Best Magnifying Floor Lamps for Needlework

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4 Best Magnifying Floor Lamps for Needlework- Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2021

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Needlework is a task enjoyed by people of all age groups but mostly adults and seniors. There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your needlework experience or if you already enjoy needlework, then there are additional things like the best magnifying floor lamps for needlework out there for you that will suit your interests.

These lamps apart from providing enlarged images of the objects that you are working on, enhance the user experience with their multiple benefits ranging from flexibility in the form of adjustable neck to high-quality light provision.

All these factors play a crucial role in maintaining the eye health of the adults and stopping the eyes from deteriorating if one suffers from various eye conditions like macular degeneration.

Even if you have healthy eyesight, these lamps are going to play a meaningful role as you will find out on this page. Let’s hop onto their reviews first!

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Name of
Magnifying Lamp
 Flexibility in Design
Magnification Power (X)Price
Addie 2-in-1 LED Floor Lamp
Yes2.25XClick Here for Price
Tomsoo 3-in-1 Magnifying Floor LampYes2.25XClick Here for Price
Daylight Naturalight Magnifying LEDYes2.0XClick Here for Price
Light It! By FulcrumYes2XClick Here for Price

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1) Addie LED 2-in-1 Magnifying Floor Lamp with Light

This LED 2-in-1 magnifying lamp is another spot-on option for embroidery lovers. To deal with the lighting needs of the crafters better, the light intensity of the Addie LED lamp can be adjusted. The contrast that its light has to offer is of considerable value. Needlework requires concentration. And that concentration can only be achieved when the lighting needs of the workplace or at least the worktable are properly met. 

That’s why, the Addie LED lamp comes with the right mixture of color temperature, CRI, and non-glare producing light that a lot of magnifying lamps intended for this purpose lack. We all know that activities like sewing, cross-stitching, quilting and interweaving require time. And what’s required even more is the use of eyesight. 

You can use this magnifying lamp along with its eye-friendly light and its adjustable levels to make the most out of your needlework experience. Honestly speaking, when it comes to tasks like needlework and buying the light sources that rightly serve this purpose, it can take some time before you get settled with your new product. 

The best way to achieve the optimal light levels when dealing with these lamps is to play around with them for a while before you actually recognize the right combination that suits your purpose the best.

In this way, not only are you going to achieve your desired results fast, but your productivity levels are going to be left uncompromised. For those looking for flexibility and convenience while doing clothes, this lamp is actually not too bad an option.    

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  • High Brightness of 2200 lumens with rotary switch for easy light adjustments.

  • The magnifying lens of 4-inch with a 300% magnification power works great for adults and the senior alike.

  • A wider range of height adjustment no longer restricts this new model of the Addie magnifying lamp.

  • LEDs reduce energy wastage and require less maintenance.

  • Long lifespan.

  • 3-year warranty.

  • The cord isn’t that long to connect the lamp to the switch from a distance.

  • Should not be mixed with other light sources so as to avoid glares.

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2) Tomsoo 3-in-1 Magnifying Floor Lamp

The Tomsoo magnifying LED lamp is one of the best magnifying floor lamps for needlework out there. Why I think it should be on my list of the best magnifying floor lamps for needlework is because of its great ability to allow the users to position the magnifying lens just wherever they want. Since this lamp has adjustable swing arms, it’s going to enjoy a little more benefits than the lamps which only come with a single installation type option.

Needlework is done significantly well under the Tomsoo magnifying lamp because unlike most of the lamps that feature LEDs above the magnifying glass, the Tomsoo actually has its LED lights evenly placed around the magnifying glass so that not only the image formed under the lens is free of shadows but also so that it does not produce any glares.  

You can also adjust the color temperature of its light. In my opinion, the daylight is best for needlework. But you can also try cooler white light ranges to see which one blends in well with your work environment.   

If you are dealing with macular degeneration, the 2.25X magnification of this lamp is certainly going to help. The lumen count of 960 is sufficient to meet the lighting requirements of closer work. Focusing on the right areas requires rapid movement of your eyes. This can sometimes lead to eye-strain. The most simplest way to prevent this will be to use the diopter glass lens along with the light emitted by the LEDs. 

Why am I saying this is because I clearly want to emphasize the importance of using this lamp not as only a light source, but as a light source that comes with a magnifier. A lot of people tend to ignore this point while using magnifying lamps. This model of Tomsoo magnifier lamps can be utilized up to its full potential once it is fully brought into use.  

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  • Hands free magnifier lamp for needlework.

  • The swing arms can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally.

  • Multipurpose in design, great for needlework.

  • No glares produced by the LEDs. 

  • No overheating even after long use.

  • Comes with excellent customer service.

  • Lens requires cleaning after some time for use.

  • The lamp is heavy in weight.

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3) Daylight Naturalight Magnifying LED Floor Lamp for Needlework

The daylight LED is a modern magnification lamp that makes the needle associated tasks easier. It can not only be used as a floor lamp, but also as a table lamp. This lamp provides you with its own version of natural daylight, which makes the process of embroidery not only look natural but also the clothes that you are working on to become discernible in color and in various other properties.

Because under natural daylight, we can achieve better results due to its high color rendering index(CRI) and its superior nature.

The magnifying tool of this magnifying glass floor lamp is a 5-inch lens that allows you to zoom in on clothes and get a better image out of them. When compared with magnifying lenses alone, this lamp has an upper edge because the light works hand in hand with the magnifier lens and they both facilitate a great working environment.

So, in my opinion, the combination of a magnifying lens and the light plays an important role when you are doing cross-stitching on linen tissues because these materials actually require some due diligence from the user’s side before they can be made into more useful materials.

The even spread of light ensures that no tougher area of the fabric gets left behind. LEDs help a lot in activities like these where light is needed in unvarying amounts. This standing lamp is suitable for working on a wide variety of fabrics. If you also want to get rid of annoying glares during needlework, then this is a suitable solution for this problem.

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  • Low heat emission.

  • Flexible gooseneck allows you to change the direction of light whenever needed.

  • Can also be used as a table lamp by removing the pole.

  • A really nice blend of natural light temperatures, perfect for needlework and sewing activities. 

  • This lamp is a bit fragile in nature so you need to be careful while installing it.

  • Low warranty.

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4) Light it! by Fulcrum LED Lamp for Needlework

You might have come across the magnifying lamp called Light it! by Fulcrum if you searched for needlework lamps specifically on different e-commerce sites. The reason why this model of magnifying lamps is so popular among the lamp users’ community is that it has different features that all strengthen its light providing + magnifying abilities.

Firstly, this hands-free lamp has a carefully manufactured fine quality acrylic lens. The acrylic family of plastic lenses is 10x better than the ordinary plastic lenses, in terms of quality, magnification power, and durability. I am not totally against the use of ordinary plastic lenses in magnifying lamps but if the users want a crystal clear view of their enlarged image, then I strongly recommend them only those lamps that use either a high-quality acrylic lens(if they really want a plastic lens) or a glass lens.

The LEDs of this lamp help to reduce the glare which is often formed when we are working in high light intensity environments such as our worktables. This leads us to another great feature of this lamp which is the low heat emission of the bulbs.

If you are worried that working for longer periods of time on your favorite clothing materials under the influence of magnifying lamps is going to lead to overheating, then think again. Light it! by Fulcrum uses the LEDs to reduce the power consumption and consequently, the heat given off by the lamp.

Reading fine prints, sewing, stitching, and doing daily chores can be actually turned into an enjoyable experience once you have the right light source. The adjustable gooseneck and bright light are two great value-added things that serve as absolute necessities when it comes to governing the effectiveness of a task lamp.

And this lamp has got both of them with additional features. So, the Light it! by Fulcrum is a great value for money especially for craft lovers and those with macular degeneration.

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  • Can work on batteries. This feature gives this lamp a competitive advantage over other lamps.

  • Battery life is upto 60 hours.

  • Metal flex neck’s height can be adjusted easily.

  • 6X bifocal lens provides substantial magnification to the users.

  • User’s eyes are well protected since the glares are minimized by the way light is emitted.

  • LEDs increase the lifespan of the lamp and reduce maintenance.

  • Great brightness levels and color temperature

  • The AC/DC plug can be damaged easily due to its positioning. Therefore exercise caution 

  • You might need an extra hand when installing this lamp as it is a bit heavier as compared to other lamps.

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Buyer’s Guide:

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Magnification Power: 

The ideal magnification of the magnifying lens ranges anywhere from 3X -5X and above. This is to allow you to see the fine print with ease. Lamps come with a single magnification option. However, there are a few lamps that offer a variable diopter number.

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Just like the magnification power, the brightness of the LED magnifying lamp is an important factor that should be taken notice of prior to the purchase. Ideally, you would want to aim for brightness level of up to 1000 lumens. But this should not be a rule of thumb. A lot of desk lamps come with variable brightness levels. 

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Magnifying Glass:

There are not a lot of options available when it comes to magnifying glasses of the table lamps. Viewing area is dependent on the size of the magnifying glass and of course, the larger the lens diameter will be, the greater the viewing area. Quality of the lens also affects the field of view so make sure to clean the lens at least once in a while

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Adjustable Height:

The adjustability in height along with the LED bulb gives a great combination to the gooseneck arm. Even if a lamp lacks much magnification strength, its adjustable height will allow you to work on your stitching area in a much-relaxed position than would have been possible without an adjustable neck.

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Last, but not least, the warranty that comes with your lamp is going to play a crucial role in case your lamp malfunctions. Lamps, on average, have a 1-2 year warranty. Others have it of almost up to 3 years. So, warranty is one of those things that should come first on your checklist before getting a lamp.

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Best Lamps for Cross-Stitching:

When you are engaged in cross-stitching, you will come across the need to get excellent visibility. It will contribute a lot to the precise results that you can get out of cross-stitching. This is where you should think about spending your money to purchase the best magnifying light for cross-stitching available in the market.

When you are trying to purchase the best magnifying light for cross stitching, you will discover numerous options available in the market. However, all of them have a similar design and they are offering the same functionality. You can find a diopter glass located at the center of the product. This glass is offering a focal range of around 15-inches. It is up to you to purchase a glass that is delivering the most appropriate focal length according to your preferences.

Around the glass, you can find several LED lights integrated. These are bright-white LED lights. On a typical magnifying light for cross-stitching, you will be able to find around 30 to 40 such lights. These lights can provide you with proper illumination to the cross-stitching surface. Hence, you will be able to go ahead with cross-stitching without keeping any doubts in mind.

After purchasing the magnifying light for cross stitching, you can easily use it as well. All you have to do is to turn on the LED lights and then move the glass higher or lower so that you can get it to match perfectly well with your preferred comfort level.

The light is efficient and it has the ability to remain cool. You can get a comfortable experience with it. On the other hand, it will contribute a lot to your comfort level. From a typical magnifying light, you can get a lumen output of around 500 lumens. There is a twist-lock available in the light, which will help you to adjust the metal arm and keep it in place.

You don’t need to be a person with failing eyesight to go ahead and purchase the best lighting solution for cross-stitching. It can deliver a perfect experience for anyone and deliver the assistance needed for cross-stitching. You can use a high-quality magnifying light you purchase for cross-stitching for a duration of around 15 to 20 years. Therefore, it is one of the best investments that you can do to support your hobby.

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Needlework Light with Magnifier:

We often see how people who engage with sewing and needlework come across difficulties. That’s where you should take a look at the smart products available in the market to assist you with overcoming such difficulties. A needlework light with a magnifier will be a perfect product available for you to buy and use in such a situation.

You can discover needlework lights that come along with magnifiers in many different shapes. However, all of them are offering the same functionality to you, where you will be able to get a better view of the needle that you use. Along with the magnifier, you can get bright LED lights. These lights can illuminate the needle, which can deliver added visibility.

You just need to use a one and you will be able to enjoy an enhanced sewing experience at all times. These magnifiers are usually battery powered. Since the LED lights are effective in terms of saving battery, you can expect to receive a longer battery life. You will never find yourself replacing batteries of the needlework light on a regular basis.

The needlework light with a magnifier you purchase will come along with a hands-free design. You will just need to adjust it for one time and then you can receive the expected functionality. Usually, these magnifiers are made with compact and lightweight designs. They provide all the support needed by the user to take control of the product.

There are an adjustable tie and cushioned braces available with the product, which is in a position to stabilize the magnifier. In some of the instances, you can get an attachment, which you can use to attach the magnifier to your chest. It can deliver an outstanding sewing experience and you will never come across any frustrating situations while you are dealing with the needlework projects.

The lens of a needlework light with magnifier will be made out of the highest quality material to deliver the perfect experience that you are looking forward to getting. Hence, you can expect to receive a sharp and distortion-free image out of it at all times. Any person who is into sewing should think about purchasing this kind of a needlework light from the market. It can deliver a perfect sewing experience.

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Floor Lamps with Magnifier for Sewing:

If your eyes hurt while you are sewing or if you struggle hard to get a precise sewing experience, you can think about purchasing a floor lamp with the magnifier mentioned on this page. Such floor lamps with magnifier for sewing are quite popular among people who have vision problems. It is one of the best methods available for you to get the assistance of technology for sewing.

Once you purchase a floor lamp with a magnifier, you will get the opportunity to say goodbye to all those annoying eyeglasses that you have been wearing. Wearing such eyeglasses is a pain to your eyes. You can get a better experience out of the floor lamps with a magnifier for sewing. They can help you to get any sewing work done. On the other hand, they come along with a portable design, which will provide you with the chance to take anywhere along with you.

The elevated design that you can find in a floor lamp with a magnifier is contributing a lot to the functionality that you can receive on the work surface. You can use it for many different purposes around the home apart from sewing. On the other hand, it is also possible for you to use this kind of a floor lamp to enhance home décor. It comes along with a unique shape. Modern floor lamps will not create any dust lighting effects.

When you take a look at the functionality of these floor lamps, you will figure out that they are powered up with super bright LED lights. You will not have anything to complain about in terms of light that you receive. In the meantime, you can receive all the support needed to save energy. You can also get a magnifier that is made out of glass, which is usually offering a focal length of around 15-inches.

You can easily adjust this glass so that you can end up with getting a perfect setting to proceed with sewing. There are multiple joints located in the arm. These joints will provide you with the chance to rotate the arm in 360 degrees and take complete control over the floor lamp. Learn more about types of sewing machines.

After the purchase of one of the floor lamps with a magnifier for sewing, you don’t need to go through any assembly process. You can start using it right away. It would be a flexible product. You can turn on the floor lamp with the AC adapter provided along with the package or any other power source.

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