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15 Best Tips for Accent Lighting Interior Design

Today I’ll take you towards the 15 tips for accent lighting interior design which are guaranteed to make your house look glamorous. These tips will help you in installing your accent lights just in the right place.

Tip No.1: Use Track Lighting

What happens when you want to highlight the part of your room that cannot be highlighted by immovable accent lighting?

The answer is you use track lighting. Not only the focal point of the track lighting can be changed but also its easy installment means you can easily fit it in your room without having to call an engineer.

Tip No.2: Buy Torchiere Floor Lamps

The torchiere floor lamps can add a special beauty to your accent lighting interior design.

These lamps have a variety of shades that will just refresh the atmosphere of your house. Don’t hesitate to buy these lamps to create an ever-longing pleasant effect.

Tip No.3: Backlighting Always Steals the Show

Whether you like it or not, you need to accept the fact that backlighting has always turned out to be a massive mood lifter.

The glowing effect it produces on someone you’re talking to has the effect of making the conversation a bit more interesting. It soothes the nerves and can come in handy in situations when you are accompanying guests.

Tip No.4: Don’t Spread it Out like Conventional Lighting

Accent lighting is not usual lighting. It primarily focuses on one particular object in your room. If you are trying to use accent lighting to shed light on the whole room, think again.

While accent lighting can create stunning effects, using it in the wrong manner can drastically reduce the quality of your lighting.

Tip No.5: Use Multiple Accent LED Bulbs

While using one accent light to illuminate a particular object is ideal, it is perfectly normal to use several LED bulbs fitted together. This will help to add beauty to your room.

You will often see this type of arrangement in shops and other large buildings and its results are noteworthy. There are some tips and comparisons between LED light bulbs and how to use them.

Tip No.6: Use Different Colours

The accent lighting is not just used for visual purposes. If used in a diversified way, accent lighting can be used to glorify the aura of your entire house. Choose accent lights of your favourite colour because, after all, it is you who will get to spend most of the time in your room.

Your personal space must be built up your way. It is a bit of a concern that people’s lives have become highly stressful nowadays. 

Most people work 9 to 5 jobs and in working days, if they don’t end their day in a good pleasant room, it would be very distasteful for one’s mental health.

Lights can influence your mood and have a very deep impact on your personality. So go ahead, customize your room with what you like and start living your own life.

Tip No.7: Accent Lighting is all about Objects

Accent lighting highlights different objects on its way. Make sure to place the right kind of object under its light. Whether they are bright artifacts, lovely pictures of your family or your wonderful old recollection of different items, they are all there to be utilized rightfully.

Instead of just letting them stay inside your old cupboards or drawers, you must use them to create a wonderful impression. These items though little in size will aid in transforming your house.

Tip No.8: Don’t Mess it Up!

Always measure the size of your room and then install the lights. Since a lot of people are switching to up-to-date accent lighting interior design, they lack the basic knowledge of installing the lights in the right manner.

They will rely on electricians who do the simple job of installing the lights and nothing more. It is always a good idea to measure the roof of your room (length x width) and then begin with the process of hanging on these lights.

With the help of this initial process, you will not only allow yourself to design the room by yourself but also will get a sense of satisfaction that comes with designing your room without someone else’s opinions.

Tip No.9: A Lamp on a Desk

Whether it’s your friend’s house or a lavish interior design outlet, you will always see a beautiful lamp installed on a wooden desk (most probably). It creates an aura of joy among visitors because it is probably the first thing that they are going to notice.

This can create a very bright first impression. It’s so common in movies and dramas that the film always centres on a highly modern decorated room that always has this sort of arrangement.

Tip No.10: Use Low Voltage LED Lights

Using bulbs of around 12 V would be very helpful if you are planning to reduce your energy costs. Using these low-voltage bulbs as decorative lights can be considered an alternative to high-power-consuming accent lights.

The fact remains that when you use conventional lights instead of just going off the trend, you are bound to suffer its repercussions like increased utility bills, high energy costs, consistent burnouts, and a lot more things that users of these conventional lights (such as halogen lights) encounter.

With just a little change in your lighting setup, you could end up saving thousands of dollars at the end of the year.

One more advantage that comes with installing accent lights is that you will end up recovering the amount you paid for these lights including the installation costs in just several years.

So think again before installing the old-school lights, are they worth it? Are you going to recover the amount you paid for these lights quickly?

Are you willing to take on the challenge of replacing old bulbs with newer ones every month? If you can’t answer these questions with a big YES, then definitely accent lights are the lights you would want to have.

Tip No.11: Get Lighting Ideas

Visit some accent lighting interior design outlets and your neighbouring houses to get a primary understanding of what an ideal accent lighting interior design looks like. Just a glance at some brilliant designs will give you an insight into how modern accent lights are placed.

Tip No.12: Quality Over Quantity

Yes, you read it right. A lot of people think that stuffing lights in one place can transform their house into a castle. This is wrong. Having 2 to 3 lights that focus on a certain element of a room is what it takes to change the fashion of a room.

Tip No 13: Combination of Downlights and Torchiere Lamps

When you want your room’s design to excel, use torchiere floor lamps with LED downlights. The lamps will provide a vibrant display along with LED downlights which will give your room a touch of brightness.

This combination is found in a lot of places mainly in decorative houses, rooms and hotels. This will save you a lot of time because no other thing would be needed to aid in the accent lighting interior design of your house.

Tip No.14: Make your Room is Suitable for Reading

The main hassle arises because, unlike most lighting systems, accent lights do not spread the light entirely over the room. It is worthwhile to note that accent lighting can only highlight certain areas of the room.

Make sure that if you want to make reading possible without any difficulties, spread your accent lights along the length of your ceiling.

In this way, you and your children can study different books, articles, and news under the influence of accent lights. Accent lights make reading enjoyable. Their warm effect helps to soothe the ambience of your study place.

Tip No.15: Recessed Lighting is Ideal

Your focus must be towards the different methods and systems of lighting that you can trust. That said, you must give some room for recessed lighting.

Although recessed lighting is a lot more common than any other light that fits on a ceiling, you need to understand its long-lasting capability.

The recessed lighting is a little bit difficult to install but once all the wiring has been done and it is ready to use, consider it to be forever done.

By this, I mean that recessed lighting requires very little to no maintenance.

Even if a problem arises and induces you to change your existing recessed light, all you have to do is take another recessed light and install it into the place of another since the wiring is already done. It is another problem if the wiring is affected.

But for now, your lights are safe from getting damaged.


What is accent lighting in interior design?


Accent lighting in interior design refers to a type of lighting that is used to highlight or draw attention to specific elements or areas within a space. It adds drama, depth, and visual interest to a room by emphasizing features like artwork, architectural details, or decorative objects.


What is considered accent lighting?


Accent lighting includes various fixtures and techniques such as track lighting, wall sconces, recessed spotlights, and uplighting. It typically involves focused, directional light sources that create contrast and shadows, enhancing the overall aesthetics of a room.


What is the common use of accent lighting?


The common use of accent lighting is to create a focal point in a room or to showcase specific items. It’s often used to illuminate paintings, sculptures, bookshelves, or unique architectural features like a fireplace mantle. Accent lighting enhances the ambience and helps create a visually appealing and layered lighting scheme in interior spaces.

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