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Top Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Garage Lights Reviews - Editor’s Special List of 2023

Meeting the lux requirements of a garage can be difficult at times. Problems can arise in the form of uneven distribution of lumens per unit area, lights being non-adjustable, or unidirectional garage lighting to support the specific area in your garage while the rest of the area gets left out.

So, let’s talk about some high-quality outdoor dusk-to-dawn garage lights in the light of this. 

Even when you address the lighting needs of your garage, there remains uncertainty about the electricity expenses that you may incur due to the use of garage lights (especially if you bought them without doing much research).

Now, these facts are not to scare you or embarrass you in any manner, but this is just a reality that most garage owners have to accept each year or month. This all can be prevented because there are better options in the form of outdoor dusk-to-dawn garage lights.

To be even more specific in this regard, I discuss on this page the top outdoor dusk to dawn garage lights reviews, taking different factors like running costs, brightness, flexibility, and lifespan into account. So, let’s get into the details of these lights.   

List of Top Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Garage Lights Reviews

Name of
Security Light
Lumen CountPower/WPrice
STASUN 13500lm Super Bright Outdoor Lightingdusk to dawn garage lights13500150WClick Here for Price
Solar Lights Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensordusk to dawn garage lights110010WClick Here for Price
kadision Dusk to Dawn LED Flood Light Outdoordusk to dawn garage lights12000100WClick Here for Price
DAKASON (2 Pack) 50W LED Flood Light4.4 12720050WClick Here for Price
Engrepo Solar Lights Outdoordusk to dawn garage lights150012WClick Here for Price

1. STASUN 13500lm Super Bright Outdoor Lighting

dusk to dawn garage lights

The Stasun LED is a waterproof dusk-to-dawn floodlight that is best known for its considerable lumen count of 13500. As I earlier mentioned garage owners are not just looking for a light source that illuminates their garages like a normal light, the garages need a light source that effectively delivers invariable amounts of light to every single patch falling under its influence. So every area receives a good amount of light due to the wide angle of this floodlight. And each head points in a little different direction but not so far away.

Overhead lighting issues and glare effects are also reduced due to the high-quality LEDs used in it. Because of the LEDs, you are going to notice a significant reduction in your electricity bills if you are transitioning from incandescent lighting. 

Coming back to the efficient flow of lumens, you must also know that the Stasun LED is an adjustable light. 330 degrees is the extent to which this light can be moved horizontally while 180 degrees is the angle for the vertical movements. This is all done because not all garages are of the same size. Therefore, each garage has its own needs. With adjustability in the angle at which the light gets provided, different needs of the users are met allowing them to hang on to the same light without installing a newer one.

Although there are a few instances in which you will be needing to install more than 1 light for full brightness coverage, this light is subsistent for an average-sized garage. The IP66 rating is to ensure resistance against water molecules and other penetrating particles that seem to downgrade your lights.

Given all these features, the Stasun LED floodlight is the best one on my list.


  • The light turns on the instant it detects low lux levels(10-20lux).
  • The light direction is adjustable 6000K color temperature giving your garage a natural daylight-like ambience.
  • Easy installation. It doesn’t take much time to install.
  • Like all good dusk-to-dawn floodlights, it saves your time by turning on at the right moment. You don’t have to wait for long before this light turns on.


  • Some dimmers don’t work with this floodlight, while others do. So, you might need a special dimmer switch if you want to use the dimmer.
  • Not a cheap option.

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2. Solar Lights Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor

Another light that comes closest to the one mentioned above is the Lineway solar LED dusk-to-dawn light. Now, this is especially an option for those who would love to have a solar-centric lighting system for their garages. If you are like me and most people when it comes to buying solar lights, we all share the same belief that these lights are going to save us a lot of bucks in the long run and it is 100% true. I can’t agree with you much.

But there is a caveat: Not all solar lights deliver the same value to their users as promised and the whole experience quickly turns into a nightmare. The Lineway Solar LED is a dusk-to-dawn floodlight that has proven itself a lot many times to thousands of customers and made them smile. Why? Let’s dive into the technical details:

The Lineway garage light is IP65 waterproof. Even if your garage doesn’t get exposed to a diverse range of weather that includes rain, the chances that this sort of rating will still be useful are high. This is because the IP65 rating is not just a measure of the amount of resistance that the light has to offer to the water molecules but to dust particles as well.

A typical garage has all sorts of activities going around. So dust particles are inevitable.

Apart from providing 1100 lumens, the motion sensor has got a nice job of detecting any unusual presence in your garage be it a trespasser or a burglar, the light then turns on and scares the unwanted people away.

One great thing that I liked about the Lineway LED lights is that, unlike the traditional dusk-to-dawn lights, they don’t need to be placed very near to each other and the solar panel to function. This enables them to provide light over longer distances inside your garage or outside of it, depending solely on your needs. However, the maximum distance you can go is 4.5 m away from the solar panel.


  • Remote control allows easier control of the lights from a distance
  • The solar panel works hand in hand with the lithium battery to ensure maximum charging of the lights.3-mode lighting to suit your garage better.
  • Installation is convenient. It is not very complicated.
  • Requires very little to no maintenance.
  • Timer function included.
  • Saves a lot of energy due to the use of solar panels.


  • 1100 lumen output might not be sufficient for bigger garages. But that still depends on the type of lighting that you are trying to achieve for your garage.

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3. kadision Dusk to Dawn LED Flood Light Outdoor

The Kadision LED is a shatter-resistant light that has a very long lifespan of 50,000 hours and it is an ideal outdoor dusk to dawn floodlight. What the long lifespan means to garage owners is that there will be very little need to maintain this garage light. The brightness that the Kadision outdoor light provides over its lifetime is going to remain consistent because it uses a high-quality PC lens that helps to distribute the light evenly throughout its surrounding area.

Furthermore, you can adjust the knuckle to direct the flow of light towards any area of your garage that you think is receiving a lesser amount of light. The die-cast aluminum is crucial to the overall structure of this garage light because not only does it render the light waterproof, but it also prevents it from corrosion.

The photocell is of high quality and works well to ensure that the light turns on and off at the right time. Dusk is usually when the light turns on and dawn is when the light turns off automatically. However, this light also comes with an option to function in the absence of a photocell. This is done to give the users a more flexible option than most of the lighting systems that do not function without a photocell.

The only downside I see in this light compared with others on my list is that this light doesn’t come with a remote-control option.


  • Very bright light. Especially considering the price, not many lights provide a 10,000+ lumen count under this range.
  • Consumes very little power and thus reduces your electricity bills.
  • You might only need 1 of these lights to properly address the visual requirements of your garage.
  • A brilliant security option that also fills the core purpose of garage lighting.
  • ETL certified & DCL listed.


  • No remote control features.
  • No base included that some users might want. However, it does come with a knuckle.

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4. DAKASON (2 Pack) 50W LED Flood Light

The Dakason LED dusk to dawn flood lights are bright lights that come in pairs. These are one of those few lights that offer value to customers in the form of low power consumption, great quality of light, and adjustability in light direction. People who have had experiences with these lights say that they were not expecting these lights to be much brighter than they actually thought and so a lot of satisfaction came along with the purchase of these lights.

What can be concluded about these lights is that they are highly versatile, their use is not just limited to garages, but to all those places that require a constant source of light throughout the year.

The most amazing aspect that I believe lights like this one offer is their ability to withstand their surroundings’ physical conditions like temperature and weather. This is because these lights have built-in characteristics that enhance their performance by making them adapt well to whatever environment they are placed under.

The Dakason LED floodlight is a great outdoor dusk-to-dawn garage light that suits the majority of garages, given whatever their sizes and pre-existing ambient environments are.


  • A bright source of light. The 120-degree beam angle is great for large area coverage 5000K color temperature suits garages.
  • Lightweight garage lights.
  • CRI of 80+ helps to reveal the true color of things that the light falls upon.


  • A bit less flexible compared to other solar floodlights.
  • Brightness cannot be changed. Can not be controlled by a remote control.
  • Light temperature can also not be changed.

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5. Engrepo Solar Lights Outdoor

The Engrepo outdoor light is a bright solar light that is of a fairly reasonable price as compared to other auto on/off floodlights that provide a brightness of 1000+ lumens. If you are wondering how can solar lights be installed inside a garage and receive energy from the sun, the answer to this lies in the fact that the solar panel doesn’t have to be even close to the solar light that it is providing energy to.

With a long connecting cable of 16.4 ft in length, you can simply place the solar panel outside the garage where it gets exposed to the sunlight and then this solar panel is going to store and release energy towards the Engrepo garage light when it is needed. Solar panels particularly make the job easier because they come with an excellent quality lithium battery.

The lithium battery of Engrepo is 12,000 mAh, which means that continuous lighting in your garage can be achieved from dusk to dawn without any worry of shortage of energy or the lights remaining on for small periods.

You can adjust different functions like the timer, power on/off, and brightness settings of this garage light, all with the convenience of a remote control that comes along with this.  


  • Long-distance wire connects the solar panel with the light, removing the need to closely connect the electrical components.
  • Adjustable brightness/ Dimmable.
  • Remote Control.
  • Continuous flow of light at night aided by a large capacity battery.
  • A reasonable option for garage lighting, considering the price.
  • Convex lens helps in efficiently diffusing the light emitted by the LEDs to increase the illuminated area.


  • If you are lighting up a big garage, you might need more of these lights as one 1 is included in the pack.
  • Plastic shade material is disliked by some people although it serves its purpose well.

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Buyer’s Guide

Brightness/ Lumen Count

Top on the list of what you need to understand when you’re reading outdoor dusk-to-dawn garage light reviews is the term “lumens”. Lumens will tell you exactly how bright those solar-powered lamps are going to be.

The market standard for outdoor dusk-to-dawn garage lights is usually 300 to 800 lumens. While 300 lumens are merely sufficient, 700 to 800 lumens should be enough to give moderate lighting to your garage. 

However, if you want your garage lights to double as security lights, you are going to want at least 1000 lumens. A 1000-lumen lamp will fall under the category of a flood light and will have a coverage of at least 100 square feet.

Solar Panel

There are a lot of differently priced solar-powered lights out there with even more outdoor dusk-to-dawn garage light reviews. But the question is, why are their prices so different? Why do solar-powered outdoor lights with such similar features sometimes sell for very cheap while others are more expensive?

The main difference that decides the price range of any solar-powered garage lights is its solar panel.

The solar panel is in charge of gathering energy from sunlight and converting it into electric energy to power your dusk-to-dawn garage lights. You will see the efficiency of these different solar panels mentioned in percentages.

In reviews, some solar panels will say 10% or 15% while others will say 20%. While 15% is already sufficient for lamps that offer 300 to 600 lumens, lamps in the flood light category will need at least 20% efficiency solar panels.

With a sunlight absorption rate of 20%, you can still get full capacity brightness from eight to ten hours of charging, even on a cloudy or rainy day.

IP Rating

In a lot of outdoor dusk-to-dawn garage light reviews, you will see them labeling different solar-powered lights with different IP ratings. Some will say IP65 while others say IP66. These ratings are meant to tell you how resistant your gadget is to water and dust.

Most dusk to dawn lights will have an IP65 rating which means that even if you place it directly in front of a running high-pressure water hose, the rubber gaskets will be able to keep the water out.

As the rating goes up – from IP65 to IP66 to 67, 68, and so on – the higher its capacity for being waterproof is.

For most outdoor dusk-to dawn-garage lights, an IP rating of IP65 is good enough. However, you will also see a lot of solar-powered lights that are rated IP66 without much of a price difference.

You are not likely to see IP67 or IP68 ratings on dusk to dawn lights. These ratings indicate that a gadget is safe for complete immersion under water, something that is not at all necessary for lights in general.


When reading outdoor dusk to dawn garage light reviews, another important feature to look for is the life expectancy of your LED lights. As light sources go, LED lights are quite durable and they last for a very, very long time. This should be written in any reviews and it will be measured in hours.

A common life expectancy for LED lights is 50,000 hours before replacement.

What Does “Worry-Free Warranty” Mean?

If you’re buying any gadget, you want to make sure that you’re fully covered by the warranty that you’re getting. In outdoor dusk-to-dawn garage light reviews, you might see them writing something like “worry-free warranty”. That sounds good but we don’t know what that means.

A worry-free warranty means that the seller or the third-party company that is selling you the device will cover both parts and labor in the warranty should anything go wrong.

Some will give you a 24-month warranty while others will offer 48 months. In any purchase, always read the fine print of the warranty or reach out to customer service if you don’t understand the jargon.

There are some “worry-free warranties” that will differ on certain points. Some will include a full replacement within several days should you find your device is defective. But if it says worry-free, then it should at least mean coverage of both parts and labor of the repair.


While outdoor dusk-to-dawn garage light reviews can be confusing, once you understand the different technical terms that are used, they are very helpful in choosing the right kind of solar-powered garage lights for you.

By learning these different terms, you can make the best choice for your lighting investment and you can compare and contrast the different features of each gadget like an expert.

Understanding industry terms like IP, lumens, and solar power panel percentages can go a long way in making sure you get the best bang for your buck.


Are dusk to dawn-lights a good idea?


Yes, dusk to dawn lights are a good idea for outdoor lighting. They automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, providing consistent illumination for safety and security.


Do dusk to dawn-lights use a lot of electricity?


No, dusk to dawn-lights are designed to be energy-efficient. They use LED technology and only consume a modest amount of electricity because they operate at a lower intensity compared to full-power lights.


Can you turn the dusk to dawn lights on and off?


Generally, no. Dusk-to-dawn lights are designed to operate automatically based on light levels. They turn on at dusk and off at dawn without manual intervention. However, some models may have a manual override option for temporary manual control.