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7 Best Lamps for Artists – Buyer's Guide & Reviews in 2023

As an artist, you must be aware of the best lamps for artists if you prefer to come up with innovative ideas. It’s easy to disregard the significance of lighting in art studios. That is unless you have had to work in an environment where everything is so dim and seedy.

Low lighting can render your eyes uncomfortable and make it difficult for you to concentrate. To be successful as an artist, having the best studio setup with lighting is important.

It is important to use flexible light that can be directed toward your task. However, you shouldn’t go overboard. Squinting at a bright light can be uncomfortable and may even lead to headaches. Therefore, you should look for the right factors!

Check out this comprehensive guide to the best desk lamp for artists within your budget and needs. Our efforts have been focused on compiling a list of the greatest lighting choices for your workspace. So, let’s dive in.

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List of Best Lamps for Artists

Lamp NameImageAdjustable Neck Correlated Color Temperatures (K)Price
Daylight Company Slimeline 3 LED Floor Lampbest lamps for artistsYes~6500KClick Here for Price
Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lampbest lamps for artistsYes6000KClick Here for Price
AGM Dimmable LED Floor Light Lamps3.3Yes3000K-6000KClick Here for Price
OttLite Standing Floor Lampbest lamps for artistsYes~5500K-6500KClick Here for Price
Brightech Eclipse Dimmable LED Floor Lampbest lamps for artistsAdjustable Rings3000KClick Here for Price
HomeConcept LED Clamp Lamp6.6Yes6400KClick Here for Price
TROND LED Desk Lamp with Clamp7.7Yes3000-6200KClick Here for Price

1. Daylight Company Slimeline 3 LED Floor Lamp

best lamps for artists

If you want to have the best daylight lamp for artists, consider the Slimline 3 LED floor lamp. It is important to have ample lighting in large workspaces, such as your home office, craft room, or living room couch, so this will be the best floor lamp for artists.

This beautiful brushed chrome lamp lets you comfortably do crafts or read in daylight. Even when it works long, the bulb does not get too hot.

Moreover, you’ll be able to work for longer periods without having to worry about eye strain. With its unique flex points, the light can be guided where you need it most quickly.

Apart from that, taking advantage of the small head design, the lighting is excellent, and shadows are minimal. With this lamp, you’ll save energy, reduce eye strain and enjoy true color matching. You can consider it the best floor lamp for artists.


  • It is simple to assemble and light in weight
  • Easily adjustable and well-illuminated
  • This lamp is far more efficient and provides reliable light
  • A durable product that comes with a 2-year warranty


  • There is no option to adjust the color temperature of the light

Buy Daylight Company Slimeline 3 LED Floor Lamp on Amazon.

2. Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp

The Brightech Litespan LED is also the best floor lamp for artists.

Although it does not possess a control panel from where you can quickly control its brightness, its high-contrast LED light is surely a factor that serves as a game-changer. You’ll often note that a lot of aspiring artists become unidirectional when it comes to choosing lamps for the long term.

They might go at the color of the finish or the color temperature of the light emitted by the lamp.

While it is true that color temperature plays a crucial role in governing the result of the overall painting, an equally important factor that often gets left out is the CRI (Color Rendering Index).

CRI is the ability of the light to reveal the true colors of the objects it falls on.

The CRI of the Brightech Litespan lamp is 80.

Tired of lamps that do not have an adjustable gooseneck? The Brightech Litespan LED lamp also consists of an adjustable gooseneck.

What’s even more amazing is that you won’t feel any difference while working on paintings in the daytime or at night time. Thanks to its brilliant LEDs that emit natural daylight(6000K).

Besides that, LEDs will save you a lot of energy. Work without fear of paying huge amounts of bills. This lamp is designed to suit people who are on a budget.

Feel free while working because this lamp does not get overheated even after long periods. There are several colors in which this artist’s lamp comes with. Choose the one that perfectly suits your environment and makes you productive.


  • Flexible Gooseneck
  • Perfect for task lighting
  • The LEDs are energy efficient
  • The bulbs never get overheated, which means that you can work for as long as you like
  • Sturdy lamp base
  • Warranty


  • Not designed for decorative/aesthetic purposes

Buy Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp on Amazon.

3. Floor Lamp, AGM Dimmable LED Floor Light Lamps

Another very good example of sheer quality and a great quality convertible desk lamp, this robust LED lamp has all the unique features that guide an artist to perfection.

Only an artist can understand how much things like flexibility in a lamp’s design, variable brightness levels, and light temperatures matter to a drawing.

To completely meet the demands of an ambitious artist, the AGM dimmable floor lamp is here.

Allow yourself to wallow in the world of fine arts with the most advanced things in your hands to seek amazing results.

Its sturdy design supports the whole structure, leaving no fear of imbalance. A small vibration can cause negligible effects; however, safety must be practiced.

You can convert the floor lamp into a desk lamp without inconvenience when you want to read instead of drawing something.


  • This model can be converted from a floor lamp into a table lamp by dissembling
  • It comes with four different color temperatures
  • Different brightness levels can be adjusted
  • Good for reading, crafting, and painting purposes
  • The high-quality light emitted from the bulbs doesn’t cause glare or eye strain


  • A bit weighty

Buy Floor Lamp, AGM Dimmable LED Floor Light Lamps on Amazon.

4. OttLite Standing Floor Lamp with Weighted Base & Adjustable Neck

If you need an artist’s lamp that can stand as tall as the drawing you are working on? Then this Ottnite desk lamp is what we recommend for your workspace.

A very decent lamp with a sturdy base, the Ottnite floor lamp provides a lot of value to its customers. Good LED lamps for artists are the one that requires less maintenance.

If you use the lamp and like it, there is no need to maintain it as it is already done by people who value their products.

These products offer a great variety of activities while requiring little amounts of work for maintenance. So, all of these features make the Ottnite light source the best desk lamp for artists.


  • Flexible Neck
  • The new technology provides comfort to your eyes and reduces the chances of eye fatigue
  • Height is adjustable
  • Sturdy base
  • Excellent lamp for close work


  • It might require some maintenance after a few years of usage
  • It cannot be converted into a table lamp like its few competitors

Buy OttLite Standing Floor Lamp with Weighted Base & Adjustable Neck on Amazon.

5. Brightech Eclipse Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

It is a wonderful LED lamp. The Brightech Eclipse floor lamp allows you to make full use of its ring lighting feature. This design also makes the Brightech LED lamp look very unique from others.

There will be enough brightness in your art studio as the LEDs will provide a maximum of 2000 lumens. These LEDs are also very durable.

From a decorative point of view, this futuristic lamp is going to provide your room with some real beauty. It’s meant for arts and crafts rooms, dining rooms, libraries, drawing rooms, and entrances.

The 3000K warm light would be perfect for an art room’s ambiance. This tall standing lamp also lets you change brightness levels via the dim button. After connecting it to the power supply, you can do your work how you want to.


  • Good for decorative purposes
  • Bright enough for daily tasks, including writing, crafting, and reading
  • Dimmable
  • Long-lasting LED bulbs
  • Warranty included
  • Stable base


  • Too fancy in looks for some users
  • Its rings are adjustable; however, adjusting the rings can be a tedious thing

Buy Brightech Eclipse Dimmable LED Floor Lamp on Amazon.

6. HomeConcept LED Clamp Lamp

Artists would love this model of LED lamps as it just perfectly meets the criteria of an ideal desk lamp meant for drawing. It easily fits the desk or the board on which you are practicing your art.

Due to this, there will be enough brightness, which can also be concentrated in one region of your workspace as this LED clamp lamp is flexible.

Considering close work, it gives out a light of 1222 lumens, which is enough from an artist’s point of view.

This LED lamp provides daylight of 6400K. I recommend this desk lamp for people with macular degeneration and eye strain. Plus, the LEDs mean you don’t have to worry much about electricity bills.


  • Perfect for artists as this LED clamp lamp can be clamped onto any surface
  • It provides a great amount of brightness to its users making close work look easier
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Work for as long as you like because the LED bulbs are not going to get overheated
  • Simple design


  • It could have been a little bigger in size
  • The lamp must be tightly fitted through its clamps, or else the lamp might fall off

Buy HomeConcept LED Clamp Lamp on Amazon.

7. TROND LED Desk Lamp with Clamp

Another very fine example of a high-quality modern light source, this lamp can light up your whole art studio in a matter of seconds.

This task lamp provides a good amount of brightness. It’s also good for your eyes as the light emitted by this lamp causes no eye fatigue or glare, so there’s nothing to worry about it in your working environment. You can also make full use of the gooseneck, as it’s way too flexible.

If there is a need to adjust the angle of the lamp to position the head elsewhere on the board, you can easily do that. Changing light temperatures and brightness is also convenient.

Never feel sick with just one light color, as there are many options to focus on. This lamp is an artist’s dream. It’s an adjustable table lamp too. That makes it the best table lamp for artists.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Its brightness levels are adjustable
  • Its color temperature can be changed as well
  • The LED bulbs are going to save you a lot of energy. Plus, its heat dissipation is excellent
  • It comes with a one-year six months warranty


  • Traditional design

Buy TROND LED Desk Lamp with Clamp on Amazon.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Lamps for Artists

Correlated Color Temperature


While buying a lamp, you might wonder whether artists prefer the natural light color. Well, this choice varies from one individual to another.

However, choose a balanced light temperature. A balanced light temperature would not allow one color of your painting to dominate over other colors.

A dominant color in your painting can leave one area too exposed to light while the other area is not too visible. A bulb with a balanced light temperature must be selected to avoid this kind of distortion.




A lamp in your workroom with adjustable brightness levels is of significant value. Brightness is one factor that influences your overall results, along with the color temperature. When choosing a dimmable desk lamp over a non-dimmable desk lamp, you are allowing yourself to practice arts and crafts in a wide variety of environments. That’s why dimmability plays an important role.


The Flexibility of Gooseneck/Use of Swing Arm


We all know how much pain can desk lamps for artists without gooseneck cause. Tasks that require our unvarying concentrations, like painting, become quite hard to accomplish, especially when the light is only emitted in one direction.

Nowadays, the limited flexibility problems can be dealt with easily since the LED floor or desk lamps and the general task lighting has a nice gooseneck or some swing arm that’s specially designed for people like you and me who spend a lot of time doing crafts and related work. Know about the history of lamps here.


Control Panel


Whenever you want to make small adjustments in brightness, set a timer, or turn the lamp on/off, a control panel always helps. A control panel allows you to change your lamp’s settings quickly. It can be a time-saver.


Best Desk Lamps for Artists


A great desk lamp for drawing lightens your art’s details and gives you minimal eye fatigue. You can measure the quality of emitted light by looking at its brightness, color temperature, and flexibility.

To Wrap Up the Best Lamps for Artists

Adaptability is a hallmark of LED lights. It is handy for daytime painting, drawings, and sketches at night. Similarly, you can take them along to your art workshops, sew, knit, make spa treatments, read, learn, and do other similar activities with them.

We have prepared our list of the best lamps for artists according to your requirements and budget. I hope you have had proper information on studio lights for artists.

So now you’re ready to buy a lamp because you have all of the necessary information and facts. With your knowledge and awareness, you can now make wise and informed decisions about what to buy and how to choose it.

We hope it enhances your artistic vision and you nail your art well.


What is the best light for an artist’s eyes?


A full spectrum of natural light is generally regarded as the best illumination for artists. The lighting industry uses full spectrum lighting to describe bulbs that resemble sunlight, but some of those bulbs perform better than others.

Light sources with a high CRI (out of 100) will appear more realistic when compared to full-spectrum lights. CRI values between 80 and 100 are ideal for displaying bright, natural colors.


What is the best professional artist lamp?


The best daylight lamps for artists have a good CRI, neutral color temperature, and suitable brightness power. Long-lasting modern CFL or LED bulbs are energy-efficient and comfortable to use.

However, most people will find that 5000K is the most powerful light source because it provides a slightly cool yet clear light source.


How many lumens are best for an artist’s lamp for painting?


A sitting room or bedroom typically needs 10 to 20 lumens per square foot. An average medium-sized room requires a dimmable light of 7000-8000 lumens.

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