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How do you adjust toilet bowl lights?

Research shows that proper sleep enhances overall physical health and mental wellbeing. Some people have disturbed circadian rhythm that leads to lack of sleep at night. The problem becomes even more frustrating when one has to take frequent bathroom trips.

If you need to use the toilet at night, you surely don’t want to disturb your partner or roommate. In that case, you don’t turn “ON” the lights and go to the toilet in the dark. However, the chances are that you can slip on the bathroom floor accidentally and get fractures.

Likewise, late-night toilet trips become a problem when you dont have enough light. Thats why it is important to use a toilet bowl light to protect yourself from accidental splashes on the floor and streamline the entire process without disturbing your partner.

Toilet bowl lights are motion-activated that people install on the toilet bowls side. Whenever you enter the bathroom, the device will detect your movement and turn ON to illuminate. Toilet bowl lights come in a wide range of colors, and you can set them on a cycling mode.

How do you adjust toilet bowl lights? The process is pretty straightforward. First, lift the cover and seat of the toilet and bend the device’s arm mount into a “U” shape. Once done, hook the device over the toilet bowl’s side. Make sure the device’s motion sensor faces the bathroom door. That way, it will detect your movement and turn “ON” to illuminate the toilet bowl.

How to get the most out of your toilet bowl light?

The primary function of the toilet bowl light is to illuminate the bowl area. If you want the device to work properly, make sure you install and adjust it correctly. For instance, use the instructional manual that comes with the product to know the correct installation and adjustment procedure.

Make sure the device fits snugly on the bowl and stays flat on the rim of the toilet. If you position the device at a specific angle, it may not detect your movement when you enter the bathroom, leading to severe consequences like slipping on the floor.

Besides, the light’s front must not come into contact with the toilet lid when you close it. Some people complain that their toilet bowl lights turn “ON” even when there is light in the bathroom. In that case, you need to make changes to the cycling mode of the device and adjust it according to your needs.

Moreover, most toilet light bowls are water resistant but not waterproof. That’s why you have to ensure the device does not come into contact with water. In case the light is washed under the faucet, make sure you clean it properly. Remove the batteries and clean the device’s surface with a soft towel or non-abrasive sponge.

Final Words

A toilet bowl light is an excellent device that adds style to your bathroom and provides safety. It is a programmable device that uses motion sensors to detect your movement when you enter the bathroom. The primary benefit of using such a light is to avoid accidental slips in the bathroom and allow your partner or anyone else in the room remains asleep at night.