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7 Best Lamps for Painting Miniatures - Buyer’s Guide and Expert Reviews 2023

Painting brushes? Check. Miniature concept in mind? Check. A great lamp to start your painting journey with? Well, not so sure.

If you are stuck in situations like this where you have everything ready but the only thing holding you back is a lamp, I understand you.

Choosing the best lamps for painting miniatures can become quite difficult because there are myriads of light sources out there that look very promising from the outside but when it comes to providing actual benefits, they fail.  

I always thought of using pre-painted miniatures, because they seemed convenient and they saved a lot of time.

On the other hand, I was not very happy since I had the potential to craft drakes, elementals along goblins, but I didn’t believe in myself. Because I lacked a lamp, conventional lighting became a spoiler for me.

I have made a list of the best lamps for painting miniatures that not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. Will these lamps guarantee a better miniature painting experience?

List of Best Lamps for Painting Miniatures

Lamp NameImage
Lamp TypeMagnifying Power (X)Price
Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lampbest lamps for painting miniaturesMagnifying Floor Glass Lamp1.75Click Here for Price
Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Glass2.2Floor1.75/2.25Click Here for Price
Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2 in 1 Magnifying Desk Lampbest lamps for painting miniaturesMagnifying Glass LED reading lamp (Convertable table to floor lamp)1.75Click Here for Price
Brightech LightView PRO Magnifying Desk Lampbest lamps for painting miniaturesLED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp for close work2.25Click Here for Price
LIGHT IT! By Fulcrumbest lamps for painting miniaturesWireless Magnifying Floor Lamp6X Bifocal lensClick Here for Price
Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Desk Lamp6.6LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp2.25Click Here for Price
Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Glass with Stand and Lightbest lamps for painting miniaturesMagnifying LED Floor lamp2.25Click Here for Price

1. Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp

best lamps for painting miniatures

The Brightech Lightview Pro is the best lamp for painting miniatures designed for miniature painting activities.

Before choosing between a guard with polearms or an elf warmage to paint, the more meaningful question that I would want you to ask yourself is: Will you choose a magnifying lamp that is guaranteed to offer a better quality image, or will you settle with conventional lights that are just used for general lighting purposes?

If you know that the lamp you choose is going to make noticeable changes to your results, then it is worth having.

This Brightech Lightview pro lamp has a certain set of characteristics that I find appealing because these features make it very clear to me that this model is strictly meant for task lighting, and hence, miniature painting.

Firstly, the magnifier lens enables a viewer to see a fully magnified image of their miniature work, contrary to most magnifying lamps that just focus on a certain area of the object and blur the rest of the image.

Secondly, the lumen count of 870 can be either fully directed towards your table or it can be shifted towards different angles of your crafting table, thanks to its flexible gooseneck.

I emphasize this flexibility concept because it allows a user to focus light in any direction. Light needs to be there where you need the most, especially in crafting activities like these.

This model is also a good option for those having macular degeneration or other eye-related conditions.

Even if you do not have any associated eye condition, its high technology 1.75X diopter glass magnifying lens has such a great magnifying power that observing very minute details becomes easy.

You also have the option of choosing this model that comes with the 5-diopter magnifying lens that offers more magnification power.

Just like all the Brightech Lightview models, this is a very easy-to-use lamp. You will not find any need to hold this lamp with your hands while working because of its hands-free nature.

Every word that you will read, and most importantly, every mini that you will work on with the help of this lamp is going to appear in an improved form to meet your vision criteria.

The best light for miniature painting is the one that can not only enhance the picture quality but it must also allow its users to do their work with ease. So this lamp is going to meet all the conditions required for painting miniatures, writing, drawing, sewing, knitting, and crafting as well.


  • No hands are required for support.
  • Adjustable neck.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • 1.75 x magnification lets you easily access the hidden letters, messages and texts found within a piece of intellectual work.
  • Simple design.
  • Affordable lighting solution.


  • Lights are irreplaceable. 

Buy Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp on Amazon.

2. Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Glass

Different miniatures depict different meanings. Yet, they all have one thing in common. They are perfectly crafted to appeal visually.

Miniatures not only represent a piece of mind of the maker, but their elegance also reveals that they were designed in an ideal sort of environment.

This Brightech Lightview pro model is one of the best lamps for painting miniatures and can help you achieve not only the flexibility that is required to paint miniatures in the first place, but it can also help you change the brightness levels and the colour temperature, all of which are very crucial to a great painting experience.   

This lamp can also make things easier for people dealing with various eye problems that they face due to old age. The Brightech Lightview Pro comes with a high-quality 3-diopter glass magnifier lens that makes the process of revealing intricacies easier than before. 

After you place an object under the lens to study, the high magnification of the LED lamp is going to allow you to make a close observation with no complications. Now, to paint miniatures, the 3-diopter glass lens is ready to make you feel all the differences that lie within each mini.

The adjustable height is another factor that rarely gets praised when it comes to magnifying floor lamps. Since this lamp is meant for people of all age groups, it can adapt well to the lighting needs of an individual user.

Since you are going to be painting miniatures and you are going to make use of different angles of the flexible lamp, it must be noted that the adjustable height feature must be used in correspondence with the adjustable hands to ensure that the lamp remains safe from any sort of damage.

What happens most of the time is that users either focus on one of these two things while completely ignoring the other.

This may or may not be helpful to the overall outcome of your work. But this completely prevents you from being comfortable while you carry out painting.

So, this is why I always advise enthusiasts to take the adjustability factor and the flexibility factor into account before buying a floor lamp.

Knowing small details can make a large difference and brighten light view pro is all set to make your first masterpiece outshine any other along its way. One last thing to remember about this lamp is that you might need some extra space in your room to install it due to its large size.  


  • This lamp is dimmable.
  • Use this lamp for a long period and you won’t feel even a slight burning sensation that people who use other lamps feel due to overheating of the glass bulb.
  • No hands are required to hold the lamp.


  • The lamp wobbles a little bit as reported by a few users.

Buy Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Glass on Amazon.

3. Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2 in 1 Magnifying Desk Lamp

For all the minimalists out there, who want to get things done, this is the lamp specially designed for you all. The great thing about this magnifier lamp is that it is simple in design: This saves you a lot of time that often gets wasted on simple things like assembly and finding the ideal spot for the lamp.

The flexibility in its design is of immense importance as each task is of a unique nature, demanding different orientations of the lamp.

It is one of the best lamps for painting miniatures and has an adjustable gooseneck that allows you to deal with minute objects comfortably and you will no longer get frustrated after doing long hours of work that requires precision and accuracy.

To say that tasks like painting miniatures require a great deal of precision is utterly bluff. But this does not mean that you cannot use the magnifying ability of this lamp and others in your favour.

Magnification can be involved in a lot of stages of painting miniatures like adding a base touch and marking the boundary of colours. Through magnification, it is impossible to transform an average-looking lamp into a great one.

Because the things that you get to notice when you have a lens can never be seen without it. This makes the difference!

The 3-diopter glass lens accompanied by LED lights will be helpful enough to provide a good high-quality image. Plus, you won’t need to adjust the lamp by hand because of its great flexibility.


  • Highly flexible.
  • Clamp table and desk lamp.
  • Runs on moderate energy levels.
  • Provides 1.75 x magnification with its 3-diopter glass lens.
  • Ideal for stitching, painting miniatures, reading and writing.


  • The lamp neck is not that flexible. You need to be careful when adjusting it.

Buy Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2 1 Magnifying Desk Lamp on Amazon.

4. Brightech LightView PRO Magnifying Desk Lamp

The Brightech Lightview Pro is one of the best lamps for painting miniatures with its 2.25x magnifying ability. People often complain that LEDs that give off too much light cause glare that can ruin the overall experience of the users.

I can also tell you from my experience how much pain these types of glares add to one’s worktable. But this model of Brightech Lightview has a different story to tell.

The 6000K colour temperature light, when diffused through the lens of this lamp, actually facilitates the clear view formation when perceived through the eyes of users.

This colour temperature of 6000K helps a lot in activities like these when the user needs clarity and distinction on things he is working on. This ensures that whatever is done gets done correctly.    

Unlike several other best lamps for painting miniatures, it magnifies the objects 225x its original resolution which means that people suffering from various eye impairments and weak eyesight can easily do their work with the help of this lamp.                  

Remember that this lamp is meant to be used by people of all age groups and not just people with weak eyesight.


  • It possesses a 225x magnification power.
  • Best for people with weak eyesight.
  • Adjustable gooseneck.
  • Saves energy.


  • The lamp head is heavy. It needs to be handled with extra care.

Buy Brightech LightView PRO Magnifying Desk Lamp on Amazon.

5. LIGHT IT! By Fulcrum

This model of magnifier lamp comes with LED Floodlight technology. The metal neck is adjustable from 24” to 42” depending on the user’s needs. Small letters and large chunks of text that cannot be easily read by the naked eye can now become easily perceivable with the help of this lamp.

Its 6x bifocal lens is going to provide ample magnification for every word that you view through it.

Not only this but you can also do daily chores like knitting, sewing and writing with pinpoint accuracy. No hands will be required for further positioning after setting this lamp’s neck to the right length initially.

It is one of the best lamps for painting miniatures and is powered by a battery or an AC supply.

Additionally, the LED floodlights are extremely durable and their long-lasting ability adds to the longevity of the lamp life. All the things that you need in a contemporary LED magnifying lamp are found in this lamp.


  • Easily adjustable: The metallic gooseneck is flexible.
  • The floodlight technology provides a fine illumination with no hesitation to the viewer’s eye along with ample magnification.
  • The 6x bifocal lens provides ample magnification and makes your observation effective.
  • Portable along with zero complications in usage.


  • Needs to be connected to a smooth power supply for optimal performance.

Buy LIGHT IT! By Fulcrum on Amazon.

6. Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Desk Lamp

You might note that my list of the best lamps for painting miniatures contains a lot of the brightest models. I am a big fan of Brightech lamps, especially their Lightview series. As far as miniature painting activities are concerned, this magnifying lamp is the one with 2.25x magnifying power.

This allows you to zoom in on even the smallest of the objects on your desk and broaden every image that is worth seeing so that no one gets left behind due to his/her inability to view things properly.

Flexibility is one important factor that keeps a magnifying lamp in use for a considerable period and the flexibility that this lamp has to offer is noteworthy. You can adjust this lamp’s head according to your needs.

After seeing the picture of this lamp, you might probably question the structural dynamics of it and also ask how can it not move from the point where you set it. The truth is it won’t move. That’s the guarantee of Brightech.

If there is a brand that excels in the art of making hands-free lamps, I will say Brightech without any doubt. Just simply read the reviews containing words like ‘hands-free’ and you will get to know what I am asserting.


  • Dimmable.
  • Easily Adjustable.
  • Flexible gooseneck.
  • Light colours are changeable.
  • Saves energy.


  • Only a single button is available for changing brightness levels and colour temperatures of the light.

Buy Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Desk Lamp on Amazon.

7. Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Glass with Stand and Light

If you are looking for a 5 ft tall magnifier lamp for various miniature painting purposes, Brightech Lightview XL lamp is one of the best lamps for painting miniatures and the right one to look for.

This mobile version of magnifier lamps comes with a movable base. The 6 wheels attached to the lower end of the base remove any chances of the lamp body toppling off while moving.

Apart from that, the integrated LED portion within the head provides a luminous source of light which makes tasks like crafting, painting, and sewing relatively easy.

The 2.25 magnification power is another important factor that comes to mind when judging the lamps’ ability to enlarge pictures of various objects. The lofty nature of this lamp makes it very straightforward to operate.

The LED lights do not overheat which means that you can work as long as you like without the fear of burning your hands or some other power failures that are common in most of the lamps.


  • Rolling base supported by 6 wheels.
  • 5-foot-tall versatile lamp.
  • Adjustable arms.
  • Offers a better resolution of the picture to be seen through a 5-diopter lens.
  • Easy to operate


  • Too big a size for the elderly.

Buy Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Glass with Stand and Light on Amazon.

Buying Guide: Best Lamps for Painting Miniatures

Painting miniatures is a very demanding and challenging task. If you want to complete the painting process adequately, then you need some high-quality miniature painting lamps.

The main purpose behind using a lamp is that you get to see every detail and ensure each brush stroke is perfect. It might not be easy to do, but the results you can get are pretty impressive.


Is the Miniature Painting Lamp fixed or you can adjust it? Normally the best lamps will be the ones that offer some type of adjustment.

Without any way to adjust your lamp, it will be hard to paint any miniature properly since they have different sizes and features. So yes, adjustability is key for any Miniature Painting Lamp, the more adjustable the unit is, the better it will be.

Type of Base

Some units will have a base, others will need to be clipped to the table. Both options are good, although having a base is better since there’s less movement and more stability. Clipped painting lamps will sometimes move due to you touching the desk all the time.


The Miniature Painting Lamp design will vary, some units have a flexible arm, and others have flexibility points. Normally the ones with a flexible swing arm are better since they can be moved in a variety of ways.

Magnification Power

Ideally, you want to have as much magnification power as possible. A good magnification power should be anywhere from 1.75x to 2.5x or even more. There are units with a 4x focal spot, those are great since you can focus on a certain part of your miniature while working.

The maximum magnification power on Miniature Painting Lamps can be up to 6x. As you can imagine, the more magnification power you need, the more expensive the unit will get.


You want to choose a bright LED panel anywhere from 700 to 1200 lumens. The brighter the LED, the better the quality you will get.

It should be possible to adjust the brightness, if possible, It has the potential to help you a lot, you just need to consider that and use it to your advantage.

Battery-Based or Not

Some Miniature Painting Lamps need to be plugged in, but you will also find some that are battery-based. Ideally, you want to use a lamp that you can plug in and not worry about batteries, especially if you want to work on a project for a long time.

Glass or Plastic Lens

The glass lens is better because it delivers more accuracy and it just shows a better quality overall. Plastic lenses are okay if you have a small budget. They still get the job done, but the glass lenses tend to be the ones with more accuracy and value.


What price should you expect to pay for a miniature painting lamp? That depends, the better mid-tier lamps will be anywhere from $50-$80.

If you want to go towards the higher end, you might have to pay $150 to $300. It all depends on your budget and expectations. Normally the more features you need, the more you have to pay, and that’s something you need to take into consideration.

Daylight Lamp for Miniature Painting

For miniature painting, daylight is the most preferred light option. The reason for this lies in the correlated colour temperature of the daylight.

Light of a colour temperature of around 5000-6500K is considered to be daylight. When this bluish light falls on the surface, it tends to reveal the true colours of the things.

When perceived through our eyes, this light can help us in becoming more rational while painting since miniature painting requires us to choose the right colour at the right time. Each colour has its unique appearance under natural light.

Daylight lamps can help make our color-distinguishing tasks much easier since magnification is one thing, and revealing the true colours of objects is another.

And it is not that difficult to choose a daylight lamp for miniature painting from the lamps that I described above.

You can simply choose lamps whose LEDs emit light of around 6000K. Going more towards the extreme gives us the light of cooler colours.

But as far as daylight lamps for miniature painting are concerned, let’s just stick to the 6000-6500K range, as this is the best measured in terms of various properties like CRI.

Best Lamps for Painting Miniatures: Conclusion

Coming from the top, you now have a basic idea of how a magnifier lamp works and what factors you need to keep in mind before buying a 1.75x magnifying lamp or a 2.25x magnifying lamp.

The magnification power of the magnifying lamp you choose mainly depends upon your eyesight.

Of course, with aging and macular degeneration, you will want to buy a lamp with a greater magnification ability. Talking about the history of miniature painting, its concept has remained very delightful in the past as well as in the present.

A good miniature painting light source allows you to work effortlessly with no difficulty. On this page, I have mentioned all those lamps that do make a difference in your life when you start working with them.

The purpose of enlisting all the good LED magnifying desk lamps was to inform you a little bit about the general structure of the lamp along with how these lamps work. Different magnifying lamps come with different LED light options and different magnification strengths.

The best ones are those that can greatly enhance the quality of the image and the ones that can last long.

Make sure that the lamps that you choose to buy do not get overheated after long hours of remaining on.

Flexibility is another great thing that magnifying desk lamps have to offer. You will need to adjust the position of the lamp’s head and for this purpose magnifying desk lamps come with adjustable goosenecks.

It will be a lot easier to find the right unit to suit your needs if you have an idea of what you expect. Use our tips and you will have no problem finding a reliable Miniature Painting Lamp to suit your requirements!


How bright should a light be for a miniature painting?


For miniature painting, it’s best to have around 500 to 1000 lumens of light. However, the ideal brightness can vary based on personal preference and the size and intricacy of your miniatures.


How many lumens do I need for a painting light?


A general guideline is to aim for 50 to 75 lumens per square foot of painting area. So, for a typical 5×5-foot painting, you’d need around 250 to 375 lumens. Adjust this based on your specific preferences and the type of artwork you’re illuminating.

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