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4 Best Table Lamps for Nail Technicians - Buyer’s Guide & Expert Reviews 2023

No amount of ordinary lighting can achieve those results for a manicurist that a proper lamp can. That’s why I have mentioned the best table lamps for nail technicians. They are the reason why nail technicians don’t opt for conventional lighting in their salons in the first place.

While ordinary lights can provide a good amount of light, what most of us are looking for when it comes to doing nails is flexibility, quality of light emitted, and several other things that are just not found in these ordinary lights.

Eye care is another thing that often gets ignored while buying lights for nail work.

Considering all these factors, I hope that these 4 of my picks will help you find the best lamp for yourself or someone you know who is badly in need of these in their salon.

List of Best Table Lamps for Nail Technicians

Name of
ImageAdjustable Color TemperatureMemory FunctionPrice
OTUS Architect Desk Lamp Clampbest table lamps for nail techniciansYesYesClick Here for Price
Daylight U35108 Brushed Steel LED Lampbest table lamps for nail techniciansYesN/AClick Here for Price
Hokone Flexible LED Desk Lamp3.3YesN/AClick Here for Price
Youkoyi Swing Arm Architect Desk Lampbest table lamps for nail techniciansYesN/AClick Here for Price

1. OTUS Architect Desk Lamp Clamp

best table lamps for nail technicians

The Otus Architect desk lamp is an excellent choice for nail technicians. Its high quality, non-high energy visible blue light (RG0) helps to reduce the eye strain that most of the ordinary lamps’ light causes to their users’ eyes.

Another common problem that we see people face while using their task lamps at work is the flickering of the light, which is caused by the bulb’s deterioration or the lamp’s electrical wiring.

This lamp is free from all of these things. The durable 12W LEDs can shine their light towards different angles, thanks to the adjustable nature of the metal arms of this lamp.

You can view nails from different angles and perspectives since the color temperature of the Otus architect lamp’s light can also be changed. It has five different color temperature levels.

And these range from 2500K to 6500K

You can use each of the color temperature levels to analyze color decisions when it comes to nail art and different stages of manicures.

Another reason the Otus desk lamp is one of the best table lamps for nail technicians is its light’s 95% CRI (color rendering index), which is more than enough to reveal the actual color of objects.

It’s up to you to decide how you will control the different light settings of this lamp.

Because you have two options to control the lamp’s light settings in the form of remote control and touch buttons, these are the things that make the Otus Architect desk lamp a fine choice for doing nails.


  • RG0 rating anti-blue light technology is eye-friendly. It allows you to work for more extended periods.
  • CRI is more than 95%, which helps reveal the object’s true colors.
  • No batteries are required to operate.
  • Easy to control through the remote.


  • The remote control only has one button to control all the functions of the lamp. Getting used to changing different options through the remote control will take some time.
  • The base is permanently attached to the lamp. It limits the method of installation of this lamp to only 1.

Buy OTUS Architect Desk Lamp Clamp on Amazon.

2. Daylight U35108 Brushed Steel LED Lamp

It is one of the finest models of the Daylight lamp series, and it has dimmability added to its primary functions, which makes it a suitable lamp for nail dos. As its name suggests, this lamp’s light matches the sun’s natural daylight.

A nail technician’s job gets pretty easy when the lamp they are using can provide the same quality of light as natural daylight.

The most helpful advantage of having a lamp that can provide natural light is that you can use natural light at any time of the day. Now, even if the sun goes down, you will have natural daylight at your salon, and it will be in its full flow.

The daylight flexible LED manicure table lamp has a flexible design and remains smooth in any position you like as long as you don’t move it alone. Its hands-free nature is one to consider. A lamp doesn’t need to have a heavy base to be stable.

Stability can be achieved in many significant ways through proper design, and this is one example of such best table lamps for nail technicians that are stable without the presence of a sturdy base.

Proper nail care can be offered under the presence of this manicure lamp without the need for additional lighting equipment. The features that this lamp has to offer are enough to keep it for long hours of functioning at your salon or home.   

This lamp’s remarkable ability to illuminate objects (and nails!) with its brilliant natural light makes it very likely to use a nail salon lamp.


  • It suits nail technicians due to its sleek and discreet design.
  • Unlike its previous model, light is dimmable, which couldn’t reduce light intensity.
  • LEDs use lower energy and save up electricity costs.
  • Long lifespan.


  • The light bulb produces heat, so avoid touching it while it is turned on.
  • Offers lesser flexibility than other best table lamps for nail technicians mentioned on this list. It is because this lamp does not have a flexible gooseneck.

Buy Daylight U35108 Brushed Steel LED Lamp on Amazon.

3. Hokone Flexible LED Desk Lamp

Nails require proper attention. After all, they are one of the most prominent aspects of your beauty. You give them the best nail care routine, decorate them well, and think of their hygiene.

They are the topmost reminder of how much you love yourself. That’s why we have hunted the best light for doing nails so you can adore your nails even more.

This light, the Hokone LED Desk lamp, is a product of the Hokone Store, a respectable lamp manufacturer. The company is known for its desk lamps and other LED products.

This LED manicure lamp comes with a 500-lumen count.

 What about brightness? Is it good or bad?

As the legend goes, the minimum lumen count for a desk lamp stays around 450. It goes up to 500 for more task-oriented activities. At the same time, you should not remain under too much bright light lest you get eye strain.

We know that doing nails includes various activities requiring less or more detail. This lamp answers this variability question by offering adjustable brightness levels.

You can adjust the brightness by choosing one from the ten levels the product allows.

These levels are 10%, 30%, 50%, and 70% of the allowed brightness of 500 lumens.

 Now, for more detailed work like polishing or contouring, you may choose brighter light; dimmer light can work for nail care activities.


  • Adjustable color modes for different environments.
  • The neck can be adjusted up to an angle of 360 degrees.
  • The lamp’s light resembles the natural daylight coming from the sun.
  • Eye-friendly light.


  • A little weighty, especially for older adults.
  • It cannot be charged via a USB.

Buy Hokone Flexible LED Desk Lamp on Amazon.

4. Youkoyi Swing Arm Architect Desk Lamp

Nail care is an exciting activity and combines various sub-activities.

Interestingly, whether it is callus removal, nail shaping, synthetic nail treatment, or nail polish, all these tasks demand the use of different characteristics of light (e.g., color temperature and high definition) so that the actual colors can be revealed.

As you know, activities like these depend a lot on the type of light emitted and the angle of light.

And you wouldn’t want to spend time doing your nails in one type of light only to discover that you missed essential details when navigating the event’s different lighting environments.

Youkoyi desk lamp has a color temperature range of 3000 and 6500 Kelvin. You can choose from three different temperatures. These levels include a warmer, more excellent, and natural sun color temperature.

 You have to be well-prepared for all angles and all lights.

The best way is to get your nails done under a color temperature closer to that of natural light or the one that will be present in that event.

I recommend experimenting with both types of color temperatures to enhance confidence. The color temperature of sunlight stays between 5500 and 6000 Kelvin.

Indoor event lighting, on the other hand, ranges between 2700 and 3500 Kelvin. A light source that can cover both of these ranges should be preferred.

Regarding the quality of light, LED technology is better and more comfortable than incandescent or halogen bulbs. It’s not just about the type of light, but the high-quality and innovative technology of the lamp used in this LED prevents flickering and unsteady beams.

The beam is also uniform diagonally. You don’t get brighter or dimmer areas on the object under study. It means that you see your equally bright nails under this lamp which further prevents color confusion from changes in light’s angles.

That is why Youkoyi is an excellent daylight manicure lamp for nail technicians. Although it is no.5 on our list, its thorough features remain one of the best for task lighting purposes.


  • Easy to handle. It also features a sensitive touch control.
  • It comes with a strong metal clamp to attach firmly to the base.
  • The base can be swiveled up to an angle of 360 degrees.
  • No batteries are required to operate.
  • Best known for its positive customer ratings.


  • The shade material is made up of plastic.
  • Doesn’t feature a charging port.

Buy Youkoyi Swing Arm Architect Desk Lamp on Amazon.

Buyer’s Guide on Best Table Lamps for Nail Technicians

Color Rendering Index (CRI)


That is the factor that impacts the ultimate nail polish result you will get on your nails. Experiment with the best table lamps for nail technicians with varying color rendering index (CRI) to check out for yourself.

CRI determines how naturally a light reveals the color of an object. In other words, it measures the level at which a light source allows an object to reflect its original colors.

The index’s base, 100, is sunlight, the primary natural light source.

The best light source for detailed work, including colors, is the one whose CRI is closer to 100.

The best lights give 80 as an average CRI value, so this light exceeds users’ expectations.




The best light for doing this allows us to check our nail contour, polish, and shape from every possible angle. We can admire them for their beauty and enhance it further.

The flexible arm can be adjusted at different points, giving different angles to the light emitted.

The first segment is usually the lengthiest and approximately 14 inches long.

You can rotate its base by 90 degrees and its top joint by 270 degrees. The second smaller segment is attached to the third one, which contains the light. The last joint allows the rotation of a maximum of 180 degrees.


Dimming Feature


You don’t need bright light during the daytime in already bright environments. Excess lights not only consume more energy but also strain your eyes.

But you can’t always reset the brightness level whenever you do your nails in different parts of the day.

Suppose you use the automatic dimming function in most of the best table lamps for nail technicians. In that case, they will automatically adjust the brightness level after detecting brightness in the environment.

So, when you brighten the room, the lamp automatically adjusts brightness to reach a level suitable for your eyes.


Energy Efficiency


Lamps use LED lights which are far more energy-efficient than previous technologies of halogen and incandescent lights.

These bulbs take this efficiency a step further, so now, they can produce more than 500 lumens for the consumption of every 15-watt power.

Users can charge this piece with a 5V2A adapter that connects to the wall socket. This adapter is included in the standard product packages.


More than One Application


Nail care is not the only solution lamps have to offer.

You can also use it for DIY crafting, reading, and writing. Exceptionally, lamps can be the best solution for bedtime reading as well.


Self-Cooling Ability


These days, the best table lamps for nail technicians are innovative because they can cool themselves with an in-built system. This cooling comes from heat emission holes mainly. This technology of cooling holes or heat emission holes has come from floriform.

The purpose of these holes is to provide trapped heat and help leave it.

In addition to preventing any physical hazard that may arise from overheating, this self-cooling feature adds hours to the already long life of the lamps.


Wireless Charging


Another feature irrelevant to doing nails is most lamps’ utility as a wireless charger. Best table lamps for nail technicians can charge mobiles that can be assessed without a cord.

All you have to do is put your devices on the non-slip base of the lamps and let these lamps do their work. Some lights have USB ports for charging devices as well.




We have seen how these lamps help us attain the best nail makeup look. Now, let’s talk about their durability and strength.

The material that constitutes most of the lamps is mainly Aluminum and ABS.

It renders the lamps solid and sturdy, and you can rely on them to survive years.

Another feature that enhances the durability of these products is the non-slip mat.

It allows the users to efficiently use the lamps and move them across the bench without worrying about slipping or accidents.

Ideal Spots for Keeping the Lamps

As discussed earlier, the best table lamps for nail technicians are a great lighting option for doing nails. The build and design of these lamps were developed after considering the aesthetic needs of the users.

If you stick to the nail-related jobs of these lamps, you will keep them in your powder room or dressing room.

If you want to use these lamps versatilely, you can keep them at your work desk. For the more dedicated task of bedtime reading, the best place where you will keep them becomes your bedside table.

Wherever you put it, you can be sure that its non-slip mat will minimize accidents.


Lamps boast certain features that allow us to test colors under the best light and most appropriate angles, like the CRI. The CRI of these devices is worth commending. At a value of 90, they reveal the colors in the most natural light.

You can use these devices for multiple purposes. Its wildest use is as a wireless charger for phones and mobiles. If you are looking for a versatile light source that is also durable, YunLights makes the best option.


What lamp do nail techs use?


Nail techs often use LED or UV nail lamps for curing gel polish and nail enhancements.


What’s better, an LED or UV nail lamp?


Both LED, and UV lamps work well, but LED lamps are generally faster, safer, and more energy-efficient for curing nails.


What watt LED lamp is best for gel nails?


A 48 to 54-watt LED lamp is ideal for curing gel nails effectively.


Do nail salons use LED or UV lights?


Many nail salons have transitioned to using LED lights due to quicker curing time and reduced health risks compared to UV lights.

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