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5 Best Bedroom Lamps with USB Ports - 2023 Buyer’s Guide & Honest Reviews

A nice bedroom can change your mood. Likewise, light plays an equally important role when it comes to keeping us sane.

A messed-up atmosphere is a result of all those unneeded components that we have kept in our rooms for no solid purposes. One great thing that can serve as a valuable asset for our bedrooms is the bedroom lamps with USB ports.

We will be discussing the best bedroom lamps with USB ports here along with all the necessary details that make these sorts of lamps amazing.

Bedroom lamps with USB ports don’t just play the role of lighting our rooms up, they also serve a lot of different purposes as we will discover.

One major thing that separates these lamps from other conventional lamps is the USB port. Now, these lamps might have one or multiple USB ports. All that matters is the wide variety of functions that USB ports allow us to perform.

List of Best Bedroom Lamps with USB Ports

Oneach Dimmable Touch Control 25″ Modern USB Table Lampbedroom lamps with usb ports4.7 Out of 5 Click Here for Price
ZEEFO USB Table Lamp2.24.7 Out of 5 Click Here for Price
Bedside Lamp, 3-Way Dimmable Touch Control Table Lampbedroom lamps with usb ports4.5 Out of 5 Click Here for Price
DEEPLITE Gold Table Lamp/Bedside Lamp4.44.5 Out of 5 Click Here for Price
Dicoool Touch Table Lamps for Bedrooms5.54.5 Out of 5 Click Here for Price

1. Oneach Dimmable Touch Control 25″ Modern USB Table Lamp

bedroom lamps with usb ports

If you are in dire need of a lamp that supplies sufficient light and at the same time has a USB port to charge your phone, then the Oneach USB Table Lamp is the best choice for you. Oneach USB table lamp is an “Amazon’s Choice” badge achiever with over 400 positive ratings.

This USB table lamp comes in pairs and is made to offer a lasting solution to charging and lighting all at the same time. Oneach made this USB table lamp to be classic, sleek, and of high quality. It makes a room look glamorous and gives out a warm feeling.

The location of your room outlets doesn’t matter, with this lamp you can charge your devices with comfort and still light up your room.

Useful Features

  • A USB port: This lamp port is compatible with all electronic devices, including iPhone, Android, Samsung, and Google Pixel.
  • It uses the recommended LED.
  • It’s straightforward to assemble and has an average weight.
  • It has a power of 60 watts and 110 volts.
  • It is perfect for bedrooms with a modern minimalist style, and also for living rooms, studies, and offices.

Buy Oneach Dimmable Touch Control 25″ Modern USB Table Lamp on Amazon.

2. ZEEFO USB Table Lamp

The ZEEFO USB table lamp uses an E26 base bulb that doesn’t come with it. But you can install any bulb that’s between 40 and 60 watts.

It’s also an “Amazon’s Choice” badge achiever. The lamp has two USB charging ports and two AC outlets. These AC outlets are 3-prong and 2-prong Outlets, and can only carry devices on/below 1500 Watts. It’s a pull chain-operated lamp, and it has, of course, the main switch.

Now with the main switch, when turned off both the AC and the USB ports won’t work, but when turned on, the AC and USB ports start working. The grey and black color shade makes it very neutral to the surroundings. So regardless of what colors are in the room, it fits in just about anywhere.

Useful Features

  • It’s effortless to install and requires no skill.
  • Its LED bulb supplies sufficient light for any purpose of a table lamp.
  • They are quite small, so they don’t take up much space on the table.
  • The AC outlets are suitable for charging laptops and plug chargers.
  • The fast dual USB ports(5V/2.1A) are perfect for phones, and electronic devices.

Buy ZEEFO USB Table Lamp on Amazon.

3. Bedside Lamp, 3-Way Dimmable Touch Control Table Lamp

This lamp is 13.15 x 11.02 x 6.77 inches in dimensions and is produced by Zitrades. Zitrades is an LED lighting company that specializes in outdoor lighting.

The company’s technology is visible in its dimmable table touch control lamp. This lampshade is made out of flax fabric (with a plastic insert on the inside for stiffness). The base and stem of the lamp are black, and unlike the ZEEFO lamp, this lamp comes with a warm white E26 LED bulb.

The bulb is 6W and has a brightness of 800 lumens. Given a dense shade, it provides ambient light. It is quite suitable for watching TV – just enough light and no reflections. The lamp has a modern look and gives your room a beautiful look.

Useful Features

  • Its three levels of adjustable brightness (Low, Medium, High), which can be adjusted by touching the base or the stem of the lamp, is the best fit for a bedside table lamp or nightstand lamp. 
  • It comes with a manual that’s very easy to understand, thus making installation smooth and quick.
  • This lamp comes with 2 USB charging ports(5V/21A), and two three-prong AC outlets on the lamp base, which can charge different electronic devices regardless of whether the lamp is on or off.

Buy Bedside Lamp, 3 Way Dimmable Touch Control Table Lamp on Amazon.

4. DEEPLITE Gold Table Lamp/Bedside Lamp

This touch-control table lamp is a blend of class, technology, and innovation. The elegant look of the deeplite touch control table lamp is second to none. This lamp has a golden base that’s very delicate and of good quality. It comes with two 6W ST64 Dimmable Bulbs, which save up to 90% energy.

These bulbs produce approximately 4000k warm white lights and can last up to 20000+ hours with no reduction in light quality, and it’s perfect for reading, studying, nursing, or working.

The 2 USB ports with two-prong and three-prong AC outlets are capable of charging any electronic device such as alarm clock, phones, and other bedside items. The best part is its touch control. The touch control is compassionate to touch and is user-friendly. Like all other lamps, it is elementary to set up.

Useful Features

  • It has 3 levels of brightness (Low, Medium, High). To turn on/off the light touch the base or the stem. The touch sensor is perfect for older adults and young children.
  • It is elegant, beautiful, and classy.
  • This lamp comes with 2 USB charging ports(5V/21A), and two three-prong AC outlets on the lamp base. It charges different electronic devices regardless of whether the lamp is on or off.

Buy DEEPLITE Gold Table Lamp/Bedside Lamp on Amazon.

5. Dicoool Touch Table Lamps for Bedrooms

This lamp is an “Amazon’s choice” badge achiever with over 200 ratings. This lamp has one bulb in three light settings.

Its touch control is built for any light-need scenario, be it high, medium, or low. The 3-way dimmable table lamp will adjust its brightness just for you by touching on the base of the lamp, anywhere!

It comes with an energy-saving 6W, 2700K vintage LED bulb, with no flicking, and no noise. It also comes with dual USB ports and dual two-prong AC outlets. It’s an ideal use for old people and young children.

Useful Features

  • It can charge any electronic device (max 1000W) regardless of whether the light is on or off.
  • Its shade is made up of metal and beige fabric, so it’s neutral to any color setting of a room.
  • It’s easily assembled and fits in virtually any room.

Buy Dicoool Touch Table Lamps for Bedrooms on Amazon.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Bedroom Lamps with USB Ports

The Brightness of The Lamp

Brightness plays an important role especially when you are buying a lamp for doing some daily tasks like crafting, reading, or sometimes writing. While you are in your bedroom, 2 things will matter the most to you:

These are

1) Relaxation and

2) Enough light levels for doing just about anything you want.

Most of the bedroom lamps mentioned on this page possess the ability to keep you relaxed and also provide enough brightness to your room without causing any inconvenience, allowing you to do your work peacefully.

Type of Bulb

LED bulbs are by far one of the best bulbs that not only consume less electricity but also provide the same level of brightness as halogens and CFLs.

Bedroom lamps like the Zitrades LED Dimmable Lamp is one fine example of lamps that use LED bulbs and offer their users maximum utility in the form of USB charging stations and multiple charging options for mobiles tablets, etc.

Lamp Base

Since you will be using bedroom lamps while you spend time in your room, lamps having a sturdy base will possess more advantages as compared to lamps with a lighter base.

Lamps with a lighter base are relatively prone to get toppled off, especially when touched. So, you would want to make sure that the lamp that you are buying has a dense base.

The COZOO Bedside USB Table Lamp possesses a stable base and its 3 USB ports will play a vital role in keeping your smartwatches, mobiles, and tablets charged.

So, these are the main 3 factors among many others that are responsible for the consistency of bedroom lamps with USB ports.

User experience suggests that the type of bulb being used, the weight of the lamp base, and the brightness of the bulb matter greatly when it comes to the overall success of these lamps throughout their lifetimes.

And since we are talking about bedroom lamps that come with USB ports, users will also be looking forward to making additional use of their lamps, i.e., charging their devices and connecting different electronic components like Wi-Fi USBs and routers. This is all possible with the help of the USB ports that these lamps come with.

You can see that just with the addition of simple components like USB ports, the value that these lamps offer is considerably increased.

Functions of Bedside Lamps with USB Ports

Facilitate Easy Charging of Devices

Convenience is one of the main features of these bedside lamps with USB ports. Now, the charging of smartphones, tablets, and PCs is made easier with the arrival of these lamps.

You can easily carry out your part-time activities and engage in other tasks while your important devices are getting charged. This level of multitasking could never be accomplished before! 

Provide Brighter Reading & Crafting Conditions

Bedroom lamps create such a nice task lighting environment in particular and great general lighting conditions that their use becomes necessary.

If you are like me who likes to read books in bed before sleeping under the warm lighting atmosphere created by the bedside lamps, then the chances of you becoming a fan of these lamps are fairly high.  

Create An Amazing Atmosphere

Lighting in the living room is important since it is usually the social part of the home, therefore it must be carefully and adequately illuminated.

For the night, a good alternative is the use of different types of light sources such as dimmable desk lamps with USB ports and power outlets that allow playing with different levels of intensity of light without creating shadows or glare.

How Having Bedside Lamps with Charging Stations Can Improve Our Living Room Experience?

Currently, we can find different electronic devices in different homes, the truth is that those who have them, are always looking for quick and easy ways to charge them, so communication will never be a problem.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, it has found that 95% of people in the United States have a cell phone and 33% have an e-reader at home. Along with these devices, it is important to have USB ports within our reach, such as the USB port of your bedside lamp in your living room

To be honest, many of us charge the battery of our phone or tablet in our room but now, thanks to the bedside lamps with a USB port, it is possible to charge the battery of our devices in our living room while receiving our visits why not? while we enjoy a nice reading of our favorite book.

You no longer need to be in your room, you can take advantage of the comfort of your living room to read an e-book.

You can enjoy the beautiful sun that comes through the window or listen to music or the radio with your phone while you talk with your family and if you run out of battery, that will no longer be a problem because you can recharge it in the USB port of the bedside lamp without problems. Honestly, it is an option that will simplify your life.

Now you can fully enjoy your living room because, in addition to being a comfortable place, it is a cozy room, and that increases with the arrival of bedside lamps with a USB port that you can get in countless models that can be easily adapted according to your living room decoration.

How Can Bedside Lamps Positively Impact Our Productivity?

Although many people do not pay attention to the type of lighting they have at home or perhaps in the office or workspace, the truth is that this element could help them increase their productivity and efficiency and bedside lamps fall into this category.

The secret lies in making the most of the solar rays that can enter through our windows and complement the use of artificial systems, such as bedside lamps that adjust to the needs of each space. But why do bedside lamps play such an important role in our productivity?

A study unveiled at the Velux International Natural Lighting Symposium in 2007 revealed that adequate light stimulates the production of serotonin, a brain-produced chemical that increases concentration, motivation, impulse control levels, and muscle coordination.

In addition, inadequate lighting can cause physical problems that affect our performance. For example, when the amount of light is low, people constantly strain their eyes, which can cause visual exhaustion and headaches.

However, a similar situation occurs when there is an excessive source of illumination since the constant reflection of light can exhaust the gaze and generate general physical discomfort for people. To solve this situation, lighting technicians often use international standards that establish how we should use lights.

White luminaires are ideal for workspaces, as they increase concentration and productivity. A contrary situation occurs with the use of lights with a yellowish tone, which creates a warm atmosphere and therefore relaxes.

With a bedside lamp by our side, we can carry out our activity in a positive way, whether it is reading, working on the laptop, or writing, and even those who knit can benefit from this light because we can purchase bedside lamps that have a minimum color rendering index (CRI) of 80 percent, i.e, the ability of the luminaire to accurately display the color of objects. The higher this value, the better the reproduction.

Some Additional Benefits of Using Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps offer you many benefits such as:

  • It is usually not a very large lamp and is always at hand. That is, it is a lamp that you can turn on or off without even moving from where you are. This is a big difference with the general room light switch, which requires you to move from where you are.
  • If the bedside lamp has a USB port, it will make life easier for you to charge the battery of your different devices.
  • It is a lamp that generates its light beam in a very focused way, i.e., it will not illuminate the entire room like ceiling lights do, but will only illuminate your work or reading area.
  • It is a usually small or medium lamp which facilitates its mobility in case you need it in the living room, bedroom, etc.
  • You can get bed lamps with different designs, which can be directed, i.e., its light can be directed to the place you want, which is also difference from other lamps in the home.
  • It is an individual lamp, i.e., if another person is next to you, its light will not bother him or her, you can use it directly without problems.
  • You can get bedside lamps at accessible prices, without losing any of their benefits.
  • This is an absolutely useful lamp. You just need to stop using it for a couple of nights and you will realize the difference in your life with and without a bedside lamp.
  • They are simple, homely lamps but you can get them with very modern designs.
  • It helps you focus and improve your productivity without causing eyestrain.

Final Thoughts

In many of our homes, we have different electronic devices such as tablets, cell phones, laptops, etc. These devices need a battery to function and many times to do so, we must find where to plug them in.

Thanks to the bedside lamps with a USB port, we can do it in the comfort of our living room. You no longer have to go to your bedroom, now apart from the lighting it provides, the living room’s bedside lamp will work as an additional place to charge your device.

There is no doubt that bedside lamps have been created to make your life easier since apart from providing good lighting, it helps you with your reading or writing work by providing you with a light capable of taking care of your vision.

Having a bedside lamp is what you need to work from home, apart you can get it in different designs and at excellent prices. It is certainly a worthwhile investment.


How do you charge a USB lamp?


To charge a USB lamp, simply plug it into a USB port on a computer, laptop, USB wall charger, or a portable power bank using a compatible USB cable. The lamp’s built-in battery will recharge through the USB connection.


How long do USB lamps last?


The lifespan of a USB lamp depends on its quality, usage, and the capacity of its internal battery. On average, USB lamps can last anywhere from 2 to 10 hours on a single charge. Higher-quality lamps with larger batteries tend to last longer, while frequent use may reduce their overall lifespan over time.