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Best LED Shop Lights

7 Best LED Shop Lights – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2021 

The science behind buying shop lights isn’t that tough. Whether it is a large area or small, the truth is shop lights have become an essential aspect of any area that requires a good quantity of light. We will come to quality later, while comparing the color temperatures of each of these lights.

Shop lights are going to be shop lights. No matter how many changes do tech companies make every year to their structural features and design, their sole purpose is to illuminate your indoor areas.

LED shop lights resemble the traditional tube lighting in many ways but their properties are totally different. This is the reason why many of us want to get shop lights more than ever before. So let’s take a look at the best led shop lights and find out what makes them the right choice for your place.

Our list of the best led shop lights:

Name of ShoplightImage
Correlated Color Temperature (in K)LinkablePrice
LED Shoplight
5000KYesClick Here for Price
LED Shoplight
5000KYesClick Here for Price
Linkable LED Shoplight
5000KYesClick Here for Price
T8 LED Highway Shoplight5000KNoClick Here for Price
5000KYesClick Here for Price
Hykolity LED Shoplight5000KYesClick Here for Price
Bbounder LED Shoplight5000KYesClick Here for Price

1) Hykolity Linkable LED Shop Light with Cord

Hykolity LED Shop Light is an excellent example of the best linkable led shop lights for high ceilings.

It provides 3600 lumens of light to your workshop, garage or equipment room and most importantly, it is made up of highly resistant materials which cause the shop light to become shatterproof. This is another property of the top LED shop lights that renders them durable.

Apart from that, this 4 FT LED shop light does not carry as much weight so installing it becomes a very easy task. The connector cord allows you to have multiple shop lights set up via only a single connection.

The Hykolity LED shop light is best suited for large rooms, garages, workshops and equipment rooms. It uses the power of 34 W. If you want to work for long hours under the influence of linkable LED shop lights or just leave your room open with the light turned on, the Hykolity lightweight LED shop light is best for these sorts of purposes. 

  • Durable

  • Shatter Proof

  • It saves you a lot of energy.

  • Extremely easy installation

  • Contemporary design and shape.

  • Lightweight

  • It doesn’t feature as many colors.

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 2) Freelicht LED Shop Light for Garages

Meet the shop light specially designed for garages. With its ultra-bright LED bulbs, you can expect up to 4500 Lumen lighting up your garage and other important areas of your house. Not only this, but you can also easily turn this light on or off with its simple pull chain.

The most important feature of this light is its versatility. You can use the Freelicht linkable LED shop light to light up your local departmental store, hospitals, colleges, and garages. The electricity bills which you will be looking forward to won’t be that high as the LED bulbs consume less overall energy than a halogen bulb.

As these shop lights are linkable, you will want to arrange these lights in such a manner that the light produced by these bulbs can easily reach the distant corners of your workroom.

The 45 W bulbs don’t encounter many problems throughout their long life and require very little maintenance to successfully operate.

  • Longer average life span of approximately 50000 hours.

  • Bright enough to meet daily needs.

  • Easy installation.

  • 45 Watt bulbs save energy as they are LEDs.

  • Low maintenance required.

  • Short warranty

  • Pull chain shouldn’t be stretched strongly in order to avoid any damage.

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3) Linkable LED Shop Light 5000K

The cETLus certified Linkable LED Shop light provides 4800 Lumens of light. This light is a must-have for hotels, large rooms, and basements. If you are a busy guy who likes to spend most hours of the day doing some manual work, then this light is specially designed for you to keep you captivated for a long duration of time.

Easy installation means that you won’t be wasting any more of your precious time simply installing a light fixture.

This light is highly rated by its users and you can link several of the shop lights together without the fear of an electrical surge.

The 42 W LED bulbs have got enough to provide a great quality of light.

  • Easy installation

  • 5 year warranty.

  • Ideal for large workplaces.

  • Good user experience.

  • One of the best rated shop lights.

  • Linkable across a long length. 

  • Color temperature of the lights can not be changed.

  • Lights can’t be dimmed.

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4) T8 LED Highway Commercial/Shop Light – One of the Best Led Shop Lights we’ve found

The T8 LED Shop light features 6 LED Bulbs arranged together to produce an astonishing 17,100 lumens of light which is 55 % brighter than conventional LED fixtures. This commercial lighting is ideal for long-distance illumination making sure that no distant corner of a large spaced room remains dark.

This light offers such a great deal of brightness than ordinary shop lights fall short of. You will want to forget fluorescent lamps once you get a glimpse of this light’s magnificence in normal working conditions.

Another thing I would proudly like to represent this downlight is its average life span which ranges from approximately 45000 hours to 50000 hours.

Now once you set this light up in your local store or warehouse, you would want to get rid of any suspicions regarding the maintenance of this LED shop light as LED bulbs require the least maintenance as compared to other types of bulb-like halogen and cause relatively less flickering problems.

You can also save a great deal of energy as this light consumes a lower amount of electricity than a common light fixture. It consumes 32 W of electricity.

  • A bright source of light along with a long lifespan.

  • Flicker-free light: Robust wiring helps in the efficient flow of electricity.

  • Saves energy: Only 32W electric consumption.

  • Easy installation: This is a single light that doesn’t require a lot of effort to be installed.

  • Well suited for commercial purposes, warehouses, and garages.

  • Light can’t spread evenly across a large area as this is a single shop light. You will be needing to install more of these to get going in an unusually large area.

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5) OOOLED LED Shop light with Pull Chain

Using Oooled LED Shop Lights definitely has advantages. Firstly, there are 2 methods by which you can install these lights. One method is the hand mount method and the other is the flush mount method. Both methods make the OOOLED shop light easy to install.

Furthermore, the 4800 lumens provided by the LED bulbs can light the whole area around them. You won’t need those energy savers that reduce your electricity costs because the OOOLED shop lights are manufactured to consume less electricity anyways.

Most of the people think that shop lights are meant for extremely large spaced rooms to have but this is not totally right. You can also use shop lights like the one here for general purposes at your house. Whether be it your basement or drawing room, shop lights’ basic purpose is to provide light effectively to your room and cover a large area.

If you think practically, you could almost install these shop lights anywhere you like provided that the surface area of your desired location is large enough, indicating the need for such light.

OOOLED has also got 5 years of warranty on this product so everything related to this light is meant to go your way.

  • cETLus listed with 5 years warranty.

  • Easy installation.

  • Best for general purpose lighting

  • Bright enough for daily tasks.

  • Simple on/off through a pull chain.

  • Installation takes time.

  • Traditional design

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6) Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Light

One of the great things I personally admire the most about Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Light is that they are linkable. You can easily form a connection by plugging these lights together through their outlets. In this way a chain of LED bulbs spreads the light throughout the whole room if positioned correctly.

Where fluorescent lights fail to function properly in the winter when there is excessive cold in most parts of the US, the Hykolity LED shop lights are busy proving their worth over thousand other lights that are designed to provide light no matter what the temperature.

This is the reason why LED shop lights are so versatile: they don’t fail to work in any temperature. They also diffuse thermal energy.

This 4 FT daylight consumes 45 W of electricity while producing 3700 lumens of light so that your work shop never gets that dull feeling caused by a dim atmosphere. Also the materials making up the shop light cause it to become last longing, thereby, increasing the longevity of these lights.

  • 3700 lumens are adequate for most of the places that require a good amount of light.

  • 5000K color temperature suits a lot of industrial areas because of its consistent visibility.

  • Efficient distribution of thermal energy prevents overheating and several high temperature associated problems.

  • Can work in different environments in a diverse range of weather conditions.

  • Just a little less brighter than its competitors. I know brightness matters when it comes to shop lights that’s why I feel obliged to inform you before getting one of these.

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7) Bbounder Linkable LED Shop Light

Bbounder LED Shop Light has got a unique design to offer to its users. I believe that a good LED shop light must have the capacity to effectively give out a good quality of light as well as a good quantity of light. Whilst, both of these are easy to achieve, some light makers still fail to keep track of the quality as well as quantity of light that an LED shop light is producing.

The Bbounder LED shop light makes it very clear to its users that while it emits a 5000K Daylight, its LED bulbs of 36 Watts also provide 3600 Lumens of light. Hence, all the practical purposes of a common workplace can be achieved by installing these lights.

The efficacy of this shop light can not be undermined. LED lights with an amazing design like this one are hard to find on the internet so I made sure that none of the readers on this website miss out on an important opportunity to take a look at one of these shop lights.

  • Unique design: This adds to the aesthetic element of your garages and shops.

  • Bbounder is a well-known brand: It manufactures high-quality lights that stand the test of time.

  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • Easy hassle-free installation: You can install these lights in a few minutes.

  • Up to 4 shop lights connectable through a connector.

  • LEDs save energy.

  • Non-dimmable lights.

  • Don’t come in a variety of colors.

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User Guide: Know the few basics of shop lights before you buy them.

1) You will want to keep in mind that while buying the LED shop lights, the shop lights must consist of LED lights and not the ordinary and outdated halogen bulbs. The reason is that LED bulbs consume less electricity while giving out almost twice the amount of light a simple halogen bulb could give.

In addition to this, LED bulbs cause less flickering as compared to halogen bulbs over time and this property of LED bulbs gives them the upper edge over halogen bulbs.

So I will suggest you all use LED bulbs for your conventional shop lights due to the above-mentioned facts.

 2) To be honest, we don’t need to emphasize this fact again and again that brightness plays a very important role in illuminating our surroundings as the primary reason for us to buy LED shop lights is in fact keeping our surroundings bright.

However, there are different ranges over which the brightness of a best-LED shop light differs, mainly depending on our needs.

Places like

  • basements
  • warehouses
  • equipment rooms
  • garages have a relatively large free space and to light up that free space means installing 3-4 of the LED work lights in the ceiling.

You won’t be needing extra lighting material such as flashlights to help illuminate the place because these shop lights provide a sufficient amount of brightness.

Pro Tip:

There is no hard and fast rule to govern the brightness of an led shop light but in my opinion, the ideal shoplight must provide at least 3000 lumens of light to cover up the basic free space of a conventional large space room such as a garage.

3) One important thing to remember is that the LED Shop lights MUST always come with a warranty. Trust me, you would not want to lose your hard-earned dollars off a very ordinary brand of lights that claim to be featuring all the best products but do not actually have those.

On this page, as you scroll down you will find all the LED shop lights that come off a brand with a very good reputation and an excellent consumer experience.

LED Shop lights can be used for a variety of purposes. Wherever you feel a sense of less illumination, dim lights, and no real vibe, feel free to install one of these lights as they can play a big role in keeping your productivity alive.

What I mean by stating this is that lights play a really important role in our lives and by focusing on the right kind of lighting, huge wonders can be achieved by us in the form of high work performance, jubilant consumer experience, and an everlasting pleasurable memory of our past.

best led shoplights

Know your surroundings before getting the LED shop lights.

For you to choose the right type of lights, it is imperative that you know your surroundings. Is there an excess of light in your room and you want to choose a suitable light bulb which is also dimmable? Is there little light in your garage and you are looking for a super bright source to make the light accessible to all of the regions of your garage?

These questions and several other similar ones help you to determine the exact type of lights that you are willing to get.

For now on, I am going to be discussing one of the most potent sources of light aka cheap LED shop lights which are deemed fit for almost any sort of place and their use is going to guarantee you success in your workplace.

Is it your workplace or your house that needs shop lights?

As I mentioned earlier, shop lights can be installed in a lot of different places for a variety of different purposes. The level of brightness that these shop lights have to offer is high. The shop lights can either be directly installed to the ceiling or can be supported by chains.

In both cases, their installation is not complex and it can be easily achieved through the instruction manual that these lights come with.

Workshops and garages usually need more light as working in these places generally requires some extra working space, a suitable amount of light to reach inner regions of the machinery that the people are working on and a little bit extra control on the lights they are using.

As far as your house is concerned, shop lights are also viewed as an important source of light especially when you are working in a relatively large space such as that of your basement, all you need is a good shop light to carry you through your work.