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How many lumens are required for reading

How many lumens of light are required for reading? 


Many people might be wondering how many lumens of light are required for reading. Are you worried that you are not getting the right amount of light while you are reading? Here’s our possible answer.


How many lumens of light are required for reading


It is where you are focusing on the light that matters.

Yes, you read that right. While it may be good enough that you buy a lamp that produces over a hundred lumens of light, it is equally important that you know the position of the light from where you will be receiving it. Because when you are reading, writing or doing some other stuff that requires a certain amount of brightness, how much light falls on your book or table is what’s going to determine what you are going to see. We suggest you look at these best desk lamps for eyes so that you may know about different types of lamps and their purposes.


Learn to differentiate between brightness and lumens of light.

The answer to your question of how many lumens of light are required for reading is not a number that helps you get the amount of light to be known. It is rather a concept that you must understand:

Lumens of light is the amount of light that is being emitted out of a bulb while brightness is how much of that light is going to fall in your eyes so that you can actually see stuff. It is as simple as that. 

This concludes that lumens of light are not necessary to enable you to read but it is actually how many lumens fall on the book to be read that determines whether you are able to read or not.  

Brightness in Lumens
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Are you trying some new reading spots?

Problems like low brightness might arise when you change the spots in which you generally sit and read. 

Of course, people try to opt for that place for reading where this whole process is convenient and so the places include your bed, sofa, or your basement. People trying to seek perfection in these sorts of places often end up with their eyes becoming fatigued, their postures becoming very uncomfortable and these people becoming very vexed mentally.  

To help you overcome your reading problem which arises due to a lack of light, I will not advise you to change your comfort zone or read in an area where you become bored easily. I would rather advise you to know a few important areas in your room or your workplace where the maximum amount of light gets focused and you can easily start reading there. You may want to check Best Lamps Reviews and Buyers Guides.

What you learned from here: A quick recap.

  • The brightness of a light is the main factor that allows you to read with comfort and not the lumens. 
  • If you want to read in different places, choose the light color which is best meant to provide a bright color. I will recommend you to use cool white light which is rated around 5000K.
  • Always choose that place for reading or writing which guarantees a maximum amount of light focused on your desk or wherever you are working. 
  • Don’t mix the brightness of light with the lumens it has. 

So the bottom line is. The question of “how many lumens of light are required for reading?” It’s not only the amount of light or even the color temperature of the light but also the position of the light in relation to the material you’re reading. So you will have to plan your reading position and the lighting angle