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Best interior light reviews

Interior Lighting

Lighting the interior of your property can be a daunting task. We continue to add new comparisons and guides to help you get the best results


security lights for home

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting has unique requirements. We've sorted them by category and added reviews and buying guides to help you decide.


Best Desk Lamps


Lamps come in all shapes and sizes. Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps and Lamps for specialised purposes. We have categorised, reviewed and provided buying guides for each specific use.


Improve Office Lighting

Office Lighting

When it comes to lighting your office, there are many benefits of getting it right. Most important is an increase in productivity and reduction in eye fatigue.


security lights

Security Lights

When the lights are on, thieves think twice. There are so many security light options to choose from it can be confusing. We help you select the right security lights for your property.


floodlights for your sports field


Floodlights can be for decoration, to enhance certain features or light up your preferred field at night. We shine a light on the things to look for when selecting floodlights. 


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We do all the research, reviews and comparisons so you don't have to

When you come to Best Light Reviews, you can expect well-researched and helpful information, buyers guides, reviews and  comparisons for lights of all styles, function and brands. We are lighting enthusiasts who love to research the details and bring you easy to read summaries so you can fully understand the products and make smart buying decisions to save yourself time and money.

Low Voltage Landscape Lights

How we Compare

Expert knowledge to help you buy smart

We provide expert knowledge about lighting, light bulbs and fixtures including ratings and data about how they measures up in various categories of performance. We explain what sets a product apart from its competitors, and suggest other comparable products based on price or use.  We also look at how the lights have been designed, and what type of application they are targeted to - so you can make your decision based on what is right for you and your home style.  

Product selection guide

Best Light Reviews & Buying Guides

Information on how they are used/background info, how to choose, identify key decision-making factors for the product's category and how the product performs in those areas. For example, a car review might determine that fuel economy, safety, and handling are key decision-making factors and rate performance in those areas.

Lights on the other hand have a wide range of applications or there is a wide variety of lights for the same application. This makes choosing the right light hard to say the least.

So we highlight the key points to help you organize your thoughts.

Brightness of Different Bulbs

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How to Articles

A number of articles discuss general lighting topics to help you build your knowledge. Setting you up to become better informed and therefore be able to make a better choice when it comes time to buy the light for you specific need.

light language

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Factors in Choosing Your Lights

Where do you start when it comes to lights? You must select the ones that look "just right" but they also must do the job you are purchasing them for. Some points to pay attention to

  • Lumens (Brightness)
  • Power Usage
  • Heat Generation
  • Color
  • Adjustability/Control
  • Quality

These are some of the crucial points to consider when choosing the best lights for your property, another is the existing wiring in your home if you're renovating. It always pays to have an electrician you can trust to assist you with your lighting choices. This way you may avoid potentially  expensive mistaken choices.