Do motion sensor lights work during the day?

A motion sensor light is an excellent product that lights up a particular area by detecting movements. You can install a motion sensor light in doorways, walls, ceilings, driveways, and the indoor or outdoor space of your residential or commercial building.

Some motion sensor lights are equipped with advanced technology, such as occupancy sensors. These sensors work by turning on lights in occupied spaces and off in unoccupied rooms. A motion sensor light is a cost-effective investment and saves a lot of electricity, leading to lower energy bills.

Do motion sensor lights work during the day? Motion sensor lights are an integral part of your home security that detect motions through sensors and respond by turning “ON” the light for a short time. Because these lights are designed for evening or nighttime, they don’t work during the day.

You can adjust these lights and allow them to work all day long. Doing so will lead to more electricity consumption and higher energy bills eventually. That’s why it is crucial to adjust the settings to nighttime use. Read on!

Where should you install the motion sensor lights?

Experts recommend installing the motion sensor lights at least 6-10 feet above the ground. That way, the sensor has a wider activity view and detect motions better. Placing the lights properly can enhance your home security.

Install the lights in a suitable location that provides a broader field of view, especially if you want to maintain your home security. It is recommended to place your motion sensor lights on corners to have a broader view of the surrounding areas.

Can You Set these lights to stay off for some time?

Yes, you can set your motion sensor lights to stay off for some time. However, it works when the light has a switched attached to it. Some motion sensor lights can work during the day and consume more energy. You can simply turn the light off if it has a switch.

Refer to the instructional manual that comes with the motion sensor light to know how to turn off the light and override the motion sensor. It is important for lights that do not have a switch. Otherwise, flipping the switch to the “OFF” position will get the job done.

Do motion sensor lights enhance your home security?

Motion sensors lights are an important component of your home security. It is an affordable way to prohibit unwanted people from intruding your property. Because lights draw attention, the intruder will know that someone is at home even if you are outside.

So, motion sensor lights create a psychological impact on burglars’ mind and prevent them from breaching your house. Moreover, these lights allow you to walk safely at night and also provide good illumination for pets.

Final Words

Most motion sensors lights are designed to work at night. These lights turn off automatically after sunrise, but you can adjust the setting according to the circumstances, such as harsh weather conditions. On average, the light stays on for at least 10-15 minutes.

You can re-program your motion sensor lights and increase the amount of “stay-on” time to 20, 30, or one hour. Because these lights are used to deter intruders, it is best to keep the default settings to reduce energy consumption.