5 Best Floor Lamps for Crafting- Buyers Guide & Reviews (2021) Updated

Have you ever tried to knit,draw, or design something novel under the influence of ordinary room lights? Well, that is quite possible, but the effects of doing such tasks with really few room lights are not that great, neither on your eyes, nor on your results. It is not just hard to concentrate, but it will also leave negative effects on your health. On this page, we discuss the best floor lamps for crafting, so you can work with ease in any part of the day.

We will be reviewing some of the best floor lamps for crafting. Plus, how these amazing floor lamps will prove beneficial for you in your crafting experience is going to be one the key topics of discussion here. 

Many people adopt crafting or needlework as a hobby, while some even do it for a living like fashion designers. The main purpose of using these floor lamps is that they provide extra light in addition to the room’s own light, or even if you turn off all other lights in the room, and use these lamps, you are still able to get your work done with ease.

This is our list of the best floor lamps for crafting and needlework:

Lamp Name Flexible Gooseneck/ HeadAdjustable Color Temperatures,
Brightness Levels
Daylight24 FOCUS Adjustable LED Floor LampYesNoClick Here for Price
Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor LampYes YesClick Here for Price
HueLiv Super Bright RGBW Smart WiFi LED Floor LampYesYesClick Here for Price
Daylight Duo LED Art & Craft Floor LampYesYesClick Here for Price
Sunlippe Modern Standing LED Floor LampYesNoClick Here for Price

Research and Reviews

1) Daylight24 FOCUS Adjustable LED Floor Lamp

This is a well-known floor lamp designed for crafting. As its name suggests, the daylight 24 floor lamp is a task lamp whose light can be focused on those specific areas that its users want. The adjustable neck points the head of the floor lamp wherever you want and stays right there without moving an inch. This feature proves useful especially for tasks that require the attention of a user, without the user wasting her efforts on keeping the lamp head still.

The amazing bright white light of this lamp is what actually sets this lamp apart from other lamps because crafting is an activity that is done best under the influence of considerable visual conditions. The bulb of this useful lamp ensures high-quality lighting while also giving rise to user-friendly conditions, both of which are important for a genuine crafting experience.      

The LEDs not only consume less power while working, but they also provide twice the amount of brightness that a halogen or a CFL bulb provides. This is useful for users who intend to work for longer periods. 

Does your head get on the way and blocks the light coming from the light source? This is a 52-inches floor lamp whose small head emits fine light capable of reaching its destination unobstructed. 

Brilliant Features:   

1) The lamp does not scatter light. Scattering of light is detrimental to not only your eye health but also your crafting results.

2) Overheating is another problem that is found in the majority of lamps. But the high-technology LEDs present in this lamp prevent the lamp head from getting overheated. So, even if you accidentally get to touch the lamp bulb, you will not end up hurting yourself.

3) An excellent lamp with a stylish design and a sturdy base to prevent falling off its surface.

  • The LEDs emit harmless, radiation-free light to allow a user to work for longer time frames.
  • Bright light is emitted by the LED bulb, solving most of your low-brightness related visual problems.
  • The sturdy base reduces the chances of the floor lamp falling off.
  • Reading, writing, and crafting: All the 3 of these tasks and many more can be accomplished with the use of this lamp.
  • The bulb is irreplaceable. This is somewhat concerning if the bulb ever gets worn out or stops working. You will not be able to fit another bulb.
  • The light emitted by this lamp is not sufficient to light your whole room as the lamp is meant to accompany users who are focusing on specific tasks, like sewing, reading, and painting, etc

2) Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor Lamp

Verilux Smartlight LED is one of the few floor lamps out there that are meant for assisting users in crafting activities. The light emitted by its LEDs actually mimics the natural sunlight. This high CRI(Color Rendering Index) light allows a user to better differentiate between the different colors of a picture or a painting, leading to desirable results at the end.       

Eye protection is another thing that a lot of people are trying to pursue these days. The strain-free + flicker-free light produced by the bulbs of this lamp is safe enough to not cause damage to people with aging eyes. Most importantly, you do not have to go for those hard to reach angles while crafting because its adjustable gooseneck allows you to stay where you are while you comfortably do your work.

This lamp is where all of the readers, artists, painters, and fly tying lovers reunite. Adjustable color temperatures and brightness options are just a few of the cool features that this lamp has to offer. The fine lens combines with the LEDs to give Verilux Smartlight floor lamp’s users the right experience that they deserve. Impressive results are now not difficult to achieve with this lamp. 

So when someone asks you after seeing your wonderfully crafted articles what floor do you use, you can proudly say the Verilux Smartlight LED. 

Brilliant Features:

1) Hands-free support is possible with this floor lamp’s adjustable gooseneck.

2) Durable LED technology means lesser maintenance and more fine quality light.

  • Glare-free light allows you to work for longer time periods.
  • The nature of the light emitted by the LEDs is very close to the natural daylight. This greatly improves the crafting experience of the users by offering them a better quality of light.
  • 5 different brightness levels and 3 different color temperatures mean that you can accomplish much more with the same lamp.
  • Elegant design.
  • A great LED light source for people dealing with macular degeneration.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The gooseneck is a bit fragile requiring some extra care while handling.
  • It does not have a magnifying capability.

3) HueLiv Super Bright RGBW Smart WiFi LED Floor Lamp

The HueLiv super bright LED floor lamp is a serious competitor in the market for crafting floor lamps. This is the convenient lighting solution for crafting enthusiasts because a) You can connect it with your mobile phone and adjust its settings (eg color and light modes) and b) This lamp is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Echo. You can simply give voice commands without moving a muscle.    

The lamp’s simple yet effective design meets the lighting needs of its users by allowing them to adjust the lamp head by up to 30-degrees. Plus, the sturdy base protects the overall lamp by keeping it from being imbalanced. You can work freely under the wide variety of different lighting options offered by this lamp’s app. 

Users simply love the HueLiv’s USB port option as it allows them to save their precious time which could have been easily wasted in looking for a charging port elsewhere in the room. Therefore, there is an immense amount of value that this lamp has to offer and one can not simply undermine this lamp.       

Brilliant Features:

1) Easy installation saves you a lot of time.

2) The Matte black surface gives the lamp an excellent outlook, while also curbing the need of cleaning the lamp over and over again.  

  • Overall sturdy design prevents the lamp from wobbling.
  • Durable LEDs enhance the longevity of the lamp while also reducing maintenance needs.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The memory function enables you to turn on the lamp with the same color and brightness level as before.
  • The intuitive lamp app allows users to access the lamp’s features with comfort.
  • Hands-free support.
  • Just a single USB charging port present: If you are looking to charge multiple devices, this lamp, unfortunately, does not have the option to do such a thing.
  • The head can not be adjusted by more than 30-degrees.
  • The head only moves in up and down directions

4) Daylight Duo LED Art & Craft Floor Lamp 

The daylight duo LED art & craft lamp is the best modern lamp out there meant for crafting. What’s unique about this lamp is its double head that greatly increases the amount of light that falls on the surface. With the presence of a wide head, you do not need to move the lamp head to focus on a specific area, the double head does that for you. 

Sturdy base, natural daylight, bright LEDs, adjustable brightness, and a flexible neck: These are all the features of an excellent crafting floor lamp and this lamp has all of them.   

Feel the need to turn on the lamp? Simply tap the end  of the bulb and you will have the lamp turned on. Same method applies for turning the lamp off. This method saves you a lot of time. The daylight duo is a multipurpose floor lamp that suits a variety of different tasks that most users want without causing any disappointments. The lamp’s flawless working combined with high-quality low-power consuming LEDs gives you an ultimate crafting experience that is hard to forget. 

Plus, you do not need to worry giving your lamp a break while working for longer periods because the lamp’s top does not get overheated that easily.

Brilliant Features:

1) Different levels of brightness ensure that the user can do any sort of task that he likes with ease.    

2) LEDs emit high quality natural daylight that suites most of the tasks that a user wishes to accomplish. 

  • You can either use both bulbs simultaneously or one bulb at a time with the touch option. This can help save energy.
  • It can be used for eyelash extensions as well as other tasks that require close attention.
  • The smart LED lamp bulbs help to minimize shadow as well as unnecessary glare
  • Easy to assemble: Setting up requires very little efforts
  • Modern floor lamp designed for a broad spectrum of tasks.
  • The bulbs are irreplaceable.
  • The height is not adjustable. If you are looking to reach for taller areas, try propping it up on something stable.

5) Sunlippe Modern Standing LED Floor Lamp

The Sunlippe LED floor lamp has some of the most compelling and unique features to its name. You get the main 18-watt main lamp to light up your whole room for general lighting, plus, you also get a 5-watt side lamp for carrying out different tasks like reading and crafting. The side lamp also has an adjustable gooseneck that allows a user to focus light on the different areas that require special focus. 

The deal does not end just here! Floor lamps having a round-shaped head are often restricted in their adjusting ability. But, the Sunlippe lamp head can move 350-degrees horizontally and 90-degrees vertically. 

You can adjust the dimming of the lamp bulb by simply rotating the switch present on the body of the floor lamp. The low power LED bulb of the main lamp head can provide a considerable amount of bright light that seems to be fairly enough to carry out the majority of crafting-related tasks. All these features make this lamp a very useful one especially in the field of crafting.

Brilliant Features:

1) The 3000K warm white light is a very good light that reduces eye fatigue and does not exacerbate eyes suffering from macular degeneration.

2) A floor lamp with elegant design, compelling enough to draw the attention of the people while also ensuring that real work can be done under its influence.          

  • Easy to assemble.
  • The side lamp can be used along with the main lamp for crafting activities.
  • Considerable value for cost.
  • Takes very little time to assemble.
  • Increased lifespan of the LED bulbs reduces the need for maintenance.
  • Say goodbye to eye strain and casting of unwanted shadow. The presence of LEDs combined with the lofty nature of the lamp effectively enhances the quality of light emitted by the bulbs.
  • Energy-saving LEDs.
  • The main lamp head does not have a flexible gooseneck. Only the side lamp has it.
  • No changeable color temperatures option: Just a 3000K warm light is emitted by the bulb.

Best Floor Lamps for Crafting: An ideal instrument to start with.

Floor Lamps for Crafting are not just stylish, and luxurious looking house décor, but it is very useful as well.  Either you can read your favorite book at night, or get the stress off your head by doing crafting or needlework. Needlework is a task that requires complete focus and attention; otherwise, it will not be done properly, and as obvious to get it done properly, enough lights are required.

So, instead, you turn on so many different lights and waste a lot of energy for such a small task, you can use a single floor lamp. Using floor lamps for crafting will not just save you energy, but it will provide more light just as much as you need while practicing crafting or needlework. Needlework is a task that requires complete focus and attention; otherwise, it will not be done properly, and as obvious to get it done properly, enough lights are required.

How to Install Floor Lamps for Better Crafting Experience?

Floor lamps do not require any installation. Just put them anywhere in the house, and plug it on. Still, the question is valid, because here it is meant how to position the floor lamp and adjust its height so that you can use it in the best way. So first of all, you need to make sure that you need to place that floor lamp at such a spot where you can put your chair next to it, and work or read there with ease.

Now few of the floor lamps are adjustable while others are just still. As for Adjustable ones, you can adjust their height according to the height of your chair and your comfort, so it gets really easy for you. While for the others you are going to need a chair with perfect height, as knitting requires enough light to get everything perfect.

Problems different Users Face while Crafting

Crafting is no doubt, one sensitive hobby that is chosen by people of different ages. As the age starts to increase so does the health problems, and weak eyesight is one of the common problems faced by many of the older people.

So, if this task is to be done then for sure, it is rather to be done during broad daylight. On the other hand, if anyone wants to do it during the evening or night time, then it will create further health issues like headaches and loss of eyesight. The more crafting is done in less lighting conditions, the more stress will put on your head and eyes.

Therefore, you will be needing floor lamps if you want to practice crafting in optimal lighting conditions and for a better overall experience

How floor lamps can solve these problems?

There are certain floor lamps, and with these lamps, you will be able to get enough light even at night. These lamps give out a bright light that it does not even matter if you turn off all other lights around the house, and save your electricity bill.

Besides with this light, the stress on your head and eyes is lessened, and you can work in your living room or bedroom with comfort and ease. Furthermore, due to a huge variety of these floor lamps, it has become easier for you now to choose the one perfect according to your other house décor.


So, this was my collection of the best floor lamps for crafting. The lamps mentioned on this page satisfy both of my personal benchmarks that I use to judge the potential utility that a lamp has to offer. These are:

1) Adjustable Color Temperatures and Brightness levels: If you have practiced crafting for a lot of time, you pretty much know the significance of having a floor lamp with adjustable color temperatures. This option allows you to set the light colors not only according to your visual requirements but also according to your moods.

Because crafting is an activity that must result in an improvement in your mood, having a lamp that allows you to adjust the brightness levels just as you like is of real value. Nobody likes working in a monotonous atmosphere. Therefore, add some joy by selecting the right lamp with the right options. Read more about how light colors can change your mood.       

2) A Flexible Neck/Head: Obviously, if you can not control where light is being concentrated towards, crafting can become a difficult task. In order to achieve outstanding crafting results, you must choose a lamp that has a flexible neck, or more commonly known as a gooseneck. The reason? Most manufacturers do not take into account the individual lighting needs of a person while engineering floor lamps. Therefore, having a lamp with an adjustable head or a neck gives you more freedom while crafting.

These 2 factors are of immense value towards me. Of course, there are myriads of lamps out there on the internet, but very few serve their purpose well. These factors guarantee that lamp will always give optimal performance to its users.