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3 Best Color Light for Reading at Night - Buyer’s Guide & Honest Reviews 2023

Do you immerse yourself in books before going to sleep to decompress after a long day? Are you a dedicated student who is trying to work hard and bring good grades by studying long hours at night?

Or a novel enthusiast who tries to read pure fictional content for an extended period at night but the absence of proper lighting doesn’t allow you to do so? If yes, then you have come to the right page as we are here to explain the best color light for reading at night.

Light temperature/color plays an important role when it comes to reading.

Generally, people think that if they can find the right light bulbs without looking at their properties and suitability for reading, the problem is solved. But usually, this is not the right way to think. The color of the light is also one of the most important factors in picking the right light for reading at night.

With a beginner’s perspective in mind, I am going to give you a solid review of the best color temperature lights for reading at night, so identifying the right light becomes fairly easy.

List of Best Color Light for Reading at Night

Lamp NameImage
DimmableAdjustable CCTPrice
Mijia Home Portable Eye Protection LED Desk Lampbest color light for reading at nightYesYesClick Here for Price
Pro Eye-Caring Natural Light Touch Table LED Desk Lamp2.2 1YesYesClick Here for Price
Sims 22″ Tall Table Lamp with Metal Shade3.3 1YesYesClick Here for Price

1. Mijia Home Portable Eye Protection LED Desk Lamp

best color light for reading at night

The Mijia LED Desk Lamp is the best color light for reading at night on our list. To foster a great reading environment at night, the Mijia LED desk lamp comes with an option that allows you to easily adjust the color temperature at night. But almost all lamps meant for reading come with this feature these days, right? I can’t agree more with you on this statement.

But, another important factor that not all brands take into account while making a lamp is the eye protection of the users. This can seriously be offered by reducing the blue light that gets emitted from the bulbs.

The Mijia brand is quite successful when it comes to reducing the blue-light effects of the lamps. This is because lamps of this brand, like this one, come with a brilliant anti-blue light technology that serves to protect the eyesight of the readers, especially at night.

Flexibility is another crucial aspect that has a direct influence on the posture of the users. You can adjust the light angle of this Mijia LED lamp with the help of its triaxial design, which allows easier movements and better control options.

You can even adjust the light settings through your smartphone after downloading its app. The whole concept of hands-free lighting takes on another level with mobile control options.

Notable Features

  • Eye-protected, high display index, high brightness lamp beads with anti-blue light technology. Convenient, simple design with a highly sensitive rotatable switch.
  • Wireless connectivity with WiFi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz / Bluetooth 4.2 and 10 Deg.C-40Deg.C working temperature.
  • Supports Xiao Ai and Siri’s voice control methods.
  • Easy to use with adjustable brightness levels.


  • Wireless connectivity with phones Comes with eye-protection technology.
  • Adjustable brightness and dimming system.
  • Triaxial design to move towards any side.


  • Bluetooth distance is only 10m.
  • Doesn’t feature a flexible gooseneck like most of the other lamps but still its light can be adjusted.

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2. Pro Eye-Caring Natural Light Touch Table LED Desk Lamp

The USB rechargeable table lamp is perfect for readers of all age groups. The auto-sensing capability is ideal for different lighting intensities. Readers love to read under natural light but at night time, this type of light isn’t available.

However, you can still work under the artificial light of this lamp which appears just like the natural daylight of the sun.

While some lamps provide a maximum of 5 light temperature levels, this lamp goes even beyond that and provides an option of 5 different color levels, all of which can be changed easily via a button.

This is all done to give users more control over the type of visual environment that they would like to have in their work area, either be it a study table or a bedside desk.

The higher the value of the color rendering index, the easier will it be to reveal the true colors of the objects you are working on under the influence of this lamp.

Although reading is more related to a narrow range of colors like black and white, higher CRI is still going to be useful because it will improve the quality of light that is illuminating your books (and e-books!).

This is the reason why a lamp like the Yeelight suits everyone, not only due to its wide variety of brightness and color temperature levels but also due to the quality of light that doesn’t devalue over time no matter how much you alter its settings.

Notable Features

  • Huge battery capacity(2500mAh) with long durability (up to 40 hours) for low brightness.
  • Perfect for focus and brightness up to 200 lumens. At decreasing power, the brightness doesn’t get affected.
  • Reducing blue light technology protects the eyes from disturbances. For a different view light automatically sets its brightness and automatically gets powered off at 48 Degrees C for safer charging.
  • For the lamp, the rendering of the color index is Ra90 with a color temperature of 2700-5000K.


  • Automatically sets the brightness as per the environment.
  • Large battery capacity.
  • Reduces the blue light and protects the eyes.
  • Portable.


  • Automatically powers off if the temperature exceeds 47 degrees.
  • Comes with a Chinese manual.
  • Non-natives might find it hard to make use of this manual.

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3. Sims 22″ Tall Table Lamp with Metal Shade

This mid-century modern adjustable reading lamp is a little different than the other models featured in this post. This has an incandescent bulb, (which can be swapped out for a LED if required).

I have often noticed this fact in people who are interested in buying lamps for reading at night that most of them are focusing more on the looks instead of their structural and technical features which either results in users disliking the lamp that they just ordered or they stop using that particular lamp when the lamp stops appearing as visually appealing to them after some time of use.

I have mentioned the buyer’s guide that will surely help in addition to these reviews that can help you in deciding which lamp suits the reading purpose according to you the best.

Coming back to the features of this lamp, the slender support arm is topped by a flexible neck, allowing the lamp head to tilt up and down and cast light in the direction you need it

Thus, this lamp is one of those lights that won’t disturb your partner. You can freely do your work at night and others present in your room will be just fine.

Notable Features

  • The light is an adjustable head for directional control.
  • Metal construction is available in 3 colors, Brass/white, All Brass, and Matte Black.
  • Rated for one 60W incandescent bulb; 9W LED bulb, 13W fluorescent (CFL) bulb, or 9W self-ballasted LED bulb. E26-base bulb


  • Easy to use and adjust different light settings.
  • Intelligent control allows readers to use their phones to access different settings of this lamp.
  • Pure light with a multi-axis design helps better flow of light.


  • Comes in only one body color.
  • Doesn’t possess self-dimming capability unlike most of the lamps.

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Buyer’s Guide for The Best Color Light for Reading at Night

If you ask me what factors I look for in a reading lamp before suggesting it to others, there are not many, but rather just a few.

The most important of which are the no.1 color temperatures that these lights are going to emit and the no.2 adjustability of these color temperatures. But, for your convenience, I have mentioned 3 additional factors that are going to prove to be useful in your daily reading experience.

Correlated Color Temperature

To choose the best color light for reading at night, the first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the correlated color temperature (CCT). Simply put, it is a measure of how warm or cold the emitted light of the lamp is going to appear.

As much as I emphasize the color temperature of lamps being close to the natural daylight, which is warm of course- these days lamps come with adjustable color temperatures as discussed below that leave you with plenty of options to decide which temperature is going to suit you the best, thus, removing the need to worry about color temperatures of these lamps at all.

But still, if you want a general sense of the best color temperature for reading that you should opt for before choosing a lamp, I would recommend going for the 5000-6000K range, as its correspondence with the natural light of the sun allows the best user experience especially while reading at night.     

Adjustability of Light Colors

As mentioned earlier lamps these days allow users to change their light color temperatures, there is not much left to think about regarding the color temperatures before buying these lamps for reading at night.

Adjusting the color temperatures can be done via a button and in some cases, via an app. This whole concept allows you to seamlessly swift through different color temperatures until you find one that suits you.

Color Rendition

When it comes to reading, color rendering plays an important role but not as much as the above-mentioned factors do. This is because color rendition is simply a measure of the ability of a light source to truly reveal the colors that its light falls on.

Now, in most of the cases, the text that we are reading is black on the pages of the hard copies, and mostly white when it comes to reading e-books. So, it doesn’t matter much.

But still, if you are interested in knowing the ideal value: The ideal value of the color rendering index should be greater than 80. The lamps that I have mentioned on this page have an average CRI of 90. You can use the table present at the top of this page to know the CRI of the individual lamp.


You will want to choose a lamp that offers at least a lumen count of 200. Taking into account the different scenarios, the ideal reading environment consists of the user, her book, and the lamp, all of these things positioned toward the right angles to prevent the lumens of light from falling on unwanted areas.

The presence of different objects other than the ones that you are concerned with obstructs the efficient supply of light because now the light won’t have the majority of its lumens falling in the right place. So, having a lumen count of greater than 200, along with a flexible neck or arm of the lamp, helps. 

App Control

You can easily control different settings such as the light intensity and the color temperature of the light through the lamp’s app.

App support opens a different way of operating lamps other than the traditional methods which are also convenient, but not as time-saving as the lamps that come with their applications to play with.


The comfort of reading depends on the color temperature of the light under which you will be reading. You might have noted this while reading big chunks of text instead of a few lines.

Sometimes, even sitting in the perfect position on your seat can not be that helpful if the color of the light being emitted out of the bulb is not right.

People can read under any color temperature of light. Looking at the text and reading between the lines is not a difficult task, but people make it.

Coming towards the debate of warm light vs. cool light for reading, the daylight colors of the 5000-6000K range are generally ideal for reading at night because these colors unlike the cooler and softer light colors of usually 2700K up to 3500K are best suited for night time.

There should be proper lighting for doing stuff like reading because we have to take eye care into account as well. As far as eye damage from bright light is concerned, you just need to remember that it is usually the blue light that does most of the harm.

Of course, staring directly at the lamp when you have maximized the brightness is going to have its effects, but you can overcome this by not staring for too long.

So, hope you have made up your mind by now regarding which lamp to choose from among the 5 I have mentioned above. These lamps were picked based on their color rendering index (CRI), correlated color temperature (CCT), light intensity, and overall shape and flexibility.


What color light is easiest on the eyes at night?


Red light is often considered the easiest on the eyes at night because it has the least impact on your night vision. It helps preserve your ability to see in low-light conditions.


Is red light better for reading at night?


Yes, red light can be better for reading at night compared to white or blue light. It is less likely to disrupt your circadian rhythm and disturb your sleep patterns, making it a good choice for nighttime reading.