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Best Flood Lights for Trees: 7 Top Quality LED Flood Lights with Reviews in 2023

The attractiveness of trees, flowers, and plants has a complement of lighting. This is a primary factor to highlight those qualities and designs embodied in gardens or open spaces.

On this page, we will discuss the best flood lights for trees and how these lights can benefit your outer environment.

In many outdoor spaces, floodlights are used to highlight the trees, but design and decoration experts advise using specific lights and placing them in a certain position for better visibility, i.e., to achieve a good impression, you have to take into account certain fundamental aspects such as determining the use of space, type, and height of trees and design.

List of Best Flood Lights for Trees

Name of
ImageCorrelated Color
Temperature (CCT )
Waterproof Price
RGB LED Multi-Color FloodlightFlood Lights for TreesVariableYesClick Here for Price
Rextin RGB LED FloodlightFlood Lights for TreesVariableYesClick Here for Price
GLW Landscape LED Floodlights3.13000KYesClick Here for Price
LGIDTECH Garden SpotlightFlood Lights for Trees2700-6500KYesClick Here for Price
Ustellar LED FloodlightFlood Lights for Trees5,000YesClick Here for Price
Onforu Super Bright LED FloodlightFlood Lights for Trees5,000YesClick Here for Price
Hyperikon Outdoor LED FloodlightsFlood Lights for Trees5,000YesClick Here for Price

1. RGB LED Multi-Color Floodlight

Flood Lights for Trees

What happens when you want flood lights for trees and you want them to differ in colour? You choose the RGB LED multi-colour floodlights.

With a variety of 16 different eye-opening light colours, these LED flood lights for trees can prove to be a game-changer for your outdoors. Don’t like one light colour? Cool, just change it with an easy-to-use remote control.

These 100 W floodlights come with superior LED bulbs that limit energy wastage while also providing bright light. Setting up a fancy atmosphere was never this simpler.

If you ever feel the need for lighting up the trees, just know that RGB LED multi-colour floodlight is one of the best options. It also has a good heat dissipation system which is necessary for the proper functioning of the flood lights for trees and also for safety purposes.

This floodlight can also survive diverse weather conditions due to its IP65 rating. The water won’t seep in that easily and you just need to plug these lights and never look back.

Useful Features

  • IP65 Waterproof
  • A long lifespan
  • A bright source of light for the illumination of trees
  • Different light color options are available ranging from blue to red
  • Remote control present to change the colours

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2. Rextin RGB LED Floodlight

The Rextin LED floodlight is a bit different from the floodlights that you saw above. The main thing that distinguishes the Rextin RGB floodlight is the multiple colour temperature of the Rextin floodlight. You can choose your colour from a range of 16 different colours.

The Rextin floodlight is also dimmable. Whenever you feel that you want to decrease the brightness, you can do it by remote controller.

You can artistically light your trees. The colour-changing capability along with the dimming feature is going to guide you through the way.

You can easily connect this floodlight to the power source. No time will be wasted. Decorating your outdoors with the Rextin floodlight. People will find the atmosphere appealing. This can also contribute greatly to the longevity of social gatherings.

Enjoy time with your loved ones in a glamorous way. This 200 W LED floodlight is all that you need to do that. The superior LED bulbs are going to save you some big bucks.

At the end of the year, you will be left with joyful memories and a great picture that sums up your life.

Useful Features

  • Dimmable
  • A variety of correlated colour temperatures (CCT) are available
  • A good source of light to light up trees and other outdoor spots
  • IP65 rated
  • It can be easily installed

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3. GLW Landscape LED Floodlights

Last, but not least, the GLW landscape LED floodlight is also a very good example of LED floodlights that can be used to light up trees. These simple LED flood lights for trees are very easy to install.

These landscape lights can be used for several purposes like decoration, exterior designing, and outdoor lighting. Changing the look of your outdoors becomes a very easy thing when you have got the GLW Landscape floodlights.

These lights, like most of the other outdoor flood lights for trees mentioned on this page, can resist the encroachment of water molecules and dust particles. Owing to their IP65 rating.

Useful Features

  • IP65 rating for water and dust protection
  • Produces glare-free light which is harmless to eyes
  • Energy-saving LEDs present
  • Easy to light up trees using the GLW landscape lights
  • Good source of light

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4. LGIDTECH Garden Spotlight – Color Temperature Adjustable

Looking for a brand-new way to satisfy your outdoor lighting goals? The LGIDTECH garden spotlight will solve most of your problems. With a round-shaped body that includes myriads of different colour temperatures of light, you don’t need to look any further.

This model of LGIDTECH spotlights can be easily set up at your desired spot. This may not be a floodlight, however, but this garden spotlight has everything that you need to light up your trees in a fashionable manner.

This spotlight’s working is very similar to floodlights. Just position the spotlight in the direction of the desired tree that you want to highlight.

And notice the change that it brings to the atmosphere. Whether it’s a party or a get-together, you can impress your family and friends with this spotlight’s vast range of colours. Don’t like one colour? You can easily change it through your smartphone.

What else to expect from this brilliant spotlight? Let us guide you through the useful features:

Useful Features

  • A unique lighting solution for trees and outdoors
  • The LGIDTECH spotlight contains a wide variety of colours to choose from
  • Easy to install
  • The spotlight can be customized through a smartphone or a controller
  • IP65 rated
  • Easily rotatable body
  • Reasonable price

Buy LGIDTECH Garden Spotlight on Amazon.

5. Ustellar LED Floodlight

The Ustellar Floodlight is a useful floodlight for lighting up trees. You can easily install these 60W flood lights for trees and then decide whether to use these for decorative purposes or some other useful purposes like security, or for adding more brightness to your surroundings.

If you want to keep these lights running for longer periods, then you totally can. It’s because the Ustellar LED floodlights are IP66 Waterproof to survive different weather conditions. And because they are going to save you 80% of your energy bills relative to low-quality halogens.

People often find it easier to get their trees lighted up when they are using floodlights. The reason is that they can be easily rotated and shifted without any inconvenience.

And that is what Ustellar LED floodlight is going to offer you. With their compact shape and easy-to-handle structure, these LED lights are perfect for lighting up trees.

Useful Features

  • IP 66 waterproof
  • These lights save you a lot of electricity as compared to other forms of lighting
  • A 120-degree wide beam angle allows light to spread light easily
  • Easy to handle and install
  • The Ustellar floodlights can be used for a variety of purposes

Buy Ustellar LED Floodlight on Amazon.

6. Onforu Super Bright LED Floodlight for Lighting up Trees

Another very good source of light to illuminate your trees is the Onforu Super Bright LED Floodlights. People want their trees to be eye-opening, especially in places like gardens and backyards. These are the places that people enjoy being in.

So, the Onforu LED lights make it possible for your favourite outdoor place to transform itself into something novel and eye-catching.

Their daylight white colour temperature light is going to completely illuminate the trees, giving them a brighter look.

And believe me, like all the other LED floodlights for trees offered on the internet, this Onforu floodlight does not become perilously hot because of its efficient heat dissipation system.

This IP 66 waterproof light has a long lifespan with a wide beam angle. Users can light up multiple trees using the Onforu LED floodlights.

The LEDs are further going to drive down energy costs. These features help the Onforu super bright floodlights to climb to the no. 2 spot of our best floodlight for trees list.

Useful Features

  • Extremely bright floodlights with a lifespan of more than 48000 hours
  • IP 66 waterproof
  • Efficient heat dissipation system present
  • Multipurpose floodlights for decorative and illumination purposes
  • Wide beam angle

Buy Onforu Super Bright LED Floodlight on Amazon.

7. Hyperikon Outdoor LED Floodlights

The Hyperikon Outdoor LED Floodlights come with an IP65 rating. If you want to light up your trees using cheaper solutions, then these are the lights we recommend. These outdoor flood lights for trees are meant for a variety of purposes.

They can be used as flood lights for backyards and also for lawns. The 5000K colour temperature of these lights is sufficiently bright.

Hyperikon is a brand that is well-known for its top quality of lights. These lights are well-known for their versatility. These lights can be used anywhere and they will never disappoint you. The LED bulbs provide a great quality of light while also reducing electricity costs. Let’s now know the useful features of these lights. 

Useful Features

  • IP65 waterproof
  • LED bulbs save energy as compared to halogen bulbs
  • Best suited for illumination purposes (trees, outdoors, etc)
  • 180-degree rotatable bracket for easier rotation
  • Multipurpose floodlights

Buy Hyperikon Outdoor LED Floodlights on Amazon.

Flood Lights for Trees: Different Types

Also, it is important to use LED lighting that offers five times less consumption than a conventional bulb and place it at a prudent distance from the tree so that the light opens and illuminates the entire plant. We can also take into account the lights’ colours and much more.

If you want to make your trees shine, do not miss the information we offer here about the best flood lights for trees.

If you plan to light a garden tree, these tips may be useful. It is a more or less simple task as long as you have a point of light near the tree. If not, the matter will require a little more effort, since you must pass a cable underground from the nearest point of light to the tree.

There are several ways to light a tree and each produces a different visual effect. Therefore, it is important to consider what aesthetic purpose we want to give that scene to be able to install the tree floodlight in the right place.

There are different types of floodlights to light a tree:


Stakes or Outdoor Light Skewers


It is a very small structure floodlight that is attached to a metal or plastic stud that can dig into the ground, grass, or sand. These outdoor stakes are prepared to work outdoors, thanks to their protection index. That guarantees them what is necessary to cope with rain, humidity, and even snowfall.

The skewers and stakes are connected to a power line that already exists in the garden, although some of them incorporate a connection in case there is a power outlet or plug nearby.

We can find two types of light sources of this type: the bulb and the integrated LED. The first option, usually use an LED bulb; the second does not require a bulb because the LED is already integrated into the lamp itself.


Embeddable on the Garden Floor


In this case, we install the embeddable light on the exterior floor near the tree we wish to illuminate. Having solid objects nearby, i.e., the branches and leaves of the tree, the light hits them bouncing in all directions and illuminating the area of influence. The result of this type of lighting has an important decorative effect while defining and describing that part of the garden or space.

This type of floodlight must follow a series of guidelines when installed. Remember that when it rains the soil is filtered and, in the end, it is the place where water can accumulate:

  • Do not install this embeddable light in a piece of land or area where water could condense or accumulate easily.
  • Since they can be installed on land or in cement, it is important in the first case to leave a drainage safety zone below them. For a better understanding, that drain must be able to filter 5 litres of water in 8 minutes. For this, we only have to place 25cm of gravel and about 15cm of gravel under the respective sides under the embeddable light. That guarantees the filtering itself.

Likewise, once installed it is advisable to proceed with an operation that will prevent condensation of steam.

This action is that once installed, the first time they work should be with the protective glass removed for one hour. After that time, we must cover the embeddable light immediately.

The embeddable light can work with different sources of light, low consumption, halogen, and LED, are some examples, in all cases, it is important to keep in mind that the equipment must be waterproof. This guarantee is given to us by its IP value or protection index, which must always be IP65-IP68.

Flood Lights for Trees
Image Source:



A light projector, in the world of decoration, is an apparatus formed by a light source (halogen bulb, LED, or laser) that, within a structure (usually plastic or aluminium) distributes a light beam on a tree at a certain distance.

Using a light projector to decorate trees is a very practical option for several reasons:

  • In a few seconds, you can decorate a tree without making much effort.
  • You can install it yourself.
  • You save money.
  • You can light inaccessible areas, for example, a very tall tree.
  • You can decorate a very large tree.
  • They are very simple to use.
  • It is a safe product since it works at low voltage.

The projectors are divided into two groups according to their light source inside the device: LED or laser. Projectors that work with halogen or incandescent bulbs consume much more electrical energy and overheat.

Its installation is very simple. Some models have support or fixation support, others can also be stuck in the ground.

The most common projectors are square or rectangular, although there are also round and smaller ones. This light provides volume to the trees and can be fixed or portable. All are orientable to be able to direct the beam of light where it is needed.

You can also get them with a cable or without cable. This second option is very comfortable since they are plugged into an electrical outlet to charge the battery they have built in. Once charged, they work autonomously without being plugged in.

About the type of light that we are going to use, we always recommend the use of LED or low consumption. The reason is obvious since these are lights that will be on for many hours and this will have an impact on consumption.

As for the light shade, we recommend the use of warm light or a pink shade as it scares away insects. The white or bluish light attracts them but it will also depend on the season.

Flood Lights for Trees: Different Light Effects

These are the effects we can achieve when lighting a tree in our garden:


Illuminate a garden tree from the base to highlight it


In this first case, we can work with both stakes and embeddable lights. The stakes are lights much easier to install, not requiring drains or extra work.

Directing the light from a distance to the trunk of between 50cm and 3 meters (depending on the power of the light and the height of the tree) we will be able to highlight all its branches and leaves in a really special way. We have to think that it is a type of light that does not exist in nature, so it attracts attention.

If you are going to use embeddable floor spotlights, you can opt for asymmetric spotlights, those that although installed vertically, deflect the light to a certain angle.

Image Source:

Illuminate the tree to create a shadow on a wall


This is a case that must be evaluated long before installation. If there is a wall near the tree, we can illuminate the tree leaving it between the spotlight and the wall.

With this, the shadow of the tree will be projected on the wall giving a feeling that is well-maintained and can be effective. In this case, we recommend a directional beacon or a stake or garden skewer.


Tree lighting to create a silhouette


If we illuminate the tree from the back, we will get a dark silhouette effect that can be effective in certain cases, for example, if the tree is not too graceful.

It is a little-used resource, but if you plan correctly the effect is extraordinary as long as it is used to complement other types of light in the garden.


Illuminate the tree from the same tree


Here we refer to floodlights that are inserted in the trunk and the branches of the tree to create lighting from top to bottom. The floodlights that are used in this case must be prepared to operate outdoors, i.e., they must be waterproof.


Illuminate with mirror effect


In this case, we illuminate the tree from two points of light to increase the threshold of the same and get the image to be reflected in a pool or if the tree is near a lake.

This is not always possible, although if this is the case, the effect is one of the most beautiful that can be achieved.

Details to Take into Account While Installing Flood Lights in Trees



When we light the treetops in spring, the perimeter flowers of the tree will stand out. The dense summer foliage will make it possible to raise the intensity of the light creating lighting with great plasticity and movement.

In autumn we can lower the intensity to avoid light pollution. On the other hand, in winter the light effect is reduced to the filigree of the branch.

By selecting a good floodlight, you can influence the colour of light and the colour reproduction of the leaves and inflorescences. White light colours accentuate greenish-blue foliage, while warm white light colours enhance reddish-brown leaves.


Tree Growth


Avoiding glare are details that must be taken into account when seeking placement and lighting orientation.

In the case of large trees, several lights may be needed to achieve uniform illumination and avoid a distorted perception of light and dark parts.

The lights with a flexible orientation by picket can be adapted to the growth of the tree, correcting its placement. Embeddable floor lights are better integrated into the landscape but give more work when they require a new position.


Tree Groups


A group of trees allows their visual differentiation through several different lights and their orientation. The depth in space is created through illuminations focused on the foreground, centre, and background.

More intense brightness contrasts emphasize this effect. On the other hand, intensive beam lights serve for accentuation, while extensive beam lights take over basic lighting.

However, the lights from the front of the tree evenly illuminate the cups. The laterally placed lights produce a pronounced contrast between light and shadows, but placing lights on both sides suppresses intense shadows.

Also, in the case of using the uplights next to the trunk, they emphasize this as a vertical linear element.


Trees Arranged in a Row


The decoration with lights on trees arranged in a line or row can be very different depending on the type of tree they are.

You can illuminate the space by creating a wall effect when we have a lusher tree type creating a kind of back mirror effect that will illuminate intensely with an ascending beam of light covering everything behind the tree.

In this type of lighting, special care must be taken in the placement of the light to avoid light pollution.

On the other hand, if the trees are not leafy, varied, and classic lighting can improve visibility by always showing the background and not using too strong lights.


Light conditions the way we see and feel the world. It is a source of enlightenment, inspiration, and meaning. It is the most important tool to consider in architecture and design.

The growing popularity of landscaping allows us more and more, to pay attention to outdoor spaces and highlight the trees in our garden.

With so much approach and design, it is essential to illuminate the space to ensure that it can be admired and enjoyed not only during the day but also at night.

Therefore, we hope that with these different types of floodlights for trees, you can create different lighting effects taking into account the season of the year, the type of tree, and its size and you can play with the colours to achieve your goal.


What are LED flood lights for trees?


LED flood lights for trees are energy-efficient lighting options that use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to produce a powerful, focused beam. They are specifically designed to highlight the beauty of trees in outdoor spaces.


How do I install floodlights in trees?


For installing flood lights in trees, follow these steps:

  1. Select suitable fixtures rated for outdoor use.
  2. Choose the right position on the tree trunk or branches.
  3. Securely attach the fixtures using mounting brackets or straps.
  4. Run weather-resistant wiring to connect the lights to a power source.
  5. Test the lights and adjust their angles for the desired effect.


What are the benefits of outdoor floodlights?


Outdoor floodlights for trees provide increased security by illuminating dark areas, enhancing curb appeal, and creating an inviting ambience. They also offer better visibility for outdoor activities and deter potential intruders.


Can you mount a flood light to a tree?


Yes, you can mount a flood light to a tree. It’s essential to use a compatible mounting bracket or strap designed for outdoor use to secure the tree-mounted flood lights without damaging the tree. Ensure proper installation for safety and optimal performance.

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