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6 Best Natural Light for Painting at Night - Beginner’s Guide & Reviews 2023

Artists love to have that type of light in their studio which readily matches the properties of natural daylight. The reason why natural light is loved to work under is because of its high Color-Rendering Index (CRI as we shall later discuss) and balanced correlated color temperature (CCT) of this light.

These are the 2 essential qualities of natural light that distinguish it from other ordinary artificial lights that are not up to mark.

Nighttime can be the most creative one for the night owls. Some of the most well-known artists of history like Henri de Toulouse and Louise Bourgeois along with many others often stayed up late to express their imaginative ideas in the form of paintings.  

We are going to discuss the best natural lights for painting at night on this page along with reviews and key takeaways so that identifying the right lamp for painting activities becomes much easier for you.

Most importantly, your nighttime painting experience under these lamps will become safe from getting ruined.

List of Best Natural Light for Painting at Night

Lamp NameImage
Correlated Color Temperature (in K)Dimming FeaturePrice
Softech – Natural Light Smart LED Lamp with Tilting Headlight for painting at night2500K-7000KYesClick Here for Price
Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Readinglight for painting at night2600K-5000KYesClick Here for Price
Zanflare Floor Lamp 12W LED Lightlight for painting at night6000KYesClick Here for Price
Verilux SmartLight Full Spectrum LED Modern Floor Lamp4.4 113000K-6500KYesClick Here for Price
Brightech Litespan Slim Floor lamplight for painting at night5000KNoClick Here for Price
Lavish Home 72-6890 (Black) Floor Full Spectrum Natural Sunlight Lamplight for painting at night5500-6000KYesClick Here for Price

1. Softech – Natural Light Smart LED Lamp with Tilting Head

light for painting at night

The Softech Natural light lamp is one to look out for while searching for multi-feature lamps in the market. It comes with a tilting head which makes it a lot easier to adjust the direction of light.

Apart from that, its dimming abilities remain unchallenged and therefore are a delightful feature for artists. Why? Because of the 5 different levels that this Softech lamp has to offer.

Having a natural light source in your arts and crafts room is wonderful. What’s even more beautiful is the fact that you can adjust its brightness levels with just a few touches.

Another thing you can control is this lamp’s light temperature, which is the main thing here that we are concerned with. Its 4 different modes allow you to adjust to the best lighting mode that this lamp has to offer.

The LEDs, combined with the high CRI value of the Softech lamp, help in emitting a great quality of light that will be crucial for artists in the long run.

Other great features of this lamp include a USB option for charging smartphones and other devices, a timer option, and a non-flickering light produced by the LEDs that are considered eye-friendly by the users. 


  • LED lights do not need replacement even after a long period of use.
  • Light settings are very easy to control through buttons.
  • Flexible design. Adjusting the light becomes easier when you have got flexible neck and arms.
  • ETL listed.
  • High Color Rendering Index makes it possible to use as a drawing lamp. The quality of light matters a lot.
  • The average lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • Top quality Korean manufacturer.
  • Great reviews by the users.


  • Can’t be mounted on a desk. It does not come with a C-clamp.
  • The timer cannot function for more than 1 hour.

Buy Softech – Natural Light Smart LED Lamp with Tilting Head on Amazon.

2. Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Reading

The Brightech Litespan LED lamp is simply designed for artists. With this floor lamp’s CRI being 80 and the lamp possessing a color temperature of 6000K, this lamp leaves an artist with a handful of options to settle with.

The great thing about this lamp is that you can easily position the lamp’s head to position the light’s direction wherever you want. This makes the painting process more fun since there will now be an adequate amount of brightness that is reaching the right place without creating any unnecessary shadow, and without you having to hold the lamp while working in your art studio.

There is going to be an artificial light coming out of this lamp that enables you to carry out your perfect painting without any hesitance, once you turn on the lamp. Other features include the lamp being dimmable, sturdy, and flexible. Brightech LED lamps shall suit almost any task that is not achievable through the use of simple light bulbs installed on the ceilings of your art studio.


  • Comes with a warranty.
  • An output of 2000 lumens is going to provide your studio with sufficient brightness.
  • You can have an unvarying natural light or artificial light coming out of the lamp for as long as you like.
  • The color temperature of the lamp’s light is 6000K, almost near to that of natural light.
  • It has a flexible neck and a sturdy design.
  • Energy-saving lamp.

Ideal for crafting activities.


  • Bit of a traditional design.

Buy Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Reading on Amazon.

3. Zanflare Floor Lamp 12W LED Light

The Zanflare is a highly flexible floor lamp that, like all good lamps, comes with not only 5 brightness levels but also warm to cool light temperature options. What this means as an artist is that even at night time, when there is no natural light coming through the windows, you can use the light offered by the Zanflare intelligent floor lamp to work on your paintings.

At night, this light (after adjusting via touch/remote control) fills the void of the natural daylight coming from the sun during the daytime.

The availability of remote control means that adjusting color temperatures and brightness levels is going to become less time-consuming but more effective. Our primary concern at night should be the attention that we all need to give to our paintings.

The light emitted by this lamp is eye-friendly and will most probably not interfere with your sleep patterns as most of the other harmful lights do. So you can pay more attention to your drawing and less to the potential dangers that surround most of the lamps.

When you have got a remote control that allows you to directly change the light colors and power the lamp on and off, with just a simple touch of buttons, then there are a lot of potential aspects of painting at night where you could have simply ended up wasting more time just because there was no such option as a remote control to alter the settings of the lamp.

As its name suggests, the Zanflare lamp is for those looking to make an intelligent investment decision. Its flexible gooseneck, variable modes of light, and timer functionality are essential factors, especially for those who want to make the most out of their nighttime. Comparing contrasting features of different colors becomes easier when you have a light source like the Zanflare.


  • It comes with a variety of different color temperatures.
  • Its brightness level can be changed easily.
  • The daylight temperature offers an accurate resemblance to the natural daylight of the sun.
  • The flexible gooseneck can be used to your advantage to shift light wherever it is needed.
  • Ideal for artwork.
  • It can be controlled by touch method as well as by remote control.


  • Care needs to be taken while adjusting the gooseneck of this floor lamp because some people just overstretch it causing it to become permanently dislocated.

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4. Verilux SmartLight Full Spectrum LED Modern Floor Lamp

This model is another great example of the few best natural lights for painting at night. This lamp provides you with an amazing quality light that’s just like the natural light. More importantly, the Optix lens that this lamp comes with functions in such a way as to provide glare-free light that causes no eye fatigue to the users.

This is one quality that you need to appreciate about these lamps since not all of the lamps come with an Optix lens that helps mitigate the negative effects of artificial light. Therefore, you can paint at night for as long as you like without getting your eyes hurt in your art studio. Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, the conducive features of this lamp are worth the purchase.

Some other important features include a broad color temperature range, durable energy-efficient LED bulbs, along with adjustable gooseneck, and many other features:


  • Dimmable
  • Optix lens included for eye protection.
  • Futuristic design.
  • Different color temperature ranges.
  • Adjustable brightness levels.


  • Difficult to adjust the head while working as the lamp is a little bit heavy.

Buy Verilux SmartLight Full Spectrum LED Modern Floor Lamp on Amazon.

5. Brightech Litespan Slim Floor lamp

This is the second edition of the Brightech Litespan series. It is an improved version of the first Brightech model mentioned here. What it has to offer is its natural light-mimicking 6000K cool white light. This light enables an artist to distinguish different colors accurately and not let one color dominate the other colors on the painting unless needed.

Furthermore, this new Brightech Litespan model has a lot of positive customer reviews as shown on Amazon. You can make full use of its long-lasting LEDs which have an upper edge over outdated halogen and CFLs that can not even compete with LEDs in cost, energy savings, and providing brighter light.

This dimmable lamp has a modern design apart from providing consistent light, it can also glamorize your room or your studio. In addition to this, the Brightech Litespan Slim floor lamp won’t topple over that easily since it has a sturdy base that shall help prevent damage caused to this lamp.

Therefore, you can carry on with your painting under the influence of this lamp with no strings attached. 


  • Adjustable color temperatures of the range 3000K-6000K.
  • Dimmable light.
  • Stable base.
  • Energy-efficient LEDs consume less power than halogens and CFLs.
  • The lamp does not get overheated, allowing you to work for as long as you like.
  • Warranty included.


  • Light automatically resets once the lamp is turned off which means that you will need to adjust the color temperature again. 

Buy Brightech Litespan Slim Floor Lamp on Amazon.

6. Lavish Home 72-6890 (Black) Floor Full Spectrum Natural Sunlight Lamp

As the name suggests, this crafting floor lamp is for those who seek to indulge in the beautiful world of fine arts. Like all lamps meant for artists, this lamp provides natural light that is best suited for people who want to practice long hours of painting. If there is no sunlight available in your art studio, it probably means that you must install the all-new crafting lamp designed by the Lavish Home company.

Apart from providing beneficial natural daylight, this lamp also provides a fair deal of brightness to dim rooms and those places that you expect to light up. The adjustable gooseneck is going to help an artist succeed in whatever he is doing. The amazing thing about this genuine floor lamp is that if you are not satisfied with the performance & services of this lamp, you can get a refund from the company. Here are some more amazing lamps for artists.

However, this art studio lighting is just the right kind of lamp to look for when you are looking for a source that emits natural light. Natural light plays a crucial role in keeping an artist’s eyes healthy and away from fatigue.


  • 3 different color temperatures are included.
  • The safe and sound design prevents this lamp from falling.
  • Flexible gooseneck present.
  • The lamp’s artificial light mimics natural light which could help an artist.
  • Warranty included.


  • The light color temperature and brightness levels reset every time you turn the lamp off. This can be quite tedious for users who intend to use this lamp frequently.

Buy Lavish Home 72-6890 (Black) Floor Full Spectrum Natural Sunlight Lamp on Amazon.

Buyer’s Guide for Starters

Natural light normally refers to that light comes mainly from the sun. However, this light is not always available for exactly 24 hours. That’s when artists started focusing on the use of artificial light.

Artificial lights emitted by lamps might not be 100 percent like the natural sunlight. However, these lights will show the maximum amount of correspondence with the sunlight.

Additionally, these lights are much more reliable too. Artists always require light for various activities like miniature painting and crafting, so it becomes necessary to know the right type of light required to initiate these tasks.

Factors Affecting the Quality of Light: Best Natural Light for Artists/ Painting at Night

These include color rendering index (CRI), color temperature, and brightness in the form of lumens along with several other factors. Now, let’s first know how each of these factors controls the quality of light being emitted and how can these factors help with painting at night.

Color Temperature

The color temperature is measured in Kelvin(K). A higher color temperature corresponds to natural light, while a lower color temperature represents a warmer light. Let’s take the example of natural daylight. It has a color temperature of almost 5600K. Therefore, it is blue.

Now for an artist to choose the right sort of artificial light with the right color temperature that corresponds to natural daylight, he/she should buy a light source that emits a light of around 5600K CCT. Using the chart above, you can see why we recommend this.

This light is regarded as the best light for painting activities by many artists and it induces a much better contrast to the paintings and artwork as compared to lights falling under other color temperatures than 5600K.

Color Rendering Index

The Color Rendering Index or CRI is a quantitative measure of a light’s ability to render/display colors of different objects. The CRI is of critical importance in fine arts and in any aspect of painting or drawing since it renders the colors of different inks/paints/elements of a painting or a drawing with precision.

The hard and fast rule while choosing artificial light for an artist should be that the greater the CRI of a light source is, the better it is for the artist to come up with a finely painted piece of work.

The artificial light must have a CRI of at least 75 and above. There are several lamps mentioned on this page that fall perfectly under this criterion. Lights with a CRI of 80+ are ideal for revealing the colors of different objects precisely.


An art studio must have an adequate amount of light present. Lumens refer to the total amount of light that is being emitted from the source. An important thing to note is that it is not necessary to have a light source that comes with a large lumen output.

Rather what’s more important is that the lumens that your light source is emitting must be focused on your working spot. To do this, I will advise you to buy a lamp with a flexible gooseneck or a lamp that comes with similar options to allow flexibility.

As an artist, you will surely find out the effects of using different light bulbs with different types of light once you start drawing consistently. Trust me, we all want our contrast to be perfectly balanced.

There must not be one color that dominates all the other colors in the painting. Rather, we want an even expression of every color we are trying to put into our painting.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a color temperature that falls between the” too warm” and “too cold” range. So, in my opinion, 5500-6000K are the best color temperatures for artificial lights. Not only do they have a great CRI score, but they also look very similar to natural daylight.

Conclusion and Takeaways: Best Natural Light for Painting at Night

  • You must choose the lamp of your interest.
  • The majority of lamps mentioned on this page emit a great quality light that mimics natural light.
  • You can work for long hours under the influence of these lamps without getting your eyes hurt.
  • All of the lamps mentioned on this page are affordable and highly rated by the customers.
  • A flexible gooseneck helps a lot to point the direction of the emitted light at your desired spot.


What kind of light is best for painting?


Natural daylight or full-spectrum LED lights are best for painting as they provide true color representation and reduce color distortion.


What are the best lights for painting at night?


Adjustable LED track lights or task lighting with adjustable color temperature (warm to cool) are ideal for painting at night, allowing you to customize the lighting conditions to match your preferences.