Best Magnifying Desk Lamps

Best Magnifying Desk Lamps: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (2021)

The eyesight is a gift that a lot of people don’t simply realize.

Carrying out different tasks that require close concentration in the absence of proper magnifying light is one thing while testing the strength of your eyes by performing such things is another. It is not so great to do close work like sewing, crafting, or painting in the absence of a magnifying lamp because it can create unnecessary stress on your eyes.

When it comes to writing, drawing, reading, or sketching with fine details, magnifying desk lamps are your best pals. Why? It’s simply because they allow you to see finer details without straining your eyes. Their magnification power is the first service they do to your eyes. The extra light they emit is another help they offer you. This concentrated light is your solution to only light your study area without disturbing your roommate(s).

For this purpose, I have mentioned the best magnifying desk lamps on this page. These lamps will play a crucial role since you will be able to see things a lot clearer than before. It is not just about being able to see various objects getting magnified under the lamp’s lens. It is the multidimensional experience that we miss out on due to not having these lamps in the first place. So let’s discuss these lamps along with their reviews and various features. 


Name of
Magnifying Lamp
 Lamp Type
Magnification Power (X)Price
Youkoyi Magnifying Lamps
Magnifying5XClick Here for Price
Bbounder Magnifying Lamp
Magnifying5XClick Here for Price
Omano Magnifying LampMagnifying5XClick Here for Price
Brightech Magnifying Lamp
Magnifying2.25XClick Here for Price
Neatfi Magnifying Lamp
Magnifying2.25X.6XClick Here for Price
Amico Magnifying Lamp
Magnifying3.5XClick Here for Price
Bbounder Magnifying Lamp
Magnifying5XClick Here for Price

1) Youkoyi LED Magnifying Lamp

This Youkoyi’s LED magnifying lamp comes with 3 different color temperatures. This allows you to choose the best color that comes off this lamp’s bulb to maintain a suitable ambiance. Its 5X magnification power provides users with a bigger picture so that looking at the small details becomes easier. Additionally, this lamp is affordable.

The highly flexible swing arm allows you to position the lamp without much difficulty. Whether you want to read or write, this table lamp with a magnifying glass can easily be attached to several arbitrarily shaped desks. You can also adjust the brightness of the lamp by pressing a simple button.

You will not want to worry about your eyes as the light emitted by the Youkoyi’s LED magnifier desk lamp is totally free of UV rays as well as other harmful radiations which cause damage to your eyesight. No glares will be produced. You can easily see magnified images of the things that you are working on without causing harm to your eyes.


1) Harmless LED light.

2) This model does not get overheated.

3) It saves you energy.

4) Easy installation.

5) No hands required to hold the lamp.


1) The surface that will hold this lamp needs to be stable, or else this lamp will fall.

2) It can only be clamped on to desks.

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2) Bbounder Pro Magnifying Lamp with Light

This is another fine example of the best magnifying desk lamps. Along with providing 5X magnification, the Bbounder Pro provides its own 6500K light so that you never have to face any problems caused due to dim lights of your room. Adjusting this magnifying reading lamp is very easy.

Make sure that you do your work with the lamp angled in the best position to suit your eyes. No hands will be required to hold the lamp while you do your work as its stable design is bolsters the overall structure of the lamp.

The black metal surface of the lamp is going to enhance the beauty of your workplace. Make the working conditions suitable for yourself by opting for this lamp. This brilliant  Bbounder magnifying lamp is what you will need for doing most of your close work and tasks that require your utmost concentration. There are some lamps designed for miniature painting as well


1) Eye protection guaranteed.

2) Sturdy design.

3) Bright enough to provide  800+ Lumens of light.

4) Ideal for tasks like reading, crafting, stitching and repairing gadgets.

5) Highly adjustable shape.


1) Installation takes time.

2) Comes with only one light color temperature.

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3) Omano LED Magnifying Desk Lamp

The Omano LED desk lamp with a magnifier comes with a unique design that features an extendable arm of up to 13 inches in height. This makes the lamp suitable for all types of work that require a certain amount of flexibility in the working space.

This lamp can magnify the objects 5X their original size so that viewing them becomes easier.

Now whether it is sewing or reading a book that requires a magnifying lamp, the Omano LED magnifying desk lamp has got all the new features that a magnifying lamp must have to guarantee its users sheer perfection.

When it comes to the best magnifying desk lamps, magnification is not the only factor that you would want to keep in your mind. You would also want to note whether the lamp is able to provide enough light off itself or not. This is mainly due to the fact that under normal lighting conditions, a user might require just a bit more light while doing close work that is only possible if the magnifying lamp provides its own light.

Therefore, this version of Omano’s table lamp with a magnifying lens features a handful of LED lights that provide enough brightness for your close work.


1) Adjustable height of up to 13 inches.

2) Flexible design.

3) It can be quickly set up.

4) The LED lights provide enough clarity to your vision.

5) No need of clamping this lamp onto a surface.

6) Cover prevents dust from gathering on the lens.


1) Needs to be connected to a power source.

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4) Brightech Lightview Pro

With its 2.25X magnification power, you can expect this lamp to reveal all the intricate details that you were once not able to perceive. For all those who want crafting, reading, sewing, working on small electrical equipment, and knitting to be achievable, this desk magnifying glass lamp is designed for them. You can know more about a lamp’s magnification, by learning here.

The Brightech Lightview Pro also provides 650 Lumens of 6000K cool white color light so that you can see things easily without putting your eyes at a dangerous angle. Flexibility is another great thing that attributes to the versatility of this lamp.

Now, whenever you feel the need to rotate the lamp or change its height according to your activity, this lamp is going to make it all achievable for you.

All the Brightech Lightview models have made an excellent reputation for themselves over the years. Filled with positive customer reviews and some great compliments, this brand has really enjoyed a lot when it comes to the magnifying lamps department. Brightech is inarguably one of the best brands out there which really puts quality in its products.


1) High-quality glass diopter lens for close work.

2) No hands are required to hold the lamp while you do your work.

3) Durable LED lights.

4) It comes with a 3-year warranty.


Non-variable color temperature. 

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5) Neatfi Super LED Magnifying Lamp

One of the most amazing things about this lamp is that its LED bulbs can provide a maximum of 1200 lumens of bright light. Whether your room has got enough light or not, you can rely 100% on this lamp to provide you with ample light while you do your work.

This lamp also comes with 2 different glass diopter lenses: the large lens is for viewing things at a greater distance from you and the smaller lens for near objects.

If you feel that the light given off by this lamp is too high or too low, you can adjust the light by pressing the button that automatically adjusts the brightness of this lamp. This lamp is dimmable.

You can also use this magnifying lamp as a normal lamp simply by closing the lens and just by using the lamp head for light.

There are not many lamps that come with 2 different magnifying options. This lamp, however, has 2 different diopter lenses for achieving this purpose. 


1) Brightness adjusting button present in this lamp.

2) 2 different diopter lenses for seeing near and distant objects.

3) Dimmable

4) If you don’t want to see magnified images, that’s totally fine because you can use Neatfi Bifocals as an ordinary table lamp too.

5) It can be easily installed.


1) Traditional design.

2) Short warranty.

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6) Amico Lightview Pro Glass LED Desk Lamp with Magnifier

This is the LED table lamp with magnifying glass that is most suited for close work. Various eye conditions such as macular degeneration tend to put people away from their normal work life. These people often don’t get a chance to start doing what they love again.

But Amico magnifying lamp allows the users to see 1.75X magnified images that were once impossible to see. Along with that, you get a 5 year warranty with this lamp. You won’t be needing hands to hold the lamp.

Instead, you can focus on your work and do it with both of your hands. Its swing arms allow you to change the position of the lamp head and adjust it the way you like without any hesitation.

No glare will be produced and the 6500K light will cause no harm to your eyes.

Just install this lamp and start using it. Its simple installation saves you a lot of time and energy. Allow this lamp to take over your desk and observe the wonderful aura that it gives to your working space. We feature some excellent craft lights too


1) It emits glare-free light.

2) Flexible shape allows you to take the lamp head wherever you want on your table.

3) It comes with a 5 year warranty.

4) Best suited for reading and writing purposes.

5) A must have for people with weakened eyesight.


1) Requires some maintenance e.g keeping the lens cleaning etc for a 100% output, but not on a daily basis.

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7) Bbounder Desk Clamp Magnifying LED Lamp

The Bbounder magnifier desk lamp with clamp is a special lamp specially meant for users who want a bigger magnifying power of up to 5X. The dust cover ensures convenient access to the lens and allows the users to see magnified images clearly.

Like all good lamps, the Bbounder is not a handheld lamp. Position the lamp head wherever you like and just concentrate on your work. I guarantee that it won’t move even slightly.

Easy installation allows this lamp to be at every user’s home. On the other hand, the LED bulbs provide 850 lumens of bright light. This is essential when you are dealing with light shortages. Its sturdy design allows the lamp to be stable.


1) Easy installation.

2) A great magnification of up to 5X.

3) Not a lamp that requires hands for keeping held.

4) Satisfying light that produces no glare and does not cause dizziness.

5) It provides enhanced picture quality to its users.


Must be fixed on a stable surface.

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Buyer’s Guide: Things that matter before choosing a lamp.

Although brightness and magnification power are the primary reasons you would want to invest in a magnifying desk lamp, there are still other considerations that enhance or diminish your experience with these instruments. Let’s consider the optimal, and not-so-optimal aspects that go with a perfect magnifying lamp.

Magnification Power:

If your concern is with reading small print or if you work with art and engineering projects that concentrate on small details, magnifying power is your top-most concern. This power comes from the curvature amount, or diopter, of these lenses. A higher value is better for finer jobs or the use of elderly people.Typically, these lamps magnify the object from 175% to 500% of its original size. Although higher value seems better for detailing tasks, you should pay attention to the amount of time you will spend under this light. Physicians warn that higher magnification power – that translates into smaller viewing areas – may harm the eyes.

Color Temperature:

A usual feature of magnification lamps is the cooler color temperatures they offer. The usual range is 6000 to 7000 Kelvin. Cooler or whiter temperatures are preferred because of their ability to amplify details. Those lamps which have varied color temperatures have an edge over others as users may adjust them to suit the work and its detailing requirements.                                                                                                               


Brightness makes a big factor in choosing a lamp against the other. For magnification lamps, we go for a higher lumen count or brightness level. The typical range for these lamps is 400 to 1000 lumens. Anything higher can strain the eyes fast and a lower number will not give a detailed view which is the primary cause of magnifying lamps.

Typical Age of Users:

These lamps greatly enhance the quality of your work life. They are your companions for your crafts, engineering projects, and reading. If you are an elder who struggles with deteriorating eyesight, these lamps are your best bet.

That said, the primary users of these lamps are everyday users like you and I. Consequently, given all other factors remain constant, those lamps which require less assembling knowledge should be preferred over their counterparts.Other factors that you should consider while purchasing these lamps include flexibility, energy consumption, and size and design. The flexibility of the size of these lamps is especially important as we can affect magnification power by adjusting focal length or distance between lens and object.


A good magnifying lamp allows its users to work feverishly while at the same time minimizing the errors they could make without using the lamp. Nowadays, there are several ranges of the lamps’ magnifying ability so that you have a wide variety of options to suit your needs.

Note that the magnifying lamps mentioned on this page come with a warranty. They are also meant for people of all age groups regardless of their gender, height, and level of eyesight.

The only way you can utilize the hidden potential of these lamps is by enjoying them. No work gets done fully when you do not seem to be interested in doing that work. So for you to maintain a good amount of interest in your work, it is imperative that you also enjoy your work.

So this was the list of my favorite LED magnifying desk lamps. These lamps are meant for a broad spectrum of activities like model making, sewing and crafting. Whether you want to magnify your desktop screens or cross-stitch some clothes meant for special occasions, you can expect the above-mentioned lamps to play their full role in helping you do your work.

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