5 Best Touch Lamps for The Elderly- Finest Quality Lighting Reviews for 2021

After reviewing different lamps that possess certain characteristics like adjustability and variable color temperatures, I came across 5 of the best touch lamps for the elderly that will play a major part in keeping the seniors entertained by the provision of their top-quality light and performance.

Touch lamps are very easy to operate. These days, the touch feature is not just limited to turning the lamp on and off, rather much can be achieved in the form of changing light intensities, light temperature, and much more with just a simple touch. 

There are very few touch lamps out there that are specially designed for the seniors. However, we can sort these lights out by choosing the ones which are gentle on the eyes and easy to operate. When your primary needs are much more than using the lamp’s light for reading and studying, you shouldn’t prioritize leisure over eye-care.

But lamps these days offer different ways to not only meet your basic lighting requirements but also allow you to maintain balance in the form of optimized comfort as well as featuring great quality light that promises eye-care while you carry out your hobbies.

Some Great Touch Lamps for Senior Living:

1) Zeefo Touch Control LED Table Lamp

If you are looking for a stylish lighting solution for your reading experience or if you are shopping for the best touch lamps for the elderly to gift someone, you can conclude your search now.

But we shall stick to our primary requirement and that is the eye-care properties of our choice.

The light offers only warm light. Although it might limit the situations in which you can use it, this limitation has made this lamp a great addition to your bedroom or study room. Now, you can keep brighter reading lights out of your bedroom to support natural sleep cycles.

Edison Dimmable T45 7W LED bulbs make the highlight of these lamps. They give off light equivalent to 60 watts and save up to 90% of energy costs in doing so. But energy conservation is not the primary benefit of these bulbs.

These bulbs are known for their flicker-free operations. And the light is soft and you get dazzle-less experience. Light is soothing and relaxing. You can switch between three different brightness levels without compromising on its soothing temperature. For nighttime reading, they are your perfect partners.

The lampshade is an additional feature that satisfies users’ needs for a warmer hue while also satiating their aesthetic sense. It also adds to the softness of light you get from this lamp making the reading experience relaxing and smooth.

Interested? Let’s find a few other features that make this light the perfect option for your stylish study room.

Each lamp has a footprint of 8.6 inches and is 17.32 inches high. You may want to consider this information if you want to present this to someone special or if you have a space scarcity in your room or study.

You also get an additional feature of USB charging ports for conveniently charging your phone while studying. The dual USB ports allow you to charge two different devices simultaneously.

Plus, the AC outlet on the lamp allows you to use electronic products along with this lamp without having to search for another socket. Please note that this outlet only allows a maximum of 1500 watts so you should only plugin low power electronics.

Now you can have it all with Zeefo Touch Control Table Lamp.

  • Flicker-free light
  • Energy conservation
  • USB charger and AC outlet
  • 3 brightness levels
  • Not adjustable in angle and height
  • No adjustability in color temperature

2) Architect Gesture+ Touch Control Swing Arm LED Table Lamp

If you are looking for the easiest lamp to enrich your reading experience, this OTUS Architect Desk Lamp is among the best touch lamps for the elderly. Why is it the easiest lamp to handle? It’s because it memorizes your favorite lightning setup and switches to it whenever you ask. 

How do you prefer to read? Your best reading experience can be in bed. Or you can prefer long reading sessions. 

You can choose between day and night to nurture your passion for reading. Whatever are your needs, this lamp helps you in every need and every situation. 

It helps by allowing you three different lighting modes that are easy on the eyes. These light modes are based on the color temperature. You can switch between cooler temperature for reading and work and warmer temperatures for relaxation. 

But, hey, weren’t we interested in the eye-friendliness of the lamp? Yes, the lamp responds to the health needs of the users just as well. Color temperature is just one way to abide by health requirements. Another is non-flickering, stable light. You can count on its non-flickering function for years. 

LED bulbs are another part that boosts the health-consciousness of these lamps. As well as health impacts, these bulbs are also great for energy saving. So, you have to pay only 20% of the cost you would have to spend to get the same level of brightness. 

Also, you can adjust the brightness to twelve different lumen counts. In short, you can select any brightness level which suits your eyes and reading requirements. The super-bright light from it can reach 1200 lux. 

Glare is minimized because of the light quality which is soft and has no bright spots. 

Other features worth mentioning about this lamp include its unique design which combines classic and modern styles, its highly adjustable arm, innovative gesture control, and enhanced durability.

You can adjust its arms to change the angle as well as the brightness your subject is getting during reading. The head can swivel up to 360 degrees! The lampshade keeps the light focused on your desired object and is great for reading purposes. 

The most remarkable feature of this lamp is its gesture control which comes with an infrared motor sensor. Now you only have to switch your light on or off with a wave of your hand (not to mention without touching the lamp).

  • Gesture control
  • Memory function to remember preferred settings
  • Non-flickering
  • Natural light
  • Durable
  • Light can get too focused because of lampshade
  • Could be more flexible.

3) Taotronics Touch Control LED Lamp

imgsource: powerplanetonline.com

Taotronics offers flicker-free light. You get a constant level of brightness. 

Another layer of protection comes from the frosted light panel. This panel covers diodes to prevent glare. At the base, you are getting an LED light source which is cooler than other sources and also more suitable for your eyes. 

Another factor in any device that helps with eye-care is the color temperature we are getting from it. TaoTronics takes care of this feature also. It offers five different temperatures. So, if you want to study the details of a tiny subject, you may prefer a neutral white light that ranges between 3500 and 4500 Kelvin. But if you are interested in nighttime reading, you will prefer a yellower glow.

Whatever is the demand of the task, you can choose from five different color temperatures you get from this lamp. These temperatures range between 2700 and 6000 Kelvin. 

One tip to enhance this lamp’s eye-friendliness is to use its warmer light colors wherever possible. Yellow light, for example, is known to help in filtering out UV light as well as blue light. 

The brightness level is another consideration you should have for your eyes. Although this factor does not directly influence eye health, it does so indirectly by affecting your sleep cycles. TaoTronics TT-DL13 allows seven different brightness levels to respond to this health concern. 

The lamp further helps you with attaining the perfect brightness level and angle by allowing innumerable positions. 

The lamp allows these positions through two of its joints both of which can be rotated in 3 dimensions upward and downward and sideways. The tilting angle of its head is 135 degrees while that of its base is 150 degrees. The swivel angles are 90 and 45 degrees respectively. 

Apart from these characteristics which directly impact your eye health, this lamp also offers some other user-friendly features. 

One such ease-of-use quality is touch control. You can switch between brightness levels and color temperatures with a single touch. This lamp prevents you from worrying about the charging socket for your phone because you need your lamp plugged-in. All you have to do is to use the charging port on the lamp to keep your phone charged and in easy access. 

If you are concerned about energy consumption, this lamp is a great choice because it uses LED light which saves up to 75% of electricity. With TaoTronics, you also don’t have to worry about the color appearance of your subject. At the above-80 color rendering index, your lamp is second only to the natural light.

  • 5 color temperatures
  • 7 brightness levels
  • 75% energy saving
  • Flicker-free glare-free light
  • CRI 80
  • Adjustability could be enhanced with gooseneck lamp stand.

4) Cozoo Dimmable LED Light for Bedroom

You can adjust its arms to change the angle as well as the brightness your subject is getting during reading. The head can swivel up to 360 degrees! The lampshade keeps the light focused on your desired object and is great for reading purposes. 

The most remarkable feature of this lamp is its gesture control which comes with an infrared motor sensor. Now you only have to switch your light on or off with a wave of your hand (not to mention without touching the lamp). 

An optimal balance between health, safety, convenience, and comfort, this lamp is a must for your bedroom lightning essentials. And we shouldn’t forget about the sleek and minimalist style of this lamp which only enhances its beauty.

Its quest starts with soothing eye care. The basic feature that protects your eyes from straining is the stable light it gives. The lampshade is another feature that works to protect your eyes from glare and excess brightness. It does so by making the emitting light softer.

If you are looking for a solution that can offer your brightness adjustment, COZOO makes one of the options you have available. It offers three different brightness levels so you can make it your bedside table lamp without compromising your reading quality.

How the lamp makes a three-in-one bedroom light solution? Its three different brightness levels are perfect for day time work, reading, and night light. For night light you get a blue night pole to answer your night light needs. Although the color may not appeal to most people for sleeping purposes, it is great for those who want minimal light to sleep because of the dim light it emits.

If you need your night light to be dimmer than what pole gives off, you can simply switch off the light. Its button keeps shining! And you can use it for sleep time.

Its color temperature mimics that of natural light to some extent. Consequently, your reading experience is boosted by the neutral white color.

Lighting your room is not the primary function of this lamp. It also allows you to charge your devices. With up to 2.4A output current, the USB charging ports at the lamp are best for any device you want to charge. And it charges fast!

It also comes with two AC outlets.

Other than being the best table lamp for elderly people, this lamp is a great option for kids also. The best part about these lamps is their safety features. When using this lamp, or charging your devices on it, you will not be worried about it getting hot or getting a shot-circuit. The innovative technology behind this lamp minimizes these risks.

  • 3 brightness levels
  • 2 years warranty (subject to change).
  • USB charger and AC outlet
  • Not adjustable in height or angle

5) Industrial Touch Control Table Lamp

The last lamp is a multi-purpose light source suitable for all needs around the house. It’s also a great source of light for reading purposes and offers eye-friendly brightness. 

Let’s start with the basic features in this lamp which ensure eye-care. First is the color temperature of this lamp. It offers white light which mimics sunlight. This white color from the lamp is inclined towards warmer temperature. 

It uses Edison LED bulb which is known for its non-flicker and stable lightning. Further, these bulbs guarantee dazzle-less illumination which is a commendable eye-care feature. 

The color temperature of these bulbs is 2700 Kelvin which is warm and is suitable for pre-bedtime reading. If you want a soothing light that does not interfere with your sleep, this is the color temperature you should look for in your light sources. 

If you are looking to use this lamp for more than one purpose, you can because it offers three different brightness levels. If you only want background light and don’t want to illuminate a task, you can choose a softer level. For reading purposes, you can choose the brighter option. 

It’s not just a bedside lamp. It’s a complete bedside solution because of its added feature of 2 USB charging ports and 2 AC outlets (2-pronged). 

Want even more? This product comes in an antique style that crosses the border of modern taste to adequately satisfy your aesthetic sense. It’ll also make a great piece if you are in the market shopping for a gift for your loved one.

  • 3 brightness levels
  • Flicker-free, dazzle-less light
  • Warm soothing light
  • USB charger and AC outlet
  • Not adjustable for height and angle.

Buyer’s Guide:

There are some important factors that you need to consider at the time of purchasing a reading lamp for seniors. Here are the most prominent factors out of them.

Lamp type

You should initially take a look at the type of lamp that you should be purchasing. That’s because there are numerous lamp types available to get. Out of the available lamp types, floor lamps are quite popular. That’s because you can adjust their height and get coverage for a wider area.  You can also purchase desk lamps as they offer a closer light. Apart from these options, you can also find clip on lights and tabletop lamps, which offer a high level of portability.

Multiple lighting options 

It is better if the lamp is offering multiple lighting options. For example, if that comes along with a dimmer, the seniors will be able to adjust light output and get the best reading experience. In other words, seniors can adjust the light according to environmental conditions and eyesight.


Portability is something that you need to consider when purchasing a reading lamp. It is better if the lamp comes along with a lightweight design. Then you will be able to carry it to different places around the house. In most of the instances, the portable lamps are powered with batteries. 


Adjustability refers to the flexible experience that anyone can receive out of the lamp. This can also contribute a lot towards the perfect reading experience that a reader can receive. For example, any senior who prefers to get a closer light beam can go for it. You can also achieve the perfect light angle out of it. 

Keep these facts in mind and invest your money accordingly to purchase the best reading lamp for seniors available.

best touch lamps for the elderly

Wrap Up 
This article lists the best touch lamps for the elderly. One primary feature which you will find in all these lamps is their concern towards eye health. Plus, these lamps are also easy to use with simple touch function and, in one case, the ability to remember your preferred lighting setup.

Elderly Lighting

Additional Tips:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Poor vision is something that most of the seniors struggle with. Due to the same reason, most of the seniors notice how things that remain in front of them are out of focus. This can lead the seniors to numerous struggles on a daily basis. Even though seniors can get some of their work done with poor vision, it will not be possible for them to continue with reading. That’s where they will need to think about purchasing the best reading lamps for seniors. 

Reading lamps are not in a position to correct vision related problems of seniors. However, they are in a position to deliver assistance with reading. That’s because a reading lamp will be in a position to illuminate what a senior is reading. 

The best reading lamps for seniors are powered up with super bright LED lights. These LED lights are associated with color temperatures that range from 3000K to 6000K. Hence, no senior will come across any struggles while using a one to continue with reading a book. It is possible to get an easy reading experience. On the other hand, they can deliver an output of 800 lumens, which is ideal for reading.

You can usually get a solid construction out of the best reading lamps available out there. They will be able to help people with gaining a flexible reading experience. They have a convenient touch switch, which any senior can use to switch on and switch off. Positioning of the lamp is adjustable to direct the flow of light into the book. 

It is also possible to purchase these reading lamps in many different shapes and styles. Out of them, you can find something that matches perfectly well with the aesthetics that you have at home.

Most of the seniors have the habit of reading a book before they go to bed at night

There are many different types of bedside lamps available for the seniors to purchase. Out of them, the bedside touch lamps for elderly are quite popular. These lights come along with a flat design. However, they are in a position to deliver a large surface for all the users. Any senior will find it an easy task to operate this kind of a touch lamp. In other words, touching the lamp is sufficient to turn that on. There are numerous sensors built into the touch lamp. These sensors deliver the functionality offered. 

The bedside touch lamps are heavily recommended for all the seniors who are struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. That’s because these lamps are quite easy to use. Seniors who have nimble fingers will never come across any difficulties when accessing the functionality. 

After getting a bedside touch lamp, you cannot expect to end up with a massive energy bill. That’s because these lamps are made out of energy efficient LED lights. The super-bright LED lights are in a position to deliver an outstanding support to you with reading a book. These are in-built batteries. Hence, you will not have to purchase AAA batteries from the market to use. In some of the advanced models, you have the freedom to adjust output brightness level. This can help a senior to get the perfect lighting experience out of the reading lamp.


So these were our best touch lamps for the elderly separated on the basis of light quality, ease of operation, flexibility, and several other aspects which we thought were important in governing the overall convenience that they had for the users. You can use these lamps for a wide variety of tasks, apart from that, these lamps are excellent light sources for accomplishing general lighting purposes.   

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