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Lighting Up Front of a House in 5 Simple Steps - A Detailed Guide

The entrance of the house is that space that welcomes us, it is the first place that everyone outside the house steps on before entering, but it is also a space that shows part of the house.

Lighting up the front of the house is of the utmost importance, first of all, to have more security. Still, also because we know that there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a place at night with lighting that makes us feel comfortable and safe when entering it, but that is also an element of decoration. We know that having style is more than necessary.

During the day, the design of our facade looks and shines on its own, but when the sun goes down many times, the houses remain in total darkness; you cannot distinguish where you enter and even think about seeing the details of the construction.

That is why this time, we present you the best tips on making the lighting in front of the house visible and look the best way according to its space or decoration.

lighting front of house

1. Attention To Details

A critical point when lighting the front of the house is to consider good lighting for the stairs or steps because we can be accustomed to our space. Still, when we receive guests, there is nothing more uncomfortable than an entrance where the steps and the stairs are not distinguished.

Therefore, to have a friendly entrance with everyone, it is essential to illuminate the details; we also agree that a staircase that looks at night positively impacts those who visit your home.

lighting front of house

2. Sensor At The Front Of Your House

If the entrance of your house has a large area with a futuristic style, then a classic but effective way to illuminate the house’s entrance door is through light or a reflector turned on through a motion sensor.

This type of lighting is particular for homes whose entrances are not illuminated by other lights in front of the house or have a hidden show; in this way, we illuminate only when necessary.

3. Different Light Sources

If we have a facade with several spaces and different details, we should be bold and give everyone the lighting they deserve.

Spot or general lights in front of the house, strong or softer, even letting out the interior light is often a great way to style our facade, the vital thing, in this case, is that privacy is protected.

We see in this project how the entrance is illuminated softly, with encrusted lights on the floor accompanying the steps towards the door that has a punctual light. In contrast, the upper balcony and the rest of the facade are illuminated, highlighting the most beautiful construction details.

lighting front of house

4. Mix Of Styles

If we don’t decide what kind of lighting we want for the front of our house, it’s okay to mix styles. In this typical country house, we see how a modern light decoration was combined with the exterior walls that bring great beauty.

At the same time, at the entrance itself, a colonial-type lantern was chosen, providing more excellent lighting where required.

Contrary to what is believed, the lanterns combine very well with almost all styles; their charming shape gives them an unquestionable warmth and style; in addition, its great variety of materials and models offer an utterly exuberant design.

5. Illuminate Your Steps

If the entrance of our house has a garden or several elements that make it beautiful during the day, it is not a matter of nightfall, and beauty is forgotten.

Illuminate the different elements such as fountains, paths, plants, or even works of art that you can have at the entrance since all that is part of the decoration of the house.

Different light sources can help the textures to shine, highlight the green of the plants with a light of the same color, or even LED lights for lighting the front of the house; it will highlight the modern design of the lighting in front of the house.

Types Of Lights For The Front Of Your House

With simple tips and clear lighting options, you can create the perfect atmosphere, expand the spaces, play with shadows and reliefs, signal the step, and even add security to the entrance. We present the different types of lighting for the front of the house.


LED Spots


This light creates a soft, relaxed atmosphere and delimits the space. If you want to signal a path or stairs, the embedded spots will be the best option. If, on the contrary, your goal is to illuminate an area of the garden, such as grass, a tree, or a part of the facade, the pickets will be the appropriate option.




This option is ideal to illuminate the front of the house and even access the garage. They provide a warm light and are a security supplement. Many of them are equipped with a motion detector for switching on, and although most need an electrical supply for their installation, some models work through solar energy.




Powerful and helpful lighting. They are orientable to avoid discomfort, and, as for their installation, it should be taken into account that the farther away it is from the area intended to be illuminated, the more comprehensive its range of light will be. They are an ideal option to decorate the facades or access the garage.




Perfect for defining a path, a recreation space such as tables and chairs, or grass. There are models of one or several heads or lights of different sizes and adjustable. For installation, an electrical supply is required except in solar models.


As you can see, you have many options to be able to illuminate the facade of your house, so if you were wondering how to light up the front of your home, then we hope that these ideas and tips have helped you decide to be able to choose the best lights for the front of the house.


How to illuminate the front of a house?


Position outdoor lights strategically, highlighting architectural features and pathways for a balanced and inviting look.


What lights should you use in front of the house?


Opt for fixtures like sconces, uplights, and path lights for ambient and accent lighting.


What color lights should you use for the front of the house?


Choose warm white (around 2700-3000K) for a welcoming feel that complements the house’s colors.


How to light up the outside of my house?


Use various outdoor lighting types, such as floodlights, spotlights, and well lights, to illuminate key areas and create a safe and visually appealing outdoor environment.

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