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5 Best Table Lamps for Video Conferencing – Expert Product Reviews (2023)

The rising uncertainty of recent times has changed our working methods. Even if the pandemic has not caused severe consequences to our jobs, there is one thing that we have come to realize: the importance of video meet-ups.

Times like these indicate that we constantly need to update our modes of working along with the equipment we use for interacting with others outside our workplaces.

Whether you hold part/full-time jobs or own multiple businesses, the chances of you getting to meet your co-workers or boss via computer screens are high. And for that purpose, we will look at 5 of the best table lamps for video conferencing. 

Lamps can facilitate an excellent environment for video conferencing. Proper lighting conditions in the work environment are as necessary as the laptop light for video conferencing.

And that’s why we have considered certain factors like light temperature, dimmability, and flexibility while preparing this list of best table lamps for video conferencing.

Now your next “Zoom,” “Microsoft Team,” or “Google Meet” meetings are going to be much better than before if you opt for these best table lamps for video conferencing mentioned below. 

List of Best Table Lamps for Video Conferencing

Name of
Magnifying Lamp
ImageAdjustable Brightness Levels
Adjustable Color TemperaturesPrice
Eyocean LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clampbest table lamps for video conferencingYesYesClick Here for Price
SAN Dimmable LED Desk Lamp2.2 12YesYesClick Here for Price
Joly Joy Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp with Clamp3.3 11YesYesClick Here for Price
Wellwerks Swing Arm Eye Caring Lampbest table lamps for video conferencingYesYesClick Here for Price
Softech Natural Light Smart LED Lamp with Tilting Headbest table lamps for video conferencingYesYesClick Here for Price

1. Eyocean LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clamp

best table lamps for video conferencing

The Eyocean LED clamp lamp has several features that make it the best lamp for video conferencing on our list. Firstly, it has a consistent network of built-in 160 LED beads that help to direct light to where it matters.

This unique LED bead arrangement has two significant advantages to its name.

First, this arrangement allows an even spread of light throughout your table, ensuring that every area of your worktable gets noticed regarding lumens received.

Second, no glares will be produced since the light emitted by the LEDs has the exact color correspondence as natural light.

Glare formation is one big problem many lamp owners face, and trust me, the whole concept of holding a live meeting under the influence of the best table lamps for video conferencing starts losing its true meaning when this happens.

This lamp provides glare-free light, which helps mitigate short-term adverse effects on our eyes.

So let’s say you have had a great meeting under the influence of this task lamp. There was a perfect combination of the color temperature of the LED light and the brightness level.

Now it’s time to turn off the lamp. If you are worried that you will have to set up the same lamp settings before switching off the light, let me tell you another great thing about this lamp.

The memory function will remember all of the lamp’s light settings while it is on so that you won’t have to spend a second configuring the scenes when you turn on the lamp again. 

The Eyeocean can be a great addition to your video conferencing lighting setup. It offers flexibility, design, and, most importantly, more user options in the form of adjustable light color temperatures.

So whenever you need to change light color, you can do that with the touch of a button.    


  • Anti-glare light is emitted from the LEDs, making it easy for the user to work under.
  • Easy to install.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • Takes very little space on your work table/desk.
  • The excellent quality bright light solves the majority of the computer work requirements.


  • I could have created more power consumption options other than the 12 Watts.

Buy Eyocean LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clamp on Amazon.

2. SAN Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

The Sanfeya LED desk lamp is an excellent fit for an average-sized table.

If you have had problems in the past in adjusting the direction of light towards your face or on your laptop’s keyboard just because the lamp you were using didn’t have a flexible neck, then this model of Sanfeya LED desk lamp will certainly help.

Its flexible gooseneck will help make quick adjustments to light direction, which is required in most face-to-face online meetings.

Sometimes, frustration also builds up if you can’t shed light on areas on your desk where there is a critical file waiting to be read or the person in the meeting with you can’t see your face correctly just because you are still busy arranging your office table and the whole light is focused towards that particular area.

Then the Sanfeya dimmable LED lamp can play its role, thanks to its powerful yet flexible gooseneck.

The thing with most of the best table lamps for video conferencing is that they can take a large chunk of your worktable’s space. As a result, there is no space left to move your mouse around, or the whole setting becomes too congested to accommodate a proper meeting.

All you have to do to pave the way for a pleasant meeting under this lamp is that you have to clamp this lamp onto your desk and adjust the light settings, so you are ready to go.

Like the previous lamp on our list, this one possesses a memory function that makes it easier to remember the light’s setting (dimmability and color temperature).

With three different lighting modes and 14 brightness levels, you have plenty of options to decide which combination to go with for a perfect meeting.

And as we all know, LEDs are excellent light sources that consume way less energy than halogens; you can expect this lamp to light your table up with minimal units of energy consumed.


  • Multiple color temperature options to suit different environments’ needs.
  • Light in weight.
  • Built-in dimmer makes it very easy to control light levels.
  • Flexible gooseneck.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • USB port allows you to connect the lamp to your computer without requiring any other power source.
  • Best lightweight option for video-conferencing.


  • Some users find the beep sound of this lamp annoying when it is switched on/off or when the color temperature changes.

Buy SAN Dimmable LED Desk Lamp on Amazon.

3. Joly Joy Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp with Clamp

Some best table lamps for video conferencing justify their presence by providing light to our desks; others do it by not just giving a light but exerting their influence on the whole work environment.

The Joly Joy LED lamp is, in fact, one of those kinds of best table lamps for video conferencing that prove their worth by providing an excellent quality of not only light but also unforeseen benefits to their surrounding environment with their minimalist nature.

By minimalist, we mean simplistic in design, correct? They don’t come in our way while we work. It can be unpleasant when you have a great lamp and things like overhead lighting and shadow formation start showing up.

Although that depends more on the positioning of the best table lamps for video conferencing on our tables, the nature of their design also has something to do with it.

This lamp has some meaningful features that make it brilliant for video conferencing. It is straightforward to use.

Just a few simple touches can adjust the settings of this lamp according to its user’s needs in terms of light. The long lifespan means that you will not need another lamp for the next several years as long as this lamp is available.

Sturdiness is another thing that often gets demanded in many video-conferencing setups, so this lamp has an outstanding balance.

After adjusting the position manually, you can leave the lamp as it is once it is clamped onto your desk. Its hands-free nature ensures that it does not require much effort from the user while functioning.

The Joly Joy swing arm is one of the best table lamps for video conferencing. It offers brightness and an excellent quality of light, which is flicker-free and anti-glare. All of these things matter a lot regarding having online meetings regularly.


  • Very easy to adjust during video calls.
  • Doesn’t quickly get in your way due to its sleek design.
  • Wide range of color temperatures and dimmability levels to choose from while doing work.
  • An intuitive control system contributes towards a good user experience.
  • You can set the timer so that the lamp turns off by itself.
  • A sturdy structure prevents the light from falling.


  • The long swing arm might be too big for small desks and tables.

Buy Joly Joy Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp with Clamp on Amazon.

4. Wellwerks Swing Arm Eye Caring Lamp

Generally, the number of steps following a video conference could be 3 to 4. That includes sitting on your chair, turning on your computer, opening the Zoom app (or any other communication software), and finally turning on your lamp.

These steps take a lot of time before you get fully settled on your chair.

The Wellwerks lamp’s simple yet effective touch panel makes it easier to operate and adjust its settings.

This allows you to allocate your time where it matters and stop wasting time on things that can be done in seconds. Setting brightness levels, controlling the light color temperature, and changing the power consumption are simple things that should be relatively easy.

Eye strain is usually the result of bad lighting conditions and a lot of blue light toxicity that sometimes also has terrible effects on our mental health.

The light emitted by this lamp is specifically anti-blue, which means the need to wear additional glasses to block blue light while everyday work gets significantly reduced.

That’s why this lamp, with its simple design and adjustable head, plays an essential role in directing light to your workspace and improving your room’s ambient lighting conditions. It is a good lighting option for video conferencing at home as well.

The energy-saving LEDs further ensure that the lamp does not require much maintenance throughout its lifespan and reduces the bills you usually expect. Thanks to its low-heat emitting light bulbs, you can also keep overheating of this lamp at bay.

Even if you accidentally touch the lamp bulbs, you will be safe from burning your hands(and possibly avoiding embarrassment during the meeting!).


  • Stepless brightness levels save you a lot of time.
  • The lamp emits eye-friendly light.
  • Glare-free light mixes well with the computer’s light.
  • The swingarm is straightforward, saving you time during video conferences.
  • Memory function is one to consider because it saves your efforts when you turn the lamp on again and want the same brightness and color temperature levels as before.


  • Some users might want a more open lamp head to allow a radial light flow. This lamp has more of a directed weak flow which some users might find could be more.

Buy Wellwerks Swing Arm Eye Caring Lamp on Amazon.

5. Softech Natural Light Smart LED Lamp with Tilting Head

The Softech Natural Light lamp is the last one on our list. But that does not mean that it should be undermined. It is one of the best lamps out there for video conferencing.

The Softech lamp provides light that matches the visual properties of natural daylight, just like the previous lamp we discussed. It also means that at any time, whether night or day, you will experience a full daylight effect.

This lamp also comes with a USB port that makes room for multitasking. While working, you can quickly charge your mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets.

With this lamp on your worktable, flexibility becomes easier to achieve because its compact base renders the overall structure of this lamp stable. It allows you to change its position from the head or its arm.

How can this laptop light help in video conferencing? You can use all of the features described above in your favor while going for a meeting online.

Want to set up an excellent lighting environment? Use its natural daylight. Are you looking to throw light on your face? Adjust the lamp head to your face’s direction.

Similarly, you can set the timer up if you are in a hurry so that the lamp turns off when you are done.

Even if you finish your work, this laptop light for video conferencing can still be helpful. Press a few buttons and turn on the relaxation light color mode using the touch panel.

That will provide a gentle effect on your eyes, and the same amount of lighting for video conferencing can be achieved in your home and the office.

All in all, the Softech natural light lamp is an excellent value for the money.


  • Many users like this lamp’s daylight-matching properties as it gives the sensation of the sun’s natural light even at the darkest of nights.
  • Easy to handle because of its lightweight.
  • Installation doesn’t require much time.
  • Light does not flicker or produce glares.


  • USB ports cannot charge relatively large devices like the iPad. The price is relatively high compared to its competitors.

Buy Softech Natural Light Smart LED Lamp with Tilting Head on Amazon.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Table Lamps for Video Conferencing

It will be good to know the essential factors contributing to the usefulness of these best table lamps for video conferencing in online office meetings. For this purpose, this valuable buyer’s guide is going to help.


Light Intensity


Generally, the higher lumens produce stronger light, the more accurate the color accuracy will be. When it comes to involving a color, a higher-lumen LED light is the best choice for you. Some LEDs deliver dimmer to control the lumen and give you more accurate brightness.




Some cheap lamps produce heat while functioning for more extended periods. Try to buy the best table lamps for video conferencing that positively impact your video quality and your eyes. 




The optimum distance of the light from the camera is 2 feet. It makes your video more bright, clear, and crisp. But you can adjust your light and experiment with placing it in different places near your table.

Doing this will give you an idea of the ideal distance yourself. Most of the LEDs come with swing arms with adjustable heights, which are very easy to set up where you want to put them. You need to adjust the size of the lamp in that case.

Just Relying on Bulbs for Video Conferencing?

A lampshade or a diffuser helps to reduce harsh shadows and soften the lighting in the room. You should avoid using bare bulbs for a video conference.


Why Setting Up Best Table Lamps for Video Conferencing?


Setting up the lighting for the video conference is essential. If you are a busy service provider or a business person who does many video conferences in a week, you need a separate room for a video conference.

You can set up your lighting there permanently. It would be best if you looked fresh on the camera. You feel more reliable and confident when your camera quickly picks up the lighting color easily.

Today, we discuss setting up your lighting like a pro and guiding you to what to consider before buying LED lights for holding video conferences.

Business and many official works are done from remote places nowadays. Anyone can share their thoughts and ideas, manage their professional matters, and join meetings and conferences no matter what country or where they live.

You can connect from anywhere through video conference if you have an internet connection.

You look shadowy and dark when you open your webcam for business or an official meeting. How do you feel? Without a doubt, the impression of yourself that you give over the webcam still counts. It makes you more unique and confident towards others.

In these cases, the LED lights for video conferencing help a lot. The lights mentioned above possess variable color temperatures, flexibility, and versatility to be helpful in different environments to enhance the video quality perceived through our eyes.


How To Use a Ring Light for Video Conferencing? 


Let’s discuss how to precisely use a ring light for a video conference in a set of points to improve your ring light experience.

  • If you turn on the ring light behind your back, the webcam will not be able to focus on your face because your face looks darker. Though webcams automatically adjust the morning’s brightness, having the ring light behind your back cannot produce good video quality.
  • Professionals use several ring lights for the videos. To get premium video quality, you have to place them in balanced positions. By doing this, you will get a brighter and more vibrant color quality of the video.
  • Using a diffuser will make it easier to focus on the video than the environment. 
  • Use the three-point lighting technique: The three-point lighting technique is the best positioning for ring lighting. We use three lights for the three-point lighting technique. One main morning should focus on the subject, and the other two secondary lights balance the light. 

Know how to pull off a great video meeting before you get started.

Best Lighting Setup for Video Conferencing

Natural daylight is best for your accurate and perfect skin tone through the camera. You should set up your video conference near the window or use a lamp with the same light as natural daylight.

In this manner, you can set up a video conference anytime, whether night or day.

Overexposure and underexposure are important terms when it comes to video calling. To get maximum clarity, you must have enough light in the room.

If your room is too bright, you can shut the windows and choose those lamps that can control the number of lumens to get you maximum satisfaction. A button can dim these lamps.

If your room looks gloomy, you can buy an adjustable light temperature lamp and reflective accessories related to the video equipment to brighten your quality.

The black surface absorbs light; on the other hand, white reflects the light. So, try to use whiter equipment to brighten up your space and improve your video quality.

Some video conferencing essentials, too, can make you look great.

These were the best table lamps for video conferencing regarding color temperature, flexibility, design, and other helpful aspects.


What type of lighting is best for video conferencing?


Soft, diffused lighting is ideal for video conferencing. Natural light from a window or LED panel lights works well.


How do I light my room for video calls?


Position light sources in front of you, avoiding harsh shadows. Balance natural light with artificial light if needed.


How do you light a dark room for Zoom?


Add artificial lighting sources strategically around the room, focusing on your face, to brighten the space.


Which is better, ring light or LED light?


LED lights are versatile and offer consistent lighting, while ring lights provide even illumination and reduce shadows on the face. Choose based on your preferences and needs.

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