be exponentially brighter than its HID counterpart.

Understanding the Beam Pattern

If you’re looking for the best remote spotlights for trucks, you’ve already decided on getting spotlight upgrades for your truck. Just in case there’s some confusion, let’s try to understand the difference between spotlights and floodlights which is essentially their beam patterns.

Floodlights offer a wider beam but usually can’t be directed. Spotlights offer a tighter, narrower beam that can be focused on a particular spot.

Off-roaders would choose floodlights for general lighting while driving through terrain with low visibility but would choose spotlights for emergency lighting or for illuminating a nighttime outdoor activity while parked.

Depending on the activity you have in mind for your lights, you can choose either floodlights or remote spotlights for trucks.

Mesh covers, design, and colored lights are all added features to consider for buying off-road lights for your vehicle, but these all depend on your tastes and the overall design of your truck.

After all, what we add to our vehicle build is just as much about style as functionality and performance.

Mesh covers, design, and colored lights are all added features to consider for buying off-road lights for your vehicle, but these all depend on your tastes and the overall design of your truck. After all, what we add to our vehicle build is just as much about style as functionality and performance.

Color Temperature of Spotlight

The color temperature of any light talks about its appearance. It is measured on the kelvin (K) scale.

The cooler the light is the more color temperature value it will have. It will also appear more bright and blue-white to the eyes.

On the other hand, warm lights produce a relaxing glow.

They have a low value on the Kelvin scale. Remote spotlights for trucks come in different color temperatures. The most common color temperatures are given below:

3,000K: It produces a light and comforting glow. It is usually preferred by interior designers who require it to see details.

4,000K: Light that has a color temperature from 3,000K to 4,000K has a warm white appearance. It is usually used in kitchens, offices, and places where work is performed.

4,500K: Such lights are neutral white in appearance and are used in educational institutes.

5,000K to 6,500K: Such lights are very bright and appear to be blue-white. They are used in areas that require high illumination.

Resistance to Damage

Spotlights for trucks have to experience extreme weather conditions and different environments. Due to this reason, they must be constructed on a durable material that keeps the spotlights intact and secure for a long time.

If you are interested in buying a spotlight then check if it’s resistant to water, dust, explosions, and scratches or not. Good quality lights come with long-lasting resistance. Choose carefully to protect yourself from spending more on the repair of spotlights.


Remote spotlights for trucks are a highly useful truck accessory that can make traveling the difficult paths easier for the drivers. These lights are protected by robust coverings like the covering of aluminum alloys. Such cases protect against water, dust, explosions, and scratches. If you want to make your driving experience safer and more comfortable, then pick a spotlight mentioned in the list and let it brighten your dark path. 

Whether you’re choosing floodlights or remote spotlights for trucks, you need to give due consideration to their durability, light source (HID vs. LED), brightness, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. Either way, adding off-roading lights to your car’s build is a great way to make your off-road adventures more fun and a whole lot safer.

We also learned that between HID and LED, LED is now becoming the more popular as well as the sensible choice. It offers more powerful lighting for less wattage, it can endure rough terrain better than halogen lights and HID, and it is low maintenance and lasts longer. For remote spotlights for trucks, LED is by far the best option.


What is the difference between an LED floodlight and an LED spotlight?


LED Floodlight: Provides a wide, uniform beam of light, covering a larger area. Ideal for general illumination and security.

LED Spotlight: Produces a focused, narrow beam of light, perfect for highlighting specific objects or areas.


How many lumens do you need for a good driving light?


For good driving visibility, aim for at least 6,000 to 8,000 lumens per pair of headlights. However, the exact requirement can vary based on driving conditions and personal preference.


What is the best LED color for driving?


White LED lights with a color temperature of 5,000K to 6,000K are considered the best for driving. They offer a natural, daylight-like illumination that enhances visibility and reduces eye strain.

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