Best Lighting for Office with no Windows

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Best Lighting for Office with No Windows- Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2021

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So you have an office without any windows to allow natural light to flow directly into your room? Well, that’s the story of a lot of different offices whether they are home-based or they are found in a commercial area surrounded with different buildings. So let’s talk about the best lighting for office with no windows. 

Having no windows in your office can be quite a hassle especially on cloudy days or when there isn’t just enough sunlight to rely on. Your important tasks get piled up and workflow becomes ineffective all of a sudden just because there is not enough light. Even when you do get light in the form of a variety of different lamps, there is a feeling that you are missing out on something. 

That is because very few lights are able to fill the gap that the natural light has left open, and to fulfill this gap, let’s talk about the best lighting for office with no windows. These are the lights whose color temperatures along with many other parameters like brightness and flexibility can also be changed according to your needs, therefore allowing you to take control of your visual environment and reinvigorate your office’s mood.   

When you have lights that you know are flexible enough (in terms of the different factors described above) to adapt to your needs, you just can’t hold yourself back in today’s world where productivity is practiced as some sort of a religion.

Without wasting further time, let us get to the best lights that actually help in overcoming the darkness that surrounds our offices.      

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Name of
Magnifying Lamp
 Adjustable Color Temperature OptionWattage/WPrice
Neatfi XL Bifocals Super LED Magnifier Lamp with Clamp Ottlite Wingshade Floor Lamp for OfficesNo18WClick Here for Price
Finether LED Floor LampYes8WClick Here for Price
Mijia MTJD02YL LED Desk Lamp ProYesN/AClick Here for Price
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy LampYesN/AClick Here for Price
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1) Ottlite Wingshade Floor Lamp for Offices

The Ottlite wingshade floor lamp is especially designed for offices that lack that ambience which surrounds the offices which have an influx of natural light. For Ottlite, their primary focus has been on designing such lamps that emit their own natural light which matches the sun’s natural light in resemblance and other core properties.  

Having a light source that emits natural light given any period of the day is fantastic because natural light is one of the most admired forms of light. It influences our moods and gives us the motivation that we want to get moving throughout the day.  This lamp is a great source of natural light, although its not coming directly from the sun.

Additionally, you can adjust the neck of this head to prevent glares from showing up on surfaces where the light falls on. This helps to prevent eye-fatigue and numerous eye problems that are associated with the improper light angle. Tasks like reading important e-mails and documents, working on PCs for long hours, and hanging around in the office in the presence of proper lighting can be easily achieved with the Ottlite floor lamp.

For lighting up offices, the Ottlite LED is an adjustable floor lamp with a long lifespan that requires very little maintenance throughout its lifetime to function properly. In my opinion, this is one of the best lighting for office with no windows. Having this light in your office certainly helps! Check the pros and cons too:

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  • Adjustable neck allows you to position the lamp in such a way that the lamp’s light reaches wherever you want.

  • The bulb can be replaced with another one. This is a really important feature because a lot of lamps don’t come with a replaceable bulb option.

  • The base is stable. You can be worry free while doing important day to day tasks.

  • Energy efficient LEDs save a lot of electricity in the long run.

  • Color temperature being close to natural light means that you are going to have more of a surreal experience with this lamp at your workplace.

  • Color temperature can not be changed.

  • Can’t be operated by a remote control.

  • Light is too bright for some people. I know most of the users like too bright of a light, but some don’t.

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2) Finether LED Floor Lamp- Good Office Computer Work Option

Finether is a renowned UK brand that specializes in the art of making multipurpose lamps. Likewise, this LED lamp is a reflection of Finether’s work in producing a great minimalist lamp that suits a wide variety of places.

Coming with 3 brightness levels and an unobtrusive design that is necessary for office work, this floor lamp is a great option for those who are looking to do computer work under its influence.  Having too bright a light for computer work can produce glares on the screen, but with adjustable brightness levels, it is totally up to you to decide what light intensity is going to prove out to be the best for you.

You can place this lamp anywhere on the floor without any worry of this lamp getting imbalanced because of its sturdy and compact base.  This Finether lamp also has an adjustable arm that can be used to point the light where it is needed the most. This is going to solve a lot of issues that result because of the lamp’s component not being adjustable to support the entire structure of the lamp along with a user’s lighting needs.

Some other great features of this lamp include its touch function, attractive design, and power cord detachability. The power cord can be removed so that no extra space gets taken up by the lamp and its components and a great balance can be achieved as a result of that. The material used is Aluminum which sustains its lifespan.

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  • Adjustable color temperatures. You can choose the ideal temperature according to your needs.

  • Glamorous design. It can also serve as a decorative item apart from providing light.

  • Non-flicker, glare-free light improves the quality of light that is being provided by the lamp.

  • Flexible and easy to adjust. You can illuminate important areas of your workplace easily.

  • Foldable lamp: This adds to its portability.

  • You can’t tilt the lamp/main light horizontally. You can only adjust the lamp’s direction vertically.

  • Doesn’t include an app that could allow a user to switch the lamp on and off using the smartphone.

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3) Mijia MTJD02YL LED Desk Lamp for Office- Best Home Office Lighting

 best lighting for office with no windows

The Mijia LED desk lamp is a great light for doing office work. With this lamp, you have a variety of options to not only adjust the light intensity of this lamp, but also its color temperature that really helps you in taking the full advantage of an adjustable light environment. More control over the light angle is given to you with the triaxial design of this lamp that also allows you to conveniently make use of the lamp’s stand for light adjustability.

If you want to adjust the light intensity and the light temperature from a distance, you can certainly do that with your smartphone. All you need to do is wirelessly connect your mobile with this office table lamp through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and get the lamp’s app. installed. This process doesn’t take that very long.

Apart from accomplishing the lighting needs of your workplace, you must also focus on convenience. Because without it like in other cases when the lamp doesn’t come with a lot of easy features, operating the lamp becomes a bit difficult.

To remove this difficulty, the Mijia LED desk lamp has a stepless dimming options and also a rotatable switch that makes it easier to turn the lamp on and off.

High display index and brightness along with the anti-blue light technology that reduces eye-strain are some of the features that really make this table lamp stand out from others in terms of light quality. Therefore, this lamp is a brilliant choice for offices without windows.

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  • Stepless dimming.

  • Adjustable color temperatures.

  • Wifi & bluetooth compatible. You can use your smartphone to adjust the lamp’s settings and for turning the lamp on and off.

  • Rotatable switch.

  • LEDs offer eye protection.

  • Gives optimal performance under 10-40 degree.C 

  • Bluetooth distance is not more than 10m/

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4) Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp- No Natural Light? No Problem

The Carex is a therapy lamp that is designed to achieve higher brightness levels than an average lamp. This is a light source that will suit your offices. Since there are no windows in your office and you want your natural light cravings to stop fully. Then the Carex natural light lamp is going to take good care of you.

Light settings can be adjusted and you don’t have to worry about the harmful UV rays since this lamp blocks more than 99% of that. These types of lamps are needed especially when you need to improve your concentration while working on daily projects in your office. There are several health benefits that come along with this lamp. This not only ensures that you fulfill the need of lighting in your windowless office, but also gain health benefits of having such lamp at your workplace.

During the winter months when the temperature gets too cold and the average amount of lumens that you receive greatly decline, it is only then that you can feel the needs of an artificial light that can serve its purposes just as fine as the sun’s natural light.

10,000 Lux is an abundant quantity of light to be received. These much light levels can only be achieved by floodlights and other outdoor area lighting, and the costs of running these lights also get high.

But, the Carex lamp is a cost effective solution to solve your light problems because the high quality LEDs are energy efficient and they help to reduce the amount of light that gets wasted. In this way, you end up saving money at the end. This is a modern lamp that suits the needs of offices and I would definitely recommend it to anyone out there who works in an isolated area that lacks sunlight.

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  • Glare-free light provides clear brightness. 

  • Wide light angle to meet different lighting requirements of the offices.

  • Blocks maximum UV rays, protecting the important organs like skin.

  • NY Times and Featured as the best therapy lamp. Full spectrum light.

  • 2 light settings included for proper flow of light.

  • Good for keeping your circadian rhythms in balance.

  • Light is not that durable.

  • Doesn’t cover a large illumination distance.

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Why is Lighting So Important in a Windowless Office?

Having no windows in an office poses a unique but not an impossible challenge. While there are a lot of things that can help keep a windowless office from being too closed in – bright wall paint, glass walls, more open spaces – but the best solution is finding the right kind of lighting. Once you solve the mystery of the best lighting for an office with no windows, you can have a comfortable, inviting, and non-claustrophobic place of work.

Most offices, whether it’s for banking or legal or advertising, needs to foster creativity and energy as well as comfort. If you don’t think those things are important in a work place, consider that you spend over nine hours within those few square feet. Think about having to churn out ideas and solutions at work when the work environment is uncomfortable and oppressive. 

Now imagine if your office without windows was filled with fluorescent lighting? You would probably quit after the first day! Fluorescent lighting is too harsh and too bleak without a hint of warmth or light spread that can soften the light to the eyes. 

With the best lighting for office with no windows, you can have indirect soft lighting that’s gentle on the eyes and mimics soft sunlight to give the feeling of having windows. By strategically placing the lighting, you can also make a room look bigger and the walls look higher. You can transform a windowless office into the dream work place for your employees and impress clients as well.

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What Kind of Lighting is the Best Lighting for Office with No Windows?

There are a lot of different kinds of lighting that can help make rooms feel bigger. These lights are usually soft lighting, with good light spread, that diffuses well to help give the effect of natural lighting. The differences between these lights are all about placement – where they should be located to maximize the effect.

Cove Lights

If you’re not familiar with cove lighting, it’s the kind of lighting with fixtures that are hidden into the ledges or recesses of walls. They help create ambient and diffused lighting that mimics natural lighting from the sun.

For the best lighting for office with no windows, invest in cove lighting on both the ceiling ledges as well as the floor recesses. A wide spread can also give the feeling of a higher ceiling and the diffused yet even lighting can really help make a room more aesthetically pleasing.

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Hidden Lights:

What’s the difference between cove lights and hidden lights? For one, hidden lights are smaller and require very little installation. Another difference is that hidden lights are a lot cheaper than cove lights. Hidden lights could be anything from snap-on lamps for desktop ambient lighting to rope string lighting to create a background lighting effect for behind computer screens or underneath chairs at the lounge. It’s also a great way to add lighting that runs underneath the table and so on.

It creates a great effect that also offers diffused light that brightens up the room without hurting the eyes. This creates mid-level lighting while cove lighting creates upper and lower level lighting to make sure that your windowless office has soft, diffused lighting from top to bottom.

Fluorescent Lights: 

No one likes fluorescent lighting, especially if its for a windowless office. It makes a room feel too much like a hospital or an interrogation room. However, if the windowless office in question already has fluorescent lighting installed, maybe we can use fluorescent light filters instead of throwing them away.

Fluorescent light filters are cheap, easy to install, and they can be creative. Just put the filters in place and it will diffuse the harsh fluorescent lights, softening it to a certain extent. It’s not the best lighting for an office with no windows, but it’s less wasteful than just tossing those fluorescent lights into the trash.

Best Lighting for Office with NO windows


If you can’t invest in cove lighting, put your money on high quality lamps instead. There’s a wide variety of lamps available in the market, with LED daylight lamps that can mimic natural light that also come in a variety of fixture designs to match your office style.

If your overhead lighting isn’t that ideal (like if you’re using fluorescent lighting with filters), you can invest in double-headed lamps to increase the illumination of a work area. You can of course control the direction of the lights to maximize work efficiency but a lot of new lamps also come with dimmer controls that let’s you focus or diffuse the lighting as needed.

Try Supplementing the Lighting with Some Decor:

You can make use of lighting in different ways to brighten up your work space. You can put up some framed prints of artwork on the wall and use hidden string lighting for backlighting. You can also use clamp lamps to highlight indoor plants or floor lamps to brighten up those nook and crannies. With the right kind of lighting, you can use everyday objects to create a well-lit modern office.

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Conclusion: Windowless Office Lighting

The most cost-effective of the three are the lamps, hidden lighting, and fluorescent lamp filters. If you’re on a budget, you can get creative with hidden lighting (such as rope lamps or string lamps) as well as with stylish modern lamps (clamp lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps. By using lighting solutions effectively, you can get the amazing office workspace you’ve always wanted that’s both stylish and efficient.The secret to creating a modern and stylish office without windows is through strategic lighting. The best lighting for an office with no windows that we’ve found is cove lighting, hidden lighting, lamps, and fluorescent lights with filters.

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