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Best Home Office Lighting for Computer Work - Expert Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Research shows that before COVID-19, 43% of people in the U.S. used to work from home occasionally. Likewise, before the pandemic, 3-5% of the workforce would use the home office to work full time.

Because all these things are becoming a new normal, people have started questions lately “How can I improve my home office lights?” Undoubtedly, lighting is an important aspect of the workplace no matter whether it is a traditional office or a home office.

You can savour every moment of working in your home office if you have a lamp that offers smooth yet bright light along with other valuable features. To save you from the trouble, below are the reviews of the best home office lighting for computer work along with the buyer’s guide!

List of Best Home Office Lighting for Computer Work

Name of LightingImage
DimmableNumber of ArmsPrice
Niulight Desk Lamp with Clampbest home office lighting for computer workYesYesClick Here for Price
BenQ eReading LED Desk Lampbest home office lighting for computer workYesYesClick Here for Price
Gerintech LED Desk Lampbest home office lighting for computer workYesYesClick Here for Price
Eyocean Reading Light Lampbest home office lighting for computer workYesYesClick Here for Price
PHIVE LED Task Lamp5.5YesYesClick Here for Price

1. Niulight Desk Lamp with Clamp

best home office lighting for computer work

Nuilight desk lamp is the best home office lighting for computer work and if you are looking for a lighting piece that does not cover any workspace and can clamp to the side of your office table easily.

You can mount it on the table with the help of a clamp that can be fixed on a 2-inch wide table surface. 

Its arm is super-flexible and you can rotate the lamp head up to 300 degrees. The whole metal body of this table lamp along with its base is designed in a way that you can rotate them easily without worrying about changing your position or direction. 

In it, high-quality LEDs are used that not only produce soft light that feels natural but also save up to 80% of energy as compared to the traditional lamps or bulbs used at homes.

Its sensitive touch control feature allows you to select any colour mode out of the 6 modes available which also includes natural light colour temperature which is close to 5,500K.

Notable Features

  • 6 colour temperature modes (from 3,000K to 5,500K including natural light).
  • The body can be rotated up to a certain angle.
  • Has an auto-off timer feature. 


  • Has a sleek and modern body.
  • Light is well-balanced and evenly distributed.
  • A change in colour temperature protects the eyes.
  • The price is very reasonable.


  • Its body or stand could be improved.

Buy Niulight Desk Lamp with Clamp on Amazon.

2. BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp

This desk lamp has a stylish yet convenient curved lamp head that distributes soft light throughout the table surface. The innovative lighting technology used will enable you to see everything placed on your office desk and reduce eye strain. 

You can rotate its adjustable arm and change the light’s direction as per your need. Not only that but the brightness and light color can also be adjusted with the help of a knob present on its head.

Its memory feature remembers the level of brightness and colour temperature so that whenever you turn it on to use it again it offers the same light brightness. 

It has an auto-dimming feature which means the light will adjust itself according to your surroundings. LEDs used in it are highly advanced and offer flicker-free natural light to protect your eyes in your home office. 

Notable Features

  • Has a strong base that keeps the lamp stable while rotating its arm. 
  • Offers a wider lighting coverage (90 cm).
  • Light temperature can be adjusted from 2,700K to 5,700K, including the natural light corresponding colour of your home office.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The curved head distributes light across the entire length of an office desk.
  • No glare is produced on a computer screen.


  • A bit pricey

Buy BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp on Amazon.

3. Gerintech LED Desk Lamp

This desk lamp offers more than just a soft and smooth light. It has an LCD where you can see the current date, time, and temperature.

You can also turn off this LCD screen if you want. Other than that, you can get your mobile phone, tablet, or any other electronic device charged through its USB port.

It would be best if you touched its touch panel for once to adjust its brightness level and lighting mode or change the colour of its base. Yes, the base colour can be changed to add more charm to the lamp and work environment.

It has a sturdy plastic body with a flexible arm. It allows you to change the angle of light without changing your position.

Notable Features

  • Displays time, date, and temperature as well.
  • The headlamp has 27 LED beads in total.
  • Has a USB charging port.
  • The colour of the base is changeable. This is helpful in reducing eye strain.

Buy Gerintech LED Desk Lamp on Amazon.

4. Eyocean Reading Light Lamp

What makes the Eyocean lamp different from all other lamps on the list is its 360-degree rotatable gooseneck that you can adjust however you want. Another feature that makes it unique is its clamp which has a firm grip and can be fixed on a table, book, or any other stable surface. 

You can adjust its brightness according to your requirements by selecting any level out of its 10 brightness levels.

Its head has a white diffuser that reduces the sharpness of light and provides smooth flicker-free light. Its metal body is silver and has a modern design which will suit your home office. 

Eyocean lamp is one of the best home office lighting for computer work that is powered through a USB cable and uses only 8 watts at its maximum brightness. It comes with a highly efficient adapter, clamp, instruction manual, and a warranty card. 

Notable Features

  • The clamp is made up of high-quality aluminium alloy and has non-slip pads.
  • Manufacturers offer a lifetime money-back guarantee.


  • Energy efficient: Consumes only 20% energy as compared to the incandescent lamp.
  • Highly affordable.


  • The quality of light being emitted could be improved.

Buy the Eyocean Reading Light Lamp on Amazon.

5. PHIVE LED Task Lamp

Phive LED Task Lamp has a very wide lamp bar that illuminates most of the workbench space. It’s more suitable for artists, architects, or those who work on a wide table and have multiple screens. LEDs used in it consume only 20W to produce smooth bright light, thereby limiting the eye strain.

This LED light source is one of the best home office lighting for computer work that offers multiple features like different light modes e.g. natural light mode, brightness levels, memory function, and easy-to-use touch panel.

Its gooseneck is bendable and you can rotate it to different angles according to your needs while doing computer work. Along with its usage benefits, it will improve the aesthetics of your workplace as well.

Notable Features

  • 31.5-inch LED light source for the computer screen.
  • Offers 5 levels of brightness and 4 color modes that also include natural light.
  • Has a metal clamp of 60mm. 
  • Great task lighting.

Buy a PHIVE LED Task Lamp on Amazon.

Ending Remarks

All these lamps have their unique feature and you can buy any of them as per your needs but the Ben-Q E-reading LED Task Lamp is the best light for working on a computer among all as it’s super-easy to use, has a flexible arm, and provides light of premium quality for your home office.

When you have decided to work from home and establish a home office, the first thing to focus on is the natural light.

Think about where you can place your working desk, and if you have a window in the room, it is a wise idea to place your desk near it. However, make sure there are no distractions in your home office.


Should you have a light on when working on a computer?


Yes, it’s generally a good idea to have ambient lighting when working on a computer. This helps reduce eye strain and provides a comfortable working environment.


Should the light be in front or behind the laptop?


Ideally, the light should be positioned behind the laptop or to the sides. Avoid having bright, direct light sources in front of the screen, as this can create glare and make it harder to see the display.


What is the best computer lighting for the eyes?


The best lighting for computer work is soft, diffused lighting that evenly illuminates your workspace. Avoid harsh, direct lighting or excessive brightness. Adjust the lighting to reduce glare on the screen and minimize eye strain.

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