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Which light is better for reading yellow or white

Which light is better for reading: yellow light or white light?

This question comes into the minds of thousands of readers all around the world who are seeking answers to light color-related questions. So which light is better for reading, cool or warm?

To help you sort out the better of the two colors, let me clear one thing first.

Comparing lights

The light color which the bulb emits is a representation of the Kelvin rating of the bulb.

Different bulbs have a different Kelvin rating. However, the general rule is that the higher is the Kelvin rating of the bulb, the cooler is the light emitted by the bulb meaning that the color is light(in contrast to dark colors).

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Know the different ambiances.

As we just discussed here that higher Kelvin ratings correspond to a cooler light color, therefore, the bulb emitting a white light has a 3300K+ rating whereas the yellow light bulb has a 1000K rating.

Different light colors are meant for different types of environments. Talking generally about white light, it has a greater association with commercial purposes as compared to yellow light which is considered to be the pinnacle of a social gathering’s atmosphere. 

But this does not mean that yellow light is best suited for reading. Yellow light has got more to do with the ambiance of a room or a workplace than with a user’s eyesight. 

You see that the places which allow the people to read comfortably eg libraries have a lot of cool white atmosphere in common. This atmosphere is achievable through the use of white light. White light allows you to be more comfortable in reading while taking care of the eyes as there is a higher amount of contrast between the various words that you are reading when using white light. This is not achieved through the use of yellow light. 

In my opinion, white light is better for readers of all age groups. All of the facts mentioned above reinforce the idea of using white light for reading as well as writing purposes. 

Every place has its light source

Most of the libraries I have seen operate under 3400K cool white lighting conditions. Not only a bright atmosphere can be achieved through the use of 3400k cool white lighting, but the whole room also gets filled with a good vibe, allowing the people to read efficiently without any hesitation.

Yellow light is a type that belongs to residential places, drawing rooms, kitchens, and receptions of different places. However, this does not mean that you can not use yellow light in your room for reading purposes. 

Decide it for yourself

You can either use yellow light or white light for reading. After all, this is totally up to you. What you can do is try both types of lights and see which light color leads to your mental equilibrium quicker.

Light color has its effects on all of us. It tells us about our personalities and the different working conditions that we would love to have. The best light color is the one which allows you to practice your work for a long period of time without putting your mind in trouble