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lava lamps hot to touch

Are lava lamps hot to touch?

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The decoration is an important part of any modern home’s interior design. Home décor is incomplete without light fixtures, including chandeliers, pendants floor lights, modern LED lights, touch lamps, and lava lamps. 

A lava lamp is an attractive lighting fixture used for decorative purposes. The primary purpose of installing lava lamps in residential and commercial buildings is to create a soothing atmosphere that directly affects people’s mood. 

Although a lava lamp is an awesome decorative fixture, it is dangerous for your health and wellbeing if you use it incorrectly. Experts recommend following the safety rules because these lamps are hot enough to catch fire or lead to an explosion. 

That answers the question itself. A lava lamp that remains “ON”for more than eight hours can overheat and burn your hands if you touch it. Therefore, it is important to turn the device off for some time to let it cool down. 

Otherwise, the overheating will damage the lamp’s internal structures and pose threats to your health. The lamp becomes even more dangerous when you have children at home. That’s why you should act more carefully and teach your children not to touch it when it is “ON.” Read on!

Why do People use Lava Lamps? 

People use lava lamps because they offer many benefits. Not only does a lava lamp is an attractive decorative fixture, but it also affects your central nervous system positively. The illumination from the lava lamp stimulates your brain to release stress suppressing chemicals. 

That’s why researchers regard lava lamps as therapeutic lighting that can create a relaxing environment in the indoor space. Some studies have shown positive effects of therapeutic lighting on children with special needs. For example, it can create a calming effect on the brain of a child with autism. 

Some lave lamps like Himalayan salt lamps can improve indoor air quality and promote sleep in people with insomnia. The lava lamp also increases your body energy levels, mitigates allergies and asthma symptoms, and reduces seasonal stress. Experts recommend using lava lamps with scented candles to boost your mood.

What are the dangers of lava lamps? 

Although lava lamps are safe products, you must use them carefully. Otherwise, they can pose a danger to you and your family. The mixture of carbon tetrachloride, paraffin wax, and mineral oil can catch fire and even cause an explosion if you continue using the lava lamp for more than eight hours. 

Likewise, it is crucial to avoid placing the lamp near a heated stove because it can catch fire. Even if the device is not heating properly, the stove’s heat can cause the lava lamp to explode. That’s why you have to consider the precautionary measures before using the lamp. 

Moreover, we recommend you not to touch the lamp when it is turn on. It is a heating application, and touching it can lead to skin burns. Consequently, you will spend money on hospital visits, medication, topical applications, etc. Lastly, use the lava camp carefully to avoid turning the fun application into a disaster. Good Luck!

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