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Professional Landscape Lighting Kits - Buyer’s Guide & Expert Reviews 2023

Getting professional landscape lighting done in your house doesn’t necessarily mean that it is only possible through an expert company that specializes in this form of lighting.

It can be done by you as well even if you don’t have much experience in installing these lights. Their installation is easier than you think.

Our point of concern here on this page is to discuss what separates professional landscape lighting from ordinary one, and how the professional landscape lighting kits that I have mentioned on this page can help you fully nurture your garden, patio, pathway or any other area’s hidden beauty.

So, let’s start with the reviews of these lighting kits one by one and look at the different factors like colour temperature, lumen output, voltage, etc. that give us an overlook of what lies ahead in terms of our outdoor decor and general illumination purposes fulfilment.   

List of Best Professional Landscape Lighting Kits

Name of
Landscape Lighting Kit
Correlated Color
Temperature (CCT )
ZUCKEO 10W RGB Color Changing Landscape Lightingprofessional landscape lighting kitsVariable10WClick Here for Price
MEIKEE 7W Low Voltage Landscape Lightsprofessional landscape lighting kitsAround 3000K7WClick Here for Price
ZUCKEO Low Voltage Landscape Lights
4.4 33000-3500K3WClick Here for Price
Hypergiant 8 Pack 7W LED Landscape Lighting5.5 23000K7WClick Here for Price

1. ZUCKEO 10W RGB Color Changing Landscape Lighting

professional landscape lighting kits

The Zukeo lights are a great source that you can look forward to for adding a professional touch to your landscapes.

Although my experience with landscape lighting suggests that a single colour should generally be used to illuminate pathways and houses, you can use this multi-colour option to your advantage by using them occasionally like in barbeques and outdoor gatherings, to add a decorative element to these events.

Since these lights are adjustable, you are going to have a multitude of options to settle with since the light angle will be easily adjusted if you are not comfortable with how illumination is being provided.

This is all to ensure that you get the most out of your landscape lights and you accomplish the main reason for buying them: To make your outdoor areas look like you have hired a professional to install these lights in those areas.    

What I have mostly observed is that when these types of landscape lights are arranged in some pretentious manner such that it looks like no effort was given to installation, visitors often go on to make some statements that the owners of these lights are not so proud of listening.

To avoid this kind of situation, you need to make sure that you are highlighting the right areas which are meant to be highlighted. Any extras will lead to a way fancier look, which is not great for both, the visitors and the owners alike. 

Just remember: Balance will be the key!  


  • Include a remote control for changing colours.
  • Installation is made easier because of the conductor.
  • IP66 waterproof landscape lights.
  • Rotatable in different directions.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Can be spread over a wide area.


  • Not as bright as compared to other landscape lights.
  • Bulbs should not be replaced unless needed.

Buy ZUCKEO 10W RGB Color Changing Landscape Lighting on Amazon.

2. MEIKEE 7W Low Voltage Landscape Lights

The Meikee LED is one of the brightest landscape lighting options on our list. Their use is not just restricted to a landscape’s illumination, but they also serve as a great security alternative to security floodlights.

These landscape lights offer great resistance against extreme weather conditions as they are made up of a dense aluminium body along with an anti-corrosion polycarbonate cap. 

Throughout the year, you can make use of the Meikee LED landscape lights as these are meant to work under all weather conditions.

Furthermore, the IP66 rating ensures that no water molecule enters the important electrical components inside their structure that are crucial to their fine functioning.    

The light heads can be easily adjusted anytime to highlight the most desirable areas of your house and draw your attention away from areas that have a dull sort of ambience.

Therefore, if you are looking to make these lights your main source of illumination, you can expect them to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere that suits all of the areas’ lighting needs well.  


  • IP66 waterproof: Great for weather resistance especially in rainy seasons.
  • Adjustable in different angles for greater area coverage and better illumination.
  • 800 lumens bright landscape lights.
  • No screws are needed to install the lights. Installation takes just a few minutes.
  • Modern design.


  • The Kit doesn’t include extra accessories like connectors and wires.
  • Lights are not dimmable.

Buy MEIKEE 7W Low Voltage Landscape Lights on Amazon.

3. ZUCKEO Low Voltage Landscape Lights

This Zuckeo professional landscape lighting kit is admired by everyone. Not only is its installation simple, but the brightness that this light has to offer at such a low power consumption (of 3W) is also one thing to note.

Most of the professional lights that are used for landscape lighting purposes have a colour temperature near 3,000K. This is the optimal range within which the flow of light remains consistent, as well as the glaring effects, are most likely not to be seen anywhere.

For these reasons, these lights have a colour temperature range of 3000-3500K. The great thing about these lights in my opinion is that their structures are not going to be seen as taking up a lot of space.

Lighting up an area with your favorite lighting is one thing and compromising quantity for quality is another. Many professional kits are not installed in the right manner which leads to user dissatisfaction.

With these lights in hand, their 90-degree beam angle is going to solve most of the difficulties that users of modern landscape lights find in the first place in the form of the inefficient flow of light and their obtrusive nature that somehow takes over the entire beauty of the place.

The Zuckeo landscape lights are multipurpose lights that can be used indoors as well as outdoors.


  • IP67 waterproof.
  • Energy-efficient LEDs reduce bills as compared to halogens.
  • 90-degree beam angle increases the area coverage by the LED lights.
  • No need to know the polarities of the wires before installing, you can plug them in right away.
  • You can add more lights depending on the wattage.


  • The transformer needed to alter the voltages.
  • The outer casing should not be exposed for a long time to the sun.

Buy ZUCKEO Low Voltage Landscape Lights on Amazon.

4. Hypergiant 8 Pack 7W LED Landscape Lighting

This model of Hypergiant LED Landscape lighting kit is another great one on our list. When it comes to landscape lighting, we often tend to think of a generic “fills it all” sort of light source that can help us achieve a lot of satisfaction.

What makes these Hypergiant lights so effective in fulfilling an area’s lighting needs is their combined total brightness of 800 lumens.

The perfect light temperature that suits the landscapes is, in a lot of lighting experts’ opinion, 3000K. In fact, this model of Hypergiant emits light of exactly 3000K colour temperature. 

The black cast aluminium body of each of these lights not only adds to its elegant design but also plays its role in protecting the lights against extreme weather conditions, mostly in the form of rain and snow, apart from the IP65 rating.

Because weather is an unpredictable thing, it doesn’t matter how you arrange these lights, because solid structure is all that matters when it comes to protection against the tough environment. 

Easy installation, good warranty, and reasonable adjustability are a few of the features that this professional landscape lighting kit has to offer. 


  • Anti-corrosion material is used in its structure for protection against extreme weather.
  • Easily adjustable light fixtures.
  • Spiked stands make it easier to install the lights without any hesitation. Light in weight.
  • Convex lenses accentuate the light being emitted from the landscape lights.


  • IP65 waterproof rating means that these lights can’t tolerate water molecules for long periods.

Buy Hypergiant 8 Pack 7W LED Landscape Lighting on Amazon.

Buyer’s Guide for Professional Landscape Lighting Kits

What to Look for in Professional Landscape Lighting Kits?

When choosing professional landscape lighting kits, a lot of thought goes into the ornamental aspect of the feature and how it will make your outdoor space look, but we also need to consider the technical specifications of the lighting kits. 

Whether you’re going with LED or halogen, you need a lighting kit that’s durable, waterproof, with adequate bulb lighting power, and will last for some time. They should have at least 25 lumens or 10 watts, depending on their size.

Also, don’t forget to check the warranty of the lighting kit that you’re getting. Ideally, you should be getting a warranty that covers replacement, and both labor and parts for repair.

Types of Landscape Lighting Kits: Floodlights and Spotlights

 These two types of landscape lighting are very alike but also different. The only difference between them is the beam spread. Spotlights are generally more focused while floodlights’ beams have a wider spread. Other than that, they are pretty much the same.

In-ground Lighting

Inground lighting isn’t as common as other types of landscape lighting but it is quickly gaining in popularity. Both ornamental and practical, it is a type of lighting that is installed in-ground, as the name suggests.

About 90-95% of the fixture will be installed in the ground with only a small portion – the one with the bulb – being visible.

This is great for creating an elegant minimalist effect that highlights the light beam more than the fixture. That’s why this kind of lighting is often used to highlight certain areas of the garden such as the pool or to mark the edges of the driveway.

Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor post lights are by far the most popular of the professional landscape lighting kits. That’s because they’re easy to install and to move around and they offer ambient lighting with a widespread that is flexible in highlighting a lot of different areas in the backyard. 

Most outdoor post lights don’t need professional installation, are easy to maintain and offer a lot of elegance to an otherwise plain space.

Other Types of Accent Lights

Other accent lights for outdoor spaces include deck and step lights, pond lights, and hardscape lights. These are usually smaller than the usual professional landscape lighting kits and are more specialized.

Deck and step lights are built into the deck and steps to offer lighting on outdoor stairs for added safety while adding beauty.

Pond lights are spotlights or inground lights that can be submerged in water to enhance the water features in your outdoor space (this will require an IP rating of at least IP67). 

Hardscape lights are small LED lights that can be attached to architectural features such as walls to wash the area with widespread light. It’s a great way to add minimalist lighting without breaking the bank.


There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right professional landscape lighting kits for you. Before anything else, know what kind of lighting you want for your outdoor space so that you can choose the right lighting kit accordingly.

Also, know your budget, so that you can make an educated choice between LED and halogen lighting. 

Whichever landscape lighting kits you decide on, you will still be getting a great way of adding elegance and expression to your outdoor space. It’s a worthy investment that will add to safety just as much as style that will last you for years and years, and you don’t have to spend a lot to do it. 

Sometimes, all it takes to go from kind of good to a truly awesome outdoor space is some professional landscape lighting kits. They don’t have to be expensive and they don’t have to be fancy, but when done right, a set of outdoor lights can bring a lot of magic to your outdoor space. 

The only problem is, that there are so many choices to choose from when it comes to outdoor lighting kits that it’s hard to know where to start. To make things easier for you, we’ve come up with the ultimate guide to choosing and buying professional landscape lighting kits. Hopefully, this will get you one step closer to finally having your dream garden!


Is professional landscape lighting worth it?


Yes, professional landscape lighting is worth it for several reasons. It enhances aesthetics, increases property value, improves security, and creates an inviting outdoor atmosphere. Professionals ensure proper installation and design for optimal results.


How many lumens is good for landscape lighting?


The ideal lumens for landscape lighting vary based on the specific area and purpose. However, a general guideline is 100-200 lumens for path lighting, 200-400 lumens for accent lighting, and 700-1,200 lumens for security or spotlighting. Consult with a professional for personalized recommendations.


Can you have too much landscape lighting?


Yes, you can have too much landscape lighting. Overly bright lighting can be harsh, disrupt natural nightscapes, and create glare. Striking a balance is crucial; use lighting to accentuate key features while maintaining a comfortable and inviting outdoor environment.

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