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5 Best Magnifying Floor Lamps for Estheticians - 2023 Buyer’s Guide & Expert Reviews

The more generic a task seems to be, the lesser the amount of work required to find a great light that matches the work environment of that particular task. For example, you can easily choose any lamp for reading as long as it comes with a considerable lumen count, flexibility, and rotating options.

The converse is true for more specific tasks like that of estheticians. We must research while choosing the right lamp that serves these purposes well enough.

After doing my research, I have mentioned the best-magnifying lamps for estheticians that I came across. Certain factors enable these lamps to outperform other lamps when offering light in a day spa.

Since an esthetician’s job is not limited to providing only one sort of service, these lamps are quite versatile when it comes to coping with the various lighting needs of different users. So let’s dive deep into the reviews of these lamps.

List of Best Magnifying Floor Lamps for Estheticians

Name of
Magnifying Lamp
ImageAdjustable Brightness Levels
Magnification Power (X)Price
YOUKOYI LED Magnifying Lampbest magnifying lamp for estheticianYes5XClick Here for Price
Kirkas 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass with Lightbest magnifying lamp for estheticianYes2.25XClick Here for Price
Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2 in 1 Magnifying Desk Lampbest magnifying lamp for fly tyingNo1.75XClick Here for Price
Hokone Magnifying Glass with Lightbest magnifying lamp for estheticianYes5XClick Here for Price
Newhouse 5 ft. LED Magnifying Lamp with Lightbest magnifying lamp for estheticianYes1.75XClick Here for Price

1. YOUKOYI LED Magnifying Lamp

best magnifying lamp for esthetician

The Youkoyi LED magnifying lamp excels in providing high-quality magnification to its users. Lamps these days do provide a good magnification power. But only some do their job as accurately as the Youkoyi magnifying lamp. Glare formation is one reason that annoys estheticians too much when they are working.

This magnifying lamp prevents glare formation by allowing users to adjust the colour temperatures and brightness levels via a proper button. Furthermore, the hidden nature of this lamp enables an esthetician to work for more extended periods without getting in their way. Once you adjust the position of the swing arm to allow proper light flow, you can concentrate more on your work.

Another great thing that makes this lamp a suitable option for estheticians is that its head can be rotated up to 220 degrees, and the light coming out of the bulb is more directed toward the front end. What this does is it prevents light from flowing towards other directions where it is not needed.

For example, if you are trying to illuminate someone’s face, most of the light will fall on and near the face region. The flickering issue is also not found in this lamp since its LEDs emit soft and steady white light. The LEDs are long-lasting and energy-efficient as well.

The Youkoyi magnifying lamp consumes very little space on your desk. The colour temperatures of this lamp could have been varied over a longer range to allow more variety of tasks, but the 3000-6500K range is good enough for doing an esthetician’s job well.


  • Adjustable color temperatures allow users to have a variety of options to illuminate their workplaces
  • The lamp has a short arm that is unobtrusive, this is especially a useful feature for estheticians
  • Occupies less space
  • Can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally
  • Doesn’t produce any flickers while functioning, in order to ensure that only the best quality light reaches your table or any other desired place


  • Small lens. The 4-inch lens could have been made bigger for more purposes
  • Heavy lamp. You can start using this lamp after installing it on a stable surface

Buy YOUKOYI LED Magnifying Lamp on Amazon.

2. Kirkas 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass with Light

The Kirkas 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass is one of the brightest lamps. Now you will see only a few lamps that offer such a large lumen count while offering adjustable brightness levels simultaneously. Because some of you might not even need 1200 lumens of light for performing various body/skin treatments, you can do the job with lower light levels. And that’s when the dimming feature plays its role.

You will notice that with an inclusion of an additional installation method, the price of the same lamp rises significantly higher. That is not the case with this magnifying lamp. Its price matches that of the other magnifying lamps. With the Kirkas 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass, you don’t always need a desk around to use this lamp. The floor lamp has a stable base that can be used whenever possible.

Using its flip-up cover, the 2.25X magnifier lens will work best if you protect it against dust molecules.

Precision can be achieved with little work because light also plays a huge role. Without light, the magnification lens can not play an effective role. That’s why an esthetician’s job is much simpler when she opts for a magnifier light like this one.

Not only can the height be adjusted, but the light intensity can also be changed accordingly to make performing tasks like facials convenient. The base is also stable, which removes the fear of this lamp toppling over.


  • This lamp is very easy to assemble and takes very little time to become functional
  • Adjustable light levels allow greater flexibility in work for users and aid macular degeneration along with bad posture
  • Comes with a cover to protect itself from dust
  • This lamp has a stable base which allows you to freely use this lamp without any worry of it getting toppled
  • No annoying glare formation
  • White light of a considerable contrast, making close work easier than before


  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual to guide its assembly. Some users might need it to get this lamp in order
  • The cord used to plug this lamp isn’t that very long
  • The arm might get a bit unstable after getting extended

Buy Kirkas 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass with Light on Amazon.

3. Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2 in 1 Magnifying Desk Lamp

Another great lamp for performing a wide range of aesthetics is the Brightech Lightview Pro-Flex model. Brightech, as we all know, is one of the top brands of lamp manufacturers. When it comes to making task lamps, this brand has got them all.

The lamp head of the Brightech Lightview Pro is made up of a fine-quality diopter glass lens. High contrast light is one of the biggest factors influencing estheticians’ results. Natural daylight is known for its brilliant properties and high colour-rendering index(CRI). When lamps try to emit artificial daylight, the light often gets too yellowish or not the quality that professionals like estheticians want.

So, the LEDs of this lamp produce a 6,000K colour temperature ultra-bright light that suits the needs of many professionals who want more out of the emitted light.

Another useful feature that might be helpful to estheticians in their daily routines is that they can see relatively minor things with less effort with the help of this lamp since it is very easy to operate. You can work under its influence for as long as you like because overheating is not an issue with this lamp.


  • Lens does not fog up over time while in use.
  • Hands free lamp. No need of holding the lamp with your hands as you do your work
  • LEDs are energy-efficient, they use less electricity
  • The flexible gooseneck does a lot of good in terms of light adjustability
  • Long lifespan


  • Short power cords
  • You need to be careful with the lens in order to prevent it from getting detached from the ring

Buy Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2 in 1 Magnifying Desk Lamp on Amazon.

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4. Hokone Magnifying Glass with Light

The Hokone magnifying lamp comes with an adjustable lamp head that can also be swivelled up to an angle of 350 degrees. The dimming option of this lamp enables you to reduce the amount of glare formed on the surface when light falls on it. It is not necessary that the brighter a light is, the more glare it is going to produce.

However, adjustable brightness levels allow a user to have better control over light since different users have different needs. Since we are specifically talking about estheticians, there are a few other meaningful things to note about this wonderful lamp.

The Hokone magnifying lamp has a slim metallic design allows an esthetician to practice freely under its influence while not getting in his way. You can move the lamp head vertically as well as horizontally.

All great lamps have one thing in common. And that these lamps have to offer natural daylight corresponding to the light temperature that gives their users a real daytime feeling and reduces eyestrain. That’s why, with the Hokone magnifying lamp, you can easily achieve the daylight colour temperature that will help you make better decisions not only in different aesthetic treatments but also in general purposes that require good quality light. 

This lamp is a great option for those who want perfection in design and stability in structure.


  • Swing arm allows easier flexibility to the users
  • 3 color temperatures with 1 that is close to natural daylight
  • Easy user manual included
  • Bright illumination of 790 lumens provides estheticians with a considerable amount of light
  • The memory function saves a lot of time for the users. You don’t need to make adjustments to the light settings all over again
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • Positive customer reviews


  • Flaws in structures as highlighted by the users
  • 4.1” lens is a bit small in size

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5. Newhouse 5 ft. LED Magnifying Lamp with Light

The Newhouse LED magnifying lamp is a great option for those looking for a magnifying hands-free lamp with multiple colour temperature options. Unlike most magnifier lamps that have a plastic lens to enlarge different objects’ images, this lamp comes with a good-quality glass lens.

A glass lens is much better than a plastic lens for obvious reasons. For estheticians, this lamp can reach higher brightness levels than ordinary lamps to fulfil their various demands. Additionally, the Newhouse magnifying lamp is a tall LED lamp. You can adjust its height and reach various angles while offering skin treatments because arm extension plays a major role in achieving these things.

The 1.75X magnification power is good enough for general treatments.

The LEDs are long-lasting, and they provide a good amount of light. This lamp can provide 700 lumens of light and takes very little time to install. It is also a reasonable option for those not buying high-end lamps. With its tall height and greater flexibility options, this lamp can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks that most ordinary lamps can not.   

This lamp is also called a pro-esthetician magnifying lamp for skin care.


  • 6-inch lens is one thing to note as this can be very useful for estheticians who work long hours
  • Easy to reposition
  • Hands-free lamp. Stays wherever you want
  • Excellent quality of light is provided by the LEDs. They also reduce electricity costs
  • Easy to install
  • The cover protects the lens from gathering dust particles over time
  • Adjustable color temperatures and brightness levels


  • Doesn’t come with a battery
  • It cannot be converted into a table lamp

Buy Newhouse 5 ft. LED Magnifying Lamp with Light on Amazon.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Magnifying Lamps for Estheticians

Brightness/Lumen count


Lamps that estheticians use can have a lumen count of anywhere between 500-2500+ lumens. The brightness levels can also be controlled according to the needs using a dim button.

For aesthetic purposes, it is up to you to decide how much the lamp’s brightness should be. What matters more than the brightness is the number of lumens that can conveniently focus on the subject.

Of course, lamps used for magnifying purposes have a considerable lumen count. The flexibility of these lamps decides how much light can be used effectively. Flexibility can come from different lamp parts, like the adjustable arms and the gooseneck.


Magnification Power


Most of the magnifying lamps are based on 3X and 5X magnification. Diopter means the amount of curvature a lens has. More curvature means a thicker lens and a higher diopter number and magnification.




Flexibility is one of the most important aspects that govern the effectiveness of magnifying lamps in different operations. As discussed above, flexibility depends on the different parts of the lamp itself, like the arm and flexible gooseneck.

Some magnifying lamps have a lot of flexibility to offer. The only thing you will want to be careful about is not using the lamp head for adjusting the whole lamp or for swivelling it because this can break the lamp.




LED lamps are low-maintenance, requiring lamps. Overheating is not a big issue in the types of lamps. On the other hand, halogen magnifying lamps used to have a tough time for their users because they used to get overheated very quickly. 

LEDs provide the same light as halogens but consume lower energy and, consequently, by radiating lower amounts of heat. So, that’s good for skin care.


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Best Facial Magnifying Lamps

Facial magnifying lamps are also known as low-vision lighted magnifiers. They are used for specific facial devices that help in different facial treatments when estheticians struggle to see specific things under ordinary light.

If you are a skin specialist and cannot know every detail of your client’s skin under the viewing area? You can solve this problem by using the facial magnifying lamps mentioned above. A facial magnifying lamp is a combination of both magnification and illumination.

People can see things with higher magnification, and the bright light helps to see more deeply through the facial magnifying lamp. A facial magnifying gives a clear magnification of the skin.

The soft cool light bulbs provide the operator with proper lighting. Facial magnifying lamps come with a stand that can be folded as the operator desire. They can be placed anywhere and adapt well.

The operating system of facial magnifying lamps is very easy. Anyone can control the led light by pressing different modes. These come with different magnifying glasses. 3X and 5X diopters are the most common of them.

Distance is one of the important matters for magnifying lamps. If you put your magnifying lamps too close to the skin, you cannot see a clear skin image. Moreover, the magnifying glass cannot magnify large portions of the skin. The object should maintain the magnifying glass length of the focal distance to see the item largely.

How To Use the Facial Magnifying Light?

Magnifying lamps play a very important role in various skin treatment procedures. Different kinds of skin treatments include face, back, toe, and hand cleansing. First, spa professionals must manually inspect the client’s skin under ordinary light to do a simple cleansing skin treatment.

Now, you need to look closer at the skin for skin analysis. Turn on the magnifying lamp and see the skin condition with a better definition. You can then check the presence of any blackout, spots, or blemishes on the client’s skin. Then determine the skin type.


What is an esthetician magnifying lamp?


A magnifying lamp for estheticians is a specialized tool in beauty and skincare treatments. It combines a magnifying lens with a light source to help estheticians observe and analyze the skin during facials, extractions, and other beauty procedures.


What is an esthetician magnifying lamp with light?


The best esthetician magnifying lamp with light is an illuminated magnifying tool designed specifically for estheticians. It helps them closely examine the skin’s condition, identify issues, and perform precise procedures with better visibility.


What are esthetician magnifying glasses?


Esthetician magnifying glasses are wearable magnifying lenses with varying degrees of magnification. These hands-free devices assist estheticians in inspecting the skin up close and performing intricate tasks during facials, eyebrow shaping, and other beauty treatments.

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