7 Best Floor Lamps with Multiple Arms- Buyers’ Guide & Reviews

Floor lamps with multiple arms offer a unique perspective with which you can look into the world of home decor. These brilliant lamps can not only be used for decorative purposes but also as a great addition with different lighting methods- task, ambient or accent lighting, etc. We are going to take a look at the best floor lamps with multiple arms that serve their purposes well enough to be on your top-priority list of floor lamps on this page.

Based on several factors like brightness and power consumption, you can look at the table below and clearly identify which lamp suits your personal and your room’s needs. This way, your living room, office or any other place that you seek to illuminate will never be dull again. 

The product reviews that we mentioned with the help of user experience are going to help you in making a great buying decision. Furthermore, they are also going to save you from hours of performing your own mind-boggling research.           

Our List of The Best Floor Lamps with Multiple Arms:

Lamp Name DimmableNumber of ArmsPrice
Artiva 5-Arched Floor Lamp with DimmerYes5Click Here for Price
Kenroy Home Modern Arc Floor LampNo3Click Here for Price
Brightech Orion – Super BrightNo5Click Here for Price
Amazon Brand – Rivet 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp, Marble and BrassNo3Click Here for Price
Artiva LED Micah Plus Floor Lamp with DimmerYes5Click Here for Price
CO-Z Bright LED Floor Lamp with 5 LightsYes5Click Here for Price
Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp w/Marble BaseNo3Click Here for Price

1) Artiva 5-Arched Floor Lamp with Dimmer

Another brilliant floor lamp that I found worth mentioning is the Artiva 5-arched floor lamp. What I found noteworthy about this multi-bulb floor lamp is that not only can its arms be adjusted, but you can also adjust its shades. Now a lot of people need at least a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to multiple arm floor lamps that also have shades, which most of the lamps do not offer. With this floor lamp, you can adjust its lamp shades up to 90 degrees, which is fairly enough to solve most of your lighting needs. 

This model of Artiva floor lamp also comes with a dimmer switch. Now, you can easily avoid those ‘too bright moments’ that seem to cause eye glare and can be damaging to the eyes in the long run. 

All things aside, the loftiness of this multi-directional floor lamp adds to its already lavish magnificence that fixates the eyes of the users towards itself. Its antique brass color combined with the circular lamp shades create such a beautiful effect in the eyes of the viewers that is very hard to forget. With this floor lamp installed, whenever you think of spending quality time, the first thing that must come to your mind is spending time under the influence of Artiva 5-arched floor lamp.      

  • Adjustable lamp heads.
  • Replaceable bulbs. This is one unique feature that most other lamps do not have to offer.,
  • Tall multiple arm floor lamp that effectively illuminates the room.
  • Light can be dimmed.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Buzzing sounds heard with the dimmer switch turned on from some users.

2) Kenroy Home Modern Arc Floor Lamp

This is a 3-arm floor lamp that gives you the strong vibes of a modern-looking lamp. The drum shades are white in contrast to the sleek black finish of this lamp. This creates an impressive impression in the eyes of the viewers. The Kenroy Modern Arc is a lamp that defines its lavishness not only through its tall height, but also through its extraordinary mid-century looks.    

This model of Kenroy classic floor lamp has amassed heaps of praises from its users because of its easy to assemble nature. The Kenroy modern arc floor lamp can be used for illumination purposes as well as for task lighting purposes. Its tall height prevents the overhead shadow from casting on the surface. This allows efficient flow of light without any disruptions. 

You can also give voice commands to this floor lamp because it is Alexa compatible. The elderly people and others alike can take full advantage of this feature.    

  • Individual lights can be turned on. This is a thing that most of the lamps lack. This lamp overcomes simultaneous on/off with its individual lights option.
  • A brilliant lamp for fulfilling the aesthetic purposes of rooms, hallways, and any other sort of places.
  • 4-way pole switch to allow easier on and off of the lights.
  • Takes up less space.
  • Bulbs are replaceable with the LED bulbs.
  • LED bulbs do not come with the lamp.

3) Brightech Orion – Super Bright, Modern LED Arc Lamp – 5 Adjustable Arms & Light Heads Arch Over the Couch

The Brightech Orion is a magnificent 5-arm floor lamp. This tall floor lamp is designed to allow its users to carry out different activities under its influence. The high-quality LED light emitted by the lamp head can be positioned in such a way to offer the book readers maximum light. You can do this by adjusting the lamp arm towards the reader. 

Or if you want to illuminate the whole room with its light, you can simply spread its arms. 

Brightech Orion has a luscious design, mainly due to its oil-rubbed bronze color that gives this lamp a modern look. Very few lamps have the ability to change the outlook of their rooms in which they are placed. And Brightech Orion is one of them. Additionally, it can remain on for as long as you like because we all know the utility of LED technology. Now we don’t need to worry about the costs associated with the use of lamps because LEDs reduce that cost down while providing the same amount of brightness.

The only thing about this lamp that you need to be careful with is its arms. Please do not try to rotate its arms clockwise or counterclockwise because they are just designed to move in a sideward/upward direction.  

  • Bright Light Source: A total of 2250 lumens are emitted by the Brightech Orion, allowing it to carry out different activities like reading under its influence.
  • Adjustable lights. You can point to where you need light the most.
  • Solid base along with a powerful lamp body to stand firm on the ground.
  • Easy to assemble. You do not have to spend much effort on its assembly.
  • Exceptional design.
  • Light can not be dimmed.
  • Not compatible with Alexa, so giving voice commands will not work.

4)Amazon Brand – Rivet 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp, Marble and Brass



The Rivet 3-light Arc is a beautiful floor lamp that shows its true colors when switched on. This multi-arm floor lamp does not even take that much space as a floor lamp normally should. This distinctive feature allows this lamp to fit easily to a variety of different spots in your room, hence making it the number one floor lamp on our list.

You can use this floor lamp to not only illuminate your room, but to also add glamour to it. Talk about glamour and you definitely can not undermine the role marble plays. The marble base of the Rivet 3-Light Arc has its own uniqueness. Dullness surrounds most of the floor lamps due to their monotonous colors in the design. This is simply not the case here.  

Starting with the retro-shades, all placed in 3 different directions, you come across the amazing brass stand that connects the shades with the white marble base at the end. 

You can turn on either one light or two or three for different environments and events. This floor lamp serves full purpose of brightness as well as decorative lighting. All you have to do to this floor lamp is install and observe the change that it brings to the ambiance.        

  • Antique Brass Finish.
  • 3 arms, each pointing in different directions. This allows for better diffusion of light.
  • Stable marble base removes any danger of the lamp falling off the surface.
  • The soft light emitted does not cause eye fatigue. It mixes well with the ambiance of the room.
  • Arms are not flexible for movement.
  • High power consumption means more brightness but higher energy costs as well.

5) Artiva LED MicaPlus Floor Lamp with Dimmer

The Artiva LED Mica Plus Floor Lamp is a bit different from the previous Artiva model. The previous lamp had round-shaped, hanging shades while this one has simple, minimalist rounded shades. But, both the models come with a dimmer to adjust the color temperature of the light. That is one thing for sure.

This lamp can make any ordinary room look so good and its environment so refreshing that no amount of aesthetics or home decor accessory items can. In my opinion, the brushed steel finish is a type that does not go very well with all sorts of lamps. And therefore, the hidden beauty of most of the lamps remain hidden. With the Artiva Micah LED floor lamp, what you are getting is a low contrast brushed steel finish that looks enticing enough to draw attention to this magnificent lamp.

Are you looking to illuminate your whole room or are you pursuing task lighting for daily activities? You can use this 5-light floor lamp for both the purposes. This is because it has adjustable arms that can spread in between each other to allow maximum utility to the user. 

Furthermore, like all useful floor lamps with multiple arms, the Artiva Mica Plus features LED lights that have got a lot of brightness to offer to its surrounding areas. Brightness is a very important element in the world of aesthetics, especially with floor lamps like this one, the whole beauty of their surrounding is due to their ability to light the room.        

  • 5 Bright lamp heads fan out to light even the remotest areas of the room.
  • LEDs use less energy than the halogens. This means lower energy bills.
  • Adjustable lamp arms. Move them wherever you like according to their needs.
  • Lamp shades can also be adjusted.
  • Light can be dimmed.
  • Sturdy design prevents the lamp from tipping.
  • A bit expensive compared with the other models.

6) CO-Z Bright LED Floor Lamp with 5 Lights-  Modern Dimmable Standing Light Fixture 

The CO-Z LED is a bright floor lamp that fills the decorative void of many dull rooms. This 5-arched modern floor lamp has a sturdy design aided by a marble base that keeps it from falling. Now, even if you have kids or pets around this lamp, you will not need to worry about this lamp. The adjustable arms and heads allow a user to have more control over its illumination options. Whether it is your hallway, living room, craft room, or reception area that need a bit of an uplifting in their outlooks, this lamp has all what it takes to be your ultimate lighting solution.

Its luxurious and weighted marble has a unique texture. On top of it is an amazing lamp body that possesses a dimming button, from where you can easily adjust its light levels according to your needs. Reading and other concentration requiring tasks become quite easy under the influence of the CO-Z bright LED floor lamp, with its flexible design to adapt to specific visual needs of not only its surrounding but also its users.

Some arched floor lamps only have their heads adjustable while others only have their arms adjustable. The cool thing about this lamp is that its lamp heads along with its arms are adjustable. This is a modern floor lamp that outclasses its contemporary counterparts, with its elegant features.

  • ETL listed.
  • Fine quality LED light prevents unwanted glare that is detrimental to the eyesight.
  • LEDs require low maintenance and enhance the overall durability of the lamp.
  • Dimmable light.
  • Sturdy base to prevent tipping.
  • Low power consuming LEDs reduce energy costs.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Simultaneous on/off of all lights. No individual light can be turned on.

7) Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp w/Marble Base



My experience with Brightech suggests that it is one of the most successful brands of lamps. The Brightech Trilage is a 3-arm floor lamp with each lamp possessing an LED bulb that saves you cost and provides you with the same level of brightness as a halogen or an incandescent lamp would. 

What makes the Brightech Trilage Arc floor lamp so brilliant is the gleaming warm light that comes out of the lamp shades that just changes the atmosphere of the lamp’s surrounding. Users often look for multiple lighting options that come with floor lamps because they know very well that these floor lamps will be playing their roles in different scenarios. Therefore, you will be glad to hear that you can use either one, two or three lights for different situations.

This floor lamp with multiple arms is Alexa compatible that gives it an upper edge over most of its competitors that require a switch to turn on. Just give this lamp a voice command and it will turn on. This not only saves you time but also efforts. 

The Brightech Trilage plays an important role in attracting the eyes of the visitors with its fine warm light diffused through the drum shades, while also having an improved effect on your overall mood.           

  • Moveable metal arms allow the users to adjust the lamp according to their needs.
  • Stable metal base.
  • Suits well with different decorative styles e.g. contemporary and ambient lighting.
  • 3 different lighting options to accompany specific visual needs of users.
  • Installation requires some efforts, due to the lamp being a little heavy in weight.

A Few Buyer Basics: The BuyerGuide to Floor Lamps with Multiple Arms:

Now that you have gone through the list of the best floor lamps with multiple arms, along with knowing the pros and cons of each lamp, it is important for you to take a look at each of the following factor that plays an important role in determining whether a particular lamp will suit your needs or not. You do not need to know the alpha and omega of a floor lamp to decide which one suits your place the best.

Rather, I have mentioned a gist of those factors that other users have found essential and therefore, knowing these can really make a difference.

The Flexibility of Lamp Arms and Heads:  

good indication of whether or not a user would have greater control over the illumination of a lamp lies in its arms and heads, and their flexibility. As mentioned earlier, some lamps have adjustable arms and some have adjustable heads. And some even have both of them. If you are buying a lamp which you will keep in a dynamic environment, the adjustable heads and arms will then play an important role in adapting to the lighting needs of different conditions.

The best example of a dynamic environment would be a living room in which not only you carry out different activities throughout the day and night under its influence but also you care about illuminating your room for general lighting purposes.

For other places that do not really focus on the type of lighting needed, rather just the design, the flexibility of arms and lamps is not a big issue. You just need to care about the decorative aspects of the lamp.   

Dimming Feature:

To control the amount of brightness, your lamp needs to be having a dimmer switch. This ensures that the color temperature of the light emitted by the lamp bulbs can be changed according to its users’ needs. This feature is suitable for those people who are not fond of very bright light or those who do not want to stick to a fixed level of brightness. You can also connect a dimmer to your floor lamp. 

Correlated Color Temperature:

The light of a color temperature of around 2000-3000K is referred to as warm white light. This is suitable for people who wish to have a cozy ambiance in their rooms or any other place where the lamp is installed. 

Light of the other CCT extreme lies around the range 4600K-6500K. Light falling under this range is referred to as the daylight. This light is most suitable for users who intend to carry out different painting and crafting activities under the lamp’s influence.    

Number of Arms of the Floor Lamp:

We saw on this page that some floor lamps possess 3 arms and some 5. To be honest, there is not much difference other than the total lumen count of these 2 types of multi-arch floor lamps. The former has a lower lumen count than the latter simply due to the number of lights present in them. 


There are a variety of factors that you can use to differentiate among the different floor lamps. We discussed all the factors briefly to give you a general idea before you make your final decision. All types of multi-arm floor lamps have been discussed on this page.