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Best Craft Lights with Magnifier - Expert Guide

Whether it’s your workplace that needs a certain ambiance for creativity or it is your craft room in which you are looking forward to doing some daily tasks: craft lighting possesses the ability to make a difference in our lives. On this page, we feature some of the best craft lights with magnifiers.

Let’s take a look at the lights with magnifiers and how we can innovatively use them to maximize their effect.

Purpose of Craft Lights

Many people have to adapt to different kinds of environments before they can become more efficient in their particular tasks. One of the most important factors that account for their productivity is the type of lights that they use. 

Doing various sorts of craft requires different ambiances, different mentalities, and different working personalities. Keeping this in mind, the ideal workplace required to do a job that requires close concentration must consist of at least a few simple craft lights which can make the job easier.

Generally, when people face chores that require some close work for a considerable amount of time, they don’t have as many options to look forward to, to do their work efficiently with the help of these options and without facing any health-related repercussions like weakening of eyesight.

Now with the arrival of hi-tech craft lights, users can craft as much as they like without facing the fear of weakening their eyesight, not being able to work properly and most importantly they can get a better view of the objects that they are dealing with the help of magnifiers that craft lights come with. Magnifiers make the job much easier, especially when used with LED lights. 

So now let us take a look at some of the best craft lights with magnifiers that you will fall in love with. These craft lights are here to make your job look easy and satisfying at the same time.

Note that all the craft lights mentioned on this page come with magnifiers so that people dealing with macular degeneration and weakened eyesight can overcome problems that come along with doing close work.  

Best Magnifying Desk Lamps

Close work always requires a little bit more mental and physical effort as compared to other forms of work. You must devote all your time and patience just to get simple things like needlework, stitching, painting, and facials done. In these cases, your eyes play an important role in getting the task done.

Not taking care of your eyes by doing insidious things like staring too closely at an object for a long time can seriously result in more harm than good.

Your eyes are under constant stress when you decide not to take the help of aid (e.g., a magnifier) which can make your task more convenient to do the job.

For these types of work, I highly recommend that readers use magnifier lamps. Magnifier lamps such as Brightech Lightview Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp can help users see magnified images of the objects that they want to use.

craft lights with magnifier

Under the influence of LED lights that these magnifier lamps come with, you don’t have to worry about installing some extra lights to do your craftwork: In fact, magnifier lamps come with built-in LED lights that provide enough brightness to your working space. 

The 1.75X magnification power of the aforementioned Brightech Magnifying lamp is fairly enough to zoom in on objects and allows you to do high-precision tasks with accuracy. Doing crafts was never much easier until now with the arrival of high-technology craft lights with magnifiers.

The Neatfi Super LED Magnifying Lamp is another very good example of a craft light with a magnifier. The built-in LED lights provide 1200 lumens of brightness along with the 5 diopter glass lenses suitable for distant vision and the 20 diopters for near vision.

Your work can get much simpler after using this lamp and the picture quality is also enhanced of your objects that you are working on.

This Neatfi’s dimmable magnifying lamp is all that you need to do crafts and one lamp like this one in your craft room is going to provide the necessary light levels required for you to do work.  

Adjustability/ Flexibility

Another important thing that holds people back from doing crafts is the adjustability of different craft lights.

A good craft light can be adjusted in such a way that it provides the maximum amount of light to your desk or working table so that all regions of the objects that you are working on are easily viewable.

Unfortunately, not many people know that there are a few craft lights with magnifiers out there on the internet that have a flexible structure in the most convenient way possible.

I am talking about those flexible magnifying table lamps that have such a nice gooseneck that allows the upper portion of the lamp to be positioned at an angle that suits users the most. Whether it’s painting miniatures or crafting, you can easily find some of the most suitable lamps.

And the cool thing about these flexible craft lights is that once you position their goosenecks to such an angle that suits you the most, you don’t have to use your hands, again and again, to adjust the table lamp while you work. The head of the magnifier lamp is non-moveable. 

Some amazing lamps such as Brightech Lightview Pro Flex and Brightech Lightview Flex Superbright possess some great features the most important feature being their flexibility which is so hard to undervalue.

The clamp of these lamps does not let the top go loose and the user can adjust the gooseneck according to their needs without even feeling a need to touch the lamp to readjust it. Hence, crafting has been made a lot easier since these types of lamps came onto the market.


As I mentioned above the importance of flexibility of craft lights, and brightness plays an equal role in craftwork. You can go on working just as you like with dim lights, using no proper mechanical support, and taking low brightness levels as not so important but in the long run you will most likely suffer.

You will often notice how fitting it is to do craftwork with the naked eye. You will also notice some quick results being produced without much effort but all of this has a price. 

Modern living involves the use of the latest technology but when proper attention is not paid to health, all you can expect is damage. Professional workmen such as welders always recommend the use of high-quality glasses to protect themselves from extreme lasers caused by high temperatures.

Likewise, it is advisable for people who do close to always use some glasses that can mitigate the harmful effects of low levels of light.

Tip: Always work under appropriate conditions where there is a sufficient amount of light entering your room. Low levels of brightness can cause impairment of the eyes in the long run. To protect you from this, we recommend some excellent quality craft lights such as Neatfi XL 2200 lumens Task Lamp and Premium Desk Magnifying Lamp.

These lamps have built-in LED lights that offer a great deal of brightness. Now even if your room does not have some high-quality LED lights installed, you need not worry because the craft lamps presented in this paragraph have got you covered up. Know what can be done with different craft lamps.

Magnifying Ability

It is great that now the best craft lights with magnifiers have magnification power in multiple ranges. It allows users to choose exactly the type of light that they want according to its magnifying power.

Magnification plays an important role in keeping the magnifier lamps to remain functional.


What is the best magnification for craft work?


The best magnification for craft work varies depending on your specific needs and preferences. Generally, a magnification range of 2X to 5X is suitable for most craft projects. However, it ultimately depends on the level of detail in your work and your comfort using higher magnifications.


Is 10X magnification too much?


A 10X magnification is quite high and may not be suitable for most craft work as it can be challenging to work with such a strong magnification for extended periods. It’s often used for specialized tasks like jewelry making or extremely fine detail work. For general crafting, a lower magnification is typically more practical and comfortable.