Outdoor Lighting with Dusk to Dawn Sensors

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5 Outdoor Lighting with Dusk to Dawn Sensors- Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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If you’re thinking about buying outdoor lighting with dusk to dawn sensors, then you’re in luck. Just a few years ago, the available automated outdoor lighting solutions were limited and they also weren’t that great. If you check the market today, it’s a completely different story.

These days, you have a lot of great options that are durable, offer great value, and cost effective. On the other hand, you might get overwhelmed by the different features and specifications.

To keep things simple, let’s check out the best of these lighting solutions based on key factors such as brightness, quality of sensors used, and sensing and coverage angle that all constitutes towards an excellent outdoor lighting with dusk to dawn sensors. In this way, not only are you going to know the essential features of these lights, but also how these features are going to benefit you in daily usage. 

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1) Kadision Outdoor Dusk to Dawn LED Floodlight

The Kadision LED floodlight is a great option for outdoor placement. The IP65 waterproof rating is a good indicator of this light being weather resistant. So if you are going to use this light to illuminate your outdoor areas like pathways, perimeters of buildings, lawns, and storage facilities, it is going to survive all types of weather throughout the year. 

Another factor that makes the Kadision LED floodlight fit for use in the outdoors is its high quality PC lens which helps to reduce the glare. Since this light has an adjustable knuckle that diffuses the light emitted from LEDs rapidly, the PC lens does a great job by working alongside the knuckle of providing the type of light necessary for achieving high quality outdoor illumination. 

The lumen count of 12000 is sufficient for lighting up a variety of different places since this is the ideal level of brightness that you should be aiming for when it comes to places like yards, factories, playgrounds, and patios. So if you are thinking of replacing your existing light fixtures (especially the incandescent ones) with this shatter-proof, durable LED dusk to dawn floodlight, then you are good to go. 

Aided by the 100-watt highly energy efficient LED, you can expect this light to greatly reduce your electricity bills especially if you have used halogen floodlights in the past. In my opinion, LEDs are the one and only option to look for if you are looking for energy saving light options.

To avoid any problems related to the functioning of this light, you should place it in an area which receives an adequate amount of light during the day. Worried about this light being exposed to harsh weather, especially in winter? You don’t have to because the IP rating of 65 will take care of that.     

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  • ETL certified and DLC listed.

  • Non-photocell cover also included if you don’t want to use this light for only during dusk till dawn.

  • Highly versatile, shatterproof outdoor lighting with dusk to dawn sensors.

  • Heavy-duty metal bolsters the entire structure of this floodlight, protecting it against minor depreciations.

  • Consumes very little power to provide a large amount of brightness.

  • Knuckles can’t face much upwards in direction.

  • An extendable knuckle mounting arm could have been used to avoid the light interfering with obstacles at a distance. However, this depends more on how you use the knuckles.

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2) LEDMO Knuckle Mount LED Superbright Floodlight

Another great option when it comes to outdoor dusk to dawn sensor lighting is the LEDMO knuckle mount LED superbright floodlight. Although all floodlights are the same when it comes to providing a good amount of light, very few of them actually possess the ability to consistently provide the same quality of light over time.

The reason why this model of LEDMO light can provide this good quality of light is not because it is made up of LEDs, but it is also mainly due to the fact that the bulbs of this light are protected due to the rain shield, which makes quite a difference. As I mentioned before, lights placed outside must have some special sort of feature either in the form of a good waterproof rating or rain shield that protects them from the harsher climates of the year, the LEDMO LED floodlight has IP65 rating to protect it from rainy conditions.

Just like its predecessor, the LEDMO floodlight provides a good amount of brightness in the form of 7800 lumens, along with an adjustable knuckle to effectively distribute the light towards the desired areas. The light is free of any harmful radiations and thus you can use it to illuminate your outdoor regions without any worry of environmental damage being caused to the surroundings.

Easy installation, high color rendering index(CRI), built-in photosensor, and cool color temperature of daylight 5000K are all the factors that make the LEDMO LED floodlight excellent for use in the outdoors.   

Do note that the ‘signal’ sign displayed on the picture is not of Wi-Fi actually, it just shows you where the dusk to dawn photosensor is located.  

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  • Uses fairly low 60W of power to provide 7800 lm of light.

  • Color Rendering Index of 90+ is suitable for those who want quality with the quantity of light being emitted.

  • Auto dusk to dawn feature saves a lot of energy. 

  • Adjustable knuckle mount means that you can highlight billboards and other areas with ease.

  • Environment friendly: No risk of radioactive decay.

  • Rain shield protects from excessive water penetration.

  • IP65 waterproof.

  • Costly as they come in pairs.

  • Don’t come in any other color than brown.

  • Non-dimmable.

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3) Jaer LED Knuckle Mount Floodlight

The Jaer floodlight is a pack of two. If you are more into covering large or small areas with moderate light levels but with greater control over where the light flows, then the Jaer LED floodlights are a great choice. These ETL qualified floodlights have a 5000K light temperature and their brightness is 6000 lumens. 

You can use these lights either as dusk to dawn ones or you can simply change the photocell cover if you don’t want to use them as photo-dependent light sources. So you get the options of both modes of operation, as with most of the other outdoor dusk to dawn sensor lights on this page.   

Long lifespan is necessary for lights like these that operate over long periods of time. It also ensures that the light requires very little maintenance by its user. So, the Jaer dusk to dawn light has a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours. Apart from that, this is actually a very good floodlight in terms of size and weight. This all attributes to its easy installation. 

What could have been improved, however, in this light is its plastic knuckle and its beam angle which is just 120 degrees as compared to the standard floodlight which have a 180 degree beam angle. Rest assured, the Jaer is a good option for outdoor illumination purposes especially for pathways, lawns, and backyard, etc.

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  • Auto on/off photocell doesn’t require anything else to detect light to turn the light on at dusk.

  • Easy installation: Installation takes several minutes.

  • Long-lasting LEDs require no maintenance.

  • ETL qualified.

  • IP66 waterproof for high weather resistance.

  • Can function even without a photocell.

  • CRI is 70+.

  • Color temperature and brightness can’t be changed.

  • While some outdoor lights have a beam angle of 180 degrees, the beam angle of this one is not more than 120 degrees.

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4) SZGMJIA Outdoor Floodlight Security Fixture Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell- For Security-ish Purposes 

 The SZGMJIA is a unique outdoor floodlight in such a sense that it is made up of CREE LEDs, unlike other floodlights that are made up of simple LEDs. The CREE LEDs are of a special kind, as they come from a widely known American manufacturer, CREE, which is known for its great quality lighting products. 

Additionally, this ETL listed floodlight, with the help of its dusk to dawn sensor, responds well and quickly to the changing light intensity at the time of dusk, removing the need to manually operate and turn this light on. All good dusk to dawn lights have a really amazing adaption to their surroundings. What you will notice is that most people look for the time it takes to react for this type of lights at dark when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of the operation of these lights.

And so, the SZGMJIA does a pretty good job of responding well to the lower light levels and a user can trust this light to turn on automatically at the time of dusk. The installation base comes with the package and it not only saves a lot of time but also improves the versatility of this light because now you are also getting a wall-mount version of this light which serves a great purpose in fulfilling a house’s security needs.

It is not only meant for security purposes, but you can use this light for lighting up any regions of your outdoor areas. This is one small floodlight that can practically solve the problem of meeting the lighting requirements of an area alone by its 7800 lumen count, yet being very small in size.    

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  • Comes with 2 installation options for multipurpose usage.

  • AC voltage input of 110-277V prevents excessive power wastage.

  • ETL listed.

  • IP65 waterproof.

  • CREE LEDs improve the quality of light being emitted.

  • Heat dissipation system is pretty good because of the die-cast aluminum usage in its structure.

  • Not that bright as compared to other lights on our list as the total lumen output is 3,900 lumens.

  • Brightness can not be changed. This is a common drawback of using flood lights especially for wide area illumination.

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5) LUTEC LED 3000 Lumen 32W 5000K Integrated Dual-Head Floodlight

The LUTEC LED is a dual-head floodlight. One thing that amuses me the most about this floodlight is that it has 360 degrees adjustable heads. This is the widest possible angle that could be achieved in terms of area coverage.  This is mainly because the LUTEC floodlight has dual heads that enable it to increase the illuminated portion of a region.

The LEDs are energy-efficient and they help to save the electricity. This also means that the heat dissipation system of this floodlight is one thing to consider before buying because there are some floodlights that due to overheating can lose their value and they might not live out their full lifespans. 

This outdoor light has a lumen count of 3000, which is not bad, but then it is also not fairly enough for lighting up huge backyards and pathways especially if you are looking for a single light to solve all of your lighting problems associated with having less amount of light.    

This light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The 5000K color temperature suits a wide variety of places. It creates an ambience of its own. But of course, this is not the ideal light to purchase if you are a fan of color changing lights. Majority of lamps offer this color changing option but the choices get restricted when it comes to floodlights. The metal finish gives these lights a great look. 

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  • Comes with both, the single head and the double head for better illumination.

  • 360 degrees adjustable heads provide a user with multitude of options to choose the light angles from.

  • Heat dissipation is up to mark. LEDs further consume up to 32W.

  • LEDs are long lasting and require no maintenance for efficient working.

  • Metal finish protects against inclement weather.

  • Can’t be controlled by a remote control.

  • Lights must be exposed to direct sunlight for functioning in the night.

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4 Factors to Consider before buying the Outdoor lighting with Dusk to Dawn Sensors:

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1) Brightness and Coverage:

Now that you know there’s every reason to invest in outdoor lighting with dusk to dawn sensors, what kind of brightness and lighting coverage should you look for in the available models. When buying lighting solutions, it’s better to compare using lumens rather than wattage because lumens measure the brightness of the lights whereas wattage measures the electricity consumed. The problem with using wattage is that LEDs use a lot less electricity and delivers more light.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, how many lumens should we expect from LED outdoor lighting solutions? That all depends on the kind of outdoor lighting you’re interested in. For aesthetic lighting or garden lights, as little as 50 to 300 lumens should be fine. This will not offer much coverage but will work as guiding lights along pathways or for adding a stylish effect.

For outdoor lighting with dusk to dawn sensors that’s meant for security lighting, for lighting yards, or the outdoor garage, you can expect anything between 1000 to 1800 lumens. The coverage of the lighting will be well beyond 100 feet.

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2) Durability and Overall Toughness

Outdoor lighting with dusk to dawn sensors needs to be able to withstand the outdoor elements. This includes heat, dust, winter cold, and strong rain. For aesthetic lighting, an IP rating of 65 should be more than sufficient since this indicates that it can withstand a direct stream of high-pressure water as well as dust.

For heavy-duty high powered outdoor security lighting, an IP rating of 66 is better suited which rated to withstand the pressure and impact of heavy seas as well as being dust-tight.

The added durability and overall toughness also makes LEDs idea for outdoor lighting. They are more impact resistant than any other light source and they can also withstand different temperatures much better. It is also ideal for security or area lighting because it does not need to warm up – it achieves full brightness the second you switch it on.

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3) Cost-Effectiveness:

There are very few lighting solutions that are more cost effective than LED outdoor lighting with dusk to dawn sensors. While it may be more expensive up front as LED lighting solutions usually are, the automated photocell-sensor makes energy usage highly efficient. Also, the LED light source can last for 50 000 hours of use which is ten times longer than what an incandescent light bulb can deliver. Think of the money saved from all those bulbs you don’t need to replace!

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4) Safety and Security:

Whether you’re investing in aesthetic lights for your garden or powerful outdoor lighting for security, outdoor lighting adds its share of safety and security to your home. Path lights and garden lights help light the way at night to prevent falls and injuries while security lighting and area lighting can increase visibility in your outdoor space.

A combination of these two kinds of outdoor lighting with dusk to dawn sensors can help promote a safer home environment for you and your family.

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Three Reasons to Buy Outdoor Lighting with Dusk to Dawn Sensors

Lighting has really come a long way in terms of design, features, and overall value. It wasn’t too long ago when we were dealing with fragile bulbs, water-sensitive housing, and lighting solutions that consumed a lot of energy for very little brightness. Today, outdoor lighting with dusk sensors is not only a worthy investment, it’s an excellent one and here are the best reasons why.

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1) Solar-sensitive Automated Switch 

Having dusk to dawn sensors ensures that your outdoor lights will only be turned on only in the exact time when they are needed and will be switched off at the exact time they’re not. Such a simple difference yet it can save you so much money by maximizing efficiency without sacrificing performance.

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2) Long Term Value 

Most, if not all outdoor lighting now use LEDs as its light source. This simple market shift has made a huge difference in terms of getting back long term value from your lighting investment because of a number of reasons. These reasons include easy maintenance, reduced power usage for more illumination, and impact resistance and durability.

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3) Safety and Security 

Outdoor lighting is a great deterrent for possible crimes. Just by adding outdoor lighting in your backyard, you can make your home safer and less prone to break-ins.

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With the variety of choices available in the market today for outdoor lighting, now is the best time to invest in high quality and cost effective outdoor lights, especially since most of them now use the efficient LED light source. Combining LED technology with dusk to dawn sensors delivers as much as 88% in savings for long term use. 

Not only are automated LED powered outdoor lighting solutions more cost effective, they also help promote safety and security in and around your home. And with 50 000 hours of LED life, you can rest assured that the added security will be around for a long time.

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