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Best Bedside Lamps for Reading

7+ Best Bedside Lamps for Reading- Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2021

Nighttime reading can be made fun and simple by making minor tweaks to your bedroom. Lamps play an essential role when it comes to bedtime reading. Therefore, we made a list of the best bedside lamps for reading. So that it not only becomes easier for you to choose the right lamp that suits your lighting requirements but also the process of information retention gets effective and as vivid as possible.

Without wasting further time, let’s dive deep into the core of this page and discuss some of the best bedside lamps meant for reading in detail.

No matter to which age category you belong, you definitely need to take a look at this list.

This is going to save you time and hours of research. The buyer’s guide is going to help you sort out the differences between each of the lamps so that the buying decision is straight to the point.

Name of
Bedside Lamp:
 USB Option:Variable Light Levels:Price:
Taotronics TT-DL050 LED Desk LampYesYesClick Here for Price
SkyeyeArc Spiral LED Minimalist LampNoYesClick Here for Price
Zitrades Dimmable Bedside Table LampYesYesClick Here for Price
Comzler Bedside Nightstand Table LampYesNoClick Here for Price
Deeplite Small Bedside Table LampNoYes*Click Here for Price
Oneach Maria Rustic Bedside Table Lamp for ReadingNoYes*Click Here for Price
Aooshine Low Voltage Small Bedside Table LampYesYesClick Here for Price
Cozoo Bedside LED Table Lamp for ReadingYesNoClick Here for Price

*(with separate bulbs sold)

1) Taotronics TT-DL050 LED Desk Lamp for Reading

Elegant Meta Brushes 

The TAOTRONICS TT-DL050 is a lamp that addresses your bedtime needs and helps you to enjoy your life to the fullest. The design and style of the lamp are quite elegant along with the metal brushes. 

Hyper-Air Technology 

The lamps were produced with the ease of a revolutionary wireless charger. In the creation of these metal lamps, Hyper-Air technology has been used. This technology provides you with fast charging and compatibility with iPhone and Samsung devices. The memory function is used to resume the color brightness and temperature of light. Now you don’t even need to adjust the color temperatures all over again once you turn the lamp back on.

Customizable Brightness Setting 

This flicker-free reading lamp for bed has been designed with fully customizable brightness settings. It has a rotating base and adjustable lamp body that is used to cover more surface for illumination purposes. 


⦁ The lamp has an adjustable light temperature setting.

⦁ For the ideal brilliance and radiance, it has multi-joint arms. 

⦁ It comes with a suitable USB charging port.Pros

  • 1) It offers you a durable and flexible design.
  • 2) Soft lights have been used to reduce eye fatigue.
  • 3) The lamp has a warm white light for high precision.


  • 1) It can only be used for task lighting because it’s light spreads doesn’t spread radially.
  • 2) There are several alternatives to this model that offer the same features for less price. However this one speaks of superior value.

Final Verdict:

The TAOTRONICS Lamps is designed to offer you durability and flexibility in use. It is a foldable lamp that requires very little place to adjust. Automatic turn-off functions help when you are quite sleepy and don’t want to turn the lamp off by yourself.

Click Here for Price

2) SkyeyeArc Spiral LED Minimalist Lamp

Skyeye Arc Lamp

Color Temperature
The SKYEY-ARC Spiral lamp has modern looks. It has been produced with different dimensions according to your needs. The color temperature is 3200K natural white.
Sophisticated Design
This bedside lamp not only brightens your bedrooms but also enhances the decoration on shelves and your furniture with sophisticated design.
You have different ranges of brightness to settle with. The brightness ranges from 100 to 550 lumens.                                                                                              

Built-in LED Fixture                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

This modern shaped lamp has a 13-watt built-in LED fixture that will help you to save the electricity. There will be no replacement issues with this lamp.


⦁ It has a feature of plug and play with simplicity.

⦁ For this dimmable bedside lamp, you need zero assembling.

⦁ It offers you the AC powered switch type.Pros

  • 1)Energy efficient.
  • 2)It is very light-weight.
  • 3)It has a dimmer switch function.
  • 4)Easily turns on with a tap of the hand.


  • 1)Stare at it for a long time and you’ll hurt your eyes.
  • 2) Slightly pointed nature of it’s design might be annoying for some people especially for those who choose this lamp for task lighting. However, this depends on users.

Final Verdict:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The dimmable lamps have designed specially to provide you the very little power. These lamps help you to save your electricity with a built-in LED function. It really has something to offer considering its minimalist design.

Click Here for Price

3) Zitrades Dimmable Bedside Table Lamp

Sufficient Light intensity

This pair of bedside lamps provides you with enough intensity of light. It is a multi-functional lamp with such a glamorous fabric shade that allows light to pass through it. 

Friendly Gentle Light

The gentle light is friendly for your eyes which helps you to enjoy your work with more concentration. It has heartfelt tones that offer you lenient and stable user experience. 

Perfect and Ambient Light 

It is a portable and suitable lamp for your room that can be used as night-light. It mixes well with the ambient lighting of your room. It protects you from eye shock with it’s advanced technology. 


⦁ It has three levels of brightness as low, medium, high.

⦁ It offers you the easy style button for settings. 

⦁ The lamp has 2 AC outlets on the base of the lamp.Pros

  • 1)It has no glimmer and no buzzing.
  • 2)It offers you more energy to save.
  • 3)It has flaxen fabric shade and non-slip mat design.


  • 1) The metal base is sensitive.
  • 2) Lamp will no longer work if it is placed under damp conditions.

Final Verdict 

It is a brilliant bedside lamp for your bedroom having nightstand light. It has an adorable design that offers you a pleasant and relaxing feel to the room. This lamp is the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones. Click Here for Price

4) Comzler Bedside Nightstand Table Lamp

Dual USB Ports

The USB Bedside lamp has been specially designed with USB functionality. It offers you the dual USB charging port and a pull chain switch. 

US Standard Plug 

The lamp is constructed with high-quality US standard plugs. It has a few simple steps of installation. It saves more than 90% of the energy and emits eco-friendly light which is free of any harmful radiations. 

Non-Slip Mat 

It has a fast and safe charging time facility to make you feel easy while using electronic devices. The non-slip mat that is present at the bottom of the base is very generous to the stability of the lamp. 


⦁ Warm white light facilitates reading. 

⦁ It has been designed with a sleek fabric shade. 

⦁ The lamps is constructed with a non-slip mat.


  • 1) Allows you to read for longer periods with its high-quality light.
  • 2)It’s light is safe for your eyes.
  • 3)It creates a comfortable and heartfelt atmosphere in your home.


  • 1)Some users might find the cylindrical lamp shade a bit unattractive.

Final Verdict                                                                                                                                                                                               

It has a great design. Apart from aesthetics, the value lies in its versatility as you can perform a variety of tasks under this lamp’s influence. Overall, a fine sophisticated lamp designed to meet your visual needs. Click Here for Price

5) Deeplite Small Bedside Table Lamp

Versatility and Adaptability: 

It is very versatile as you can charge your electronic devices like mobile, iPads, and laptops. The modern touch lamps have been designed to enhance the glamour in the decor of your room.  

Reflective Atmosphere:                                                                                                                                                                          

It is good for casual use. The LED table lamps have a maximum brightness level that is bright enough for you to read under.

Rustic Style Lamp:                                                                                                                                                                                    

It offers you a timer and memory feature to automatically shut-off.                                                                                                                                   


  •   It offers you the fast charging port on the base.
  •   The lamp offers you the modern pull chain to easily turn on and off the lamp.
  •   The construction of brushed nickel finished makes it unique from other lamps.                                                                                                                            
  • Pros
    • 1)It is a super convenient on/off lamp.
    • 2)Helps you to illuminate dark places.
    • 3)The stylish lamp is a perfect gift for your family or loved ones.
    • 4)It is an eye-catching lamp at your side-table.
  • Cons
    • Relatively smaller in size.

Final Verdict
The DEEP-LITE small lamps have specially designed for ideal lighting for your home and offices. It offers you a convenient design that helps you to charge your electric devices. This lamp is very convenient for reading books, working, and relaxing in your home. Click Here for Price

6) Oneach Maria Rustic Bedside Table Lamp for Reading

Versatility and Flexibility 

The ONEACH lamps have been specially designed to add glamour to your rooms and workplaces. It will effectively illuminate any desk and add soft lighting effects. Due to their versatility, you can place it anywhere in your house. 

Classic Design 

The classic design of the lamp includes chain switch to turn on, a stable lamp base, and a sleek pole for balance. The lamps emit a fine quality light that doesn’t strain your eyes. 

Comfortable and Cozy Environment 

The high-quality fabric of the lamp will help to soften the light and provide you a comfortable atmosphere in your room. The lamp uses the 60-watt supreme bulb. The lamp base helps you to maintain the balance and make it more stable.


⦁ The lamps have a chain switch function.

⦁ A beautiful fabric shade to disperse light into the surroundings. 

⦁ The national safety standard provides you the protective lamp experience.


  • It provides you with more classical design. 
  • It offers you soft lighting. 
  • The lamp is versatile and can be placed anywhere in the home.


  • It offers you a good price but a bit smaller in size.

Final Verdict                                                                                                                                                                                              In short, you can say that these lamps have been designed to comply with national safety standards. They offer you the best experience of reading whilst in bed. Click Here for Price

7) Aooshine Low Voltage Small Bedside Table Lamp

Dimmable Touch Control 

The USB Touch Table lamp comes with dimmable touch control. It helps you control the brightness level by long tap and put on the slot to save the storage. With a short tap, you can turn on/off the light. The USB port can be used at the same time. 

Low Voltage Bulb 

It was designed with a low voltage 5V bulb. The facility of low voltage solution helps you to use the lamp with a USB plug. It offers you the all-in-one touch control, dual USB, and dimmable functions. 

USB Plug.

It helps you connect the lamp with power via two ways through the USB plug and Pin plug. 


⦁ A  fully dimmable touch control system. 

⦁ On the short tap, you can turn it on/off. 

⦁ The low wattage bulb helps to reduce electricity bills.

  • 1) You can easily use it with a USB plug.
  • 2) The lamp has a modern construction that is appropriate for all spaces.
  • 3) It offers you a step-less dimmable function.


  • 1) The slots are small so you will need to put some effort into connecting your mobile phone especially if it is with a cover.

Final Verdict
With its advanced features, it is a good choice for your bedroom or home. It offers you the facility of touch control and brightness control. You need a very low voltage for this lamp. Click Here for Price

8) Cozoo Bedside LED Table Lamp for Reading

USB Portability 

It has 3 USB ports and 2 outlet power strips. It helps you to charge your mobile and other electronic devices no matter if the lamp is on or off. This lamp is exactly what you want in your living rooms because of the following aspects:

Fire-Proof Plastic Power 

It is a more durable lamp to use with an outmoded press switch. It has a fire-proof plastic power base that generates the cozy feel in your bedroom. You can use a standard LED bulb for this lamp. It works safely at a very low voltage range.

Durability and Reliability

It provides you a hardened plastic outer shell that will work for its durability and reliability. Using this lamp, you won’t face any risk of wood burning or metal leakages. The lamp offers you multi-protection system shields to avoid short circuits. 


⦁ Made with a fabric shade and fireproof plastic.

⦁ High-quality material and electric circuitry has been used in its construction. 

⦁ The hardened plastic outer shell adds more durability. 

  • 1) It is the best bedside lamp for the elderly having a fire-resistant feature.
  • 2) It provides you fast charging and saves a lot of time.
  • 3) It can automatically identify device types that help to provide appropriate current.


  • 1) When the lamp is off, it cannot charge the device.

Final Verdict 
These lamps have specially designed to deliver you a multi-function system of protection. It helps you to ensure the safety of the device. It has come with a limited money-back warranty of 90-days. Click Here for Price

Buyer’s Guide:

Most of the lamps that you saw here possess a wide variety of characteristics. To get the best bedside lamp for reading, it is important for you to know several key features about these lamps. This is going to help you quickly decide the lamp that will suit you the most so that you can make the most of your bedtime experience.  

Type of Lampshade: 

Knowing the lampshade and its types are important for two reasons:

1) A rounded or square-shaped lampshade will be useful in providing a dispersed type of light that is going to allow you to read. On the other hand, a lamp without a shade like the Taotronics LED lamp (#1 lamp on this page) will provide light that can be directed to any specific area. This is due to the flexible nature of the lamp. Whether a lamp has an adjustable neck or a head, you will easily be able to draw light to specific regions close to the lamp.

2) Light emitted through lampshades is good for general lighting purposes. It can also be used for bedtime reading. But when it comes to making adjustments to light and altering its angle, lamp shades can not be used perform this function. This is when you should make use of the modern lamps that come with an adjustable lamp head. 

For these reasons, if you are looking for a flexible light source for reading, you can use lamps like the Taotronics LED lamp.    

USB Ports:

USB ports can be used for multitasking. You can charge your mobiles and other gadgets through your lamp’s USB ports. They are a great addition to the lamp base. Modern lamps that feature USB ports can now charge up to 3 smartphones simultaneously. With the USB port feature, you now don’t need to find a separate switch to charge your devices. This saves you time and effort.  

Dimmable Option: A Crucial Factor for Aging Eyes

This is an essential feature of most of the lamps. Brightness levels frame up your overall visual atmosphere.

To adjust the brightness levels, you will need a dim switch. Most bedside lamps can be dimmed with a button so that the light levels can be right according to your mood. 

Dimmable Bedside Lamp are just as much the same as non-dimmable lamps. They both have almost the same set of features.

Instead, what you need to consider is whether you will be able to fixate on one light level or will you be needing different light levels to carry out your nighttime reading. 

Additionally, the thing that you are having a control over when you are opting for a dimmable lamp is the glare effect. Glasses, metal surfaces, and several other objects found on the table often produce glare. This can be very maddening for the reader. For this, you can either simply adjust the brightness levels to limit the glare or you can remove the unwanted, glare-producing items on your bedside table. 

A quick tip would be to analyze your existing lighting environment in your room and see if adding a lamp next to your bed will make any difference. Then notice the glare levels.  

Switch Style:

The switch style of the lamps is going to determine the level of comfort with which you will be able to turn on/off the lamp. There are different types of switch styles e.g tap/touch, rocker chain, pull switch. The most convenient switch style that I found is the touch switch. You just need to give a slight touch to the lamp base or shade and then it turns on.

This does not, however, make other lamps with different switch styles difficult to operate. The rocker chain and the pull switch types are also among one of the easiest switch types to turn the lamp on or off.

You will want to be careful while using the pull chain switch while turning the lamp on and off because a little overstretching of the chain can cause the whole lamp to not function properly     

Power Consumption/Wattage:

The sole purpose of using bedside lamps is not illuminating the whole room. Rather, you just need to point the light towards yourself while reading. For this purpose, you don’t need a high-wattage bulb. A 3-8 watt bulb will be more than sufficient to allow an adequate flow of light towards your bed. 

LED bulbs are better than halogens and CFLs since they offer the same brightness levels as the halogens do but by using less power. With the use of LED bulbs, you are adding more to the lifespan of your lamp since LEDs come with a considerable amount of durability added to their name.

Light Temperature: 

The light temperature range that can be used for bedtime reading for achieving optimal results is 5,000-6500K. Light falling under this range is cool white and daylight in nature. It is mostly used for reading activities and other tasks that require the focus of the eyes. This prevents eye-fatigue and discomfort that arises due to improper lighting conditions. 

You can use the light of lower temperatures as well. All the temperatures falling just below the cool white range can be used for bedtime reading. 

What could be the best bedside lamps for the elderly? 

Here’s my take:

Macular degeneration is a no laughing matter among the upper age groups. It doesn’t allow people to carry out hobbies, especially the ones requiring the thorough use of eyesight. Other than macular degeneration, there are several factors, like cataracts and refractive errors, that make the whole process of reading and performing literary tasks unexciting for kids, adults, and the elderly alike.

The truth is there are solutions already available that are designed to cope with aging eyes. To answer the above question directly while being honest, I must say that the choice varies from person to person. But the lamps I’d personally recommend are Zitrades (#3) and Taotronics (#1) on our list. They do not only come with adjustable light temperature options, but you can also limit the glare produced by their light.

Furthermore, these lamps like many others found on this page, emit a very fine quality of light. Eye-strain doesn’t seem to pose a significant problem as it once did. Thanks to the improved quality of these lamp’s bulbs.   

Bedtime reading Tips:

To make your bedtime reading simple & effective, there are some additional reading accessories that you can make use of like reading glasses and e-book readers. These things guarantee a smoother reading experience and the chances of you not being able to read properly become very low.

I really recommend you to go through the e-book readers section since e-books have become the new equivalent of reading hardcovers. 

Not having a bedside lamp while reading e-books can also be very damaging to the eyes. Relying on only your smartphone’s/tablet’s light while reading is like ultimately exposing yourself to harmful radiations emitted by the screens. These 3 quick tips will ensure that reading doesn’t have to come with a cost:

1) Wear protective glasses before starting your nighttime reading. Here are some recommendations.

2) Take breaks after every 30 minutes of e-book reading. You can prolong this duration while reading physical books.

3)  Make sure to keep yourself in a comfortable position. Keep your neck straight to avoid postural problems in the long run.      

What makes a good bedside lamp?

All of the features mentioned in the buying guide are those that can have the most profound impact on the performance of these lamps. A good bedside lamp consists of a lampshade or head that allows light to diffuse through properly without producing glares(light shines directly in case of lamps like Taotronics TTDL-050). 

USB ports are also of significant value since they allow you to connect different electronic gadgets while making use of the lamp. Additionally, an option to change brightness levels is going to be crucial as you’ll see because time by time, you are going to be needing different light intensities.

Sticking to just one light temperature can be dull at times, especially, if you intend to do bedtime reading. Coming towards the switch style, pull-chain and the tap/touch styles are the most convenient ones. But each lamp has its unique switch style. Last but not least, an ideal bedside lamp boasts an LED bulb (not necessarily) that is of 3-7 Watts.

This allows a user to have sufficient light levels without any worry of high electricity costs. 

Do bedside lamps need to match?

Well, according to, if you want your living room to look harmonized, you should choose a pair of matching lamps. Why we don’t want any exceptions to this sort of arrangement is because using 2 different types of lamps often gives an untidy look to the room. From a reader’s angle, if you want to place 2 different lamps on your bedside tables, make sure that they both give out a uniform level of light. 

The main point of having these lamps is to see whether they really blend with the task, ambient and accent lighting of your room. On a lighter note, choosing LED lamps really helps since not only are they durable, but their light doesn’t seem to have adverse effects on your eyes. It is totally radiation-free. 

However I am not against the use of CFLs or halogens. But if you are looking for cost-effective lighting solutions, then LEDs are the best method to light up your reading environment.  


I have described the different types of the best bedside lamps for reading. The lamps have usually been used for reading books, working in the darker paces, and enhance the beauty of the room. You will find these in a lot of sizes, styles, and ranges of the lamps are available in the market.
I hope this article would help you in choosing your best lamp. Please don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

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