Buying Guide for Home Office Lighting

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Buying Guide for Home Office Lighting:

It can be hard to choose the best home office lighting for computer screen when there are multiple products available in the market and you do not know what features a good quality product has.

To help you choose a suitable home office lamp, we have explained below the features that you should look at before making a purchase.

Light and Brightness Setting

Most of the home office lamps let the users change the color mode and brightness of the light according to the user’s surroundings or computer screen’s needs. With this feature, you can change the brightness from high to medium and from medium to low. Some can even adjust brightness automatically.

This is a great feature to look for in a home office lamp as it will help you work in the light that you like.


It is one of the crucial features that you must consider before buying a home office lamp. The flexibility of a lamp arm allows you to adjust the direction of light according to your needs. With this feature, you do not have to worry about changing your seat to reduce glare or direction of light.

Size and Aesthetics

The size of the lamp that you should buy depends on your basic needs. For instance, if you have a wide workbench that has multiple screens that you use for work or has different work-related items spread throughout the surface, then a lamp that has a wider bar is more suitable for you.

As for the aesthetics, you are free to choose whichever design you like. But make sure you do not compromise quality over the beauty of a lamp.

Some Extra Features:

USB Charging Port:

Some lamps offer more than just light. They have USB charging ports that can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets, and similar electronic devices.

LCD Display:

An LCD on a lamp can exhibit time, date, day, and even the temperature of your computer work surroundings. Such multipurpose lamps can be of great help in your home office.

Lamp Base with an Organizer Compartment:

A home office table can become messy if you are using small items like pens, pencils, or pins in your home office. To help you keep these items in a secure place, lamps that have organizer compartments can assist you a lot.

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