Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Reviews – (Buyer’s Guide 2021)

Landscape lighting refers to a very broad term of lighting systems that contain path lights, spotlights, and floodlights. This type of lighting is generally used for outdoor illumination purposes which include lighting up places like gardens, yards, and for various other spots. The best low voltage landscape lighting reviews are discussed in detail on this page and you must also know the benefits associated with the use of these lights. 

Whether you are trying to add beauty to your outdoor surroundings or trying to illuminate gardens, large spaces, or buildings, the low voltage landscape lighting has never failed to impress its users. Apart from being energy efficient, these versatile lights are well known for their ability to provide lights to areas where the light emitted by the conventional lighting systems does not seem to reach. 

These low voltage lighting systems can range anywhere from 12-15 volts or even less than 3 volts (all mentioned on this page) . They are very easy to install and also play an important role in keeping your surroundings safe from intruders. Let’s talk about these landscape lights.

Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting along with kits:

Name of
Landscape Light:
Zuckeo Landscape
Garden Light12-24VClick Here for Price
LED Landscape
Pathway/Garden Light 12VClick Here for Price
Solar Lights
Yard/Patio/Garage Light3.7VClick Here for Price
Solpex Outdoor Solar Lights Pathway/Garden Light3.2VClick Here for Price
Solar Light
Pathway2VClick Here for Price
Sunriver LED LightsSpotlights/Lawn/Pathlights12VClick Here for Price
LED Outdoor Spotlights
Spotlight/Garden Light12VClick Here for Price
Multicolor Lights
Garden/Pathlights12VClick Here for Price


1) Zuckeo Outdoor LED Landscape Lights- Best Low Voltage Garden Lights Kit

The Zuckeo landscape LED lights are low voltage outdoor lights that serve a lot of useful purposes including lighting up trees, illuminating gardens, backyards, lawns, and whatnot. These waterproof lights are very easy to install; the sharp spikes present at the bottom of these lights just need to be inserted from the right position in the ground.

Each light produces a total of 500 lumens and so the total lumens of light produced by all the 8 light will be 4000 lumens. You can easily light up pathways as well as different outdoor areas with these low voltage landscape lights.   

Moreover, the Zuckeo LED lights have a beam angle of 90 degrees with a flexible/rotatable head of 270 degrees. The efficient provision of light is an everyday task for these lights. These amazing landscape lights will be requiring a transformer as all good quality landscape lights do. You will notice an additional level of safety in your surroundings because of the charming presence of these lights.

Special Features:

1) These lights are IP65 waterproof+ triple water-resistant: This helps them withstand diverse weather conditions like rain and dust storm etc.

2) The wide beam angle of 90 degrees aids in the provision of light.

3) Easy to install.

4) They can be used for a wide variety of applications as discussed earlier.



2) COVOART Color Changing Landscape LED Lights- Low Voltage Night Lights

This model is another excellent example of some of the best low voltage landscape lights present on the internet. Each COVOART landscape light, unlike the previous landscape lights, provides 800 lumens. This helps in lighting up areas that are large and require greater amounts of light. And, whenever you feel that your outside environment is getting a little dull, you can always change the light colors with the help of simple remote control. 

These spotlights are cord-electric powered meaning that they will prove out to be a steady source of light even throughout less sunny days. You can also spread these lights over a greater surface area depending on their wiring. A pathway never feels dull after the installation of these lights.

The COVOART landscape lights are highly instrumental when it comes to glamorizing an often-visited place. Social gatherings taking place under the influence of these lights will take on another level!  

Special Features:

1) IP66 Waterproof+ Triple Water Resistant: These lights won’t get flawed after rain.

2) Easy installation.

3) Multiple Colors: Add extra warmth to your environment with these light’s multiple color options.

4) RF Remote Control present.

3) URPOWER Outdoor Solar Lights

The URPOWER outdoor solar lights come with 3 different operating modes to handle different situations and environments tactfully. One of the 3 modes is the dim light mode for when you want just a little touch of soft light.

The medium-light mode will help you to do different tasks under the influence of these light. Thirdly, the motion sensor mode will help you add an extra level of warmth and security to your surroundings. In this mode, the URPOWER lights will simply turn on when they sense motion and will keep on running until no motion is detected for a short period.

Another enticing thing about the URPOWER solar lights is that they are extremely low voltage light. Running on just 3.7 Volts, the LED lights are way more efficient when compared to halogens and CFLs. You can save a significant amount of energy using these solar lights and hence reduce your electricity bills. These extra-bright solar lights can be used in any type of environment. Furthermore, these lights are IP65 rated which renders them waterproof and shields them from the menaces of extreme weather. 

Special Features:

1) Waterproof.

2) Wide beam angle of 120 degrees.

3) Low Voltage Solar Powered Lights.

4) Energy efficient.

5) Rechargeable battery included.

6) 1-year warranty included.

4) Solpex Solar Path Lights

This is another low voltage model of solar path lights. These lights are composed of low voltage outdoor light bulbs. These solar lights will shine up pathways and outperform other lights in different parameters including brightness and efficiency. Apart from being very easy to install, the Solpex solar path lights do not need a transformer to run and that’s what gives them an upper edge over several other lights that require heavy wiring along with the use of a transformer.

Moreover, people like to use the Solpex path lights to embellish their outdoors with an uplifting aesthetic sense. Whether it’s the entrance from your gate up to the first door of your building or your house, these lights will prove out to be an effective source of light giving the visitors a reason to frequently come over to your place.

All you need to do after buying these lights is that you need to place them under an area that receives full sunlight for most of the day. In this way,  you will be able to fully observe the smooth working of these lights and the placid environment which they are capable of creating.

Special Features: 

1) IP44 Waterproof.

2) Easy installation with no prerequisites such as a transformer.

3) Energy efficient lighting.

4) Low voltage lights.

5) Beautiful for pathway lighting purposes.

5) GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights

Another very viable option that can change the way we look into our surroundings is the Gigalumi pathway lights. This low voltage light system can illuminate its surrounding region with warm white light. Equipped with a steel surface, these solar lights play a very useful role in lighting up our patios, lawns, and gardens. 

After a full-time charging, these solar lights can run for a total of 10 consecutive hours. These lights will save you energy as they require only 2 volts for working. You don’t have to waste your efforts chasing instruction manuals and spending time to figure out these lights as they are extremely easy to install and don’t require any transformer/electricity for working.

The Gigalumi path lights are excellent landscape lights that can provide illumination as well as glamour to almost any area they are placed in.

Special Features:

1) Bright source of light.

2) Hassle-free installation with no major prerequisites.

3) Excellent for decorative purposes.

4) Waterproof.

5) Low voltage LED lights which are efficient and affordable.

6) Sunriver Landscape Waterproof Lights

The Sunriver Landscape lights, apart from having a wide variety of applications in exterior lighting designs, have a wonderful working system that makes these lights a lot more rotatable and agile. These landscape lights are a good example of the latest technology.  These lights are made up of tempered soda-lime glass which attributes to their long life span while adding a layer of safety for the integrated LEDs.Their beam angle is 60 degrees.

These days, a lot of people run out of ideas about utilizing the full hidden potential of landscape lights, given the time and hustle and bustle of their daily life. You might also have to go through some sort of planning before laying out your initial lighting set up. Let me assure you that once you install your first landscape light, the process of picking up the right spots for the rest of the lights becomes a lot easier. So you need to just start executing.

Coming back, the most important thing is that they can work on 12 or 24 volts. These low voltage lights are excellent for energy savings. The LEDs efficiently provide light without wasting much energy.

Special Features:

1) Low voltage energy-efficient lights.

2) 24 months replacement warranty.

3) Long lifespan.

4) A great option for making your outdoors lively.

5) Warm white light color suits blends well with surroundings.

6) Affordable.

7) Hypergiant Low Voltage Landscape Lights (Yard/Path Lights)

This model of landscape lights can work well with other sorts of lights. These triple water resistant lights operate under only 12 Volts while providing a total of 5100 lumens. Not only do these lights make your driveways and walking tracks bright, but they also possess the ability to make your environment warm with their super warm white light.

You can also change the direction of the light emitted by the Hypergiant low voltage lights as they come with an adjustable head of 270 degrees. More importantly, these lights can adapt in a variety of weather conditions including rain because of their IP65 rating. Different liquid state particles and dust/slag particles are going to find it hard to penetrate inside the outer layer of these landscape lights.

Start making the atmosphere around you brighter and notice the change that it brings to your daily moods and the enhancement in your performance. These low voltage lights like other good landscape lights, help to ward off the dull atmosphere around you to have a greater positive influence on your soul.

Special Features:  

1) Extraordinary in providing a brighter environment for your surroundings.

2) 270 degree adjustable head.

3) They can be used to illuminate patios,gardens, pathways and many more spots.

4) Amazing low voltage lights.

8) Zuckeo RGB Landscape Low Voltage Lights

The Zuckeo Landscape lights are low voltage landscape lights that emit different light colors with the use of RGB remote control. You can set different colors for different environments and make your outdoors brighter with just a simple touch of button. Additionally, their memory feature allows you to have the same color of light as previously emitted by them.

The Zuckeo Landscape lights can also be used for indoor purposes. They have a lot of applications. You can light up your garden or you can set up a stage with different colors all with the help of the Zuckeo landscape lights. Their 30,000 hour+ lifespan and high-quality LEDs are a key to their great work performance. The IP 66 rating helps them to remain waterproof.

Beautiful gardens, tracks, pathways, and spots are just a tiny measure of these light’s illumination capabilities. You can use them for almost any purpose.

Special Features: 

1) 12 months warranty. (Subject to change)

2) IP66 waterproof.

3) Different colors with RGB remote control.

4) Beautiful decorative light sources.

5) Smart memory feature lets you have the same color after turning on as the lights had before turning off.

Buyer’s Guide:

If you are thinking about the low voltage landscape lights, there are a couple of factors you can follow to get the best sort for you. Initially, comprehend the motivation behind your lights.


Low-voltage light has lower brightness than the other lights. There are a few unique kinds of landscape lights. You can pick LED, fluorescent, or halogen lighting relying upon your requirements.
It’s important to look after your budget. The brightness of lights depends on which bulb is using for your landscape lights. Fluorescent and halogen lighting are more reasonable yet should be changed frequently.

I can suggest you buy LEDs for better brightness as the landscape lights. LED lights also save energy and it’s efficient for long term use.
LED lights have no warm-up time.

This implies you have 100% light right away. LED installations are stun safe, contrasted with customary light sources. LED lighting is more immovably worked than light radiant lights, incandescent lamp bulbs and vitality sparing lights and thus doesn’t separate so rapidly.


There are a few unique kinds of landscape lights. You can pick LED, fluorescent, or halogen lighting relying upon your requirements.
It’s important to look after your budget.

The brightness of lights depends on which bulb is using for your landscape lights. Fluorescent and halogen lighting are more reasonable yet should be changed frequently.

I can suggest you buy LEDs for better brightness as the landscape lights. LED lights also save energy and it’s efficient for long term use.
LED lights have no warm-up time. This implies you have 100% light right away.

LED installations are stun safe, contrasted with customary light sources. LED lighting is more immovably worked than light radiant lights, incandescent lamp bulbs and vitality sparing lights and thus doesn’t separate so rapidly.

Suitability for Indoor/Outdoor Use:

An IP rating fundamentally tells clients how all around secured the light fitting is against dampness and other unfamiliar bodies, for example, dust.

Which type of landscape lights can be used at indoor and outdoor it completely depends upon the IP rating.
IP44 is commonly utilized as the business benchmark for lights appropriate for outdoor use.

For light fittings that are completely presented to cruel climate conditions, seeking after a more prominent degree of insurance offered by IP65 or higher might be important.

On the other hand the most indoor lights have an IP rating of 22.
When purchasing a light for your nursery the base IP rating you should search for is IPX3 (IP43) this will ensure your light against downpour or showering water.

Impact Resistance:                                                                                                                                                                                                              Impact resistance is an important factor for every light including Landscape lights. The resistance of a light against impacts and other external effects can be classified using the international IK rating.

It is a numeric classification to indicate the degrees of protection. To accomplish the IK rating a luminaire must endure at least three indistinguishable effects from test apparatuses, for example, pendulum, spring, or drop hammers.

So, Impact resistivity is the most important factor for its IK rating value. Before buying any kind of landscape light, just make sure of the IK rating value.

Some Installation Tips:

It takes some amount of time and effort to achieve the ideal lighting set up. First, a plan needs to be created keeping the transformers and the average distance between the landscape lights in mind. For a quick rule of thumb, you should keep the landscape lights 7-9 ft apart. The landscape lights always look good when they are placed in such a manner that one light is at least 7-8 ft apart.

This way, not only the light they spread will effectively cover the whole region but also a flamboyant aura will be created. The resulting light ushers the way for a radiant and blissful environment.  

Benefits of using low voltage landscape lights:

There are probably several reasons why you are choosing to buy low voltage landscape lights and not just landscape lights. So let’s discuss here some of the benefits associated with the use of low voltage landscape lights:

1) The volt lights/ low voltage lights are an excellent means to not only illuminate one’s house but also highlight the region that is most appealing to the eyes of the visitors. Adding extra beauty to your house was never as easier as it is today.

2) If you are looking to light up your backyard without electricity, or with very little electricity, the volt lights are probably one of the best sources of light that can help to reduce your electricity bills while involving low installation charges.

The LED lights are a great solution if you are looking for energy-efficient lighting, however, that could cost you a bit more money than halogens/solar lights.

3) You can light up your pathways, patios, garages, gardens and many more areas using these low voltage landscape lights and one option that comes in mind of most of the users is solar landscape lights regarding this activity.

Solar lights are a very efficient source of light whether used for illumination purposes or not. These powerful lights come up with different modes and a rechargeable battery and these solar lights charge themselves.     

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Kit Setup.

The low voltage landscape lights provide a great amount of brightness to their surroundings. What dampens the spirits of most of the landscape lighting enthusiasts is their misconceptions about the installation of landscape lighting.

Let us tell you one thing. The landscape lights are very easy to install. You just need to find the right source of electricity and the right place to get started with these lights’ installation. If you are having trouble with that, you can always call up an electrician and get things done easily.


To make the most out of landscape lights, you need to understand why you are installing these lights in the first place. Is that because of the aesthetic environment that these lights create? Or is the reason more related to general lighting purposes? 

You will want to know why you are installing these landscape lights because:

1) The landscape lights come in a huge variety which means that one sort of landscape light (suppose a path light) might not prove out to be as good in providing light as other sorts of landscape lights can(eg a spotlight).

2) Not understanding the differences between different landscape lights might not produce the desired results. These differences are really simple and you can know them by just comparing two landscape lights or more. Let us go through a brief introduction to different types of landscape lights.

Spotlights: These lights produce an intense illumination and therefore used in small spaces where light can easily be pointed towards different areas. Their main purpose is the concentration of light towards a specific area. Spotlights have a beam angle of up to 120 degrees.

Flood Lights: The flood lights are also used for illumination but what separates them from spotlights is that their light is used to cover up larger areas such as full backyards, grounds, and factories where spotlights do not remain the best option to use.

Path Lights: These lights are used to illuminate walking paths and areas where people walk. The path lights are good for covering up inaccessible areas as well as providing beauty to the surroundings.