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8 Incredible and Must Try Accent Lighting Ideas

Accent lighting can be used in many ways to provide a splendid atmosphere for your house. Many people consider accent lighting a tool restricted to several functions. These nine accent lighting ideas will help you determine the right kind of splendid design for your house.

However, this is only sometimes the case. Accent lighting can be used to create stunning interior designs that can change the house’s entire look, keeping in mind the hidden energy of this type of lighting and that it can be harnessed.

accent lighting ideas

What is Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting is one form to draw attention to and enhance the attractiveness of the ornamental pieces in your environment.

It’s part of the overall lighting design but treated as its independent entity.

If done subtly, it can dramatically affect the appearance of your home and its contents.

Defining Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is anything that highlights the things in your room that you feel are important to the look and harmony of the entire design.

The first and most excellent instinct to remember is that accent lighting should highlight the things that you like:

  • antiques
  • works of art
  • featured walls
  • furniture
  • Plants and garden features

You should try to look for areas where there’s a repeated pattern in these areas: Decorative objects, pictures, or architectural elements, for example.

Significant items like plant and flower pots, portraits of family members, and so on.

accent lighting ideas

The Two Main Categories of Accent Lighting

There are two basic categories of accent lighting,

  1. mood lighting
  2. display lighting.

Mood lighting is less dramatic and more subtle, while display lighting should be like mood lighting, more dramatic and not intended to be a surprise to the viewer.

Accent lighting and mood lighting overlap a lot. For instance, you can put lighting to significant effect on a beautiful painting on the wall, but in the right amounts and do appropriate levels of subtle lighting for the scene.

Display and mood lighting should be distinct from illumination to draw attention to a home’s exits, doors, and entrances.

accent lighting ideas

Choosing The Appropriate Amount of Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is usually a small-budget affair since the lights are often a low-cost accessory.

In general, consider considering accent lighting an inexpensive accessory and budget accordingly.

One of the most significant considerations is working with a composite look; putting recessed lights into a room and using table lamps with softer shades gives you a dramatic effect.

Your choice of lamps and shades should be sensitive to the lighting in the room rather than adjusting to it.

This makes it easy to overdo elements, which is not good – accent lighting is intended to be subtle.

Accent lighting is an opportunity for you to do the right things – make it too flashy, and the lighting will be vivid and too little, and the lighting will be too mediocre.

Accent lighting is highly versatile, which makes it useful for a wide variety of lighting effects.

Where and how you use accent lighting depends on your tastes and what you want to achieve.

Just as there is no wrong way to use lighting as part of any interior design plan, accent lighting, like any part of your lighting plan, can be adequate for many different situations.

To avoid the risks of ambience, you’ll note that some types of lighting are more effective in creating a space with air, while others are best at creating noteworthy effects.

Some Accent Lighting Ideas

No.1: Have Room for Trying Different Designs

Whilst it’s essential to keep in mind the margin for error, you must open up your mind to easily conceive different layouts regarding your room’s design.

Accent lighting can be fun and create charming effects once you know about the hidden areas of the room where they could easily fit.

The purpose is not to install maximum lighting, which can do more harm than good. The essential requirement for a good design is the proper placement of accent lighting.

No.2: Keep It Real

For instance, to maximize the effect of accent lighting, you must allow the flow of sunlight into your house. Accent lighting must be installed in such a way that it fulfils its purpose of beautifying the home.

This can be achieved by installing wall sconces, LED bulbs, and torchiere floor lamps in a limited number, but make sure that they don’t block the natural sunlight coming into the room.

No.3: Use LED Bulbs

The LED bulbs can be used as downlights to highlight the particular prospect of a room. In addition, the low-voltage LED bulbs are also energy efficient, which means you can keep them switched on for as long as you like.

No.4: Highlight What You Like 

Using LED downlights, you must focus the incoming light towards the object you prefer to be seen. The unique feature accent lights come with is their light-focusing ability. If you use them to highlight the proper things, you will notice a warm change in the atmosphere.

No.5: Track Lighting Saves Time!

If you want to install several lights simultaneously but don’t have time for that, think again!

Track lighting is used when you are looking to install lights on a continuous running platform. Therefore, this saves time and allows you to install several lights at once.

No.6: Avoid Excessive Brightness

The brightness of a room can directly affect the mood of a person. The illumination must be adjusted proportionately to the natural light coming into the room. It must not exceed the required limit of maximum light in the room.

No.7: Hang Beautiful Pictures on the Wall

Firstly, pictures are a great way of enhancing the house’s beauty. Paintings of incredible scenery, mountains, and birds are ideally used and highlighted by accent lighting. Secondly, use an ‘8×10’ frame size if you wish to hang more than 1 picture on your wall.

No.8: Accent Lighting Is Becoming Contemporary

Accent lighting is the hottest to become a product in the market. This means that it will come in various shapes, styles and sizes.

The LED bulbs add to the face value of accent lighting when they reduce power losses and serve as a catalyst in maintaining a sustainable environment. Make sure you make the most out of the little components of accent lighting.

No.9 Add Some Charm

If you ever feel that your house’s ambience is not giving you the right ecstatic vibes, try switching to mood lighting.

It contains a string of small LED lights having a length of up to 30 cm or more. Most importantly, the best part of this type of lighting is that you can choose the colour of your choice and add warmth to your room.

Several lights being attached to a long chain also means that these lights can be installed in several minutes.


What is an example of accent lighting?


A spotlight highlighting a piece of artwork on the wall.


Where should accent lighting be placed?


Accent lighting should be placed above or below points of interest, such as art, sculptures, or architectural features.


What is accent lighting vs. ambient lighting?


Accent lighting highlights specific objects or areas, while ambient lighting provides illumination.


What light fixtures could you use for accent lighting?


Track lights, wall-mounted sconces, recessed adjustable spotlights, and picture lights are commonly used for accent lighting.

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