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4 Best Heat Lamps for Blue Tongue Skinks - Buyer’s Guide and Expert Reviews 2023

Blue tongue skinks can live up to 15-21 years if nurtured in the proper environment.¹ UV–A and UV –B are necessary to live longer and healthier lives.

UV –B protects the skink from deficiency of calcium and other minerals, and UV-A helps regulate healthy behavior. Heat lamps are mainly used to make blue skinks’ living conditions similar to those in their original habitats.

And this fact alone should be a significant reason we must invest in a heat lamp for this cute little reptile species. That’s why I have made a list of the best heat lamp for blue tongue skink so that identifying a good light becomes intuitive and less research-based.

Because reptiles love to have some level of heat in their surroundings, temperature plays an essential role in the lives of these blue skinks.

So, we will primarily talk about the four best heat lamps for blue tongue skinks, along with their reviews and buying guide.

List of Best Heat Lamps for Blue Tongue Skinks

Name of
Heat Lamp
DBDPet Repti Basking Spot Bulbbest heat lamp for blue tongue skinkBasking Spot Bulb50WClick Here for Price
Philips Halogen Light Bulbs Dimmable2.2 1Halogen Light Bulb 50WClick Here for Price
BOEESPAT 100W & 150W Ceramic Heat Emitter Bulb3.3 1Ceramic Heat Emitter60/100/150/250WClick Here for Price
WUHOSTAM 50W Sun Basking Lamp4.4 1Basking Heat Spot Lamp50WClick Here for Price

1. DBDPet Repti Basking Spot Bulb

best heat lamp for blue tongue skink

DBDRepti basking spot bulb is our list’s best heat lamp for blue tongue skink. Providing heat becomes more accessible with this DBD heat lamp model for reptiles.

All bulbs do the same job of providing heat and creating a basking area that suits reptiles and promotes their well-being. Yet, all of them, except this one, fail to effectively make a concentrated spot of heat that snakes love.

The truth is not all of them possess a double reflector that can emit a good amount of heat at the desired spot. This best heat lamp for blue tongue skink achieves this by creating a relatively narrower beam of light than other heat lamps meant to make an excellent basking site for reptiles.

Cold-blooded reptiles like blue tongue skinks love to have an additional layer of warmth in their surroundings to thermoregulate themselves.

This Dbdrepti best basking bulb for blue tongue skink helps nurture these reptiles’ species by increasing its nearby temperature so that they can live comfortably without showing signs of distress.

This model of DBDRepti basking spot bulb is no.1 on our list.


  • Effective thermoregulation can be achieved by the elevated heat levels in the surroundings with the help of this lamp.
  • Long-lasting service.
  • Produce UAV rays that help in the proper growth of the skinks.
  • The double reflector helps to concentrate heat towards their dwelling site.


  • It has no dichroic reflector

Buy DBDPet Repti Basking Spot Bulb on Amazon.

2. Philips Halogen Light Bulbs Dimmable

Philips Halogen Bulb comes with a pack of 5 bulbs. It’s ideal for indoor recessed and track fixtures. Philips Halogen Bulb provides bright, hot light, which is perfect for terrariums since some amount of passive thermoregulation can be achieved via the atmosphere in this process.

Heat bulbs like this one are more power efficient than other thermal devices. A heater might do the same job as this bulb does, but in doing so, its high-power consumption will cause your energy costs to soar.

You can buy different heat bulbs from foreign powers, whichever gives you the best option, or you can buy this pack of the same five bulbs. This heat bulb has a 12V dichroic reflector, unlike the previous model. Its brightness is 400 lumens, and the light has a color temperature of 2800K(soft white).

It consumes 50-watt of power and produces 8 lumens per watt. The lifespan of this light bulb is also considerable.

Being small, the Philips halogen bulb takes up very little space in the terrarium and gives it an attractive look with its light. Estimated yearly energy costs will also be low with this bulb in your skink’s shelter.


  • 12V dichroic reflector for better concentration of heat.
  • Sufficient brightness for daytime use.
  • Bi-pin base with MR16 shape.
  • Effective in thermoregulation.
  • Heat efficient.
  • Cost-effective solution.


  • It needs a lens to cover the whole house.

Buy Philips Halogen Light Bulbs Dimmable on Amazon.

3. BOEESPAT 100W & 150W Ceramic Heat Emitter Bulb

Boeespat ceramic heat emitter was originally an infrared ceramic heat lamp. This heat emitter is made of high-purity pottery clay and Ni-Cr-Alloy resistance wire, all of those materials that help to increase the temperature of the surroundings faster than an average halogen bulb.

Ceramic heat emitters produce radiant heat sources like the sun’s natural heat with a particular pattern.

This bulb does not harm the average sleeping time of reptiles, chickens, coops, and outside pets. The reason for this is that these lamps hardly emit any light.

So, if you choose this best heat lamp for blue tongue skink to maintain its night temperature, it might be a good choice.

The thermal efficiency of this bulb is 99% which is brilliant. Boeespat heat emitter produces infrared ray which goes through the scales and skin tissue. All infrared rays have one thing in common:

They are invisible to the naked eye, even by reptiles’ looks. These radiations have one of the lowest energy wavelengths that contributes to this particular nature of theirs.

It comes with an advantage. It promotes the health and healing power of reptiles and birds.

Plus, your blue tongue skinks will only feel the heat coming out from these lamps, and an excellent basking area will soon come into existence once you turn on this best heat lamp for blue tongue skink and leave it for at least 10 minutes.


  • Ni-Cr-Alloy resistance wire produces more heat.
  • Ceramic heat emitter reflects heat widely.
  • Thermal efficiency is 99%Produces infrared rays.


  • Producing excessive heat may harm the pet.

Buy BOEESPAT 100W & 150W Ceramic Heat Emitter Bulb on Amazon.

4. WUHOSTAM 50W Sun Basking Lamp

Wuhostam lamp is made of quartz and metal three-dimensional convex surface.

It is solid for the reflection of the ultraviolet spectrum widely.

It is ideal for active reptiles like turtles, lizards, snakes, frogs, iguanas, chuck walls, etc. It fits on the E-27 lamp base holder, which is common in most houses. The input voltage is AC 110-120V.

The diameter of the bulb is 1.5 inches x height 1.5 inches.

For its very reasonable price, it is the best low-budget blue tongue skink lighting on my list.

This bulb should not be connected to a thermostat or any other equipment because it will cause the light to be switched on frequently, significantly reducing the lifespan of this best heat lamp for blue tongue skink.

For optimal performance, it should only be used for 3 to 5 hours per day because long hours of high temperature cause a reduction of the lamp’s lifespan.


  • Produces ultraviolet rays.
  • Easily fits E-27 lamp base holder.
  • Made of quartz.


  • I cannot only work for a short time.
  • It cannot be turned on & off frequently.

Buy WUHOSTAM 50W Sun Basking Lamp on Amazon.

Buyer’s Guide on Best Heat Lamp for Blue Tongue Skink

Natural Habitat


Skinks are diurnal animals. They spend most of their day basking in the sun’s direct rays. So, it would help if you went for those matches that suit their natural habitat.

An example could be buying a UVB bulb for blue tongue skink whose light’s temperature matches that of the natural daylight, i.e., 5500-6500K.


Wattage Capacity


Australian blue tongue skinks belong to temperate zones. On the other hand, Indonesian skinks belong to tropical zones with lesser temperatures. For this reason, Australian skinks need a higher-wattage heat bulb, and Indonesian skinks need a lower-wattage heat bulb.


Blue Tongue Skink Enclosure Size


The size of your enclosure should be determined for choosing the best heat lamp for blue tongue skink.

When you get your blue tongue skink’s enclosure, it helps to decide what kind of heat lamp you need and with what wattage.


The Location of your Skink’s Enclosure


A heat bulb makes different weather conditions in a skink’s enclosure.

So, you should know where you keep your pet’s enclosure. It helps to answer the question of what kind of heat bulb you will need to get to match the enclosure’s condition.

Make Sure What the Actual Temperature is in the Terrarium: To know the actual temperature, you can buy a digital thermometer and put it in the terrarium.

That helps you to know the exact range of temperature, and you can control it by turning the heat bulb on or off during different times of the day.

As a skink is cold-blooded, you must match the temperature in their surroundings with the ones they feel normal and under which they do not show signs of distress.


Distancing from the Bulb


According to, the skinks should be at least 10 inches away from the bulb or vice versa. This is all done for the safety of these skinks.

Many pet owners think that heat bulbs promote a healthier environment for these reptiles by offering UV-B rays.

While they are not wrong, quite a few things actually cause the healthy environment to cease if it existed in the first place.

An example of such a mistake could be using glass or plastic-protected bulbs for the terrariums. We all know that while these bulbs cannot be used for human purposes, they certainly can be used for rendering a reptilian environment.

Benefits Of Using the Best Heat Lamp for Blue Tongue Skink



Most of the heat bulbs are unique in design. That makes a home more very attractive and complimentary.

You can buy a heat bulb matching the interior design of a home. Some heat bulbs produce different colors for Blue Tongue Skink lighting in their terrarium. It gives your terrarium a more decent look.


Lower Power Consumption


Heat bulbs are also power efficient as compared to heaters. They consume less energy than an average heater. You can even buy different heat bulbs of other forces that suit your needs.


Reasonable Heat Solution


Heat bulbs are very reasonable in price. You can get them for less than 50 bucks.


Efficient Heating Sources


Heat bulbs produce enough heat for the skink’s terrarium. They can be used for both lighting and heating lamp.


As we saw that heat lamps for blue tongue skinks come in various shapes and sizes along with variable power, it is up to you to decide which light would suit your skink’s terrarium the best.

Suppose you are worried about your blue tongue skink having difficulty adapting to its new environment. In that case, you can test out different heat lamps with different wattages that suit the size of your terrarium.

In this manner, you will know exactly which lamp you will get for your blue tongue skink. As mentioned earlier, UV-B rays are essential for the growth and development of skinks. Our primary focus should be on providing heat and nutrients in the form of rays.


Do blue tongue skinks need heat lamps?


Blue tongue skinks require a heat lamp to maintain their proper body temperature.


What lighting do blue tongue skinks need?


Blue tongue skinks need UVB lighting and a basking light to mimic their natural habitat.


Do skinks need light at night?


No, skinks do not require light at night. They need a natural day-night cycle and a period of darkness for rest.

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