Best Flood Lights with Camera – Beginner’s Guide & Reviews in 2021 

Flood light cameras are commonly used for home security purposes. Their need is prevalent in neighborhoods and places where there are not enough surveillance cameras to monitor daily activities. Even those houses that are located in safer areas might want to add an additional layer of safety for their maximum security. On this page, we will discuss the benefits of using the best flood lights with cameras and we will also take their reviews.

The security floodlights that we will be discussing on this page are going to have some certain features that we believe are important and every useful floodlight with camera should have them.

These features include the floodlights’ motion sensing abilities, their secrecy in appearance, and several other essential things. Whether a floodlight has these features or not, we will be discussing each of it in the floodlights’ reviews section.

1) Smart Outdoor Security Camera with Integrated Floodlight- Best Flood Light with Camera

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. What happens when the existing security lights prove out to be less effective? You choose the smart outdoor security camera with integrated floodlight as your new security system. The burglars are getting smart. But that does not mean that we can’t subdue them.

This smart integrated floodlight is discreet as it tends to resemble a simple floodlight while out there functioning. But no one except you knows that it is actually a camera recording every suspicious activity taking place on your property. One great feature of this smart floodlight that we all need to appreciate is that it turns on whenever needed to scare off the unwanted people approaching your house.

Additionally, you can customize this floodlight to receive the type of alert notifications you want in your surroundings. This removes the inconvenience of receiving any false notifications.

If you are away from your home but willing to monitor it, you can do that by connecting your smartphone to this smart floodlight. Watch full high-quality footage of your surroundings with your smartphone.

  • Easy to install.

  • Records the footage discreetly.

  • Videos can be stored.

  • Access the footage from anywhere via your smartphone.

  • Receive alert notifications on the app.

  • Keeps security standards high.

  • Not the brightest floodlight to light up large areas.

2) Swann Floodlight Security Camera with Dimmable Motion Lighting- Outdoor Security Lights

The Swann floodlight is one of the best modern lighting solutions that is designed to meet the requirements of an intruder proof security system. It will keep the darkest of the nights bright enough to prevent intruders from stepping into your house. Every element that an effective floodlight with a camera has, is possessed by the Swann floodlight.

With this floodlights’ true motion and heat-sensing abilities, no one can escape from its reach. No matter how discreetly one enters a house, the footage is going to be recorded. Talk about convenience and this floodlight is everything that a person wants. Connect the floodlight with its mobile app and easily set up the floodlights the way you like. The 2 way talk enables you to talk with any trespasser and ring the siren if he persists.

Ever experienced some sort of blurriness while reviewing the footage with other floodlights? Let us assure you that this security light records everything in 1080 p so that you don’t face any sort of difficulty in identifying people, cars, and objects via the camera’s recordings. Remove any unwanted fears by installing the Swann floodlights that detect even the tiniest of the activities and show agility in quickly focusing towards the intruder at any time of the night.

  • Keeps intruders away with its 2500 lumens bright light.

  • View high-quality footage of 1080 p with its camera.

  • Motion + heat sensors work tirelessly to catch any suspicious activity in your surroundings.

  • Easily connect the light with the mobile app and control it through the app.

  • Works with Alexa.

  • Intimidating siren to keep intruders away.

  • A bright source of light for general purposes.

  • Looks a little bit incomplete without the mobile app connected.

3) Rreslicam Outdoor Security Lights Floodlight Camera 1080p with Motion Detection

The Rreslicam floodlight camera provides high-quality live footage of the user’s surroundings through a smartphone. This is necessary especially when you are away and willing to take care of your loved ones and your property. Floodlights with cameras need motion sensors to work effectively. Therefore, this floodlight is equipped with motion detectors that are very pertinent security-wise. Another main feature of this light is that it is Alexa compatible. You can easily perform different operations with the light.

If you want to observe closely what has happened in your surroundings, you can always playback the saved videos stored in this floodlight camera’s storage. Its 360-degree rotation capability is an essential feature because a user is looking to get a broad picture of his/her surroundings. The rotation enables the camera to make the most out of its surroundings.

The night vision and the two way audio system are another very useful features to talk about this light. No one goes unnoticed even in the darkest of the nights because the floodlight camera’s night vision makes everything brighter wherever it falls. Floodlights, when used for security purposes must have a good IP rating for protection against harsh weather; this floodlight has an IP rating of 65.

  • Easy to control via remote control.

  • Two-way audio system.

  • High quality 1080 p display for better protection.

  • Night vision present.

  • Bright outdoor security lights for the surrounding area.

  • Only comes in black color.

4) Yeskamo Wireless Outdoor Security Lights [Floodlight along with Two Way Audio]

This model of Yeskamo floodlight has an IP66 waterproof rating, making it highly resistant towards inclement weather. This camera records videos along with the audio, giving it an upper edge over other security floodlight cameras. This easy to install a floodlight camera model also allows you to speak to the outsiders on your property using the two way audio. Indoors and outdoors were never this secure. This camera system illuminates everything in its proximity. Not only the purpose of brightness gets served, but also no compromises on security are made due to its fine motion detection.

Worried about some distrustful activity going on in the surroundings? The Yeskamo security camera system detects and records every movement to ensure that no burglar goes unnoticed. Its PIR sensors are working 24/7, so you can keep your head clear. An email will be sent to you or you will be notified if any suspicious activity is detected near your surroundings.

Not in the mood to go out and meet whoever it is at your doorsteps? You can always talk through the cameras. Floodlights, nowadays are becoming more and more useful and so you must not miss any opportunity to get the best floodlight with a camera to satisfy your needs.

If your house is big or you are looking to install more floodlights in your building, you can install 4 more Yeskamo floodlights. Plus, you don’t even need to get a new surveillance camera system, You just need to connect the extra floodlights with the existing system.

  • PIR motion detection never lets any intruder be comfortable once he has stepped on your property.

  • 1080 p high-quality video capturing with audio.

  • Wireless connection between cameras and recorder system.

  • Installation doesn’t take much time.

  • IP66 waterproof.

  • Two-way audio system.

  • Live view option.

  • Not the cheapest option for protecting your property.

5) Litmor Floodlight Camera- Smart Outdoor Security Lights with Motion Detection

This is a modern floodlight having all the features that all the best floodlights with cameras have. The 2K full HD camera allows you to see even better details of your surroundings than ever before. For outdoor security purposes, this floodlight is a big yes. Why? Because its IP55 rating allows it to withstand outdoor conditions. Furthermore, it also increases the lifespan of this floodlight.

The Litmor floodlight’s simplicity lies in its easy installation and the smart recognition system that recognizes the familiar motions of you and your kins so that any unwanted alerts are not sent to you right away. What’s even more interesting about this light is its 180-degree wide-angle camera that captures a greater amount of details in your surroundings.

Connect this light with wifi and get the live view of your outdoors conveniently. You can also make some changes to the camera through a wifi connection. Its bright light and motion sensors work hand in hand to keep your outdoor security requirements met. This light falls easily in the category of the top 10 best floodlights with cameras due to its pertinent features and motion detection.

  • Reveal minor details of people, objects, and vehicles with the 2K HD camera.

  • Up to 100+ GB of storage can be used to store footage.

  • Installation is very convenient.

  • Keeps your surroundings bright at night with 2400 lumens.

  • Adapt to the outer environment easily.

  • Alarm and 2 way talk to keep off the trespassers from your property.

  • Brilliant motion detection ability.

  • Receive HD video

  • Needs to be hardwired installed in order to get connected with wifi.

6) Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Outdoor Security Lights

This ring floodlight is one of the most convenient solutions for your outdoors. Got a visitor outside but you are too busy to attend? Simply talk through Alexa and settle your affairs in a matter of seconds. You can also see what’s going around your house by simply using your mobile phone, tablet or PC. The motion detection of this floodlight does not let anyone carry on his/her suspicious activity without getting noticed.

This security ring floodlight notifies you immediately if it detects any unwanted activity off its motion sensor. Then you have the option of ringing a siren through your phone or take any other preventive measure for your safety. If you feel that a specific area of your house needs an additional layer of safety, you can easily set the camera’s motion sensors to focus more on that particular area.

Wherever you are, you can easily watch your children and close ones when they are in the garden or in the backyard by accessing the live view through your phone. The HD video quality lets you see your surroundings more clearly without missing out on anything. This ring floodlight with camera significantly improves your quality of life by protecting your house.

  • 1080 p HD view with live streaming.

  • Easy installation.

  • Good motion detection range with custom focus option. This enhances the motion detection ability.

  • Access the footage from anywhere.

  • Allows you to talk through Alexa to save your time and effort.

  • Cannot be solely relied on for additional security

7) BOMOO 1080P Wireless Outdoor Security Lights with Security Camera

This is one of the contemporary lighting solutions designed to meet the sophisticated needs of the users. Today, people are not only expecting the floodlights to shine, but they are also expecting the floodlights to perform different tasks like recording footage, detecting any suspicious activity even during the night time, and to be able to talk through the floodlight to anyone at the door. Fun fact: This security camera floodlight is capable of each of these tasks  

The PIR motion detection shifts the floodlight towards any suspicious activity. Plus, the weatherproof design of this double-headed floodlight means that you can receive the footage even in the harsher weather like rain and dust, etc. No compromise on your house’s security will be made by this efficient floodlight with a camera.

Worried about the night-time lack of security? No problem. The night vision of this floodlight camera allows you to see footage in the complete darkness of the night with its low-light infrared LED. Additionally, you can set up focus spots for the motion sensors of this light for the areas where you feel you need additional security. This light is very easy to set up and operate. Insert an SD card for viewing footage for later use.

  • Easy installation.

  • Infrared LED for night vision.

  • Custom focus motion detection option present, therefore motion detection helps.

  • IP65 waterproof.

  • 2-way audio system present.

  • Siren included.

  • Security Camera

  • The floodlight could cover a 360-degree field of view had it been more flexible.

8) ANNKE Floodlight Security Camera 1080 AI Wireless

The Annke floodlight is another top contender in the list for the best floodlights with camera. This floodlight’s AI feature is one to look forward to: The AI feature unlike other floodlights, prevents false alarms through its advanced working system. This means that you are not going to get disturbed by this floodlight’s alarm system until unless it’s necessary. Furthermore, you can adjust the sensitivity of this floodlight to suit your needs.

Like the other amazing security camera floodlights, this one offers an effective two way audio system for effective communication. You can hear what’s going on outside your house and take precautionary moves if you detect something unwanted. Having doubts about any suspicious activity occurring in the past? You can review the stored footage on your camera through its SD card.

The 1080 p HD video provides you with all the information you need about your surroundings whilst sitting inside your home. 2400 lm LED bright light aided by motion detection means that you can carry out basic tasks and easily see through your surroundings in the dark. Any intruder will think twice while entering your house in the presence of this floodlight. The motion detectors aided by the AI feature of this flood light camera focus light on any activity that the light detects to be menacing for the security of your house.

  • AI feature prevents false alarms by a high percentage.

  • The PIR sensors come with adjustable focus options.

  • Flashes light alarms to trespassers.

  • Records full HD videos that allow minute details about the surroundings to be uncovered.

  • Cloud storage.

  • Two-way audio system available.

  • The light alarm might not be enough to scare away intruders.

9) Maximus Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated Security Cam Outdoor Security Lights with Motion Sensors

These outdoor security lights offers unique features to its users. You can run pre-recorded messages via the floodlight and can look back the footage of the last 2 hours. The bluetooth feature allows you the option of connecting both, the iOS and Android devices with this floodlight. Through this, you can easily turn the floodlight on and off without moving a step. Its premium features include multiple events look back along with AI feature that prevents false alarms.

Its amazing 70 ft detection range means that activities that are taking place a little bit further away from your building are going to be observed. If there is one floodlight camera that makes your vicinity’s security standards high, it is the Maximus floodlight. Equipped with a 1080p HD camera, the floodlight works tirelessly to shed light on some of the most important places of your house while keeping them secure.

This weather-resistant floodlight works even in the harshest of the weathers to ensure satisfaction to its customers. So, even if it seems to be raining in the middle of the night, these outdoor security lights will not stop working  and continue filming the surroundings of your house.

  • Can be connected via bluetooth to both iOS and Android devices.

  • Footage of your surroundings can be seen from anywhere through your phone or tablet.

  • The motion sensors enable the floodlight to focus on areas of unexpected activity, mitigating the threat.

  • Custom motion sensor focus option present.

  • Remains functional in inclement weather.

  • Wide-angle motion detection.

  • Comes in only two colors.

10) Sengled Outdoor Floodlight Camera with Motion Detection 

This is a very user-friendly security light and it’s also very easy to use. The false alarms can be easily avoided once you set up the motion sensors of this floodlight camera to focus on the areas that are relatively more important to you security-wise. The night vision feature allows you to stay comfortable during the night. Additionally, floodlights like the Sengled camera floodlight make things extra-convenient for us by offering the 2-way communication option.

The 140-degree wide view angle can allow the floodlight camera to take in a lot of information about the vicinity. Any unwanted activity is going to be detected by the sensitive motion sensors. This floodlight camera serves dual purposes by providing a fair amount of light to the surroundings and by adding an extra layer of security to your house. You might think that installing modern floodlights is a tedious task, but it really isn’t.

This floodlight takes just 5-10 minutes of installation. You just have to fit in a conventional security light socket. Things are made further easier for you with the help of night vision. The simple working of this floodlight camera and the easy control systems are all that you need to look for in a security light before buying it. This floodlight camera has all the necessary features that all the best floodlights with cameras must possess.

  • Easy to install motion sensor light.

  • Adjustable wide angled motion sensors that allow advanced motion detection.

  • Night vision included.

  • An efficient means of security for the whole house.

  • IP65 Weatherproof.

  • Easy to operate.

  • You might need 1 more floodlight to cover up the extra space that’s being left out.

Why Use Floodlights with Cameras?

There are some great benefits of having security floodlights at your home:

1) They instill confidence in the residents:

 With floodlights along with cameras installed at your house, there is no need to worry about the intruders. You and your family can roam around the house’s backyard or driveway without any hesitation.

2) They serve dual purposes: Brightness+Security.

Not only can your children play in the outdoors in the presence of LED floodlights. but also the brightness caused by the floodlight’s LEDs are going to ensure safety and reduce the chances of anyone falling on the floor.

3) The security floodlights play an important role in the nighttime environment.

It’s night and you don’t know much about your outdoor surroundings. Or maybe, you are just looking for a short walk to ease up your burden. Well, then that’s where floodlights step in. These lights record every moment of what’s happening in their surroundings and consequently, make your life a bit easier.

Whilst, there are a lot of other benefits of using the best flood lights with cameras, let us move towards discussing where are these lights most suitable to install.

The Ideal Spot for Having Floodlight Cameras. 

Many people would argue that the ideal spot for installing floodlights varies.

This assertion is very true. However, when people only consider the appearance of a place while installing the floodlights and they don’t take into account the whole vicinity, then essential things often get ignored. This results in major losses of property, intruders encroaching on your house, and a compromise on your house’s overall security.

This is not to shock you.

You can install the LED floodlights with cameras for vision purposes, for improving the overall look of your outdoors, and most importantly for security purposes. To utilize this potential of LED floodlights, there are a few considerations about the place that you need to keep in your mind before installing the LED floodlights there. These considerations are:

Don’t install the LED floodlight camera too close to the ground.

As simple as it sounds, this is a factor worth paying attention to. In most places where the motion sensor light with cameras don’t prove out to be as effective, it is because the floodlights are very near to the ground. This makes the floodlights vulnerable to anyone’s access. The result is mostly the damaged floodlights and their camera’s inability to function properly. As a general rule, install your floodlights at least 11 feet above the ground.  

The security lights must not be installed on fragile surfaces.

You will want to avoid installing the security lights with cameras on fragile surfaces like cemented pipes, and on uneven surfaces like stair railings and even on wires. Some people just look at the convenience of installing the floodlights while overlooking a lot of other important aspects like the surface on which the floodlights with camera are present. This can result in long term damages to the motion sensor light and ineffective functioning.

Select your desired place for installing the floodlight camera.

Floodlights must have a good IP rating of around 50. This is necessary because the floodlight camera must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Now, when your floodlights have a good waterproof rating and they are dustproof, you can choose to install the floodlight camera at any desired place of yours, where you think that the LED floodlights will actually suit the place.


I hope that you enjoyed reading the reviews of the best floodlights with camera. The floodlights mentioned on this page are excellent for use in the house. They provide satisfaction and comfort: 2 things that most of the people seek while buying the floodlights for their house.

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