9 Portable Floodlights for Tennis Courts- Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (2021)

Over the past few decades, floodlights have become extremely popular. Especially, in the field of sports. All the stadiums, courts, and sometimes even playgrounds require floodlights. Here, we are going to discuss the top portable floodlights for tennis courts.

Tennis, like any other good sport, requires a fair amount of light levels. Regardless of the size of the tennis courts. There are many floodlights that fit the requirements of almost any tennis court. We will discuss these types of portable LED floodlights with reviews.

Name of
Lumen Count/lm
Correlated Color Temperature
Missbee Super Bright LED Floodlight
55,0006000Click Here for Price
QHY LED Multifunctional Floodlight10,0006000-6500Click Here for Price
AntLux LED Super Bright Floodight
32,0005000Click Here for Price
Hyperlite Daylight LED Floodlight
39,0005000Click Here for Price
Morsen Ultrabright LED Floodlights
36,0006000Click Here for Price
Heilsa Superbright Outdoor Floodlight
55,0006000-6500Click Here for Price
LEDMO Bright LED Floodlight

31,2005000Click Here for Price
AI YONG LED Floodlight

40,0006000Click Here for Price
NEXTLED ETL Certified LED Floodlight

10,0005000Click Here for Price

1) Missbee Superbright LED Floodlight – Best Light for Tennis Courts

As the name suggests, the Missbee super bright floodlight comes with an astonishing lumen count of 55000, making it extremely bright. Want your tennis court to be able to fulfill most of its lighting needs with one floodlight? Simply install the Missbee LED floodlight. This floodlight comes with an IP65 rating, making it waterproof. Along with that, the extremely long lifespan of this light eliminates the need for any efforts required for the successful functioning of this floodlight.

What makes this light suitable for use in tennis courts? Its wide beam angle of 120 degrees along with the superior quality LED bulbs that give out a bright light of 6000K cct. Under the influence of this floodlight, the players will be able to see things more easily and their focus towards the game will be enhanced. The Missbee LED floodlights can also be used for a variety of purposes. Their use is not just confined to tennis courts. They can also be used in fields, playgrounds and a variety of other places that require a large lumen count to fulfill their lighting needs.

Installing this floodlight is a very easy task. Just choose the right place for your floodlights and connect them to the power supply. Its long service life is going to take care of most of the minor issues that accompany the floodlights. So that you don’t have to waste your precious time on small things. You can also change the beam angle anytime you want.

Useful Features:

1) IP65 waterproof.

2) A bright source of light for your tennis court.

3) 120-degree wide beam angle makes light accessible to any corner of the court.

4) Very little to no maintenance required.

5) Long lifespan.

6) Easy installation

2) QHY Led Floodlight Outdoor IP66 Waterproof Super Bright 10000LM – Portable Light For Tennis Court with Surge Protection

The QHY LED Floodlight is a great portable floodlight for tennis courts. Its light has a color temperature of 6000-6500K and a considerable lumen count of 10,000. With these features, your tennis court is definitely going to get an adequate amount of light. Tennis courts are no doubt big. Light deficiencies can be fulfilled easily with the brightness that this light provides.

Furthermore, you will not want to worry about high electricity costs, because the high-quality LEDs of this floodlight consume lesser amounts of energy than a typical halogen floodlight does. The QHY floodlight has a long lifespan, thanks to its 30 – 200W low maintenance LEDs. This suggests that once you install the floodlight, you don’t need to reconsider its installing.

The IP66 rating ensures that this floodlight resists the penetration of water and dust molecules even in the harshest of weather. You can play in your tennis court for as long as you like because not only the brightness of the court will be in your favor, but also the light temperature is going to make you feel like you are playing under the influence of natural daylight, due to this floodlight’s 6000K light temperature. Don’t like where the floodlight is placed? Simply take advantage of the portability of this medium-sized floodlight.

Useful Features:

1) IP66 waterproof.

2) Efficient LEDs save more energy than halogens.

3) A bright source of light for tennis courts.

4) Long lifespan.

5) Easy to use.

6) Portable

3) AntLux LED Stadium Light- Bright Portable Floodlight

We would like to introduce you to the

AntLux LED stadium light. There are a lot of factors that make this floodlight stand out among its competitors: Firstly, the floodlights with a large lumen count do not have a wide beam angle. But, this model of AntLux LED stadium light does have a beam angle of 60 degrees. Secondly, this 200w LED floodlight has a great heat dissipation system aided by forged aluminum.

So, whenever you turn on this floodlight. You do not have to worry about this light getting overheated.

Furthermore, your tennis court is going to be illuminated by AntLux 26000-lumen count. Brightness is one thing and quality of light is another. The AntLux LED floodlight possesses both properties. The 5000K fine quality light emitted by the AntLux is suitable for a great tennis court experience. There will also be no glares produced from this floodlight’s light. The 200W LEDs are also better than the vast majority of halogens present.

Useful Features:

1) IP66 waterproof.

2) Energy-efficient LEDs save energy costs.

3) Long lifespan.

4) Excellent heat dissipation system.

5) Portable.

6) Easy to install.

7) Produces a great quality of light.

4) Hyperlite LED Floodlight – For Tennis Courts

Another great example of the best portable floodlights for tennis courts is the Hyperlite LED floodlight. This floodlight produces immense brightness in the tennis court. It has a massive lumen count of 39000 with a 5000K daylight color temperature. This makes it suitable for its use in majority of tennis courts. This portable LED floodlight solves most of the problems because of its modern technology. The Hyperlite LED floodlight is equipped with brilliant heat dissipation system. Additionally,its IP65 rating along with ULC & DC certifications contribute greatly towards it extremely long lifespan.

Whether it’s the players or the audiences, the purpose of installing LED floodlights is to make everyone able to see. Using simple LED bulbs can not solve the problem because of their limited nature. This is where we come to appreciate the greatness of LED floodlights, or floodlights in general. The Hyperlite LED floodlight assures quality to its users. It is a perfect example of a modern floodlight.

This floodlight solves most of the problems that users experience with other floodlights. The LEDs use a little amount of energy while providing almost the same amount of brightness as any other light source such as halogens. Extreme types of weather do not disparage the quality that this floodlight provides.

Useful Features:

1) IP65 waterproof.

2) Extremely bright source of light for lighting up tennis courts, stadiums and playgrounds.

3) Easy to install.

4) Good heat dissipation system to avoid overheating.

5) Easier to focus under the influence of this floodlight.

6) Long lifespan

5) Morsen Ultra Bright LED Floodlight- Best Floodlights for Playgrounds and Courts

This portable floodlight has a lumen count of 36000. It is a bright source of light with a color temperature of 6000K. Also, the Morsen LED floodlight has a long lifespan and it is ETL listed. This floodlight does not require maintenance. Once you set this up, you don’t need to worry about its proper functioning. Because this falls under the category of the best portable landscape floodlights. This viable product can satisfy all the visual needs of the tennis court.

We can proudly say that this floodlight can also resist a diverse range of weather. It has an IP rating of 65. Plus, all the things that you need in a typical floodlight can be found in this floodlight.

Useful Features:

1) IP65 waterproof.

2)Long lifespan.

3) A bright source of light for tennis courts.

4) Energy-saving LEDs. 

5) Easy to install.

6) Portable

6) Heilsa LED Floodlight – Portable Super Bright Floodlight for Tennis Courts

This floodlight comes with a lumen scale of 55000. This is an extremely bright source of light. One Heilsa LED floodlight has enough lux level to light up distant corners of the court. You can play freely under the influence of this floodlight without hesitation. Its cold white light color temperature is capable of providing fine quality, anti-glare light. 

A good floodlight is one that stays on for longer periods without getting overheated. This LED floodlight has a good heat dissipation system. It has a multiple groove shape design to ensure effective heat loss. Plus, you won’t be wasting any time in installing this light. Additionally, the IP70 rating allows you to install the floodlight wherever you desire, without worrying about the encroachment of dust and water molecules.

The 120-degree wide beam angle makes the light spread even more widely in the tennis court. Playing is fun only when it can be practiced under full lighting conditions. The Heilsa LED floodlight ensures that no fun moment slips away from your hands while you are inside the court.

Useful Features:

1)  IP70 waterproof.

2) Modern and efficient heat dissipation system.

3) Bright cold white light is emitted to illuminate the whole court.

4) Easy to install.

5) Wide beam angle for bigger area coverage.

7) LEDMO Bright LED Floodlight – Portable Stadium Light

The LEDMO LED floodlight is meant for tennis courts and stadiums. Its LEDs are highly energy efficient. They can provide the same amount of light as halogens can while using lower amounts of energy. The 31200 lm of this floodlight is capable of lighting up the whole court. This portable floodlight can be installed anywhere without hesitation.

Whether you want to use this light for security purposes or for brightening up tennis courts, it can be used for these purposes. This floodlight can also function in different environments due to its IP66 rating.

Very little to no maintenance is required to let this floodlight function once it’s installed. You just need to make full use of this light’s potential to let yourself enjoy in the court.

Useful Features:

1) IP66 waterproof.

2) Easy to install.

3) Long lifespan.

4) A bright source of light for tennis courts.

5) No maintenance required after installing this light.

8) AI YONG LED Floodlight- For Large Area Lighting

Say hello to another great floodlight. With a lumen scale of 40,000, this floodlight is capable of lighting up all of the tennis court. What makes this light even more unique is its superior energy-efficient LEDs that help to reduce the energy costs. This floodlight is protected by the IP65 rating. Tennis courts need superior lighting systems to efficiently diffuse the light.

Great color rendering ability and long lifespan are the 2 main features of this light. These features help to maintain the consistency of the tennis court over longer periods. Athletes need proper lighting to perform better. The light emitted by these types of floodlights helps to reveal greater details of the surroundings. Moreover, any intricacies prevalent are fully vanished by the floodlight.

There are always great benefits that these floodlights bring with them to their area of use. Once, you install the AI Yong floodlight, you are going to highly differentiate the previous environment of the tennis court with the current one. Because of the improved quality of light that this floodlight emits.

Useful Features:

1) IP65 waterproof.

2) Long lifespan.

3) Energy-saving LEDs present.

4) Wide beam angle of 120 degrees for the proper spread of light.

5) Superior heat dissipation system to prevent the light from getting overheated.

6) Easy to install.

9) NextLED ETL Certified Worklight – Bright Work Light for Tennis Courts

This model is an ETL certified work light with a flexible 360-degree angle for rotation. This light, like other good bright lights, has a long lifespan. It also requires no maintenance throughout its work life. Favorable conditions are required by tennis courts to create the perfect environment. This IP65 waterproof light makes sure that those conditions are successfully met. Therefore, helping the players to maintain concentration towards the game.

Tennis courts get fully illuminated by the bright light emitted by the NextLED work light. What’s even more important is the 10,000-lumen scale of this work light. The IP 65 rating increases the longevity of this light. This portable floodlight also possesses a 120-degree wide beam angle like other floodlights.

Useful Features:

1) IP 65 waterproof.

2) Long lifespan.

3) ETL listed.

4) Glare-free light is emitted.

5) Bright floodlight with a lumen scale of 10,000.

6) Easy installation.

At the point when the lighting for a tennis court is being planned, the requirements of lighting must be spot on. One of the most significant objectives of your new lighting framework for a tennis court is the capacity to see and follow the ball reliably over the court. The best portable floodlights for tennis court offers you high-quality light levels and produce a great view of the court. Here is a portion of the basic requirements you have to focus on.

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of the LED Floodlights for Tennis Courts:

The CCT of the LED floodlights describes the color appearance of the LED bulb. A correlated color temperature of the range 5000K – 6500K is suitable, for use in tennis courts. This color is going to allow players to adapt better to the visual environment of the courts. Needless to say, the better the lighting conditions are going to be, the better the players will be able to perform in the courts. Whether its tennis or any other sport that is practiced in the courts.

You need the right CCT to get things done properly and effectively. You might want to note that 5000K-6000K is not a rule of thumb. Any CCT just above the 5000K, or just below the 3000K seems to go well with the atmosphere of the court.

LUX Level of the Floodlights for Tennis Courts:

According to Razorlux, the typical lux level of a tennis court should be above 340. Tennis courts, in general, are big in size. Typical lux levels of offices or houses can not be simply copied. The tennis courts need to be properly equipped with the right lux levels. Light needs to disperse.

From one corner of the court to another. This can be achieved by using the floodlights that we have mentioned here. Whoever is present inside the court, from the audience to the players: They need to see things clearly.      

The Brightness/Lumen Level of the Portable LED Floodlights:

These days, having a bright tennis court is not difficult. It’s very simple. The rule is: Choose the floodlights with a high lumen count. By high lumen count, we don’t mean an exact figure. But, for the sake of discussion, we will want the lumen count to be at least greater than 4000 lm. This is because not all tennis courts require a high lumen output to operate.

Some courts might require as low as 3000 lm. While others require as much as 30000 lm. Keeping this in mind, we have made a list of some of the best portable floodlights present on the internet. To increase brightness levels, you can also install more than one floodlight, depending on the size of the court.

IP Rating:

IP is known as Ingress Protection. IP indicates the level of security against solids and fluids in electrical walled in areas. An IP rating essentially tells clients how well protected the light fitting is against dampness and other unfamiliar bodies, for example, dust or dirt. IP ratings for lights are different in terms of use. Suppose you need to use a light for your nursery-the the base IP rating should be IP43.

In this context, we discuss floodlights for the tennis court. A floodlight for the tennis court’s IP rating must be higher for maximum waterproof and fog protection. The level of IP is IP65 for the use of the tennis court.

Fundamentally the Higher the IP Rating the more waterproof and dirtproof your light will be.

Quality Of Emitted Light:

The best quality of the emitted light of a tennis court floodlight is depicted by its color temperature. The actual temperature of a dark body source with a similar chromaticity as the light source. The outflow of white light in the CFL from the phosphor covering is invigorated by bright radiation generated within the gas inside the bulb. The color contrast is important for the tennis court. Because if the light is not up to the mark then it will occur poor gameplay due to bad quality of ball view. Generally, most of the tennis court floodlight’s color temperature range is 5000K – 6500K. This is suitable, for the best gameplay in tennis courts.

Beam Angle: 

When we talked about the tennis court lighting we need to consider the beam angle seriously. The main objective and topmost priority are to ensure great visibility for both the players and spectators. In the current world market, there are two types of beam angles for the tennis court lights. One is asymmetric led flood light and the other is symmetric led flood light ( the common led flood light with 120-degree beam angle). The symmetrical contains an angle of ( 120°,90°,60°) and asymmetrical ( 80*150°, 15*60°, and 45*45°, etc). In symmetrical beam angle portion of light gets wasted. But at asymmetrical, the whole light will fall into the playground and no light will be wasted.

Types of Bulbs for Tennis Court Floodlights:

There are three types of popular bulb for the tennis court. Those are given below:
Metal Halide

The LED lights are a superior alternative as they give more splendor levels in contrast with HID lights. In the specialized angle, the most extreme intensity of the LED lights in 10,000 watts while the intensity of metal halide can arrive at just dependent upon 1,500 to 2,000 watts.

The overall thought is that we can look at the lighting effects of the current MH, halogen, or different lights with LED. For example, 500W LED lights can replace 1000W metal halide easily if the lighting effectiveness of these lights is 130 lm/W and 65 lm/W individually. In fact, the LED lights are more energy-saving or energy-efficient than other bulbs.


portable floodlights for tennis courts

We hope that you enjoyed reading the reviews of some of the best portable floodlights for tennis courts. These floodlights are unique and superior as compared to the other floodlights found on the internet in many ways. The floodlights mentioned on this page are worth considering. Now, whether it’s your small-sized tennis court or medium or large-sized tennis court, we have got a lot of solutions for your court’s visual environment in the form of the floodlights mentioned above.

Find out more about tennis courts and what dimensions does your tennis court has on this page.

Taking the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Lux level, and the brightness into consideration, you can come up with the perfect LED floodlight to lighten your courts up with real light. LED floodlights, because of their major superiority over other forms of lights, such as metal halides, halogens, and CFLs, have been mentioned on this page. LED lights are well-known for their improved efficiency as compared to various other lights.